Cucked… But No Regrets Pt. 03


Lexi lay back on the sofa recovering from an intense orgasm. She admired the body of her new lover as she caught her breath and enjoyed the sensation of warm sperm oozing out of her well fucked pussy. Her breasts were tingling and heavy as the nipples stood erect.

Ross had now left the room and she lay there thinking about how exciting she had found this encounter. Not once had her mind considered her husband Carl, who by now would be eager for her arrival home and find out how the date had gone. Never in a million years did Lexi consider how attractive Ross could be let alone how good he could have been at making her cum on his big cock.

She thought about Ross’ cock for a moment. How it looked as she knelt obediently at his feet. His shaft stood upright, veins bulging, the end glistening with his precum as she naively attempted to handle the entire length with one hand. Naive summed up her attempts to suck the length as it began to make her gag. Lexi felt a tad embarrassed at her poor show but then remembered how much Ross seemed to enjoy pushing her back onto the floor and fucking her for the first time.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?”

Lexi opened her eyes, a little startled. Ross stood in the doorway, he was now fully dressed and had clearly been watching for a few minutes as she pleasured herself whilst thinking about her naughty encounter. By this point Lexi had a hand firmly grasped around her left breast, caressing the nipple and her left hand was firmly planted with two fingers inside her wet, cummy pussy.

“Not fulfilled?” Ross asked as he began to walk towards Lexi who had now removed the hand from her pussy and was laying exposed on the sofa.

“Don’t stop on my account… you clearly need more pleasure” Ross sounded a little demanding in his tone.

Lexi slowly moved her hand back to her pussy and began to stroke her clit. She looked intently into Ross’ eyes. He seemed a little different. Lexi couldn’t tell exactly how but it was as if Ross was being less friendly or charming and was standing over her like he possessed esenyurt otele gelen escort her.

“You have been a dirty little slut”

Suddenly, Ross slapped Lexi’s hand away from her clit. Lexi was a little taken aback but continued to stare into his eyes before moving her hand back to her clit, this time she pushed two fingers deep into her wet pussy as she lifted her hips slightly into the air and bit her lip. Ross waited for a moment allowing Lexi to enjoy her pussy stretching over her fingers before slapping her hand away for a second time – this time in a rougher manner.

“Are you not satisfied?” Ross demanded to know but Lexi did not respond verbally but again moved her hand back to her pussy.

Ross reacted instantly, pulling Lexi to her feet, gripping a hand tightly around her arm and dragging her over to the full length windows. He pulled open the curtains and pushed Lexi into them. Lexi realised that she was now stood naked over looking a fairly busy city street. Her saving grace in that Ross’ flat was 4 floors above street level but she never the less feel highly exposed.

“Put both hands on the window at shoulder height and spread your legs” Lexi felt Ross stood behind her.

Lexi felt highly uncomfortable but she obeyed and allowed Ross to exhibit her in such a public manner. Ross motioned beside her and with a swift movement, removed his leather belt that was then folded in half and swiftly slapped onto Lexi’s bare ass.

“One”. Lexi winced as the leather whipped onto her bare skin. She had to bite her lip to prevent a loud outburst as her knees buckled slightly.

“Two”. Ross smashed the belt into her ass again. “Three… Four… Five…”

Lexi couldn’t hold her moan on the fifth. Her ass felt raw. Ross was like a different man, now so demanding and domineering. The pain suddenly stopped as she felt Ross move closer behind her, his hand running up her inner thigh and slowly into her pussy. Not one finger, not two, but all four were now pushing into esenyurt rus escort her tight pussy.

“What are you?” Ross demanded to know.

“A slut?” Lexi tried to please him with her response.

“Who’s slut?” Ross replied

“Your slut?” Again Lexi tried to please with her reply.

Ross had a tight grip on Lexi’s pussy with four fingers firmly planted inside her and his thumb now inching onto her tight asshole. He slapped the belt onto her bare ass again before wrapping the belt firmly around Lexi’s neck and grasping both ends with one hand and keeping the other firmly inside her wet and exposed pussy.

Lexi could feel Ross pushing his fingers deeper into her as he began to motion his hand as to fuck her. The pleasure built and built and Lexi knew that she was now vocally moaning. She knew that within minutes she would orgasm and had never been taken in such a position before. Lexi was on the edge when suddenly Ross removed his hand and slapped her bare ass cheek before pulling on the belt firmly around her neck.

Lexi physically shook as the orgasm that nearly was subsided. She opened her eyes and remembered her exposed position in the window. Ross continued to edge her exposed and wet pussy for what felt like and age. She lost count of the ruined orgasms that each time came quicker and quicker. She wondered if Ross would ever let her cum.

“Now get on your knees and tell me what I want to hear…”

Ross removed the belt and let Lexi take her place knelt at his feet. Ross had already removed his jeans and allowed his hard cock to hover over Lexi’s face.

“I am your slut, sir.” Lexi said as she looked up at Ross before pushing a few inches of his hard shaft into her throat. “I am your dirty little fucktoy and I want you to fuck me. Please”.

Ross had heard enough. He dragged Lexi back into the window so she was on all fours facing it. He positioned himself behind her and began to rub his end over Lexi’s clit and pussy. Lexi put both hands onto the glass and pushed back esenyurt türbanlı escort against Ross’ cock. He slipped in with ease.

“Please fuck me, sir. Fill me and use me and cum deep inside me” Lexi pleaded. She really meant every word.

Ross showed incredible control as he began to screw Lexi. He grasped both of her breasts in each hand and pulled her torso up to meet his. Lexi turned her head to look into Ross’ eyes and she felt an orgasm build again. Ross kissed at Lexi’s neck which heightened the sensation and Lexi finally felt her pussy release as waves of pleasure shot through her body.

Her orgasm came and then built again as Ross increased the tempo. Lexi could hear how wet her pussy had become as she could hear Ross’ balls slapping into her. The sound excited her further and she hit climax again as Ross let his lips finally met hers. They kissed with more than lust, this was utter passion built on a desire to provide the ultimate pleasure.

“I’m going to cum” Ross told Lexi.

Lexi knew she shouldn’t let him fill her pussy again it was so risk but she was so turned on.

“Please don’t stop, don’t pull out” Lexi pleaded as she neared a third intense orgasm, her mind clearly made up.

Ross began to cum hard inside of his dirty little slut as she shuddered to orgasm in his arms. He knew that he was clearly holding up her weight and the white knuckles that attempted to grasp at the flat window showed that her orgasm was still in full flow. Her pussy pulsed on his shaft milking every last drop of hot creamy sperm.

“You are my dirty, filthy slut but now you need to fuck off back to your husband” Ross whispered into her ear.

Lexi got dressed back into her clothes but couldn’t find her panties.

“Looking for these?” Ross asked.

He stood by the front door dangling Lexi’s lacy black panties over his finger. Lexi blushed and motioned towards him in an attempt to get them back.

“I’m keeping these. Enjoy explaining to Carl where they ended up.”

With that Ross opened the front door and Lexi just did as she was told. Before she left, Ross grasped her by the ass cheek and she instinctively turned to face her new lover, kissing him passionately before heading into the night to find a taxi home.

Lexi sat in the taxi and felt Ross’ cum running down her inner thigh and wondered what thrills she had opened to door to.

To be continued…

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