CvsN 16: Beth’s Last Virgin Hole

Alessandra Jane


Sisters work it out, Amie plays well in small groups, and Beth’s Virgin ass, finally!


Any hopes I had of sleeping in were destroyed with the cacophonous pounding.

I looked over at my alarm clock and growled when I saw it was a few minutes past 9.


As the pounding continued, I knew I’d get no more rest. I struggled through my morning ablutions and a little more ready for the world, headed out to find out what the bloody blue blazes was creating such a racket.

There was a crowd just outside the house, sawing and hammering away. Exiting through the plastic sheathing in the living room, I found Jim at the center of things, with Joe and his youngest brother Eric working off to one side. Even the girls were hard at it, providing extra hands where required. I saw Beth and Robin hauling wood from the backyard, Debbie and Amie were holding boards in place while the guys looked to be framing the walls. I was a little surprised to see Amie there, after the little escapade we’d had before I left. Even the tykes were at work, tasked with picking up the scraps and even given some holding and measuring jobs.

I’m not much of a craftsman, but fortunately we had Eric’s professional help, and I’d worked with both Joe and Jim before, building garages and porches, and this seemed to be pretty much the same. It was a pretty big space, now that I looked it over, and Jim confirmed it was 28′ by 20′, big enough for our new dining room, and an additional family room. It nearly ran the entire length of the house.

“It’s about time, slacker,” Jim ragged me. “Now we can have two teams. You’ll work with me; we’ll leave the pros the hard stuff,” he added, nodding toward Joe and his brother, who didn’t do much more than give me a nod.

“Not ’til he’s eaten something,” Debbie announced from behind me, placing a bacon and egg sandwich in my hand.

“Jesus, Debbie. He’s spoiled enough, already,” Jim said.

I shut up and ate, wondering what this was costing me – in dollars and in favors. Looking around I saw that the sills had already been lined up and drilled and they were laying out the walls on the ground and framing them complete before standing them upright.

By the time we broke for lunch, we had nearly finished the walls. Karen had showed up, from God knows where, and together with Debbie had setup make-shift tables in the back yard.

Once again, at lunch, I recounted a bit of my tales of Spain, while we discussed the progress. Joe was seated next to me, and leaned in. “Who’s the new babe with the glasses?”

“Amie? She was here when we did the original work,” I reminded him.

“I thought so. Any chance of an introduction for Eric? He’s smitten.”

That would be nice, I thought. And it would help get her sights off of me. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Eric was acting tongue-tied and nervous, bracketed by Beth and Robin, while the girls grilled him. With a couple of sandwiches in me, I drew Beth aside, and got her buy-in. We agreed to push the two together.

It was fun to watch the interplay, as most of us worked to get the two together, while trying not to be overly obvious. Since they were the only ones not in some kind of relation, it wasn’t too hard. And he wasn’t a bad looking guy. Hell, none of Joe’s siblings were.

By the time we called it a day, we had done the lion’s share of the work. The walls and trusses were up, and the exterior sheathing was in place. An interior wall nearly bisected the space creating a 20′ x 13′ dining area and a 20′ x 15′ family room. Still a lot of work to do, but most of the rest could be done a little at a time, with the exterior elements at bay. It had seemed like we’d built a really strange roof on the extension, and I figured they were making attic storage space, but Robin and Eric explained that the idea was to make it easy to extend the upstairs if we ever felt the need. Extend the upstairs? With the new addition we were already looking at over 3000 square feet. Never mind the exterior buildings.

When Debbie took a dinner head-count, Joe called home, and instead of abandoning us, convinced Cathy to come by, and bring the kids. By the time we’d cleaned up, covered the windows and the exterior side door, Debbie had our meal ready, and Cathy was hard at work beside her. There was still some light left, and with such a big crowd, we ate outside again, this time a huge spaghetti feast, with what looked like about a hundred meatballs, although Debbie assured me there were only 30 or so. Only. Each one looked like a meal in itself, nearly the size of a baseball.

Our efforts at pushing Amie and Eric together seemed to be paying off, as they sat together and chatted, with Beth seated by Eric on the other side, and playing matchmaker. Debbie and Cathy were bracketing Joe, and the teasing looked relentless. At one point he almost spit out a mouth full of food, and I wished I was close enough to hear more. I was between Beth and Karen, and with Jim and Robin seated a good bit away it seemed like bursa escort as good a time as any to work on the ‘Sisters Issue’.

“What’s the latest on you guys and Robin?” I asked, innocently enough. “I know the three of you are together behind closed doors a lot. The “sharing” thing working out?”

“Jack, I don’t want to talk about that here,” she said softly.

I laughed aloud, “Look around, nobody even knows we’re alive.” I nodded toward Debbie, on Karen’s far side, and at Beth beside me. “They’re too busy giving the Howard boys a hard time. So spill.”

She heaved a sigh. “It’s not bad.”

“I bet Jim’s loving it. Going from nothing to you two wild things.”

“Well, we’re not quite all the way there yet.”

“Not ‘all the way’? What does that mean?”

“Damn you’re nosy! It means that he doesn’t get to fuck her,” she said so softly I could barely hear her. “She gets to help, but that is it.”

“Really. And how long do you think that’s going to work?”

I was surprised to see her blush. “I don’t know. It’s just so hard to take that next step. I’ve come close a couple of times, but I just can’t do it.”

“Maybe tonight would be a good time. Make it a sort of reward. And make it clear you’re in charge,” I encouraged her.

“Could you help?” she asked, unexpectedly.


“Yeah. You know, if you joined us, you could make it happen, and it wouldn’t be all on my shoulders.”

“Karen, as tempting as that sounds, I don’t think Beth or Debbie would look kindly on my adding your sister to my ‘friends with benefits’ list.”

“Why not? She’s the only one here over the age of 10 you’re not screwing already?” She pointedly looked around the table, and I realized she was almost right. So far I had been with every woman at the table, at least once. Her sister’s little scene the day before was the only one she didn’t know about.

“I still think you’d be better off doing this one on your own.”

“Please, Jack. If you were just there, it would be so much easier for me. You know I can’t say no to you.”

I closed my eyes and stopped to ponder the complexity of my life. I turned to her and gave her a hug. “I’ll see what I can do, Ok? No promises yet.”

She reached over and put her hand between my legs. “Thanks Jack. You’ve always come through for me. As far back as I remember, you’ve used me, and even abused me, but you’ve never let me down. Well maybe that civil war thing, but that wasn’t your fault.”

I leaned in to Beth to see how things were going over there. “Progress?”

She leaned toward me and whispered, “Almost closed the deal. He’s a little slow, but he’s coming around. I think with a few more beers in him and with a little more work on my part, we can get over that first big step.”

“I’m working on the ‘Sisters Issue’,” I told her.

“That’s good. If we could just get them to play nice, it would make everything around here a lot better. I mean it’s already a lot better, but Robin, well you know.”

After the previous day’s shared experience, we both knew. Young Robin was wound tighter than a clock spring.

“I know. That’s what I’m working on. They’re playing house together, but Robin only gets to play half the game. Karen’s on the brink of letting her sister have a full share.”

“Tell me later,” she murmured, with a quick kiss on the cheek, then turned her wicked intentions back to the nascent couple we were trying to bring together.

After dinner, I made an effort to help put things away, but I was told, in no uncertain terms, that my first priority was to get myself cleaned up. The other gentlemen present were given similar edicts, and when Eric made as if he was going to head out, he was encouraged to just take a quick shower here, since we had 4 and a half bathrooms anyway, and I’d loan him a clean t-shirt and shorts. He didn’t put up much resistance, and was sent off to use the big bathroom upstairs.

While we settled who was going to get cleaned up, and where, Karen and Cathy ushered the kids into bed. They were beat, after the day’s events, and even having visitors over wasn’t enough to keep them from dreamland.

Beth showed up at the beginning of my shower, giggling. I watched her strip and climb into the shower with me. “This could be interesting.” She informed me. “Whatever you’re doing must be working. I saw Jim and Robin head off to shower together.”

“And Karen isn’t monitoring the situation?”

“Nope. She and Cathy are dealing with the little ones, and helping Debbie clean up. Amie’s using my room upstairs to shower. Come to think of it, that may be the first time that shower’s ever been used.” She passed me the soap, and I helped lather her up, then she returned the favor. “So, what’s the scoop?”

“Karen’s letting Robin play around, but she’s not allowed to screw Jim.”

“That sucks. And?”

“And she asked me to help them take the next step.” It was nice to rinse the soap off of her smooth young body.

“Help them? How? Don’t tell me they don’t know how to screw,” she sounded bursa escort bayan a little irritated, and her lathering of my ‘boys’ was a little rougher than I’d prefer.

“She just wants me there, sort of the directing force behind going all the way. When we’re together, she always gives in to me, and she thinks that it’d be easier for her that way. I think she’s nuts.”

“Don’t you dare fuck Robin,” Beth said.

“I don’t plan on it.”

“I know about you and your plans. I don’t care what she or Karen wants. Don’t do it. If you ever go down that path, it’ll be with me there, right?”

I wondered if that was a hint at the previous day’s escapade, and a possible future replay. “Absolutely.” I pulled her close and let my hands wander freely. “It’s not like I really want to anyway. Not with you here.”

“Don’t start, Jack. Everyone’s out there waiting for us.”

My hand had reached between her legs, and I was rubbing her. “Let ’em wait a bit.”

“Damn, can’t you wait a little while?”

“I was hoping you’d take care of things, sort of take the edge off before I head up with Karen and Robin. Last thing I need is to be all worked up in a room with those two.”

“Jesus, you are so bad.”

“And you’re so good, beautiful girl.” She leaned back into me, as my fingers plumbed her depths.

“At least let’s finish up in here, before we use up all the hot water.”

With an 80 gallon tank upstairs, and the Master Bedroom using its own tankless heater, that wasn’t a likely danger, but I went along rather than argue the point. Who wants to argue with a beautiful naked teenager anyway?

We dried off together, and I waited in the bedroom while she dried and brushed her hair. She was in such a hurry, but still had 10 minutes to spend on her hair. Eventually she made it to the bedroom, where I was waiting patiently, just as naked as her.

She walked over and sat beside me, reaching over and caressing my cock which had wilted while waiting.

“Looks like there’s no edge left to take off,” she teased.

I reached over and pulled her down to the bed, kissing her, and once more letting my hands wander where they would. Her hand didn’t do much wandering, staying focused between my legs.

As I firmed up, I moved between her legs, opening her up and positioned myself to enter her. She reached down and lined me up. With her guidance, I slid inside, ecstatic to be where I was. I kissed her deeply, and thrust home, filling her.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you screw me, with an entire house full of guests just beyond that door.”

“Just don’t scream too much,” I teased.

“You wish, buster. You’d love that, having me screaming out so everyone would know just what you’re up to.”

“And right now, I’m up to about 8 inches deep in the sexiest girl I know.”

“Liar. Debbie’s still out there,” she reminded me.

“You are just as sexy as her,” I insisted, thrusting into her hard, reaffirming my feelings.

“I wish,” she said softly.

I stopped my motion, lingering above her with my cock head barely buried. “Don’t. You are an absolutely amazing woman. Don’t you know by now what you do to me?”

“I know. I know you want me. Sometimes I just don’t understand why. And if you did want me that much, why do you always go back to Karen and Cathy, and even girls like Amie, Robin and who knows who else?”

“Say the word, and I’ll never touch another one of them again.”

“I don’t think you could.”

I slid my cock deep inside of her. “Try me.”

Before she could answer me, I heard a pounding. “You guys going to come out and join us?” I heard Karen call from beyond the door.

Beth started pushing me away, leaving me hard and wanting. “Damn! I’m so embarrassed. Get dressed; you’ll just have to wait a few more minutes to fuck Karen with that thing.”

I stood beside her, while she climbed off the bed. I took her into my arms. “The hell with her. The hell with all of them. Let’s just lock the door and break the bed.”

She hugged me tight. “It’s Ok. I know you love me. I’m just feeling a little insecure right now.”

“I’m sorry. You should never feel insecure. I love you madly, and I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

“I love you too, but we’ve put a lot of things in play, and I think we’d better head out there and deal with ’em. I think Amie needs some help landing Eric, and if you can do anything to resolve the sisters thing, it would make all of our lives a little easier.” She released me, and went to the closet to get dressed. I just threw on some shorts and a t-shirt.

We were already late for the party going on in the living room. The laughing and ruckus gave every indication we hadn’t been missed too much.

The couch was already full to overflowing, with Joe wedged between Cathy and Debbie, and Karen seated at the end. The love-seat looked to have a bit of room, which was quickly remedied by Beth scooting in on one side of Eric, with Amie already perched on his other side. Her added presence required Eric and Amie to get escort bursa even closer. Amie had obviously found plenty of time to clean up. She was wearing a long t-shirt that reached halfway down her thighs, and if my guess was right, not a whole lot else. Her hair looked wet, and was tied back. She looked good – really good. Lucky Eric.

My favorite recliner was still open, but I felt a little lonely sitting there by myself. It did give me a great view of all the interactions, and it was entertaining. When Amie moved, I had a good look up her legs, and strove to see if my guess was right.

I wasn’t lonely long. Robin came traipsing down the stairwell, and after a quick survey of the room she bounced over and planted herself in my lap – with a teasing little wiggle.

“Have a nice shower?”

“Not as nice as yours, I imagine,” she laughed, adding another wriggle.

“I behaved myself, mostly, I’ll have you know.”

“Oh, too bad. Mine wasn’t completely innocent, but not as naughty as I’d wish. I’m telling you, Jack, Karen’s driving me nuts with this deal of hers.”

“I’m glad you’re sticking with the plan, though.” Her constant rolling of her hips in my lap was resulting in a perfectly reasonable response.

Jim showed up around then, and after a quick glance around the room, seated himself at Karen’s feet, getting involved in that conversation.

Robin leaned back, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. Her face was close to mine and she whispered, “Lots of subplots going on here, where do you thing this is all going?”

I had to admit I had no idea. “My guess is that Debbie and Cathy will be taking Joe into the bedroom before too long, and make his day.” I was a little surprised at the thought. It wasn’t like Debbie, even though she’d been with Joe a couple of times already.

“And what are Beth and Amie up to?” She asked, bringing my attention to that group, nibbling on my ear at the same time.

“I don’t imagine they’ll be going too far, but I imagine before Eric leaves here, he’ll be working on a way to be with Amie, let’s say, more thoroughly.”

“I hope she doesn’t let him close the deal too quickly. We could sure use a couple more days of his help,” Robin chuckled.

“I guess that Beth will do her best to be the regulator of that relationship. She seemed eager enough to bring them together.”

“And that leaves you and me, and Karen and JimBob,” she observed.

“I guess it does.”

Debbie extricated herself from the couch and came over to me. “Help me out in the kitchen a moment, will ya, Jack?”

I dislodged Robin, and walked across the room with the incomparable Debbie. Once in the kitchen she turned to me. “Cathy wants to stay tonight. And she’d like me to stay with her and Joe. What do you think?”

I smiled and pulled her close. “You two have been teasing him unmercifully all night,” I observed.

“It’s too easy.” She smiled, and I knew she was having fun. “Would you mind, much?”

“If you’re Ok with it, I think it’d be a nice thing to do.”

“Care to join us?” she asked, her hands rubbing up and down my sides.

“If it’s alright with you, I thought I’d try to help Karen, Robin and Jim resolve a couple of issues. I’m not going to do Robin, but Karen wants my support while she finally lets the other two get together.”

“Jeez. What have they been doing up in that room?” She asked, surprised.

“Apparently everything but the real thing. Karen just wants me there to sort of ‘encourage’ her to let the other two seal the deal. I don’t imagine it’ll take all that long. I’ll join you after.”

“Don’t take too long,” she said. She leaned in and gave me a warm kiss. “I’ll be waiting.” She turned and headed back to the living room.

I sighed, and then followed her back in. I went over to Karen. “Say your good-nights. I think it’s time for us to head up.”

I took my own advice and thanked Eric and Amie for the help, and gave Beth a quick kiss. “I’ll be back before too long.”

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry,” she answered softly.

As I turned and headed up the stairs, Robin trotted over to my side. “What’s going on Jack?”

“That’s up to your sister,” I told her, tugging her up beside me and patting her ass, on the way upstairs.

With the four of us in Karen’s room, I directed my attention to Robin. She seemed surprised when I sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled her close. “Let’s see if that t-shirt is true.” The words written across it, ‘Sleeps Well With Others,’ might well be tested.

I peeled the shirt off of her, exposing her breasts, and pulled her close enough for a taste. After a minute or two, I undid her pants and lowered those as well. She was going commando, no surprise there. I stood, picked her up and laid her out on the bed. Within minutes I was between her legs, getting my first taste of her. Feeling a shift on the bed, I looked over to see that Jim was back to his old tricks, playing follow the leader. Still half-dressed, he was going down on Karen.

My purpose was simple enough, and after a couple of minutes of fun, when I had Robin really worked up, I climbed off of her and got undressed. She bounced off the bed and helped me, then dropped to her knees and I once more had a chance to sample her excellent oral skills.

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