Dan watches his mum go brown


Dan watches his mum go brownDaniel an 18 year old London teenager was just about to leave his home address, when his mother Karen entered through the door. Dan was surprised to see his mum had a young asian guy with her. Karen was 49 years old and had an eldest daughter around 21 years old aswell as Dan. Karen was around 5 foot 4 curvy build and shirt blonde hair and had been married for over 20 years. Karen had introduced this unknown guy to Dan as Chris. Karen had stated that Chris was here to help her with computer as she had been having some issues and said that he was recommended by a friend of hers. Karen fully well knew that Dan would be going out and her husband woudnt be back until 5pm and her daughter was going out after she had finished work at 3pm. Karen seemed a bit flustered on noticing that Dan was home.Dan became suspcious of his mum as she had been acting really strange of late, always on her coming home late and going out last minute generally telling his dad, that she was going to her mums.Could she really be cheating on his dad? Dan thought. Karen had asked Dan if he was going out and what time he will be back. Dan stated he would be gone for a few hours. Dan left his Mum and Chris in hallway as he left the address.Dan had reached the end of his road when he realised he didnt have his phone, as he had left it on the kitchen table. Dan made his way back to his home and entered through the back door which leads directly into the kitchen.He entered quietly and could hear his mum and Chris giggling and laughing with one another, he noticed that bahis firmaları they both were in the living room and quietly took a peak to see what they both were doing without being noticed.Dan could see his mum’s hand rubbing on Chris’s crotch area as she smiled. Dan could hear his mum telling Chris that her husband and her had not had sex for almost a year now. Dan could not believe what he was witnessing. He was about to go and interrupt the two, when suddenly his mum pulled in Chris and began kissing him hungrily. Both their hands were rubbing all over each other. Dan moved forward ever so quietly to see what else he could see. He was going to stop it but something was telling him not to. Dan could see now his mum hand her hand down Chris’s pants and was playing with his cock as they kissed even more. Karen took Chris’s hand and then led him upstairs to the bedroom. Dan knew what was coming now, he couldn’t believe his mum was such a slut. He could hear both of them upstairs laughing and joking together. How could his mum be laughing about what she was going to do in his dad’s bed. He thought now he should put and end to it. Dan was enticed to go upstairs to see what was going on. Step by step he slowly made his way upstairs. His footsteps drowned out by his mum and Chris’s giggling foreplay. His parents bedroom was at the end of the upstairs hallway. There was a small storage type room where the boiler was at an angle which would give view as to what was happening.Dan slowly crept in the storage room and half closed the door. Dan was shocked what kaçak iddaa he saw. He could see both his mum and Chris completely naked kissing on the bed. Chris was licking and sucking Karen tits while fingering her. Karen was groaning in delight and Dan could hear just how wet she was. Karen placed Chris on the pillow and climbed on top so she was in the 69 position. Dan had a good view of his mum sucking Chris’s cock which around 9 inches, watching his mum deep throat a cock like that made him hard aswell as he listened to the slurping noises his mum was making as she screamed with her pussy being eaten. Karen rocked back and forth on Chris’s face as she cummed on his face. Dan watched as his mum climbed onto Chris’s rock hard cock and slid his cock into her pussy and began riding it. Karen bounced and moaned in delight pulling onto the bedhead. Dan was getting quite turned on seeing his mum cheat like this. Karen wad enjoying herself with a younger guy saying her husband hadn’t fucked her like this in years. Karen climbed off and and got into the doggy crouching over a pillow and allowing Chris to slide his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Dan stood and watched stroking his own cock as Chris pounded his mum on his parents bed. Karen was letting out ear blowing screams as she orgasmed, Chris increased his pounding speed on Karen slapping her ass with his balls. Karen now out of breath laid on her back and beckoned Chris to pound her. Dan heard his mum say that she wanted Chris to unload his spunk into her pussy. Dan watched Chris climb onto his mum and begin kaçak bahis slamming his cock into her shaking the bed from side to side. Dan had to watch and listen his mum being fucked as the two kissed passionately tongues tied between them. Chris stopped and said that he needed to get more comfortable. Dan watched as his mum grabbed his dad’s pillow and placed it underneath her, propping herself up to give Chris a more comfortable base. Chris with his rock hard cock slammed his cock into Karen. Dan watched as his mum’s legs were bent high in air and Chris right deep inside his mum. Chris now almost breaking the bed fucking Karen, both screamed in delight as Dan continued to watch, Dan didn’t know how much he could take of this but weirdly wanted it to continue. Karen continued to let out screams as she orgasmed again, Chris told Karen that he almost ready and Karen begged him to unload in her Chris continued and continued and then let out a loud grunt as he shoot a deep load into Karen. Dan watched as cum overflowed from his mums pussy onto his dad’s pillow. Chris held it in there for a minutes as the two began to kiss. Dan found himself also cumming from watching his mum get fucked. Dan quietly snuck away leaving his mum and Chris upstairs, he could hear that the two were kissing but didn’t want to stay and to witnesd what might happen again.Dan returned home several hours and was at home with his parents and sister. He could see that his mum had a bright glee in her face as she prepared dinner. Dan had noticed when he went upstairs that his mum had changed the bedsheets on her and her husband’s bed. As the family sat down to eat, Karen’s husband had asked her how her day was, Karen responded with saying quite enjoyable and fun with a cheeky smile on her face……..

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