Cuckold in Milwaukee and the Wedding


Cuckold in Milwaukee and the WeddingMy wife and I were attending a wedding in Chicago the night before Thanksgiving. She was thinking that on the way home we could stop and see one of her “friends”. I thought that could be a fun night. The entire night she was overly horny and kept rubbing her hand along my crotch and saying she couldn’t wait until later.About 11pm she said it was time for us to go. We made our goodnights and headed to the car. No sooner were we on the expressway than she had her heels up on the dash and she started to rub her pussy. I noticed she wasn’t wearing any pantiees. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her wet mound and said, “see how badly I need to get it, I’m soaking wet”. She was soaking wet.She took out her cell phone and dialed her friend. She said, “we are on our way and I am soaking wet. The dickless wonder and I will be there soon. Did you do any shopping for the dickless one?” She must have gotten an answer she liked because she just patted my cock.As we drove she kept playing with herself. It looked like she wasn’t bringing herself to climax but she was having fun. As we were going down the expressway there were several tuckers that tried to keep pace with us so they could watch her. As we got to her friend Jim’s place, she looked at me and said, “Jim is dressing as Jeanne tonight so don’t freak out.” I knew he was a cross dresser and was looking forward to it.We got to Jeanne’s place and she couldn’t wait to get out of the car. We went to the door and were greeted by a magnificent looking 60 year old women. It took me about two minutes but I realized it was Jim/Jeanne. She invited us in and I saw she was wearing 4 inch spiked heels, garters, very tight panties and a baby doll nighty showing off perky little breasts.Judy couldn’t wait t go at it and was kissing her before I even came through the door. It was an amazing sight watching two ladies kiss like that. Jim stopped her and held out a bag from a lingerie store. Judy thanked her and looked in it and handed it to mw and said go canlı bahis in the bedroom and get dressed. I went in the bedroom and found some thigh high stockings, 4 inch heels, a bra and panties for a bbw. I started putting them on not having any idea what was going to happen. Before I got very far Jeanne came in and said she was supposed to help, that Judy wanted by body hair gone and my eye brows plucked. Jeanne showed me how to shave my legs and the rest of my body hair. I put on the clothes and she helped me with some simple makeup. The entire time she was helping I couldn’t not look at her tits. I said, “Looks like you have something new.” He laughed and said Judy asked him too so he had been taking hormones and using creams.We came out and Judy jumped up and down and started taking pictures of me. She and Jeanne took me by the hand and had me sit down on the couch and they secured my ankles and hands so I couldn’t do anything. They turned on the tv which showed the bedroom. Judy gave me a peck on the cheek and said enjoy.They went into the bedroom and locked up kissing each other. Pretty soon the clothes were off and they were going at it. They started in a missionary position and Judy was playing with Jeanne’s tits while Jeanne pounded her pussy with her 8 inch cock. Judy came a few times but not violently. They switched to doggie style and that got Judy off a few more times. During this time Jeanne came for the first time and when he was done, Judy came out of the bedroom and got up in front of me on the couch and said, “time for your first cleaning. I was licking her pussy when I felt something pinching my nipples and noticed Jeanne was there doing it. Judy came again and gave me a kiss saying I did a good job cleaning her. And hoped I was having fun.Judy and Jeanne went back into the bedroom. I had a huge smile. There was nothing I liked better than watching Judy have sex. I wasn’t well endowed (about 2 inches hard) but boy I could get horny watching her. They were going at is some more and I know they each came bahis siteleri again when I heard the lock on the front door open. In walked a young man in his early 20’s. He smiled at me and said he was Jim’s son and was his dad busy. I pointed my head at the TV and he said, “oh, he’s with Judy, they must be having fun.” The fact that he knew Judy was a little scary. He walked into the bedroom and I heard Judy say, “oh Steven, it you.” With that the young man pulls out his cock and starts massaging it while he watches his father and my wife. He went on like this for about 30 minutes before Judy went over and took his cock in her mouth and started finishing him off. After he came he asked, “who’s the guy tied up.” Judy said, “oh that’s my dickless husband.” Steven laughed and said, “I never noticed he had a dick.”Jeanne and Judy went at it for the next two hours. Judy came numerous times and Jeanne even came a couple of more times. Steven stayed and watched them for a while and then he came out by me. He looked and said, “wow you really don’t have much of a dick.” I didn’t know what else to do so I just gave him a goofy smile. He looked and said, “boy are you lucky though, Judy is one great fuck.” After they had gone at it about 4 hours and numerous orgasms, they finished up. When they came out, Jeanne goes I think you should have him drive home like this. Judy smiled and said that was a great idea. So about 4am I am walking out of his home dressed in thigh high stockings, bra and panties. Judy put her coat on over her naked body. We got into the car and I said, “you don’t really want me to drive home like this do you?” She smiled at me and said, “of course I’m still horny.”We got back on the freeway and Judy’s coat get’s opened up so at least every trucked and some cars can see her in all her glory. She’s sliding a vibrator in and out of her soaking wet snatch. One truck pulled up next to us and wouldn’t leave our side as Judy continued to play with herself. We were approaching an exit that had a truck stop and the truck güvenilir bahis that had been with us for about 30 miles moved over to get off. Judy said, “follow him!” He pulled off to a side where a lot of other people hadn’t parked and Judy had me go over there. When I parked he came over and Judy told him to get into the back. We had the back seat down so they could lay down.Judy got back there with him and his clothes came off showing a monster dick of over 10 inches. For the next thirty minutes they went at it and Judy was begging for more. I had never her seen take a cock that size before. I could hear his balls pounding the inside of her thighs. She finally screamed she was cumming and I never heard her have an orgasm like that. When they finished she looked at her new fuck buddy, she said, “I can’t leave my husband out, do you know anyone that needs their cock sucked?”The look on my face must have said it all because her new friend said, “are you sure? His face says something different. She said, “oh I’m sure.” He said give me a few minutes. Judy got back into the front seat and sure enough her new buddy came back out with some guy following him. He walked up and said, “this is Frank and he needs his cock drained.” Judy looked at me and said, “you heard it Frank needs his cock sucked.”Got out of the SVU and on my knees and opened Franks pants. Out pops a 9 inch cock that was almost as thick as my wrist. I started licking up and down his shaft and eventually took it in my mouth. Frank must have been enjoying it because he was standing there swaying and moaning. Judy was there snapping pictures and saying, “come on drain that sucker.” It didn’t take Frank much longer as he overfilled my mouth with his cum. He thanked me and thanked Judy and wandered off.Judy said, “let’s go home and we can reward you.” We drove the last 30 minutes and I pulled into the driveway. We went into the bedroom and Judy said, “before we jerk you off, you need to clean me.” She laid on the bed and I dove down into her muff which was still overloaded with cum. I cleaned her and made her cum a couple of more times. She had me lay down and started to jerk me off. She then said, “by the way, do I have a story that will surprise you from earlier in the week……….”

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