Dear Debbie


Dear DebbieI met Debbie when I joined the youth theatre which she belonged to. We were in our late teens. I had left college and she was a year younger than me. She was petite with long black her and perfectly formed tits and ass. She had inherited her mother’s eastern European good looks. I was cast in the lead role of the show we were doing at Christmas and I became aware as rehearsals progressed that she was always hanging around me at breaks, her dark brown eyes looking into mine. Fuck but she was a hot little thing.The after-show party was held at the small theatre we performed in. The whole cast were enjoying drinks and, as ever, Debbie was by my side. When the music started I asked Debbie if she would like to dance. I held her close knowing that she could feel me getting hard as I put my hands on her pert little ass. She put her bahis firmaları arms around my neck and gently rubbed her groin against my hard dick. I suggested that we find somewhere quieter and she didn’t resist.We found a dressing room (someone had obviously already occupied the room next door!) and I pushed the door to. We kissed and I put my hands up her shirt do undo her bra. Once free, I took her little tits in my hands, her nipples soon getting hard. She slipped her shirt off and there were her beautiful breast, free for me play with. I took one nipple in my mouth and she moaned and as I licked and sucked. I could feel her hand slipping into my pants and taking my dick, so wet already with precum and hard as a rock.I pulled down her skirt and panties, my first sight of her sweet virgin pussy still covered with just a little kaçak iddaa hair. I moved a had down to her thighs and she willing opened her legs to let me finger her cunt; she was dripping already and a finger slipped in easily. I tried to work in a second finger but she winced so I waited and finger fucked her while she gently wanked me. I asked her if she would like me to fuck her and she nodded assent.I bent her over one of the dressing room tables and took her from behind, easing my prick in slowly and gently. She gasped so I stopped for a moment and then she eased herself back, impaling herself on me. I began to thrust gently. I knew I couldn’t last long. I could see in the mirror that I had not shut the door properly and that one of the other girls, Nicki, was watching us, her hand in her jeans fingering herself. I loved the idea kaçak bahis of being watched and Nicki cumming in her pants as she masturbated.Debbie pushed down hard and came with a deep moan. We stayed like that for a few moments and then I started to move again. I let my finger rub over her asshole which she seemed to like so I inserted a finger slowly. She came again and I could feel that I was about to burst. As she came she forced herself back on me again so I came hard in her sweet little cunt. We stayed like that enjoying the feeling and when I pulled out my cum trickled out of her pussy and down her skinny thighs. I noticed that Nicki had gone; I hope she enjoyed the show.We kissed some more and then got dressed, rejoining the party for some more drinks. Nicki was also there still and smiled sweetly at me. I think she knew that I had seen her!Debbie and I stayed together for several moths and fucked many more times but none as sweet as that first.That was 35 years ago and I often think of her and what she is doing now. I hope she is well and happy.

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