Daddy uses Josie

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Daddy uses Josie*Not my story but I thought it was hot:)*My girlfriend and I discovered we were both bi-curious about a year agoand started sharing some of our fantasies.Well fantasy lead to realityand one of her fantasies coming true.My girlfriend Patti already had me wearing panties and her lingerie. Shetold me that she wanted to watch me service another man dressed anywaythey decided.Of course I was game.She finally found someone local and willing to play so she invited himover without my knowledge.It was our typical Saturday night.I was on the computer talking in chatrooms, while she was watching tv.At 9 o’clock she told me to go upstairsand change into the outfit that she had already laid out on the bed forme.We don’t normally start playing til around 11 but I never thought muchabout it.She told me to put on my robe before coming back down.When I got upstairs and entered our room. I saw this really cool pinksatin outfit on the bed.There was pink satin panties, garter belt,bra,and a sheer pink nitie.There were also nude stay up stockings and awomens razor.The razor told me she wanted my crotch totally shaved.Iusually keep it shaved so I continued to the bathroom.As I was gettingready, I could hear that Patti had turned on the stereo.Nothing out ofthe ordinary, yet, so I finished prepping and headed downstairs.When I got downstairs, all the lights were out but she had lit afewcandles.As I entered the livingroom I could tell something was up becausemy heart started pounding for no reason.Patti was sitting on the loveseat and and I was startled to see a manwho looked to be about 60 sitting on the couch.”Hi Josie, this is Tom” Patti said.”hi” I said and just stood there not understanding canlı bahis what was going on.Patti explained how she had met Tom on the internet and they got totalking about fantasies and how he wanted to make her fantasy come true.Ididn’t know how to respond so I just said “OH”.Tom stood up and told me to come over to the couch and I walked rightover to him..He looked me up and down saying ” very nice”.He reached out to untie my robe and as soon as he touched the belt mycock was twitching and I got butterflies in my stomach. Once he had myrobe open, his smile really widen as he looked me up and down again.Mycock was getting harder by the second.Tom noticed my rising member so he leaned in and started rubbing myright nipple with his right hand.He stepped closer to me and startedbreathing into my left ear while still rubbing my nipple.My cock was nowhard.He started licking my ear and neck.He asked me if ” Daddy’s littleslut was enjoying herself.” All I could breath out was “yes Daddy”.”Good.” he replied.He slid my robe all the way off and stood there checking me out.Hewalked behind me so he could see my sissy ass in my panties and garterbelt and stockings.He walked up behind me and started at my ears and neck again whilerubbing his cock back and forth across my ass.He must have taken hisclothes off behind me as I didn’t see him undress.He reached down andcupped my balls and I thought I was going to cum right there but held off(some how).Daddy told me to turn around and face him so I did.Once facing him, he leaned in and stuck his tongue in my mouth.My ballswere now burning constantly cuz I was sooooo horny and turned on.Daddy sat on the couch and told me to get on my knees like bahis siteleri a good littleslut.I was scared but did what I was told.Once on my knees ,I saw his 9 inch cock staring me in the face.He had abig fat hairy cock and huge balls.”Daddy wants his balls licked now,slut!” he spoke.I quickly leaned in and started licking his hugeballs.They felt so warm and squishy in my mouth.My cock was leakingprecum like crazy by this time, but I didn’t care.All I wanted was totaste his cock.Thats when he told me to stop licking and start suckingthe head and shaft of his cock.At last I can swallow his man meat.Meanwhile I could hear Patti ove on the loveseat moaning likecrazy.There she was , naked and rubbing her clit and watching me suck andswallow Daddy’s cock( Her Ultimate Fantasy).As I suck his long thick cock, I can feel he is close but he stops me.Hegrabbed me by the hair and pulled me away.He told me I was a good littleslut.Said I could get on my hands and knees cuz he had a big surprise forhis little slut whore.I quickly did what I was told.Daddy was on his knees beside me rubbingmy ass thru my panties.I was extremely hard and horny.I was leakingeverywhere.My balls felt like they might explode.Daddy stopped rubbing and smacked my ass hard.It stung a little but itwas so erotic that I started humping the air.This gave Daddy an idea.He whistled for our 1 yr old lab x sheppard mix named George.The dogcame running.Daddy got me to lay on my back and bend my knees to my chest and spreadmy legs.I felt like a true slut and I loved it.He called the dog over tosniff my balls.He started sniffing and I was leaking everywhere.The dognoticed this and licked my cum.I was going crazy.Daddy stopped the güvenilir bahis dog.Hetold me to get on all fours like the dog.He started rubbing my assagain.He squeezed warm lube up my ass while stroking my cock.The dog waslaying right in front of me cleaning his cock.Daddy told me to reach outand feel his balls while he licked his cock.I didn’t move.Daddy smackedmy ass and said ” Now slut!Rub his balls!”I quickly reached over andlightly rubbed Georges balls.Wow, they felt really cool.Daddy startedrubbing my ass again and told me I was a good sissy slut for daddy.Hedecided it was time that I got his cock in my sissy pussy, I was so hornythat I thought my balls were numb.Daddy got behind me and started to push the head of his 9 incher up myshaved bare pussy ass.All the while I continue rubbing Georges balls andnow his big cock too.My ass was burning but it felt so good too with allthe lube and no condom.Daddy pushed the last few inches in and I wasloving every minute.Daddy was now leaned over me with his cock buried up my ass , his handjerking my cock and his tongue stuck in my ear.Daddy was fucking me fastand hard.I heard Patti start cumming and so did daddy cuz after hearingher moaning that she was cumming he rammed his cock deep inside my pussyand yelled” I’m cumming in you slut”.Daddy came and I could feel itrunning out of me and down my inner thighs.Daddy still layed with hissoftening cock in my ass, brething deeply while stroking me.George sawthe cum running down my legs and got under me to smell and taste Daddy’scum.As soon as he licked my balls and Daddy jerked me together, Iexploded and shot hot sticky cum from my burning cock.Daddy kept jerkingand I kept cumming.I must have cum at least 3 times.We both lay on thefloor exhausted.Finally he rolled over and started kissing me again.I inturn made his cock hard again.But that will take another story.Let us know what you think of her writing abilities.

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