It all began when we took a trip…………..

The Sun was shining brightly, reflecting off your golden hair and beautiful bare arms, taking my breath away. The sky was clear, and your laughter sent shivers of joy through my body. We got into the cruiser, and with just ourselves for company, sped out into the clear blue waters.

We must have driven for a couple of hours, just chatting and gazing at each other, the innuendo getting more and more prolific. We stopped the boat, and went into the spacious interior, to find that food was set out on the table, with wine and chilled champagne. We sat down, very close to each other, our thighs touching, and continued our chat whilst eating.

After we had eaten, we cleared up, and went back on deck. The sun was still bright, and the water was clear blue, you could see right to the bottom. You decided that it was time to do a little sunbathing, so you took off your dress, revealing a beautiful silver and blue bikini. You got a towel, and lay down on the deck, your lithe limbs, gleaming as if burnished. I stood and stared, because I did not realise how enchanting you were until that very moment. It was even better than I had imagined.

You looked at me and smiled, which sent my heart rate sky high, and made me flush with desire.

“Come and rub some sun-tan oil on my back.” you purred, your voice sounding like the sexiest thing I had ever heard.

I got the oil, and came slowly over, and began to gently apply it to your back. I had done most of your back when you said

“Just undo the Bikini Top, then you can get all of my back.”

I undid your bikini top. All the while thinking that I must be in heaven. I finished rubbing oil into your back and stood up, about to go into the shade. You turned you head, looked at me and said

“Where do you think your going? You haven’t done my legs yet, you don’t want me to get burnt do you?” I must have gaped, because you giggled, which made my legs turn to jelly. I sat back down, and started to gently rub oil into your shapely legs.

I finished your legs and went back into the cabin to get my camera and some drink for the two of us. When I came out, you were lying there, on your back, and your had removed your top completely. The sight took my breath away, and I knew then that there was nothing that was going to stop me possessing you at some point in our trip.

I called out, “Drinks up.” and you looked over at me and smiled your impish, sexy smile, and beckoned me over with a hooked finger. I seemed to float over the deck, the movement was so easy. I knelt down beside you, and leant forward. Our lips met, and the world seemed to explode, fireworks went off in my head. It was fantastic.

We kissed for an eternity, nothing touching except our lips. The feeling was electric. We finally broke apart, and looked at each other. I smiled and you smiled back, the invitation was clearly visible in your sparkling eyes. I took off my shirt, and you put your hand on my chest, and pushed me down onto the warn deck, and began to cover me in oil. The feeling was amazing, your hands gently massaging me, it was very erotic, I could not stop myself from running my hands up your arms and over your back. I pulled you down onto me, and our lips met again, only this time your breasts were pressing on my chest, and the feeling was so intense, it felt like my body had been blown to pieces. Our kisses got harder and harder, and I rolled over, until I had got you on your back, and we continued kissing.

I could feel your nipples beginning to harden, and I knew that you would be able to feel my cock getting hard. I broke off the kiss, and knelt up, straddling your hips. Your face was flushed, and I imagined that my face was in a very similar state. Your nipples had turned several shades darker than when I had first seem them, and both stood to attention like good little soldiers. I ran my hands over your breasts, squeezing gently, and rubbing the nipples with the tips of my fingers, making them stand even higher. I leant forward, and your arms slipped round my neck, pulling me down onto you, my chest hair brushing against your sensitive nipples, causing you to draw in a deep shuddering breath.

My mouth found yours, and we kissed, hard. As we kissed, your hands began to move down bizimkent escort my back, your nails gently pressing into the yielding flesh. I moaned into your mouth. Your Hands reached my shorts, and tried to find a way in. I sat up, and smiled at you. Your hands moved round to the front of my shorts and undid the button, and then the zip, I stood up and removed them, revealing my gold and black swimming trunks. You smiled as you saw the bulge, and I smiled when I noticed where you were looking.

I knelt down, and kissed you, my kisses hot and quick as I began to kiss your neck and then moved down to your breasts, kissing each in turn, and the taking each nipple into my mouth, and sucking gently while flicking my tongue against it. You began to moan. At the same time, I slid my left hand down your body, into your skimpy bikini bottoms, and began to gently rub your groin. You spread your legs wider, and I slid my index finger between your lips, and began to gently but firmly stroke your hardening clit, feeling the heat emanating from your pussy as I did so. I moved my index finger over your clit, circling it, then, rubbing over the top, you began to moan in pleasure. I slid my hand further down, and felt the entrance to your pussy, it was hot and moist, waiting for me, I slid a finger in as far as I could, but your bikini bottoms were getting in the way.

I removed my hand, and stopped kissing and sucking your breasts, and stood up. You looked at me, and I removed my trunks, my cock, rampant stood out straight, bobbing gently, I knelt down again, and using my hands slid your bikini bottoms off, noting the beautiful neat bush of hair covering your pussy, it was a sight I had longed to see, and as it came into view, my cock gave a big twitch. I looked at you, and said

“This is a dream come true for me, I really did not ever expect some-one as gorgeous as you to want to shag me. Let’s do it your favourite way.”

Your eyes lit up, and your face split with a fantastic smile. I knew you thought it was a great idea, and lay down on my back. As I lay down, you rolled over, and began to kiss my chest it sent waves of pleasure through my body. You straddled my hips, I could feel the heat of your pussy on my cock, knew this was going to be a great shag. You slid your right hand down between your legs, and began to rub my cock, moving your body up and down as you did this. You then lifted yourself higher, lifted up my cock, and guiding it to the entrance to your dripping pussy slowly sat down.

My cock slid into your waiting pussy, and you carefully began to move up and down, feeling the size, and gauging how much you could take. I lay still, knowing that you were in control at the moment, and that you needed to be ready for more or less at your own pace. I looked at you, and your eyes were fluttering as you began to move up and down faster, more of my cock being taken into your tight pussy with each thrust, until you had taken it all. You arched your back and screamed

“I’m so full of cock, I love it.”

As you began to buck, up and down, harder and faster. I grabbed hold of your hips, to help guide you, so that you didn’t hurt either of us with your fast and furious approach. I began to thrust as well, sending my cock as deep into your wet pussy as I could. We were both breathing hard, as pleasure began to pool in my groin. You continued pounding up and down, beginning to scream as you felt my hard cock inside begin to spasm as globules of spunk slammed themselves into you. I kept thrusting as much as I could, until the last twitch of my cock, as the last glob of spunk slipped from my cock, your body began to convulse as your orgasm started,

“Keep thrusting hard.” you gasped, so I thrust as hard as I could, feeling the trembling of your body through my cock, it was amazing, and my cock remained rigid inside you. Your orgasm subsided, and you lay down on top of me, your breasts pressed hard on my chest, and kissed me.

“That was one of the best shags I have ever had.” you murmured. “You’re right.” I said, “It really was one of the best shags, what’s next?”

“We can just lie here for a while and see what happens.” you chuckled, moving you hips so that my softening cock twitched again.

“That’s true,” I said, bostancı escort “but I thought I would take some photo’s of you. What do you say?”

“Ok babe, I don’t have any problem with that.” you replied, smiling your sexiest smile, “What would you like me to wear?”

“Your smile will be clothing enough,” I chortled, “let me up and I’ll get the camera. Would you like a drink?”

You rolled carefully off me, my limp cock slipping out of your pussy, covered in a combination of your lovely juices and my spunk. I stood up, and stretched, then looked down at you, laid on your back, your legs spread wide.

I smiled, and knew that I was a very lucky man, and that there would be much more sex before we returned to shore later on. I walked back to where I had put the camera, and picked it up, along with a glass of red wine for you. I bought it over, knelt down next to you, and kissed your breasts, as I poured a couple of drops of the wine onto each one. I kissed your lips, and stood up. Standing astride you, I looked down, and saw you smile as you looked up at me. I looked at you through the camera, and began to click away, moving the camera over your whole body, recording every centimetre of your lustrous skin on film.

You rolled over, and looked over your shoulder at me, as I continued to snap away. I moved further away from you, and you sat up, and curled into a little ball, which was very erotic, because there was nothing visible, but the promise of hidden delights was plain to see. I continued taking photos as you sipped your drink, and then you stood up, turned around, and jumped off the boat into the clear water, I could hear you laughing as you surfaced.

“Come on in Mark, it’s lovely.” you shouted

“Give me a minute.” I said, “I just want to take a few more pictures.” I replied, moving to the edge of the boat, and watching as you frolicked in the water.

I took more photos and then put the camera down. I could feel my passion stirring again, and my cock began to rise to the thoughts that were forming in my head. I dived into the waiting water, and surfaced right next to you, my hands sliding over your tight buttocks, my lips meeting yours in a fierce kiss. You pulled away from me and floated on your back, your pubic triangle clearly visible out of the water. I reached for you, and you swan away.

I laughed, and dived under the water, getting a fantastic view of your shapely bum, slightly distorted by the water.

I surfaced, and shouted “Come on back to the boat, I’ve got a present for you.”

You turned over, and began to slowly swim toward me, your body slicing through the water effortlessly. I had reached the back of the boat, and waited for you.

As you arrived, I said “After you my darling, but don’t hurry.” you looked at me questioningly, and then began to climb the ladder. I reached round, and cupped your breast, and you stopped climbing, your feet were on the bottom rung, and your body was half in and half out of the water. I felt your nipple begin to stiffen as I continued to gently caress your firm shapely tit. I hooked my legs round the ladder, and began to slide my other hand up and down your back, from the base of your neck, all the way down your spine, over your bum, until it was between your legs. You moved slightly, and spread you legs as wide as the ladder would allow. I moved closer to you, my cock hard as a bar of iron, and ready to give you pleasure again.

I slid a finger into your pussy, as a guide for my cock, and then slid my rigid cock into you form behind. You gasped as it slid in, and pushed back into me, your arse pressed hard against my stomach. I began to slide in and out, almost coming out each time, teasing you with the length. You shuddered each time I slid back in. I slid my right hand between us, feeling my cock as it slides in and out, rubbing gently round your arse, up and down the arse crack. I hear you moan, as I gently tease your arse-hole with my fingers, I feel your bum-hole twitch as I run my fingers over it, teasing it, slipping a centimetre in and then slipping back out, concentrating on rubbing the outside, rather than penetrating. I hear your breathing becoming harder and faster, as I continue teasing your bum, while ramming my cock faster and faster büyükçekmece escort into you, getting deeper and deeper.

You throw your head back, and scream as you orgasm, my cock continues to slide in and out, your screams get louder, as your whole body shudders, as you orgasm again and again. I squeeze your tits, and pound harder, the whole boat rocking, as I set a frantic pace. Your body is racked with pleasure as you feel my cock twitch inside you, and I thrust to the rhythm of my ejaculation, I scream as I jet more spunk into you, pulling myself close to you, and kissing your back as I continue to jet spunk into you. As my orgasm ends, I seem to loose all strength, and just drop back into the water, you do the same.

We float on the water, our bodies next to each other, we hold hands and look at each other. I smile, and you smile back, your eyes sparkle. We lay like that for an age, and then moved back onto the boat. It was getting on a bit, so we decided to have some lunch. We went down into the plush interior, and began to sort out dinner. I stood behind you as you leant over and opened the fridge, and as you bent over, I slide my hands over your tight buttocks.

“You have the most fantastic bum.” I comment, “I could run my hands all over it for hours at a time.”

“Thanks mark, that means a lot to me.” you said.

“Forget food,” I said, “I know what I want to eat, and it needs no preparation.” you looked at me, but didn’t say anything. I took your hand and led you into the dining room, “Ok babe, since you are the food, you had better lay yourself on the table.” you climbed onto the table, and lay down. I sat on the bench seat, and reached for you, and slid you toward me.

My right hand slipping under your bum, and my left hand sliding a finger straight into your wet cunt. I began to finger your slippery cunt, and soon added a second finger to the first, while the thumb from my right hand flicked across your bum-hole, getting wet from the juices that dripped from your cunt and ran onto the table. I leant forward, and licked your cunt as my fingers continued their work. My tongue moving up until it encountered your clit. I gently sucked your clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue as I sucked. My fingers probed fore and aft, as your body shuddered. I moved my right hand, started to rub up and down your inner thighs, while my tongue and left hand continued their work.

I began to very gently nibble all round your clit, moving down to your cunt. I pulled out my fingers, and licked them clean, delighting in the flavour of your cunt juices. I plunged my tongue as deep into your hot wet cunt as I could, and began to lick you out, tasting you for the first time. I came up for air, and moved my tongue back to your clit, licking rhythmically from side to side, I could feel your body beginning to shudder as I increased the speed of my tongue, and the pressure I was exerting.

Your hands reached down, and grabbed my head, and pushed me down harder. I could hear the moans of ecstasy getting louder, and moved my tongue harder and faster. Your body began to buck, and I had a hard time keeping the speed and pressure in the right place, but whatever I did just increased your enjoyment. As my tongue licked and lapped at your wet cunt and your hard little clit, you screamed, and went rigid, and then began to shake as you reached orgasm.

I continued to lick your clit, slowly, each lick causing a new shudder to occur, it was getting quite hard to continue though because as your orgasm heightened, so you began to close your legs, and your grip on my head was beginning to get quite tight. I gave your clit one last swipe with my tongue, and pulled my head from between your legs. I slid you off the table into my lap, and kissed you on the neck as I held you.

“You know that today is a dream come true for me don’t you” I whispered “I know I’ve said it before, but I wanted to make sure you understood that I would have done anything in the past for this to be happening right now.”

“I know,” you murmur, “I’ve been waiting for it as well. Was I worth the wait?”

“More than worth the wait, you are the best thing that could ever have happened to me.” I tell you truthfully.

“Good,” you chuckle “now let me have a little sleep, you can join me if you like, I love a good cuddle as well as fantastic sex.”

“OK babe, that sounds like a fantastic idea, I shall dream sweet dreams of you while I lie in the same bed as you. I can’t believe that this has actually happened.”

We went to sleep, our sexual urges satisfied for the moment.

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