Delicious Dirty Old Men


This has been a long winter; snow has covered the mountains of Pennsylvania for months. I’ve spent most of these cold crisp days enjoying some very stimulating indoor warmth.

In our little town there are several publications that sponsor personal ads. Although most are placed by younger men seeking younger women for frolic and excitement every so often an ad from a stately older gentleman appears. There was a particular ad that caught my eye and instilled an instant atmosphere of enthusiasm.

“I am an older gentleman with limited mobility due to health issues. I would like to connect with a lovely lady for companionship and conversation. I love alone and am a fastidious man who keeps a clean comfortable home. Perhaps I could be so fortunate as to spark a modest interest for a like minded woman.”

Now I ask you, who wouldn’t want to meet this fine man?

I sent a reply to begin a promising connection.

“What a sweet possibility. My name is Daria. I am a single full figured lady who would enjoy spending an afternoon with a gentleman of your caliber. I have included my number; please give me a call at your convenience, there may be a meeting in the making.”

Quite surprisingly, the gentleman did call me in a relatively short time following my reply. I love the telephone feature that allows you to see who may be calling; it gives you the opportunity to begin a conversation by answering and giving your name. I’m sure you will enjoy our meeting as much as we did.

“Hello, this is Daria.”

“Daria first let me tell you I think you have a lovely name, it rolls off the tongue so smoothly. This is Matthew Maxwell, the gentleman who placed the ad you responded to. How nice of you to consider me as a possible friend. I was hopeful and thought that a lovely lady might be available for conversation. Would you tell me a little about yourself, I am quite intrigued just by the response you forwarded.”

Matthew spoke slowly and confidently, I was instantly drawn to his easy manner.

“Well, hello Matthew, what a sweet surprise. I’m so pleased that you called.”

Mr. Maxwell wasted no time in responding and I appreciated that. If someone takes the time to make any reply it is respectful to answer whatever the decision as to whether or not there is a connection.

Just the thought of being in the company of an older man excites me to no end. I am privileged that most women don’t consider an older man as a possible partner in whatever endeavor they may be thinking of. I suppose I should thank all those lovely ladies who leave the finest of the group just for me.

A very mischievous thought invaded my mind just hearing him say he enjoyed the experience of saying my name. The expressive words seemed to invoke a scenario of just what his tongue could do.

I have myself been blessed to have a very animated mind. It paints a picture for me and in no time I am looking forward to living the adventure as a reality.

“I am a true admirer and lover of older men; I take pleasure in their easy way and life experiences. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to meet and begin that companionship and conversation you’re seeking.”

Matthew had a smile in his voice as he continued to speak.

“I’m suddenly quite confident that we may actually make a connection, please go on.”

As I said, I am a single lady. Life has favored me so I am free to spend my days as I please. I love to chat with an intelligent man who can inspire my mind.

“I’ll get the easy answers out of the way immediately. I am 5’5″, dark auburn, shoulder length hair, green eyes and fair complexion. As I said in my reply I am a full figured woman. Although many men seek a woman who is petite in stature and shape I am quite the woman in every sense of femininity.”

“My dear lady, I am a devoted lover of Peter Paul Rubens. This man was a genius in his creations and adoration of the loveliness he found in a woman. The adjective we stil search for and

use today, “Rubenesque” is used to describe plump, voluptuous, curvaceous women in a flattering way.”

I liked this Matthew Maxwell. Now, you may be thinking, how I would naturally presume that Mr. Maxwell was seeking a friendship that might include other benefits. The personal ad he prepared was filled with possibilities a woman who enjoyed life and men would immediately recognize.

“You are a very enlightening man Matthew, I like the way you think. I believe we would both agree that a meeting is most definitely the path we should follow.”

“I agree Daria, when would that be convenient for you, I am at your beck and call.”

This man was very charming and attentive to what a woman would like to hear.

You might be thinking that I was rather sure of myself. I have spoken with many men in my lifetime; I can tell you that from word one I am quite sure that the men I choose to engage are men worthy of my company. A man who speaks to a woman with respect will always treat her as a lady.

I suggested güvenilir bahis we make a date for the upcoming Friday. The time between our first contact and the actual meeting was a mere two days, long enough for Matthew to allow himself to create the meeting in his mind.

Understanding that he did have health and mobility issues it also permitted him sufficient time to make plans without feeling rushed or unprepared.

We continued our conversation for some time. We learned quite a lot about each other in a pleasant easy manner. It was obvious from many suggestive phrases that Matthew was looking for a bit more than conversation. By the time the call had ended we both had a clear picture of our likes and dislikes. Matthew was looking for a lady who wouldn’t shy away from a sexual adventure.

I have come to the conclusion that we are here for a rather short period of time. Taking advantage of the promise or suggestion of a wonderful experience, sexual in nature, is something I look forward to. For the most part my dalliances have been exactly what I imagined, some rather surprising, in a wonderful way.

It’s a marvelous feeling when you speak with someone who has similar tastes in things you both enjoy. Musically we were in perfect sync. We each had a real appreciation for fine wine and delectable cuisine. Men have an affinity for satisfying a woman if they know what she enjoys.

Taking his limitations into consideration I suggested I bring a picnic lunch that we could leisurely chat over as we began our new friendship. The sound in his voice told me I had made a wise decision, he felt special and he liked that.

The next two days were actually a good time for me to clear my calendar of anything that would prevent me from seeing Mr. Maxwell again over the weekend if we made a connection. Once I engage with a gentleman I like the freedom to continue at a pace that doesn’t break the flow of the relationship.

The two days flew by and I was walking out the door, lunch in hand on my way to a new thrilling adventure. Think positively and it will usually turn out better than you expected.

As I pulled into the drive at Matthew’s home I was very impressed. The house was small and well maintained. The flowerbeds were in full bloom with spring plantings and the day was warm and clear.

Prepared to park in the driveway I was a bit surprised to see the garage door opening and I realized that he was letting me know I could park inside, very sweet.

Driving in I saw a mature, handsome, gentleman with an intoxicating smile. My immediate thought was the image of man who took great care in his appearance. I didn’t see the picture I had in my mind of an older man who may have limited movement, perhaps wheelchair bound or in need of support with a cane.

Instead I saw a rather small man in stature, maybe considered by most as short, perhaps just the slightest bit over five feet or so. He was rather rounded and his cheeks were full and rosy. The few wisps of white hair around his ears, matched the perfectly manicured mustache.

The door closed behind me, I gathered my basket and turned off the ignition.

“Welcome Daria, I’ve been waiting for you to arrive so you could park in the garage. Come in, please come in.”

As I walked towards him I realized that his lack of mobility was due to his prosthetic legs. Matthew all of a sudden had two canes, one in each hand, to assist his movements.

“Hello, you have a lovely home Matthew; I love the flowers, feels like spring.”

“I have a man who comes and takes care of the lawn and flower beds for me. I used to do it myself but as you can see I’m not able to get down on my knees and play in the dirt.”

It was a moment that was going to go one of two ways; I quickly chose the lighter retort.

“You may not be able to play in the dirt but there are oh so many other ways to play.”

A broad smile told me I had made the right choice.

I couldn’t help but notice a deep sigh of relief. I think he felt the worst was over, and although I was just a bit surprised, I was in no way shocked, and that was what he was most afraid of.

Matthew stepped aside and invited me into his home.

Walking past him into the house he smelled so fresh and clean, as if he had just come from a bath or shower, refreshingly pleasant. I love a man who takes care of himself.

“I’m so happy to meet you Daria; I’ve been contemplating this since we spoke. You will forgive me if I take just a moment to tell you that Rubens would paint you as his next masterpiece, you are quite striking.”

“I am a woman, in every sense and inch.”

We both laughed, we would be quite comfortable with each other.

“I thought since it was such a beautiful day we would have lunch on the patio if that’s okay with you?”

He was a very sweet man and the compliment was delicious.

“Point me in the right direction and in no time we will be talking and enjoying this lunch as though we are türkçe bahis old friends.”

The door to the garage was at the back of the kitchen. The house was small, but more than enough for a single man to feel comfortable. I watched him walk ahead of me; he did struggle slightly however he was capable of getting where he wanted to go.

In no time I had lunch out of the basket and Matthew had uncorked a lovely bottle of wine.

“I’m sure you’re wondering how I lost my legs, I’ve been a diabetic since early childhood. Unfortunately this is often the cause of infection and hence amputation. I do all right, but as you can see I really do have a limit to what I can do. I make the best of it and really have a very comfortable life. What I miss is the companionship of a woman. My wife passed away three years ago, and I never thought about a relationship with another woman, but I’m not getting any younger.”

“Wanting to have someone to spend time with is ageless. How long have you been retired, I remember you saying you were in some sort of sales business?”

“I owned a plumbing supply house. I did okay, never wanted for anything. We didn’t have any children to take over so I finally gave it up when I blew out seventy two candles on my birthday cake, that was three years ago, I guess that makes me seventy five.”

Over the next few hours we ate, drank, laughed and enjoyed ourselves in the makings of a new friendship.

It goes without saying that when a man and a woman spend time together there will naturally be references and innuendos that are sexual in nature. The more comfortable the conversation the easier it is to tease and flatter.

I couldn’t ignore Matthews’s attention to my breasts. Every so often he would look down and lick his lips; as if he were wondering how they might taste in his mouth, to be perfectly honest, I was wondering myself how his mouth would feel.

“Well, I think we’ve eaten just about everything you brought and may I compliment you. It isn’t easy to put together a plan when you haven’t a good knowledge of a person’s gastronomic pleasures. Thank you for a beautiful meal, I enjoyed every morsel. The company certainly added to the delectable nature of the afternoon.”

It was easy to enjoy Matthew’s company and his attentive eyes made it even more appealing to me. I thought the time had come to see exactly what path this friendship might take. I cleared up the lunch plates and asked if he would be more comfortable sitting inside as it was getting chilly.

“I was about to ask you the same thing, I can’t help but see that your cold” he said as he smiled at me.

Being a full figured Rubenesque woman I have rather large breasts that are quite sensitive. The thin little sweater I was wearing couldn’t hide the growing stiffness of my nipples from the chilly air.

“It’s very flattering that you noticed, I think you have definite tastes regarding a lady.”

There was no need for him to respond verbally, his tongue sweeping across his lips did all the talking.

We walked into the living room and Matthew motioned for me to sit on the sofa. Right next to the sofa was a small table and his lift chair. I’d seen them before. The chair is motor driven to rise and then return to a sitting position.

“I don’t know what I’d do without this chair; I have a hard time bending my knees so this just sits me down without any effort on my part. I’ve also realized that it has hidden uses that some would never think of. You’ll notice that it has a wide seat, I ordered that specially made, allows better access to anything I might want.”

His eyes slowly roamed over my body and came to rest on my breasts.

Looking me directly in the eyes Matthew said, “There isn’t anything I enjoy more than a nice big pair of titties to play with.”

He was smiling, waiting for my reaction. I had to give the man credit, he knew what he wanted and had no trouble letting me know. I wanted to see where this was headed so I smiled and said.

“Is that so, why don’t you tell me more about what you like?”

“I have several fantasies I like to think about. It would take a very special woman to play with. First, she would have to have big titties; full, round, and nice big nipples makes it even better. I like to role play, have you ever done that before Daria?”

“Yes, I have, I love role play, makes for some very erotic, sensual, exciting fun. Is there a particular scenario you enjoy more than others?”

“My favorite playing isn’t actually a fantasy. I love being a dirty old man who gets to be the boss. I like to ask questions and have the lady tell me what she wants. I like to tease you till you want to cum and then I won’t let you, and if you’re a bad girl than I’ll have to teach you to behave. If I think you’re a very bad girl I might have to spank you.”

I could feel that familiar tickle beginning in the pit of my stomach. The tingling in my thighs was even stronger. In seconds I could feel the wetness between my legs güvenilir bahis siteleri begin to flow, I was very aroused.

“Because of my limitations we would have to be imaginative and unconventional. You dear Daria have all the components that would make for a very playful and satisfying afternoon. To be frank, the moment I saw you step out of your car I was already thinking about how much I wanted to get a feel of your titties. You caught me several times admiring those delicious beauties and I think you were wondering just how much fun we could have.”

“It wouldn’t be fair for me to disagree with you. I think you have a true appreciation for my assets. So you like to be in control is that right?”

“Oh I certainly do, I have the responsibility of pleasing you if I want you to play with me. I suppose it’s not truly role playing, it’s more of an understanding, I believe you understand me very well.”

I did and I couldn’t deny the anticipation that was building.

“I bet your sweet pussy is getting all sugary and wet isn’t it?”

Why refute it. “Yes, very wet, the kind of wet that I know you’d like to put your dirty old tongue into?”

This was his fantasy, so I decided to play along.

“I’m an old man, a dirty old man, and I like to play with ladies and make them cum over and over. I like to take my time, and be the dirty old man in complete charge of the lady. Do you think I could be your dirty old man?”

“You’re the boss, and a very dirty man. You want to play with me don’t you?”

“I’m wicked and old, just the way you like your men Daria. It takes a particular woman to read between the lines and answer a personal ad that was forthcoming. I knew the first few minutes that we spoke that you prefer older men, much older men and I fit that desire for you. In the past few hours it was easy to ascertain that fact even more clearly. You were excited when I noticed your beautiful round titties. The cold air came on slowly and I watched your luscious nipples grow and knew that I would like nothing more than to play with you.”

I smiled, he had read me like a book and he knew he was exactly what I liked.

“Why don’t you let me feel your titties, just a little feel through your sweater? I think you should come right here to me now and let me give those big titties a good feel.”

His demeanor changed, he was now the boss and I was the nasty girl he wanted to play with.

This was turning into a very nice afternoon. I love dirty old men, the nasty naughty types that know what they like. It was obvious that this little fellow knew just what he wanted.

I nodded that I was willing to let him touch me.

“That’s a good girl, now I just need to get myself ready so I can play real good. I need to make room for you to sit here so you can bounce those big titties for me, jiggle them up and down.”

“I will if you promise to play nicely.”

Matthew smiled and put the chair up a little higher. He was almost standing as he unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor. He reached down and released his prosthetic legs. His stumps ended just above his knees. In a matter of a few minutes he was back in his chair and he was positioning his body exactly where he wanted it. He was able to separate his legs and create a space between them for me to sit.

I realized that the width of the actual seat was wider by at least eighteen inches than a conventional chair, almost double the width so there was a place for me to sit without resting on or against his stumps.

Matthew reached down along the side of the chair and placed a soft blanket over his thighs. Suddenly with a flip of a handle the foot of the chair was even with the seat.

I saw how I could sit there facing him and he would have complete freedom to touch me anywhere he desired.

“I want you to sit on the edge of the chair facing me, spread your legs open and let them rest along side of me, don’t take your clothes off, I like to do that myself.”

He was confident, I had to admire that, the expectation that I would at some point be taking my clothes off was nothing more than a matter of time. I was conveniently wearing a skirt and panties. I straddled the chair and sat facing him as he instructed me too. I was quite excited and ready for whatever he had planned, and our little play began.

“I love big titties, just like yours, big and round. I bet you love to have them sucked on and played with don’t you?”

“Oh yes, I love it.”

“Do you want me to play with your titties?”

“Yes, play with me all you want.”

Matthew reached up with one hand and felt my tits. He squeezed them and rubbed them over and over. He felt my nipples getting really hard.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I like, I like to feel these nipples get nice and hard like marbles. The harder they get the more we both like it. I like to pull hard on your nipples and twist them over and over till they ache, you love it when they hurt a little bit don’t you, tell me?”

“Yes, I love it when my nipples tingle with just a little painful pressure, it feels so good.”

The man was driving me crazy, and I didn’t want him to stop. He was the ultimate dirty old man and for now he belonged to me.

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