Denied Lunch


Denied LunchThis is my first story and a huge fantasy for me. I am little nervous, so please don’t judge me too harshly but I do look forward to feed back. The story goes from past tense to present, that way you have background before being drawn in. I hope you like it! *About a year ago, I met the woman would fulfill my dreams and then some, over the Internet. I have always fantasized about finding a woman, I could relinquish all my control and sexual needs to. Someone who understands how to control my cock and my orgasms. A woman who would take great pleasure in doing so.Over this past year, she has trained me on when I could touch myself, how I should, and when I should stop. First, we started off doing this just through the chat room in which we met. We then moved to emails and chatting, slowly getting to know each other on more than just a sexual level. We connected, clicked. It didn’t take long for her to give me her number and we started to chat on the phone, and eventually added in video chatting so she could see exactly what I was doing.Six months into it and we were talking several times a day. She would always be teasing me even during normal conversations. About five times a week she would order me to get on my web cam, get naked, and call her. Then she would put me through my teasing sessions having me pump my cock, stroke it, use a vibrator on it, everything she could imagine. I never knew when she would let me cum but on average it was about once a week. Sometimes she would ruin my massively built up orgasm and at other times she would force me to continue to stroke and endure massively vigorous güvenilir bahis post orgasm torture.We knew a lot about each other’s personal lives but she always left out one detail about herself. She never told me where she lived. Finally, she revealed that we were actually about 45 minutes away from one another. My heart leaped and my cock stiffened. I could not believe that she would keep that from me but I was so excited about this I was able to get over the hurt. She asked me what my schedule looked like this week along with what my address was. I told her when I was working and/or when i had plans, along with sending her my address. She said that she was going to stop by and see me but wouldn’t tell me when.The week passed very slowly as I sat at home in anticipation of when she would stop by. I would have the TV on very low, so that I would not miss the doorbell. I sat with butterflies in my stomach thinking about what was going to happen to me when she got her hands on me. It was nearing the end of the week and I had not heard from her nor had she stopped by. I was starting to worry that I had just made a big mistake.~~~Present day.It’s Friday now, and the day is dragging on. All I can think of is you, and why you have not come over yet. I can’t wait for the day to end so that I can get home and sit in anticipation of your arrival. I’m walking across the sales floor. I’m a manager at a large retail store, and I see you standing there waiting for me. I approach you, eyes wide and mouth agape. I say hi, and stand there a little dumbfounded. I’m uncomfortable at first, not knowing what to say but you türkçe bahis ease the tension by asking how things are going and other small talk. As I relax, we talk for an hour and you ask if I had taken my lunch and if not if I would like to get something to eat and talk more. I say yes and we walk out to your car.We are talking while you drive and I am not paying attention until you pull into a quiet abandoned lot.”You didn’t think we were really getting something to eat did you?” you say with a devious gleam in your soft, brown eyes. You start to unbutton and unzip my pants. I move my hands to stop you and you just stare into my eyes. I can’t tell if you are angry or disappointed, maybe a mixture of both. I move my hands back to my side.”Good boy,” you say smiling at me. I felt relieved that I haven’t angered you.I’m already hard and because of the awkward position, you have to roughly pull my cock out through my boxers and pants. I gasp, and you just giggle at me.You start to pump and say, “Carl, you have about 20 minutes before we have to drive back for the end of your lunch. Now I’m going to pump your cock until you either cum or ask me to stop.” There is that sassy smile again and I know there is more to this. “Now if you cum I will make sure you shoot all over your pants so you’ll have to return to work with a mess. Also, I will not stop pumping even after you have cum until it is time to drive back,” and with that you start sliding your hand over my hard throbbing cock and my hips buck in response.You reach over with your other hand and start softly squeezing my balls as you start pumping me harder and güvenilir bahis siteleri faster. Soon I am almost at the point of no return. “Stop!” I yell almost too late, my voice cracking. My cock just throbs as I close my eyes, happy that I had the willpower to ask you to stop and thinking it was over.You start to stroke again and this time it takes less time but I still say stop again. You repeat this several more times and the ecstasy causes me to lose track of time. My eyes are squeezed shut as you start again and surprisingly, you are the one pleading, “Please, Carl don’t make me stop. I want to see you cum. I know how much you want to, how much pressure has built up.”What shocks me about this is I can feel your breath on the head of my cock while you say that. My eyes shoot open and you are leaning over with your lips near my cock head. You look up pleadingly at me, “Please Carl cum for me!” and with that you lower your lips onto just the tip of my cock.You have sapped all of my willpower. I do not care about how embarrassed I’ll be walking back into work with stains all over me because my desire is well past the boiling point. My balls feel heavy and sore. The head of my cock is very sensitive and my entire shafts tingles in anticipation of my eminent explosion. The build up starts and I am almost there… and then you stop.”Okay, time to get back to work.””But I,… oh Veronica, You can’t stop now!” I say in a quivering voice.You look over at me with a scolding stare, “Carl, I wanted you to cum but you made me stop six times!”Your bottom lip is sticking out and you are pouting as you say,”I must not be good enough to make you cum. I’ll just have to try again Monday at lunch, and this time I’ll try even harder.”You roughly grab and stuff my engorged, red, and angry looking cock back into my pants zip me up and drive me back to work.

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