Cuckold Story Part 6 – Epilogue


Cuckold Story Part 6 – EpilogueAfter the house sitting for her work colleague ended, Shelley decided to return home. With conditions.1. We sleep in separate rooms. 2. She may let me fuck her at times, but at her request.3. I don’t ask or interfere in her sex life, it’s none of my business unless she wants to talk about it.She admitted the house sitting was all about her wanting freedom, to have sex when and with whom she wanted. Fucking Simon got her started and she has been having fun ever since.A couple of days after she moved back she made it clear how it was going to play out. She invited me into her room late one night. She was in a robe and was sitting on the bed. She asked me a few questions about my sex life, and told me she knew i had slept with Kim a few times. She liked that and gave me ‘permission’ to keep doing it.”I’ve got something to show you,” she said.She slipped off her robe and stood naked in front of me. Still a little chubby, but she looked stunning. Into her 40’s and all that sex had kept her looking sexy. Her pussy was clean shaven, and she hatay escort commented when I looked at it.”Like my bald pussy?” she asked, “I know you always wanted me to shave.” I nodded.”Yeah I like it too. Guys seem to fuck you harder when it’s like that. Or maybe I fuck harder.” She paused for a few moments, letting her comments sink in.”Then again, when I grew it back for a while I still got pounded hard. And fast. Big cocks, small cocks, any cocks.” She closed her eyes and smiled as if remembering some great sex she had.”Do you like me being a slut?” she asked. I nodded again, not trusting myself to speak.”I thought so. You were very keen to have me fuck Simon. I knew it was the start of something for you. Well, luckily for me as well. I loved having another man’s cock in my mouth. My pussy. And my ass. So I wanted more.”She pause for a few seconds, then asked, “Is that what you wanted?””Maybe not so much….” I mumbled. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say too bad.”Well it got me started and believe me I’ve tried some things and am ığdır escort loving it.”My erection was bulging in my pants, and she could see it. She instructed me to strip off, before walking around and inspecting me. She complimented my on what shape I was in, and I was hoping I would get to fuck her. She sat down on the bed and spread her legs, and something caught my eye. She instructed me to get down on my knees between her thighs, giving me a better view.”Like my jewelry?” she asked. She had two gold rings through one of her pussy lips. It looked hot.”Guys love it,” she said, “Feels good too when their cocks slide in and out past them, when they tug on them when they finger me, or eat me out. Why don’t you get down there and show me how much you approve?”I did as she instructed, giving her the best oral I could muster. I sucked on her cunt lips, probed deep with my tongue, teased the rings and finger banged her while I sucked hard on her clit.”Ooh yeah,” Shelley moaned, “Eat me good, make me cum.” Then she pulled my head down hard into escort bayan her, and said “SUCK”, as she thrust up and down with a huge orgasm.She let me go and made me sit on the bed, leaning back against the headboard with my still hard cock sticking straight up. She lay across the end on the bed, continuing on with her conversation.”Did you like the taste of my well used pussy?” she asked, and without waiting for and answer continued “I’ve had so many men in there since I left, one at a time, two, three, four….now that was fun.” she giggled.By now I was stroking my cock, so she encouraged me to do so slowly as she spoke.”Mmmm, yes four guys one after the other, I just couldn’t stop cumming, ” she teased. I wasn’t sure if it was true or just winding me up. I both loved it and hated it at the same time.”There won’t be as many any more, I’ve got my regulars now,” she said, “You’ll be seeing them from time to time. Sometimes more than one at a time.” She giggled a little as she said the last part.She moved to lie next to me so she could look closely at my cock. She instructed me to jerk off faster as she wanted to see me cum. “Good boy,” she praised as I shot my load high in the air, over my stomach and chest. “I think I am going to enjoy being back home.”She smiled, and left me wallowing in my cum. And that’s how it is now.

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