DAVEIn my story, SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCES-Final, you were introduced to Dave. Let me tell you about Dave:Monday morning I called the number on Dave’s business card. It turns out he’s the construction manager for United Grain Growers. A woman answers and I ask for Dave. When he gets on the phone he asks me to come to their office for an interview.I take a bus to the office and arrive about 9:30. The receptionist says Dave is on the phone. It’s about 10 minutes before I get into his office. He does not mention our washroom chance encounter and is all business. He takes out an employment application form and starts asking me all sorts of questions as he fills out the form. When he is done, he tells me about the job. He is the construction manager of UGG’s grain elevators. They are presently building an elevator and 2 annexes in Lincoln, about a 3 hour drive from here. He has an opening for me if I am interested. He is picking up some supplies today and leaving first thing Tuesday morning and I can catch a ride with him. The hours are long but the pay is very good. He gives me a list of what clothes to pack. I need steel toed boots which he can lend me for this week along with a hammer, gloves, tool belt and a hard hat.Tuesday morning at 6:00 he picks me up at my grandparents and we are on the road in his 3 ton truck. It is not a very busy road & about 10 miles out he asks, “Feel like sucking some cock?”I’m not really shocked. I figured something horny would happen. I reply “sure, but how do we manage that”.”Grab the wheel and steer” he says”.I move over and reach for the wheel. He unzips and unbuckles his jeans, lifts his ass off the seat and lowers them and his underwear down to his ankles. He adjusts the seat backwards so there is room for me to get my head between him and the steering wheel. He resumes steering the truck, spreads his legs and says “there you go, have at it. Make sure you swallow every drop when I cum. I don’t want cum stains on the truck seat”.I get down on the floor on my knees and reach for his pecker. It is soft & I stroke it and fondle his nuts. I grasp his cock at its base and lick all around his cockhead. His cock is fat & starting to grow. I put his cockhead into my mouth and start to suck. Soon it is at its full 7″ length. It is not only long but is wonderfully thick from the base to the tip. It is a mouthful, a very pleasant mouthful. My mouth is stretched accomodating his güvenilir bahis fullness. I think Dave is enjoying it as I hear him moaning & gasping with my ministrations. I bob up and down on his thick cock and apply as much sucking pressure as I can. There is a thick blue vein running the length of his cock and my tongue licks it back & forth. His breathing has quickened. He is getting close to cumming. His hips are thrusting up and down on the seat. He lets out a big “Ahhhhhh” and cums. His juices flood my mouth and throat and I swallow it all. I continue licking and sucking until all his cum is consumed and his cock goes limp.I steer the truck again and he pulls up his jeans, zips and buckles up & says “Thanks I needed that. You can never tell anybody about this ok. My wife can never find out.””Fine by me, I’ll never tell”.We continue the drive and I nap for half an hour.Dave has a room at the Lincoln hotel. At the jobsite where I will be eating & sleeping & working, there are 2 bunkhouses for sleeping & a cookhouse/shower bunkhouse. I use Dave’s borrowed tools and equipment but if I want to continue building elevators for him, I’ll need my own equipment after this week.I find the work hard but not too difficult. I can hammer spikes all day & climb up and down ladders and it does not bother me. However, my relationship with the other guys is effing terrible. They think I get preferred treatment from Dave and when Dave is not around, they call me “foreman’s pet”. Clearly I do not fit in. So I do my work and stay out of their way and keep my mouth shut. One a$$hole in particular, a 30 year old named Fred, has taken a huge dislike to me & bullies me constantly. The first night as I am leaving the shower stall, btw, there is only the one shower, he is entering and says “hey boy, if I get you alone someday, I am going to fuck that sweet a$$ of yours so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week!” He’s a scary guy!The others are not as bad but they have been together as a team for so long, there is no chance in hell that I’ll ever be one of them. sleeping in a bunkhouse should have been enjoyable as we are all young studs but the atmosphere is mostly subdued with no tom-foolery and no opportunities for sex play. I caught the occasional glimpse of a dick or two but I made sure nobody saw me looking. I can’t imagine the consequences if they caught me staring at a guy’s cock.One night I went türkçe bahis for a walk about before hitting the sack and I saw the cook taking a leak behind the cookhouse. He was very well hung but again he was a sombre guy and very unfriendly. None of these guys would make a living selling shoes or anything else.So it is a gruesome week and I am grateful when Saturday arrives & I can go home. I again ride in the truck with Dave. We repeat our Tuesday morning activities. He has not showered after working all day and I find that his cock is sweaty, smells like piss and is very unpleasant in my mouth. However, I persevere and manage to give him a credible blow job. The size of his long fat dick seems to offset the taste and once my mouth has washed his cock from thebase to the tip, I suck with relish. Dave is a sweet guy and I want him to be happy. When he cums he has a huge load, a 4 day load. His jism seems thicker and saltier too. Even with the larger load, I manage to swallow it all. He seems happy and content and says “thanks, that was a great blow job Bobbie”. Unfortunately for me he does not offer to switch places! Which is a bummer as I am horny as hell. Maybe he doesn’t want me driving his truck, lol.When I am back in the passenger seat, I start stroking my cock through my pants. It is hard as rock & I ask him “is it ok if I jerk off?””Go for it he says”.I unzip and pull out my cock and begin pumping it. Dave glances at me says “you have one fine, fine dick. Did any of the guys offer to suck it for you?””No” I answer “I kept to myself pretty much”.”Scoot over here” he says, “I want to feel your cock”.I move over and he wraps his right hand around my cock. He steers with his left hand while moving his right fist up and down my boner. My cockhead is dripping wet and my foreskin moves back and forth over my glans as he masterbates me. Pre-cum is oozing out of my piss slit. Dave’s thumb rubs all over my knob, massaging it with my juices. My cockhead is very sensitive and I nearly cum with the sensation. He takes his hand away and lifts it up to his face. He sniffs his thumb first and then licks off my juices. He shivers and says “sorry Bobbie, not my cup of tea. Never have liked the cum taste. Sorry about that.””No problem” I say. What else am I to say? I’m horny, not stupid! He resumes pumping my cock with his fist. “I want to jerk you off though. Have you got a hankerchief to go off güvenilir bahis siteleri in?”I reach into my back pocket for one of Grandpa’s checkered hankies that Grandma has loaned me. She would not be pleased if she ever found out what I am about to fill it with!I can feel the pressure building in my balls and my cock is about to explode. I place the hankie over the tip of my cock. Dave keeps pumping and my hips lift up off the seat involuntarily as I cum. Dave removes his hand and I finish up squeezing every drop out of my dick into the hankie. I wipe off the tip and put my cock back in my pants.”Wow, you had a big load” Dave says.”It looked like a week’s worth to me” & I chuckle. Dave laughs too. I ball up the hankie, lower the window and toss it in the ditch. For now Dave is happy and content. That all changes though when we reach my grandparents. I tell him that I won’t be going back to the jobsite. I try to explain that it has nothing to do with working for him or the work itself. “Your guys know each other very well and are well established in their routines and habits and have no room for a rookie teenaged newcomer like me”. He is very unhappy and I don’t know what I can say to placate him. I sure can’t tell him that his guys are a bunch of dorks & assholes & Fred could be a r****t! I thank him for the work and explain that I am unhappy that it didn’t work out because he is a such a great guy. “Not only that, you have a sweet dick!” He laughs at that and seems mollified. He shakes my hand & says “I’ll mail you your cheque. Good luck to you Bobbie, you’re a terrific young guy”. “Thanks” I say & I get out of the truck and he drives away.=====================================================Once in awhile I would see Dave around after that. We always greeted one another warmly, shook hands and had a friendly discussion. We never got together for any action & he never lets on that there was ever anything going on between us. He passed away in 2005 and I am pleased that he had a long life. He was survived by his wife, 2 daughters and six grandc***dren. Rest in peace sweet guy.======================================================Fred was not so fortunate. There is an old saying “don’t speak ill of the dead” or something like that. However, in Fred’s case I am not overly unhappy that his time on earth was shortened. His threat, whether real or not, terrified me at the time. He was one scary a$$hole. Anyway, justice willed out in the end. He was busted 3 years later in California for r****g a 15 year old youth. He was in jail awaiting trial and his fellow inmates took care of him in the shower. I hope you suffered you sick sorry son of a bitch.

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