Controlled by Aunt 6


Controlled by Aunt 6There I was bent over the bench with my aunt fucking my sore ass, my nipples, pussy lips and clitoris clamp into place causing pulses of pain and pleasure to ripple through my body keeping me in a constant state of arousal and almost perpetual orgasms.I then heard a loud cough and could see my uncle stood in the doorway, the angle of the mirror I was looking in only allowed me to see the one side of his body, but it was clear to me that he had his cock out and was wanking it whilst watching his wife, fuck me up the ass with a large strap-on cock.My aunt pulled out and turned to her husband demanding he leaves the room and get on with collecting the list of items Charles would need to the repairs on the barn. He slowly backed out of the room trying to keep watching his wife move around, and also keep his view of my now stretched open bottom and juicy looking pussy lips.My aunt released me and pulled my hair lifting my face towards hers, she put her face right close to mine looked me in the eye and said, you leave my husband alone, you don’t tease Charles or you will be sorry and most likely pregnant with no one to look after you. If you follow my instructions I will allow the young boys from town to drop in here once or twice a week and use your little slut ass and mouth to keep the hunger that builds inside you at bay.I don’t know why but I just kissed her and held her tight and my body shook and I cried as if I had done something wrong. My aunt held me close and stroked my hair as she told me to stop being silly and act like a lady instead of a slut and everything would be OK.My aunt then lifted me up fully onto my feet and led me out and down to my bedroom. She explained she would be going into town with my uncle to get some items off the list and I would be better taking another nap to build my energy and strength as she would want me to help unload the pickup on their return.I watched as their truck drove out of the driveway then out of sight. I flopped back onto my bed lying there naked thinking what a crazy day this had been. It had only been around 5 minutes when I heard a truck pull up outside the house. I walked naked to the window to see who it was, there was Charles stood in the yard just looking up at my window, he waved for me to come down and I could see he had left the one strap off his dungarees and his purple head of his cock was sticking out the top of the waistband.I put my little gowned on and ran down to the door. I opened it slightly and popped my head around the gap in the door to tell Charles my aunt and uncle had gone out and that she had told me not to tease and flirt with him. Charles walked towards the door trying to push it open and walk-in. I had placed my foot behind the door which acted as a barrier for a couple of seconds.Charles looked at me and asked why I wouldn’t let him in. I explained how my aunt halkalı escort had told me I had been a very naughty girl and I would end up in trouble if I tease Charles again.Charles just laughed and pulled the head of his BBC out the side of his waistband saying he had something that he thought I might like. My mouth and pussy leaked at the same time making my legs go a little weak, this man was so big and powerful looking, it scared and excited me at the same time. I then felt him push a little harder and the door opened enough to allow him to put his arm around my waist and lift me into the air.Before I knew what was happening he had me in his arms kissing me and allowing his big black hands to grope and squeeze my little white bottom. I just melted into his arms as he carried me over to the table and sat me down on there, he then dropped to his knees and started to suck and lick my pussy. I could feel his warm breath as it gently passed over the delicate folds of my outer lips, then his rough strong tongue glided behind lapping at the juice than was now flowing quickly from my inner walls. Then his tongue hit the jackpot, my body jerked and convulsed as my clitoris was ravaged by his tongue, it seemed to know how to hook the tip of its tongue under the hood of my clitoris then flex and move it around in a circular motion keeping a light pressure on my clitoris but allowing the tongue to fully encircle my clitoris without losing contact.I dropped back onto my elbows as the first wave of warmth and hit tingling flowed through my body, my orgasm was starting from deep down in my stomach and then spreading out across my torso and into my nipples, down to my clitoris and then down into my feet and ending in the tips of my toes making my whole body feel alive and pulsing with little electric pulses. This man really knew how to make a girl feel good. I knew if I didn’t stop him soon he would be able to do whatever he liked to me without me having the strength to stop him, or even the will to want to stop him.I reached down and tried to lift his head off my pussy, but he just slid his large arms under my bottom, then up over my stomach and gripped onto my breasts as he locked his head into position and held himself steady by groping my breasts. I looked down at the contrast his big black hands made against the little white b**sts that seemed lost in his big black hands, then his very lean muscly arms as they wrapped around my body and squashed my legs together around his head.This again was too much for me to handle and I dropped back allowing my body to go off into another powerful orgasm. I had dreamed about this but never thought such a big powerful black man would ever want to fuck such a skinny little white girl like me. But here I was on the kitchen table in my aunt’s taksim escort house with the biggest black man I had ever seen eating my pussy and driving me wild. It was at that moment I knew I was his, and I would allow him to do anything to me and would do anything he asked of me.His mouth moved away from my pussy and he stood up lowering his dungarees and letting me see his monster of a cock, boy was he big, it looked bigger than my arm and much fatter. I felt panic run through my body as the size and power of this man registered in my head. I tried to pull out of his grip and screamed for him not to fuck me with his BBC. He just laughed at me and said you tease me and now you pay for your teasing. I offered to suck him or allow him to fuck my ass but begged him not to fuck my virgin pussy.Charles lifted up straight and held his cock against the entrance to my pussy, he rubbed the massive blackhead into the delicate little pink folds and started to cover his head in my sticky juice. I screamed and begged him not to fuck me and offered to do anything he liked as long as he didn’t pop my cherry. Charles just laughed and said girl after I have fucked this tight virgin pussy, you will be mine to have whenever I like, you will be a slave to my black cock and will worship me as all the other little white sluts do in this town.I could feel Charles trying to push the large head into my tight little opening, but it was just too small and the head wouldn’t fit without more lubrication. Charles moved away from me and walked over to the fridge to get some butter out to try to lubricate his cock enough to enter my little pussy. I flipped off the table and ran for the stairs, Charles grabbed at my shoulder but his butter covered hand slipped off my skin. I jumped the first couple of steps then jumped the next couple giving me a slight gap over him, he then dived up the stairs trying to grab my legs as I was just about to make it over the top step, this caused me to fall forward but thankfully landing onto the top landing/ hallway and not on the stairs. Charles jumped up and again lunged up the stairs trying to reach my body. I twisted around and scampered away down the hall and into the bathroom. I knew this room had a good lock on the door.I managed to get into the room and to lock the door before Charles got to me. Charles stood outside telling me how he was going to fuck me because I had dared to tease him, so I now had to pay the price of teasing a black man, and if I let him in now he would take it slow and allow me to enjoy it, but if I didn’t he would take me and be very rough and just use my body for his pleasure.I told him I was sorry and I would not tease him again if he was to leave me alone and forget about my teasing just this once. I told him I would suck his cock and let him cum in my mouth if he would just leave me şişli escort alone and not try to fuck my virgin pussy today.Charles said he would let me off if I was to open the door and suck his cock. I laughed and said he would need to do better than that to catch me out. I then instructed Charles he needed to walk down the stairs and I would then instruct him on what to do next. I told him he needed to talk to me explaining how he was walking down the stairs as he did it or I would not come out of the bathroom.I could hear Charles talking to me as he walked down the stairs and into the living room. I opened the door as silently as I could and crept across the landing area. I could see Charles at the bottom of the stairs. I then told him he needed to walk out the front door and slam it shut so I could hear it. Charles looked up when he heard my voice and knew I was at the top of the stairs, he jumped up half the stairs in one go trying to catch me before I could get to the bathroom. I had planned for this and was turning and running as I saw his movements.I made it to the bathroom and locked the door. I told him this would be classed as **** if he didn’t stop and leave me alone. I explained if he left the house and stuck his cock through the letterbox I would suck him off, but I didn’t trust him now and felt scared to be in the house with him on my own.Charles stomped off down the stairs calling me a dirty little cock tease and said he was going to break my pussy open when he got to fuck me. I then heard him slam the front door then heard the door on his van open and the door slam.I opened the bathroom and ran to my bedroom window, he was there sat in his van with his big cock in his hand wanking it slowly looking up at my window. He then waved for me to come down and got out of his van and walked over to the door. I watched him use his hand to open the letterbox, then watched as he slid his BBC into the opening.I ran down the stairs dropped to my knees and sucked his BBC into my mouth the best I could with the enormous size of his bellend. I bobbed my head up and down on the cock trying to get it into my mouth but failing miserably. Charles shouted for me to use my hands and mouth at the same time. I followed his instructions and placed both of my hands onto his cock, then put my mouth around the end and stroked them up and down his length whilst bobbing my head on the tip of his cock trying to suck as much of it in as I could. I didn’ get the head in, but the suction must have worked as in only around 5 or 6 minutes his cock filled my mouth with copious amounts of cum, it dribbled down my lips and onto my breasts then down onto my body and legs, there seemed to be gallons of it. I was swallowing as fast as I could, but there was still loads running down my face and body.Charles pulled his cock out called me a dirty little slut, then walked off muttering how my ass was his and he was going to make me pay for today.Should I open the door and let him have me, should I lock myself away until my aunt and uncle get home and tell them, or should I keep quiet and hope he forgets about me. All these thoughts rushed through my head. What should I do?You know the drill if you want more let me know

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