Daydreams Ch. 07


My thanks to everyone for all the wonderful feedback. I love hearing from all of you and appreciate the kind words. Let me know if you wish for the dreams to continue.

Daydreams 7: Slipping into the House


Slipping into the quiet house, I tossed my keys on the small table. I slipped out of my long leather coat, hanging it on the brass coat rack. As I turn away scanning through the handful of mail, I am overcome with a sense of awareness. Not a sound or movement, just the knowledge that I am not alone in the house. Looking down the hallway, I can see a soft light coming from underneath the bedroom door. Hmm, I wonder?

Tossing the mail to the table, slipping off my heels, I slowly make my way down the hall towards my bedroom and the soft light.

Quietly I turn the knob and open the door. Before me I find the most magnificent sight a woman can hope to see after a long week of work. The room is filled with lit candles, sitting in every open space, softly glowing. The mixed scents fill the room with heavenly aroma. My large king-sized bed is covered in red satin. Pillows piled everywhere, covering the sheets and matching comforter. And….right in the middle of all that red….the most magnificent man laid out in his glory. Laying long and stretched out on his side, one leg out straight, the other bent at the knee, his manhood hard, displayed and ready between his legs. One arm propping up his head, eyes glittering in the candlelight and a huge smile across his beautiful face. “Hi baby, surprise!”

“Oh My God, Tim!” “What are you doing here?” “How did you get in?” “Why?” You raise yourself and extend a hand to me as I approach the edge of the bed. You take my hand and pull me to you. As I land on top of you, pushing you to your back, you say, “Rita, shut up and kiss me!” “I’ve traveled a long way to get this kiss.” Our lips meet with a feather soft touch. It is exactly what I thought it would be and more. Your lips are so gentle, so tender. Your kiss is all that I have dreamed of for so many months. And as always when we meet, I think back to the first time, so long ago now.

On a business trip to Chicago, I stopped at a small diner for coffee after an early morning meeting. Sitting in that booth, I watched the locals come and go on their morning missions. As you came through the door, the wind gusted and dislodged some paperwork. As it fluttered to the floor, you bent over to retrieve it for me, giving me a great look at tight jeans enclosing your firm ass. Unconsciously I shifted in my seat, causing my skirt to slide up my thighs. You couldn’t help but notice. As you laid the papers on my table, I looked into your handsome face and thought…. “What a wonderful way to start my day!” “I wonder if he is as attracted to me as I am to him?” You smiled and asked if you could join me for coffee. I smiled back and turned to wave at the waitress.

We sat and drank our coffee and talked. My business day was done. I had planned a little shopping, some spa time at the hotel and really nothing more than relaxing before my flight out tomorrow afternoon. You were telling me about your business trip and that you would be here until the next day on business. I smiled thinking, “how much more interesting can this day get?” Our talk of everyday life turned rather expectedly to more exciting subjects. Dreams and fantasy was a subject obviously on both of our minds. We esenyurt otele gelen escort compared our preferences only to find many similarities. I had to laugh at your most fatal fantasy, the oh-so common, little school girl, complete with pleated skirt, white blouse, knee socks and pigtails. “Does every man have that same need?” I asked. I gave you, of course my favorite, being taken by two men at the same time. You laughed and responded in the same manner. “Does every woman want that?” We laughed together. “Indeed, it seems we both have common fantasies. “So what else do you want to try, Tim?” I asked, suggestively. Your answer floored me.

My wildest and most unresolved fantasy turns out to be yours as well. “This is fantastic” I thought. “Tim, would you join me for dinner tonight?” I asked. We agree to meet at my hotel in the early evening for dinner. I pay for the coffee and as I turn to leave, I can feel your eyes on me. I smile and think to myself, “tonight is the night that dreams come true!” As the door of the diner closes behind me I think, “Shopping first!….I need a new teddy and a toy, then the spa, a nap and a bath. Tonight, his fantasy (and mine) will be fulfilled.”

As I slipped my freshly bathed body into my new teddy, my thoughts wander through the events of my day and zero in on the possibilities for tonight. I cannot quell the excitement that has stirred low in my body. The thought of being with Tim tonight sends a shudder of anticipation through me. I slip my stockings up, fasten them to the garters and step into my ‘little black dress’. Tim will love the classic dress, and my black heels finish the outfit. I check the room to make sure all is prepared. Candles lit; silk scarf, lube and new toy safe and snug in the bedside table. I smile and head down to the dining room.

As I enter the hotel dining room, I notice a group of men sitting by the bar. I see Tim across the room and stand a minute waiting to catch his eye. I must look pretty good tonight, I think, because the muted conversation has suddenly stopped. The soft background music seems loud as I see Tim look up and smile. As I start across the room, he stands and the look on his face is priceless. I can see his pride as I smile and wiggle my ass across the room, giving the best show I know how, to men sitting and standing, all staring. As I stop immediately in front of Tim, I lean forward and whisper, “That was for you! Oh and Tim, it is only just a hint of what this night has in store.”

We sit, we eat, we talk, we laugh, we get very close and as we finish up, I decide that it is now or never to ask the question. “Tim,” I lean in and whisper into his ear, “Will you honor me with more of your company in my room?” I’m not surprised by the silly grin or the nodding of your head as we begin to gather our things to leave the room. Arm in arm, walking very close, we cross the room and envious eyes follow us out the door.

The ride up in the elevator is quiet as we stand toe to toe, not touching but close enough to kiss. Hands clasped, we walk the corridor to my room and you take my card, swipe it with a grand gesture, push open my door, turn and sweep me up into your arms. I cannot contain my surprised laughter as you turn and carry me into my own room. Holding me against your chest, you set me on my feet and as I look up into your shining eyes, you esenyurt rus escort bend and your lips so gently touch mine.

Our first kiss sends electricity to my toes. And judging by the way you deepen the kiss, those same feelings flood your body as well. Such a sweet beginning to a new journey. After kissing for hours (or was it days?) we finally break for air. Both drawing in the excitement of the other we step back and just look. I turn to put down my bag and key card on the table; you turn to double lock the door. I realize that this evening will be one to remember for a lifetime. As I slip off my heels, you remove your jacket all the while watching each other. Waiting, anticipating, wondering and wanting, all at once, whatever this night brings.

“I have a surprise for you” my voice, low and throaty. “You do?” you question. “Indeed” my response. “Would you please take off that nice suit before something happens to it?” “But first unzip me” and I turn and give you my back. As you slide my dress zipper down, I can feel the cool room air raise goose bumps on my skin. And then, I feel your tongue lap me from my neck down to my waist. I tremble and turn, holding my dress with one arm. “Out of those clothes, NOW” I have never seen a man come out of shoes, socks, pants, shirt and silk boxers quite so quickly. “Bravo” I laughed and let my dress slide to the floor.

“Tim” I laughed, “close your mouth, baby, and breathe” as I stand before you in a sheer black teddy and stockings. I step up to you, close. I can feel your breath on my face. Your manhood twitches trapped between your tummy and sheer black lace. I press you back one step, then another as we slow dance back to the side of the bed. Your legs catch at the edge and you sit hard. I reach down and stroke you once, twice, and you are erect, hard and at attention.

“Don’t go anywhere, love” as I turn and open the drawer and pull out the silk scarf. I turn and slip it over your eyes and quickly tie it behind your head. “What” was all you managed to get out before I silenced you with a kiss. “Part of my surprise, baby” was all I could manage to say as I turn and pull the new toy from the drawer.

Unsnapping the crotch of the teddy, I slip into the harness of a new strap-on dildo. Positioning the inner piece into my very wet pussy, I pull up the straps centering the cock and stroke it, as if it was real. A shudder ripples through me as I turn and stand at the side of the bed. Looking at you laying back, hard cock straight up in the air…waiting and not knowing for what. I reach out and take your hand, pulling you to sit up and as I carefully lean in and lick your ear, I smile and whisper, “Ready for your surprise, love?”

With what can only be described as a low moaning, “Yes” I ask you to stand and as I step back I pull the scarf from your eyes. Your eyes go impossibly wide and a little squeak escapes your mouth, “Oh My God” as you breathlessly reach for me.

You pull me to you, our cocks hard against each other and one long mutual moan escapes both our mouths. You lips devour mine in your need to show me your excitement. My lips respond with equal passion. Our tongues begin their dance. The heat coming off our bodies envelopes us. Breaking the kiss, I manage to say, “If you want this, then on the bed now, on your hands and knees.” You scramble, I reach for the drawer and the esenyurt türbanlı escort lube. Scoop.. and my hand rubs my cock, slicking it. Scoop.. and my hand runs over your raised ass, up the crack and across your puckered anus. You jump and I slip one small finger into you with surprising ease. “Ohhhhhh,” is the only sound from you. As I stroke in and out slowly easing more and more of my finger into your tight ass, I slide even more lube into you and slip in a second finger. “Ahhhhh” escapes your lips. “Do you like this, Tim? Do you want to feel my hard cock sliding in and out of your tight ass?

“Oh, god, yes” was all I heard as I slipped my cock into the space between your crack. Slick and slippery, I pressed the head to your puckered hole and pushed. I could hear you grunt as it slipped in and I held it there. Waiting for you to adjust and stretch, making small little movements, in and out. Just a bit, then more, one inch and out. Working you up, slow and smooth, I penetrate you deeper each time. With each thrust into you I can feel the dildo press into my pussy. Slick and smooth I pull almost out and I feel you inhale as I push long and hard and take you deep. All the way until my pelvis meets your ass and I hold you there. Panting with need, the desire in me great; as I feel you push back, driving me even deeper into your hot, tight ass. I can not restrain myself any longer. “Tim, I’m fucking your ass, baby.”

Increasing the speed of my thrusts, I move, stroking in and out of you steadily. I stare mesmerized at how your anus seems to suck the dildo in as I stroke into you and how it so greedily holds on with each out stroke. My pussy drips, and then runs juice at the sight of you. You can only babble and gurgle as your ass fucking continues.

I reached around and found to my delight that your cock was rigid. “Tim,” I whispered, “I think that you are enjoying this.” “Arrrrggghhhh” was the only comment as I continue to fuck your fine ass.

It wasn’t long before I wanted you inside my pussy, but rather than remove the dildo, I pushed it in to the hilt then carefully un-strapped it while I pressed against your ass, holding the dildo into place. I fell into the bed and spread my legs as you scramble in between, your dripping penis bobbing. I reach around behind you, grab the straps of the dildo and pull your throbbing cock into my pussy. I use the straps to simultaneously pull you in and out of my pussy while bumping your prostate.

“Fuck me Tim,” I gasped as you begin pumping into me with blinding speed. Our flesh is slapping together with the power of your strokes. I gasped at the recognition of my orgasm and my pussy begins to vibrate as spasms roll down my spine.

“Yes, yessssssssssssss! Aahhh! Ohhhh, yesss baby!” I squeal as wave after wave of orgasm washes over me.

As you feel my orgasm, your eyes widened at my final pull on the straps pressing the dildo onto your prostate and you cram your cock hard into me.

“OMG…Ooh shit baby…Here it issssss…Unh! Unh! Unh!” you grunt with each spurt of cum that explodes from your cock.

As I release my hold on the straps, you collapse on top of me, gasping for air and covered in sweat. We hold onto each other like there is no tomorrow, drifting in and out of consciousness. Your cock buried deep inside me, your ass full of my play cock. Kissing your lips, I whisper into your mouth, “Tim, I think this is the beginning of something wonderful..”…..

As my mind returns to the present, wrapped in your wonderful arms, my lips locked on yours and our tongues languishing, I can’t help but wonder what this day will bring.

…to be continued…

Thank you, Mityam, for making this fantasy come true. Without you, I could not have done this.

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