Day Two


Day TwoDay TwoThe night after Anna had pretty much ravished me, my head was spinning with the erotic day I’d had. At dinner Dad was his usual preoccupied attorney self, and Mom was quiet. She’d made several salads, light and sweet with fruits from the valley. She seemed unaware that I had been on “faucet” detail nearly the whole day. I excused myself and headed to bed early. I really needed to think about what had happened. As soon as I laid down I was out like a light. The next morning I woke to a note telling me Mom had gone shopping and wouldn’t be home till afternoon and Anna had made me some cookies for helping with her faucet. Mom wasn’t my real mother but Dad had married her when I was about five and she was the only Mom I knew.The brownies were on the counter, at first taste I could tell they were laced with “420”. Smiling I finished one off and went out to sunbathe. Then as the “weed” relaxed me I decided to go over to talk with Anna about what had happened. She met me halkalı escort at the door still in the same robe and told me she had a surprise for me. I chuckled and told her nothing would surprise me now and we needed to talk. I was confused. She asked me how I liked the Brownies, I just grinned. I think I could smell my cum on the robe and began to get an erection. Damn this woman had a real effect on me. We talked about the day before and finally she said just straight out, “did you like it, did you like it all”. Well of course the answer was yes, and that was that. She asked if I wanted her surprise I just grinned believing it would be another yesterday. She brought me to her bedroom and she blindfolded me. I resisted, “humor me” again the tinkling giggle. Blind folded I sat on the edge of the bed as she took off my shirt and suit. She stroked my cock erect and began sucking it pushing the tip all the way to the back of her throat. She had a smooth şişli escort rhythmic touch. She moved away and came back with a bottle of lube and began fondling licking my balls tracing every vein of my dick with her tongue. The smooth rhythm had changed she was more urgent, she spoke “I want your cock inside me” and her voice was raspy. Hands and mouth felt aggressive, needy. I loved it. She straddled me and inserted the head into her pussy. Now this was the wettest cunt I had ever felt. She rode me, grinding her clit into my body, more and more urgent. All the time talking in “fucks and cunts and cum in her, on her. She came in a shudder and immediately went to a face fuck that took me over the hill and sucked me dry. Just as yesterday I could imagine the cum everywhere, today there was no giggle. We relaxed, she stood up. Anna asked if I wanted my blind fold off as she removed it. That’s the surprise as I looked up there sarıyer escort stood Anna in her robe next to my Dads wife, Barbara. Barb as I now call her had cum everywhere, face tits, lips. I was stunned, torn between all the social taboos, a sense of betrayal of my father, the weed and my sense of lust and pleasure. Anna and Barb kissed and it looked as if they transferred cum to each other as they did so. It took a while for the explanation to come out. Basically Barb had been a “friend” with Anna for a long time and they had both discussed between themselves fucking me until I couldn’t walk for a week. When I came home from school they had decided this was the year and they planned the whole thing. I have always had trouble resolving how my father fits into this but for the next week and a half, Barb and Anna and I satiated ourselves on sex. I have more that once wondered what those forensic guys with the special lights would think if they did either Anna’s or our house. Damn there must be cum in every room. I’m thirty now and over the angst of the moment. When I come home now Anna is older but she still throws a great party and Barb is just Barb, she told me once that she’s going to fuck someone everyday till she dies. I’m happy that some of those days it’s still me.Large Load

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