Day at the hole


Day at the holeOne evening I was feeling horny and want to play with a cock. I got on a pair of pink panties, pair of black leggings, and a black t shirt. I drove to my local adult arcade. I walked in and I saw few guys walking around. One of the guys walked up behind me and started grinding his crotch on my butt, I stood there and let him have his way with my ass. He got a little rough and started slapping my ass. The stinging pain turned to pleasure I heard him groan and felt something wet hit my butt. I turned around to clean him and he was gone. I walked to the back room where the booths were. I found an empty booth and got in and closed the door. I looked around and found some writing on the wall with a hole in it say nasty things like suck cock here and lick a dick bitch and suck a BBC slut. I sat down on the chair. I looked down on the floor and saw batman escort a couple of used condoms and cum pool by the hole. I put some interracial porn on the screen and started rubbing my crotch. As I rubbed my crotch getting a little hard a cock came through the hole. I looked at for a bit it was a small white cock with a red head. I kneed down in front of the hole with a cock in my face. I leaned in with my mouth wrapping around his cock. I tasted his sweaty cock and sucked on his cock. I felt his cock slowly thromb in my mouth. His cock got hotter and started shooting cum in my mouth. It tasted bitter and musky. Sucked his cock dry and felt him pull his cock out. I leaned back and swallowed his cum down. I was about to get back up another cock came through the hole. This cock was average size white cock. I came through bingöl escort and I leaned in and kissed the head. I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked on it for a few mins until he started cumming in my mouth. It tasted salty and bitter and was a little thick. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and left I swallows his cum down and as I swallowed another cock came through the hole and entered my mouth another average size cock but this one was darker maybe Indian. His cock was musky and bitter. I sucked it for a few mins until his cock throbbed in my mouth hard and shot a load cum into my throat. I continued to suck on his cock for a bit until he pulled his cock out. I leaned back and swallowed his cum down. I was about to get back up until this black cock came through the hole. I leaned back down and my hand fell bitlis escort into the pool of cum. I licked the cum off my hand and started jerking off the cock with my other hand. After he was hard I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked on it hard. His cock was bigger then the other guys so far it was very salty my tongue licked the head of his cock inside my mouth. I could tasted his pre-cum leaking out. After a few mins of sucking his cock he was throbbing hard and then shot his first load in my mouth filling me up the second shot had cum leaking out of my mouth down my chin. I leaned back and he shot a third load onto my shirt and the cum dripped down my shirt. I swallowed his cum and got my fill. I licked his cock clean and he left. I got up and realized I’m coved in cum. As I walked out a guy grabbed my butt tight. Made me feel horny again and I asked him if he want to cum on my ass. He nodded and pushed me into the coner. He pulled his black cock out and started jerking off his cock onto my butt. After a few mins he was shooting a load of cum onto my ass. I walked out with cum on my shirt and on my butt and filled with sperm mmmmm

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