Demon in the Club


*This is a very shortened excerpt of a story I wrote many years ago. I’m aware that the writing probably needs work, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.*

He saw them. Two women dancing together so closely that it was difficult to tell their bodies apart, they were so intertwined. The music seemed to be a part of them, their hearts beating in rhythm with the bass that shook the floor, and he could again feel the combination of MDMA and alcohol flowing through them both. Their faces moved closer, noses touching, appearing to be considering a kiss, then pulled apart laughing. Their inhibitions were clearly very low at this point in the night.

They were both beautiful, in their mid-twenties with short hair, ripped jeans and old Converse that he knew they probably had bought yesterday. One was wearing a faded Ramones T-shirt, the other a close-fitting top that was torn down most of the left side. He walked through the crowd toward them, people moving out of his way and back together once he passed, unaware that they had done so. The two women watched him approach. He was several inches taller than the rest of the crowd, and carried himself with a confidence they had never seen. They looked at each other and smiled. Manipulation of the opposite sex was something he had been born with, he looked them both in the eyes, smiled and said “I’m Sam.” He waited to see if they would give their names, not that he cared. They chose to remain silent, smiling seductively at him. “I’ve got a private room waiting”, and they both knew exactly what he meant. Or more importantly what he wanted them to think he meant. He turned without waiting to see their response, knowing that they would follow.

They walked with him to the back of the club, to the private rooms reserved for the people who could afford them. Samael had never been to this club before, but the power inside him was more than enough to influence the security guard’s mind into thinking he belonged in one of those rooms. He could obviously afford it. The guard nodded to him as he passed, the women had eyes only for Samael. Neither could have turned back now even if they had wanted to, such was the strength of the attraction and curiosity he had planted in both of them. Samael knew that he had chosen well.

Once inside, the two women wasted no time. They pulled their shirts over their heads, revealing that they were both bra-less. One had a small nipple ring, the other a heart-shaped tattoo on her right breast. They pulled his shirt up and began to caress his chest and stomach, one of them kissing him while the other slid her hands to trace the outline of his lower abdominal muscles. Loosening his belt and dropping his pants to the floor, they both looked down, and then at each other with knowing smiles.

One of them dropped to her knees and opened her mouth while the other contented herself with kissing him, running her fingers through his thick hair. He allowed this to continue for over ten minutes, eventually pulling away from the one who couldn’t seem to get enough of his lips. bursa escort Gently lifting the chin of the one currently on her knees, she rose to her feet. Makeup and eye-liner running slightly, her hair a bit out of place and sweaty. She was still adorable, her face flushed with desire.

Removing both of their pants and then G-strings, he stopped for a moment to admire the sight of them standing there, nipples hard and lips flushed. He picked one of them up and lay her flat on the glass table on her back. Her friend sat on the table behind her friend’s head and began to play with herself. His tongue caressed the swollen lips between the legs of the woman who had had his cock in her mouth moments before, and she inhaled a deep, shuddering breath. His ability to read minds and emotions was definitely an advantage here. He knew exactly where she wanted his tongue, where her spots were. He began to finger her as his tongue caressed her clit, bringing her to the edge of cumming several times on purpose, stopping just short each time. This was one of the games he liked to play before taking what he truly wanted from his victims.

The one playing with herself was as wet as she could be, dripping all over the glass table as she watched this incredible man eat out her best friend. Recognizing that she was about to make herself cum, he took hold of her hips. He slid her across the table and through the small, slippery puddle that was of her own making, into position next to her friend. He began to fuck her already throbbing pussy with deep, deliberate strokes. He knew she had never been fucked like this in her life, being completely filled by someone who knew her exact desires. When to go deeper, where she wanted to be touched and how. He began fingering the other’s G-spot, knowing he had the power make them both cum simultaneously in an instant if he wanted to. He preferred to make them wait.

He again pulled out when she was about to cum and slid into her friend, who bit her lower lip and moaned with obvious ecstasy, and the kind of aching pain that left her wanting more. She was the tighter of the two, it took him several minutes before he could fit his entire length into her. He used his fingers to continue the work his cock had been doing moments before on her friend. He smiled down at the two beautiful creatures in front of him, both gleaming with sweat and in the midst of the most incredible sexual experience of their lives. They would have done anything he asked in that moment without question.

He could have done this for hours if he had wanted, needs of the flesh were not something he required any longer, and nor was he a slave to them. He simply used attraction to get women where he wanted them, which was right here. After close to half an hour of switching between the two he could feel both of their climaxes approaching like freight trains and decided that he might as well join them. They had waited long enough. All three of them came within seconds of each other, both women gasping for breath and writhing on the glass table as he bursa escort bayan exploded deep inside the pussy of one of them. He then pulled out and finished inside the other. They lay there on their backs, completely spent. A mixture of his cum and each other’s juices dripping down their thighs and onto the glass table and floor. They were still shaking, unable to speak, looking at his still throbbing member and wondering how he could possibly still be so hard. Did he want more?

He smiled down at them, watching the sticky bodily fluids drip slowly from their swollen, stretched pussies down into their assholes. He was still rock hard, and he was just getting started. They were looking at each other with a new excitement. What could he possibly do to them that he hadn’t done already?

He slid his hands down each of their inner thighs, coating the rings of their assholes with the milky white mixture. They both realized what he was intending at the same time, and he could see the fear begin to enter their eyes. If his massive cock had stretched their pussies, what would it do to their other hole?

Their fear was no concern of his, he would use whichever parts of their bodies he wanted. Gripping the hips of the one on the left, he slid her across the cum-splattered glass and pulled her to the edge of the table, lifting her legs above his shoulders. He positioned his cock in front of her anus, testing its tightness. Then he plunged into her asshole as far as he possibly could, which was about half way at first. She screamed, and her friend reached over to rub her clit, to try and take her mind off the pain. Pumping in and out of her, he reveled in the pleasure of it all. This hole was by far the tightest he had fucked this evening. Pulling out, he moved his cock in front of her face. The one who had been fingering the other’s clit leaned forward and took it in her mouth, tasting her friend’s ass, as well as the rest of the juices his cock had been lubricated with this evening. When had she become such a slut? She had no idea, but it had happened sometime tonight.

He pushed her onto her back and inserted himself into the last hole he hadn’t been inside this evening. He couldn’t fit his entire length in her either, and had to keep pushing, watching as his dick slowly disappeared into her most private area. She was more relaxed than her friend, and although it hurt she also felt pleasure. She began to flex her anus, trying to give more of herself to him. He slid in another inch, and she squealed with pain and ecstasy. He began to fuck her ass with a ferocity he had not demonstrated thus far on either of them. Tears began rolling down her cheeks, but a part of her loved this little slut he had awakened in her. Her friend recognized that he had no intention of stopping any time soon, so she reached over and reciprocated the rubbing of her clit, to try and take her mind off the massive veiny organ currently stretching out her best friend’s tightest hole. He continued this brutal assault until he was able to fit all eleven inches inside her. escort bursa He knew she was in agony, but she was smiling regardless. Her makeup was a mess, and so was the rest of her. He had fucked thousands of women, perhaps tens of thousands over his life, but something about these two he knew he would never forget.

They were both still leaking cum from their pussies, the sticky white substance dripping from both of their lower holes. He pulled his cock out of her, letting it sway in the cold air in front of their faces. They both reached for it simultaneously. One grabbed the shaft, the other slid his member as far down her throat as she could, gagging as she did so on the taste of her own ass as well as her best friend’s.

He was still in complete control over his orgasms, and decided that they both needed more of his seed in their bodies. Pushing them both down onto the table hard, he rammed himself back into one of their anus’ and gave her the largest load he had deposited for years. For over a minute he pumped his seed into her ass, it was almost comical. Something out of a porn spoof where a fake cock drenches the pornstar in white goo. But this was real. It was happening.

He pulled out of her, and an absolute river of cum shot out of her, dripping down her legs all the way to her calves and all over the glass table. Her friend began to lick it, relishing the taste. He grabbed her hair and threw her back onto the table. “Your turn for more” he said. He began to fuck her face, not caring whether or not she could breathe. He would facefuck her until he saw her eyelids begin to droop from lack of oxygen, and then plunge himself back into her ass. He continued this for almost twenty minutes, until he could tell she was very close to passing out. He decided his next load would go in her throat, she could digest his children. The amount of cum he deposited into her mouth and stomach was astonishing. She burped after he was done and a bubble of semen formed in her mouth. She popped it with her tongue, laughing and smiling. She was his little whore, and all three of them knew it.

He rubbed both his hands across their bodies, scooping up the now partially dry, sticky residue. He shoved his fingers into their pussies, rubbing their G-spots with an inhuman speed and pressure. They both were unable to move or resist, not that they would have wanted to. He continued this for several minutes, before they both exploded. Their eyes rolled into the back of their heads, their pussies dilated, spraying their own cum across the entire room. Soaking the floor and walls. They orgasmed for over five minutes, one leading into another. They could not stop, because he wouldn’t let them. He enjoyed watching them too much.

Eventually he removed his fingers, laughing. They looked at each other, both was an absolute mess. Makeup unrecognizable, cum dripping from every orifice, they were sticky with every sexual bodily fluid imaginable. They began to kiss, grinding their pussies together. Both were far too tender to do anything but explore each other’s mouths, swapping spit and cum, and occasionally fondling each other’s breasts. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. They would never see him again, but they would remember this night for the rest of their lives.

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