Corporate Assets (Chapter 10)

Adria Rae

Corporate Assets (Chapter 10)Chapter 10Carmen was now using both hands to grip the dildo as she forced it up her helpless captive’s ass. Sandra felt more of the dildo enter her ass. Carmen was shoving more of the rubber monster into Sandra’s bowels. In a fairly short time she had about half of it, six inches or so, stuck in Sandra’s ass. “Man this ass fucking is hard work”, she said. She leaned back to admire her handiwork. “Hey you’re doing real good”, said Hector. “We’ll give you a real one to play with if you keep it up.” “Man, I don’t have no trouble keeping it up”, said Raymond. “Keeping from shooting off is my problem.”Rachel was moving the camera in closer and then raising it from the dildo protruding obscenely from Sandra’s distended ass to her sweating face. “Good thing for you we know something about grease, isn’t it?” she asked Sandra. “But then we’re just greasers, right?” Rachel handed the camera to Raymond. “I want some of this for myself!” she said. She knelt in front of Sandra. “When you see me from now on, you remember this!” She grasped the slippery dildo and roughly shoved more of it up Sandra’s ass. “Aaarrggghhh!” Sandra cried out and squirmed as the huge girth of the dildo stretched her anal ring. The head of the thing drove even deeper into her bowels. Rachel shoved again harder and more of the rubber monster was shoved in Sandra. Rachel obviously enjoyed the thrill of sodomizing her boss. “Uuuuggghhhh!” Sandra yelled but only a muffled wail came from the gag which stuffed her mouth. “Take some more up your ass, bitch!” growled Rachel as she put all her weight behind the dildo r****g the ass of her boss. Sandra was tossing her head from side pendik escort to side. She was straining against the cords that held her hands and legs. The chair was shaking from the pressure Rachel was exerting in shoving the dildo up Sandra’s ass and with Sandra’s futile attempts to escape.Finally Rachel let go of the dildo and stood up. “I think that should fill up that fat ass of yours,” she said. “There’s only about an inch left. We wouldn’t want to have it slip completely inside. We might never find it in there.” They all laughed. Sandra now had eleven inches of fake cock shoved up her ass. Her ass hole obscenely gripped the hard object shoved inside her. She felt like all of her insides had been rearranged. Gone was the initial sharp pain, replaced by a dull ache. It ran from her grossly distended anal ring to deep inside her bowels. All of this was being faithfully recorder by Raymond with the video camera. Carmen appeared to re-insert the vibrator into Sandra’s pussy. The vibrations were like a soothing message to Sandra’s ravaged mind. She concentrated on the pleasure in her pussy to ignore the pain of her violated ass. “Hey she’s getting off to this!” said Hector. “Replace her gag with something more suitable”, said Rachel. Hector was glad to oblige. He untied the pantihose stuffed in Sandra’s mouth. He quickly turned her head to the side and placed his cock against Sandra’s lips. She opened her mouth and Hector slid it in. He filled her mouth with his aching cock. Now Sandra was truly filled in every orifice. A huge dildo up her ass; a vibrator in her pussy and her mouth stuffed with cock. Hector brutally fucked her mouth. kartal escort He rammed his cock deep into her throat then pulled it out only to shove it in again. His fingers were wrapped in her hair. The excitement was too much for Hector. He lost control and very quickly sent a load of warm cum into Sandra`s mouth. She tried to swallow it down as quickly as he could produce it. His final bit dribbled into her mouth and he withdrew his empty cock. Sandra felt her head being grabbed and turned the other direction. The eager Raymond had abandoned the camera for having his cock sucked. He grabbed Sandra’s chin and guided his flaming prick into her mouth. Hector’s cum has still running down her chin as Raymond began to slid his cock in and out of her mouth.Sandra’s pussy was on the very edge of an orgasm as Raymond started his mouth fucking. He was even more excited than Hector had been and within a dozen strokes he stiffened and began to pump cum into Sandra’s mouth and into her belly. Her pussy exploded. She lost all sense of reality except the fire that was shooting up from between her legs and filling every part of her body. “Aaarrggghhhh!” Her scream was muted by Raymond’s cock in her mouth but it escaped around the edges. She seemed to collapse. Every muscle in her body went limp; As limp as Raymond’s cock which was being withdrawn from her lips. Her head hung to one side. Her eyes were closed. She lay in this state of exhaustion until she felt the vibrator being pulled from her pussy. She opened her eyes to see Carmen pulling it out. Then Carmen began to withdraw the enormous dildo which was lodged in Sandra’s ass. Slowly maltepe escort Carmen pulled it out. With each inch Sandra could feel her insides easing. Finally, with a pop like a champagne bottle being opened, the dildo was removed from her ass. “Man, her asshole looks like a fucking tunnel!” said Raymond as he bent to look between her legs. “You could drive a car in there!” “Maybe even a low-rider”, said Rachel. She grabbed Sandra’s hair and jerked her head up. “Would you like a low-rider up your ass, boss? Don’t you ever forget what happened here. I have the videotape and don’t think I wouldn’t show it to some of the big bosses upstairs. Then where would you be?””From now on”, she continued.” I’m the boss. Whatever I want you’ll go along with. If I want time off, you’ll approve it. If I come in late, you won’t say a word. If I leave early, that’s okay with you. You got that?” Sandra slowly nodded her head. “I got some more good ideas for you”, said Rachel with a sly smile. “But that’s enough for one night.” The other were putting on their clothes as Rachel spoke. They picked up the tools of their trade and put them into the bags they had brought. When they had finished they began moving toward the door. Rachel let go of Sandra’s hair and began to follow them out. “What, what about me?” gasped Sandra. Rachel turned to face her. “I thought we might leave you like that until Monday. Let the others in the office see your corporate assets.” Sandra cried, “No, please! I’ll do anything you say! Please don’t leave me like this!” Rachel thought for moment and then spoke to Hector. “Untie this bitch! We might need her later!” Hector did as he was told and untied Sandra’s hands from behind the chair and then undid the cords which held her legs in place. When that was done Sandra slid to the floor behind her desk in a heap. “Enjoy the rest of your weekend, boss!” called out Rachel as she closed the office door on her way out.The

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