Damn, My Buddy is a Sub! Ch. 01


“Dude, I appreciate you inviting me over to hang out for a while. With my wife and kids visiting family out of state, I was starting to get bored around the house in the evenings.”

My buddy had invited me to come over and have a few drinks with his girlfriend one evening while the wife was visiting family. It was nice having a quiet house to myself the first night, but after that it was a little strange — the house was usually noisy with the sounds of the kids. I had not had a chance to meet his new girlfriend before, and I was looking forward to it. From the pictures he had emailed me, she looked pretty. Cal had said that she was really nice, but sort of uptight. I wasn’t so sure — in a couple of the photos, she seemed to have a certain playful gleam in her eye. I had seen that look before in girls I dated in the past, and it was usually a very good thing.

I walked into the living room, and Terri stood up as I introduced myself. She smiled and walked over and said hi, then gave me a quick hug. I could feel her big, firm breasts press against my stomach as she hugged me. She let go, and went back and sat down next to Cal on the sofa. I sat in a chair and made small talk as I imagined what she would look like naked. She was even prettier in person, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. According to Cal she was somewhere in her mid-thirties, but looked ten years younger than that. With her wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a t-shirt, her slim, tanned legs were propped up on the sofa. I was having a hard time trying to maintain eye contact and not just sit and stare at those luscious legs. Tanned and pedicured, even her feet were beautiful. I could see now why Cal had asked her to move in with him after just a few months of dating.

I think Terri could sense that I was checking her out, and she gave me an amused little half-grin when she caught me staring at her legs. I cleared my throat and started to stand, and asked if I could get a beer or something. She jumped up, and said that she was thirsty too, and that she would make a pitcher of margaritas.

After she left, I cut my eyes at Cal, and said under my breath, “Shit, dude! She is beautiful! What is she doing with you?”

He laughed. We were always busting on one another — that is just the way our friendship worked. We had been buddies for a few years. I met him through my wife — he had dated her years before, and had remained friends after they stopped dating. He teased me on a regular basis that he had fucked my wife first. I would just tease him back that I must be fucking her better, because she was with me, not him.

I had been teasing him since he had started dating Terri about me getting to fuck her. Hell, I said, if you fucked my wife, it is only fair that I get to fuck your girlfriend. Cal would just laugh and blow me off, but I stayed after him. I was sort of teasing, and sort of not teasing. I was content with my wife, but after he emailed my pictures of Terri in a bikini at the beach, I started fantasizing about slipping my big dick into her — she really did have a terrific body. Cal knew I daydreamed about it, but it was hard to read exactly what he thought about that.

Cal had a little bit of “player” in him, but we had never shared or swapped partners. Other than him sleeping with my wife before I met her, the closest we had come to anything like that was when I had first started dating my wife. We had come over to Cal’s house one evening for drinks, and before the night was done, we ended up skinny-dipping in the pool in Cal’s backyard with him and the girl he was dating at that time. We did not trade partners or anything, but we did each go down on our respective dates as they sat naked on the side of the pool chatting. In fact, we skinny-dipped together like this two different times.

Having skinny-dipped with him a couple of times, I could understand why he usually had a good-looking girl hanging around. He was not nearly my size, but stayed in good shape. He was about 5’9′ or 5’10”, and somewhere around one hundred and seventy pounds. He was lean and well-defined, with more of a runner’s body than a weightlifters body. I was much larger — about 6’2″ and weighing canlı bahis şirketleri about 230 pounds, I was broad-shouldered and muscular.

“Hey, before Terri gets back, I want to tell you something”, Cal said with a mischievous grin. “About a half hour ago I started flirting and coming on to her. I was rubbing her tits, kissing her neck — generally just getting her worked up. She kept pushing me away, saying that you would be here any minute. She gets really wet when she gets horny, so I was trying to see if I could get her wet enough to make a spot on her khaki shorts before you got here.”

I told him that it didn’t work, because her shorts did not have any spots on them — I would have seen them. He just grinned and said, “Yeah, I saw you checking her out. But keep an eye on those shorts, because they will have a spot pretty soon.” With that, he glanced towards the door, and then pulled a pair of girl’s panties out from between the sofa cushions. “I had her shorts and underwear off and was fingering her when you rang the doorbell. I wouldn’t give them back to her, so she had to pull on her shorts without them. As wet as she is, it will start to show sooner or later!”

I chuckled and shook my head, and motioned for him to throw the panties to me. I was sort of proud of Cal — I didn’t know he would do something even mildly daring like this with a girl he was dating. He was good-looking enough, and dated good-looking women, but he had always been sort of timid around them, especially women that he was dating. If was like he was always waiting for their permission before doing anything. He had a little bit of a submissive streak in him, so it was a little surprising that he would get Terri worked up, knowing that I was about to show up, and even more surprising that he would share so much about her with me when I had just met her.

I caught the panties when he tossed them, and examined them. Bikini style, black, with little pink polka-dots on them, from Victorias Secret. Just about exactly what I would have guessed. I closed my eyes, held them up to my nose, and inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of Cal’s new girlfriend. With my eyes still shut, I inhaled again. The scent exploded in my brain, then raced directly to my groin. Light, sweet, and feminine, the scent was pure sex. Still holding the panties with one hand, I reached down and adjusted my trousers to make room for my half-hard cock.

“Uhmm, Paul? Paul?” Cal’s voice cut through my daze. I opened my eyes to see that Terri had stepped into the room, and was holding a tray with the drinks on it, staring at me as I sat there with her underwear pressed to my face. The look of bewilderment on her face was priceless. “Cal! I cannot believe that you gave those to him! I do not even know him!” she scolded.

I could tell immediately that even though she was a little embarrassed, she was not truly angry. She did not yell, and she did not immediately ask for them back. She set the tray down, then jumped on Cal and started playfully hitting him. He was laughing, and protecting himself with a pillow from the sofa. As they were wrestling around, I reached forward and poured three glasses of margarita from the pitcher, then sat back in my chair, and inhaled the scent from the panties again.

Terri sat up and saw the filled glasses, and picked one up and took a deep pull from it. She looked over at me holding her underwear to my face and asked, “Can I get those back now?”

I shook my head, then said “Not yet. Not until you have emptied your glass twice.” She just rolled her eyes, then punched Cal again for giving them to me. We sat and made small talk for a while, getting to know one another and emptying the pitcher. Terri made another pitcher, and after a while it was gone too. By now, we were all starting to get pretty buzzed.

Terri looked over at me and asked, “Can I get my underwear back now?” I replied, “I don’t know. How do I know that they are yours?”

“Well, who else’s would they be?”

“Well, maybe they are Cal’s”. I said with a grin. “Or maybe they are yours, but he was wearing them. How do I know which of you had them on?” She just pouted, and stuck her hand out. I told her canlı kaçak iddaa “Nope. Prove that they were on you.”

She looked over at Cal. “Cal, help me…he won’t give them to me!” she pleaded in a playful tone. He just shrugged. “He has a point, hon. How does he know that they are yours?”

She pouted a little more, then got up and tried to grab them from me. After we playfully grappled for a minute, I stood and with one arm picked her up over my shoulder. She squealed, and reached for the panties again. This time, I stuffed them inside the front of my trousers to keep them from her. I walked over to the sofa and set her down next to Cal, then stood in front of them. I was about to take a chance, but I had a feeling….

The whole time I was wrestling and playing with Terri, Cal had not said a word. He just sat there, obviously liking watching the two of us. Something in the way they interacted — nothing blatant, just very subtle — made me think that she was in charge around here. I wanted to see if that was true…or if she even knew it yet.

Standing directly in front of her, I said “If you want the panties, you have to get them yourself.” She stared at where I had stuffed them in the crotch of my pants, then looked at Cal. Cal looked at her, then up at me, with a quiet, pleading look. That look gave him away. Suddenly I knew. As I looked back at him knowingly, he realized that I knew.

This was shaping up to be a very interesting evening.

“Somebody is going to get these panties out of my pants, and it is not going to be me”, I announced. “And whoever gets them has to prove that they do not have any on. So, which of you does not have any panties on? Cal?”

Cal blushed and called me a dickhead, but he did not move his spot on the sofa. Terri glanced at him quizzically, and then a slight smile crossed her lips. She is starting to figure this out, I thought. She folded her arms over her chest and said in a stern voice, “Cal! Do you have your panties on? Are those your panties in his pants?”

Cal blushed some more, but said nothing. I looked at Terri and said, “Well, they could be yours…or his. Why don’t both of you lose those shorts and let’s see who has some on, and who doesn’t?”

Then I rolled the dice.

“Now. Stand up and do it — now!” I commanded both of them, in a stern voice.

I held my breath and waited to see the reaction. They looked at each other, and then Terri smiled and reached for the button on her shorts. Cal’s eyes opened wide, then he sighed and reached for his shorts, too.

This was getting sort of exciting. My cock started to twitch to life in my trousers. I could feed the soft cotton of her underwear against the skin of my cock as it slowly started to swell.

Sitting on the sofa in front of me, Terri shimmied out of her shorts and tossed them on the coffee table behind me. She had medium, blondish-brown hair down below, neatly trimmed in a narrow stripe and ending just above her pussy. Sitting with her heels propped up on the sofa, she flipped her knees open for a second or two, then closed them and lowered her legs. “See? No underwear. Now give those to me”, she said.

I shook my head no, and motioned towards Cal. “His turn.” Cal started to comply, but then stopped, and just sat there, staring directly in front of him. I wanted to be sure Terri understood the situation. “Terri, tell Cal to remove his shorts. Now.”

Terri glanced at me, then looked directly at Cal and said “Take them off, Cal. Right now.”

Cal sighed again, but reached down and pulled his shorts off. He had on a pair of boxers underneath. Without saying anything, I nodded to Terri. She told him “Those too. Now.”

Cal removed the boxers, and slouched back on the sofa. His cock was at full attention, and he was turning red from embarrassment. But he was doing as he was told.

Terri looked at me and asked “Well, can I have my panties now?” I motioned towards my groin and said “You can have them, but you gotta come get them. Unless Cal wants to get them.”

Cal looked at me with a sort of shocked stare. For a second, I thought that he was going to reach for my pants. Before he could move, though, canlı kaçak bahis Terri leaned forward and started unbuttoning my trousers, then pulled them down. I had on boxers too, and the panties were stuffed inside of those. Terri playfully opened the fly of the boxers and peeked inside. “Yoo hoo! Anybody home in there?” she said with a laugh. Her breathing was starting to get a little heavy, and her eyes were dancing.

“Reach in there and find out”, I instructed her. She snaked her hand in the fly opening and squeezed my half-hard member. At the touch, my cock began to swell to its full size. Removing her hand from the fly, Terri grasped my boxers at the bottom of each leg opening and pulled them down.

As the boxers dropped to my knees, my cock sprung out and pointed up at a forty-five degree angle. The panties were hanging from it, with my cock sticking through one of the leg holes. Terri giggled and said, “It looks like you were wearing the panties, not us!” Even Cal grinned at that remark. Ever since my boxers had dropped, both sets of eyes on the sofa had not left my rigid pole. At a little over seven inches, it was not the longest around, but it was extremely thick, rippling with wide, well-defined veins.

“Who is going to take them off of him?” I asked, nodding towards the panties. I knew by now that they both wanted to, but that only one of them had the gumption to actually touch me. Sure enough, as Cal sat staring at my dick, Terri sat forward again and stroked my cock with both hands for ten or fifteen seconds, rolling her small hands up and down the length of the shaft and rubbing my balls for good measure. Then, with a little sigh of appreciation, she lifted the panties off of my cock and sat back.

I had an idea. “Terri, have you ever had a man lick your pussy?”

She made a puzzled face and said, “Yeah. Of course I have.”

I replied, “I mean a real man. A man that can lick you until you beg for mercy. I have a bet for you. I say that I can eat your pussy better than any man ever has. Ever.”

She thought about that for a moment, and then glanced at Cal. Cal was still staring at my cock. “Better than anyone? What is the bet?”

“If I cannot eat your pussy better than anyone ever has, I will be a slave to the two of you for the rest of the night.”

Her eyes opened wide and she grinned. “Slave, huh? Cool.”

Then she thought for a second and said, “Not that you actually can, but what if you do eat my pussy better than anyone? What then?”

I glance at Cal, who was still staring at my dick, and stated, “If I do eat your pussy better than anyone before, then we will flip a coin. Heads, you will be a slave to me and Cal for the evening. Tails, and Cal will be a slave to you and me for the evening.”

Hearing his name, Cal came out of his trance and said “What? What was that about being a slave?”

I repeated the terms of the bet again. Cal shook his head, and said, “Hon, you do not have to do this. Hell, I cannot believe that we are all half-naked already! Do you want to stop?”

Terri looked up at me and grinned. “Stop? Hell, I am looking forward to making this cocky bastard a slave!”

I just smiled. Game On. Little did she know, but she had just entered my personal playground. I have been addicted to eating pussy for years, and had honed my craft on untold dozens of young ladies before I got married. Heck, that skill even probably had something to do with my wife marrying me. This was going to be fun.

Cal looked a little troubled. He knew of my love for pussy, and had witnessed me in action those couple of times when we were skinny-dipping with the girls.

I peeled off the rest of my clothes, and pulled the t-shirt off of Terri. She did not have a bra on under the shirt, and her big breasts were now on display. The nipples were bigger than a silver dollar, and were swelling and extending larger as I watched. They were even more spectacular than the rest of her.

I flipped her legs to one side of the sofa, and leaned her back so that she was leaning against Cal. I then spread her legs, and then dropping to one knee beside the sofa, lowered my head to her slit, and inhaled deeply. The scent was intoxicating — it was ten times better in person than it was on the panties. I inhaled again, then moaned, and rubbed my entire face across her mound.

“You smell absolutely amazing. This is going to be really special.”

(continued in Chapter 2)

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