Dancing with Couple


Dancing with CoupleYou and I decide to get dressed up and head out dancing. I tell you to pick out my clothes and that you can make me as hot as you want me to be. You pick a sexy little black dress with small heals. The dress shows off my shoulders and back. You tell me you want to show me off and that we are going to pick a couple that we like and flirt with them. We have a drink before we head out. When we arrive, the club is somewhat packed. We walk around the bar and you choose a seat next to a cute brunette and her handsome guy friend. You guide me to the seat next to hers. As I sit down, I kind of bump her in the side. I turn and apologize and we start chatting. I find her sexy. I can tell you do too. Her boyfriend is a hottie too. You graze my back with your hands, which is our sign for let’s go for it. I give you a smile and we are both in agreement. So we decide to buy them a drink and start flirting and talking with them. The music playing is good and we all decide to dance. You pull me close kaynarca escort to you. They come close to us and start flirting with us. She grabs me and we start grinding on each other to the music. I look at you and see that you like what you are seeing as does her boyfriend. She rubs her hands up and down my body, touching me all over. I am getting turned on and I rub her back. She has a nice boobs– not too big, not very small. I rub my fingers across her cleavage as we dance and give you a hot little smirk, knowing it is turning you on. I pull you over and make you dance with her. Her boyfriend grabs me and we dance. I watch you as she grinds on you. You look nervous at me making sure I am not upset, and I give you a nod that it is okay to dance dirty with her. You do the same to me, so I start rubbing my body against his as we dance. We are all getting hot and sweaty dancing. We are all close to each other, dancing dirty. I see him checking you out and get the impression he is bi-curious. orhanlı escort As we make our way back to the bar, they ask us to go back to their place and we do.We drive to their place in their car. You and I start making out in the back seat, so turned on by the night. He is watching you have your way with me in the rear view mirror. He tells you to suck my tits. You pull my dress off my shoulders and start playing with them, squeezing them. I tell you to slap them, you do. HARD. He tells you to suck on them. You do. I am so wet and ready for you. We arrive at their place and barely make it inside. I grab you and start kissing you hard. They are jealous and want some of us. She grabs me and kisses me. Her mouth is soft and her tongue is fast. She takes off my bra and leads me to the couch. You both watch, eager for more. She lays me down and kisses my tits. I tell her, “Harder.” She sucks them and kisses down my stomach to my thighs. I am so wet. She takes my dress off and pulls my thong tepeören escort down and purrs, “Mmmm.” Her tongue plays with me. God it feels so good. I look at you and tell you to come here and kiss me. You do, hard and deep. She is licking me so good that I am going to cum in her mouth. I whisper in your ear that I am cumming in her mouth. God it is so good. I tell her to take her clothes off and to bend over the couch. I want to watch you fuck her, hard, from behind. You both do as I say. You grab her hips and start pounding her hard. I watch her tits bounce around as you are fucking her. It is so hot to watch. You tell him to sit down and that you want to watch me ride him as you fuck her. He takes his clothes off and exposes his hard cock. You tell me to sit on him. I do as you say and start riding him. You tell me to ride him as hard as you are fucking her. I do as I am told and watch you. The faster you fuck her, the harder I fuck him. You tell me to cum for you. We lean over and start kissing while we fuck them. I can tell by your moans that you are getting close. I feel the warmth building. We fuck them harder, each thrusting closer to an orgasm. Finally we both cum, moaning in each other’s mouths. They both cum too and moan out loud…

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