Date Night


Note: These stories are written by cc for ls. We are in a long distance relationship and use these stories to explore sexual ideas that we can’t explore directly. Sexy clothes and outdoor sex. LS was happy as I read this to her. Any feedback will be viewed by both of us. Enjoy!


“Hey sweetie! Can you come look at something?”

I was waiting out in the living room as you got ready for our night out. “Sure,” I call as I stand up and start walking to the bedroom.

I enter the bedroom and get as far as “Wha…” before my jaw drops open.

There you stand, your left hand high on the door frame of the closet, you right hand on your hip. You are wearing a sexy bra and panty set. The bra more of a corset, shaping your waist and accentuating your breasts. Your legs encased in thigh high stockings and 10 cm peep toe pumps on your feet.

No matter how often I see you dressed (or undressed) like this it always makes my heart beat a bit faster.

“I just wanted to make sure you knew it was going to be your lucky night!” you say with a wicked smile on your lips. “Know you go wait just a few more minutes and I’ll be right out”, you continue. You lick your lips as you wait for me to turn and head back to the front of the house.

Just a few minutes later you come out wearing some nice jeans and a fluffy white sweater. It’s gotten cool, cold for you in fact.

I help you into your coat and we’re off.

We see some movie, a spy/action movie that we both had wanted to see. At least, I assume you see the movie. I only catch occasional scenes as visions of you flicker in front of my eyes. Well, that and the fact that you keep rubbing your hand up and down my thigh, occasionally just gripping my dick through my pants and keeping me hard the entire movie.

We saw an early movie to avoid the local teen kids and now we’re off to get a late dinner.

We go to Kona Grill, near the theater. The sushi is good and we share a roll before we get our main dishes. We have fun feeding each other the sushi as we talk and wait for the main dishes to come out.

Again, I think I enjoyed the meal, but was highly distracted again. Since we are sitting across from each other you slip off innovia escort one of your beautiful high heels and rub your foot into my crotch.

I try to limit how much you affect me by grabbing your foot. I figure that maybe I can distract you a little as I start to massage your foot. And it works for a few minutes. I relax a little as I watch your eyes half close and your shoulders relax.

After a few minutes a smile crosses your lips and you bring your other foot up into my lap. I try to massage one foot with each hand, but you now have enough room to make sure that one foot is always rubbing my cock through my pants.

I’m more than a little distracted and you have to point to the waiter to get me to notice him asking if we want dessert. I looked up at him, smiled, and said that we have dessert waiting for us at home.

I pay the bill and we head out.

“I want you to fuck me HARD when we get home!” you whisper in my ear as we walk to the car. I just smile, I don’t think I’m going to be able to wait!

After you get in the car I lean over and put my hand on your thigh. Looking you in the eye I smile and say, “We’re going to take a little detour!” Your eyes sparkle and you smile hugely. I lean in and give you a quick kiss, stand up and close your door.

Walking around the car, I quickly get in and start the car. Pulling out of the parking lot, I head a different route and take your hand in mine.

A few turns later and we’re in a parking lot. I circle the building and we don’t see any other cars or people. I head to a corner of the lot and park so that the car blocks us from the main section of the lot. The light in the corner is off as well, so while the other lights prevent it from being completely dark, it’s not well lit either.

I jump out and run around the car. You’ve already opened the door and I pull you out. Holding you in my arms I lean you back against the car and kiss you deeply. You spread your legs slightly so that you have your legs on either side of 1 of mine and start to grind against me.

Your arms around my neck, your hands in my hair. I move my arms so that they are under your jacket and I run one up the back of istanbul escort your sweater and grab your ass with the other.

After a few minutes of this I break the kiss. “I need to be IN you!” I say.

I spin you around and undo your jeans. Pushing them and your panties down you feel the cool air on your now very hot skin. You arch your back out and spread your legs as much as possible with your jeans around your knees.

I squat down and lick your pussy. You’re already very wet. “MMmmmm, dessert”, I whisper and start to lick you from behind. You taste delicious and I lap at you like a dog. Letting my tongue flatten out and caress you in broad slow strokes.

Putting 1 hand on each of your ass cheeks I spread you wide and slowly tease you, like you’ve teases me all night. Broad licks from your clit to your asshole. Occasionally pausing you suck your clit or to tongue fuck you.

I pull back a bit and see you glisten in the pale light. A small trickle of juice runs down your thigh. I lick it up and resume tormenting you with my tongue.

Finally you give in and fiercely whisper, “Fuck me!”

Standing up and dropping my pants to my knees, I grab my cock and give it a couple of quick strokes. More out of habit, I’ve been hard all evening.

Putting one hand on your lower back, I aim my cock at your pussy and rub the head over you a couple of times to gather a little lubrication.

I push my cock low and start thrusting back and forth. I’m not in you yet, I’m just using my cock to run back and forth over your clit. I feel it’s swollen

Then I put the head directly over your hole and start pushing. I don’t ram it all at once, but I’m not slow or gentle.

I ease in several cm and pull out. The next thrust I go a little deeper and then pull out. As I pull out you go from breathing heavy to panting.

On the third thrust I’m in all the way. You’ve been teasing me for hours it seems and I am beyond being gentle. A more basic, animal need is driving me. Like a race horse, my passion whips me to go faster!

You rest of your elbows on the car, your head on your forearms, your back arched out to receive me. Now that I’m in I grip kadıköy escort your hips and start thrusting as hard and fast as I can go. Passion driving me on.

You quickly get into the rhythm and start pushing back against me. You drop one hand and play with your clit. Your nails sometimes running down the underside of my cock as I pull out, then running back the other way as I thrust in. The feeling is an intense pleasure/pain.

You are holding back, not wanting to come. You want this to go on forever. I’m thrusting as hard and fast as possible. Even in your high heels, each thrust pushes you up on your toes. The click-click of your heels hitting the ground each time sounds like a clock measuring time with our heavy breathing and moans.

I thrust in hard and you feel my hand in your hair. I pull your head back and lean over you, kissing you deeply. “Tell me what you want,” I say.

Your eyes slightly glazed, you’re close, if I can just keep thrusting you’ll reach the orgasm you’ve wanted all day! “I want your come! Come for me!” you say back. You’re voice waivers between a whisper and a plea.

Keeping my hair in your hair, pulling your head back slightly I resume thrusting.

Pulling out so that the head is just pointed at your hole, thrusting in all the way so that my balls swing up over your clit. In and out, over and over.

My breathing growing more ragged, I feel my orgasm building. The tightness grows. You feel my cock swell, you know what’s coming. The entire evening hits you… you’ve been aroused ever since you got dressed and now you feel it all, welling over you like a tidal wave.

You feel the heat from the first bit of my come and it pushes you over the edge you’ve been riding for… how long? It doesn’t matter. You join me in orgasm, moaning loudly, and wondering at some level if anyone can hear.

You feel my skin against your ass, the cool breeze on your thighs. Your stockings not providing any warmth, but feeling wonderful as the cool breeze blows through.

I pull you back, your back arching as much as possible to keep me in you, but I fall out, as I must. Wrapping my arms around you, one hand grabbing your too long ignored breast. You lean your head back and I kiss you deeply.

Ignoring the mess in both our pants we button up and get back in the car. We pull out of the parking lot just as the security guard pulls in. Looking back you see him trying to wave us down, but he’s not a police man and we just keep going.

The End

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