CRISSY Part TwoAfter the night with Hollywood the next day seemed to drag by. As soonas I got back to my room, I quickly stripped. Falling back onto mybed, I slowly masturbated, my mind still reeling from last night. I’dactually sucked cock, not only that, but I liked it, I liked it a lot,and wanted to do it again, and again.. Soon spurts of cream spurtedout onto my belly. Reaching down, I scooped it up and licked it off myfingers, yummy. I went and took a hot bath, shaving my legs smooth.Putting on bra and panties, I did my nails, and combed out my hair. AsI dressed I wondered if Hollywood was home. I finished dressing. Igrabbed my purse, checking to make sure I had everything I needed.Walking down the hall, in my short skirt, my ass swaying as I moved, Ifelt so sexy. I knocked on the door, and it quickly opened. Ipractically threw myself into his arms. My head tilted back as heleaned down kissing me passionately, his hands squeezing my bottom.Closing the door behind me, I made my way to the couch. “I havesomething for you” Hollywood said as he handed me a large shoppingbag. Looking inside I took out an orange mini skirt, a pair of hotpink shorts, a blue halter, a red tube top, two bras, one red, oneblack, and three pairs of panties. I hugged Him, “oh thank you, Idon’t have as many clothes as I’d like.” “Now I can dress halkalı escort up reallysexy for you.” “Ain’t nothin’ to it” he said as he pulled out a bag ofpot and started rolling a joint. Resisting the temptation to strip down and put on a fashion show, Itried to relax. He lit the joint, passed it to me, got up and went tothe kitchen. I took a couple tokes from the joint, as Hollywood handedme a glass of Pink Champale. I took a sip from the glass, as he satnext to me. He pulled me close, we kissed. I reached down, rubbing thebulge in his pants. “Girl, you’re something else, we gonna have lot’sof fun.” Pushing my head down I unbuckled his pants as I slid to myknees. Taking out his cock, I planted little kisses all over it,licking the shaft before sliding him into my mouth. Looking up at him,my lips wrapped around his stiff black cock, I took as much as Icould, then eased my lips up his shaft. His hard reached back, guidingmy actions, pushing deeper into my mouth. Working up and down histhick prick, I was soon rewarded with hot spurts of his creamy cum.Looking up at him, swallowing his load, he smiled back at me. “You’returning into a little cum slut ain’t you Crissy?” “I love doing it,ever since last night it’s all I think about.” I crawled back onto thecouch, nişantaşı escort snuggling up to him.Hollywood rolled another joint as I drank down my glass of PinkChampale. He lit the joint, took a couple tokes and handed it to me. Itook a couple tokes, inhaling deeply. I began rubbing his dick again,I wanted more. “You keep that up you’re gonna end up getting fucked.”A little shiver went through me, “I don’t think I’m ready for that.”He smiled, and handed the joint back to me, then got up and brought meanother glass of Champale. We snuggled for awhile, smoking two morejoints, kissing passionately. I was playing with his stiff cock,wondering if it would fit in me, wondering how much it would hurt.Knowing, deep down, I really wanted it. It was like Hollywood could read my thought, he stood, took me by thehand, leading me towards his bedroom. I mumbled a meek little protest,but he just pushed me onto his bed, covering me with kisses. His handslowly moved up my thigh, his fingers flicking against the crotch ofmy panties, each tough sending little shivers through me. “I thinkyou’re ready” he announced. He pushed up my skirt, slowly sliding mypanties down my legs. He grasped my little cock in his hand, giving ita few playful tugs. He then straddled my face, his big black şişli escort cockquivering in front of my mouth. I sucked him deeply, taking him in asdeeply as I could. He pulled out, turning me over onto my tummy.Reaching to his nightstand, he took out a container of vasoline. Hedipped a finger in, and slowly slid it into my bottom hole. I softlymoaned, pushing back as he slid it in and out. He crawled in betweenmy legs, positioned himself, and started pushing his dick into me.I let out a little scream, biting my lip as the pain washed over me.”Just relax Crissy, it’ll be easier that way” as I started to pullaway from him. He clamped his hands firmly onto me as he continuedpushing into me. Tears welled up in my eyes as the pain was almostoverwhelming. He was a lot bigger then my little vibe, but I wanted toplease him. Soon he was al the way in, just letting it throb in me.Then slowly, he eased in and out a couple times, before slamming itinto me, I screamed, and he pumped his dick steadily in and out. Hevaried his tempo, slowing down, fucking me slowly, then pounding itinto me harder and harder. I was wimpering,”f-f-f-uck-m-m-m-eeeeeeeeeee” Finally he slammed it all the way in andspurted his cum deep into me. He pulled out his spent cock, and rolledoff of me, breathing heavily. I just laid there, his cum leaking frommy bottom. I liked it, “Oh Hollywood, that was wonderful.” He lookedover at me, saying “you’re a natural, it’ll get better the more you doit. After cleaning up, we spent a wonderful night together. Before I leftin the morning, I gave him a nice blowjob. He told me we were goingout on a date tonight, so I should get myself ready about 9 o’clock.

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