Denise, Devil Woman!


She couldn’t help it she told me quietly in the office when I was just set to leave for home.

Denise was such a cultured lady – the prim and proper type of woman, and holding the position as senior accounts manager she looked the part.

I had only started working with the firm of Doodle noodles accountants and with a name like that, when I first applied for the vacancy, I honestly thought it was a set up.

I really had the hots for Denise from the word go, when she displayed that encouraging smile on accepting me for the vacancy, looking very gorgeous in her tight fitted clerical type tight skirt and jacket, and I don’t know what her perfume was but it really made me feel good.

I could have had all sorts of mad fantasies about Denise, how I would like her and everything. But somehow, thinking of her as a prim and proper woman I imagined I would not have one iota of a chance with her.

But looks can certainly be deceiving and after she held me back in the office, on the pretence she wanted me to go through some accounts with her, I soon discovered that she had a passion just bursting to come out and I was just glad to be the on the receiving end.

Who would have thought that this so sober a woman could be anything else than the persona she displayed in the office.

After fifteen minutes or so I soon discovered her true motive for holding me back that evening. It was like she had a split personality and the prim and proper Denise became quite the opposite. And very forthright and aggressive in her approach. I felt like a soldier on parade and she was drill instructor.

“I have dreamt carnal dreams of you Pete” she said “and I realised you are the right guy for me. I like your style, I like your look and especially your physique which drives me crazy.

By the time a further fifteen minutes had past she had me leaning back on the edge of şirinevler türbanlı escort her office desk, trousers down to the knees, cock out and busily being enjoyed in her mouth.

She just came out with it. She said she craved for cock, she couldn’t do without it, that it was like a drug and I was about to discover just what it is like being utterly used by a devil woman like Denise.

I just couldn’t believe my luck. She was sucking me like there was no tomorrow. Such was the quality of her oral stuff I soon entered a sort of wonderful ecstatic state and when I knew I was about to reach a very strong climax, I had not the incentive to stop it.

This lady apparently knew the score ad if she wanted a flush of me into her busy mouth it was her prerogative

She knew alright what she was doing, she squeezed the base if my stiff erection and balled me up stupendously and I felt she had complete .power of me.

But with me heaving and ready to cum, she quickly lifted her skirt and downed a red plum thong. Pushed it into my face and then tied it firmly around my throbbing cock.

“Not yet, Pete. Not yet” she said out loud and I gathered from that she wanted an awful lot more oral.

But it wasn’t just that. She twisted around with her hand still grasping my cock and bent forward to give me a wonderful display of feminine gorgeousness, This black hold up stockings and absolutely gorgeous white thighs and round ass which, displayed like that, asked for attention. And I had the attention to give her. She knew what she wanted this woman, my well sucked cock was now being deliberated between the crevice of her ass and I felt it quiver aimlessly as she moved it about around her two orifices. It felt wonderful and I knew then I was about to feel the fuck of this woman with no holds barred.

Still with a firm hold şirinevler ucuz escort of my cock she planted into her quinny which was very moist and well worked with the constant prodding , administered by her, of my erection.

It was lovely and sensational, the feel of it sliding into her cavern. This woman was genuinely in need of rough fucking, she told me that, she said to fuck the cunt off of her and she wanted to feel my ripe cock up her ass too.

She was being so explicit, that woman I thought was so proper. She had lots in mind of what we could do and was not shy about telling me how she was into spanking, and how she thought my ass was in serous need of it. But she made no bones about telling me that she would have to be in charge and I must obey her instructions.

That if I wanted her enthusiastic attention I would need to relent to all the handcuffs and ties. That she simply adored taking charge and having her guy just how she fantasised and I could see this was not going to be your average casual affair but much more.

I loved it all, loved how she tied me with her stockings, how she stuffed my mouth with her soiled panties, how she smelt when on heat, the smell of sex was always a turn on and so was the taste of that ripe so wet and profuse quinny which she insisted I call her cunt.

She wanted it straight and no messing. She was determined to get the best out of me and when she chose to have me over her knee stark naked, her hand working me between my thighs and into my crotch I was in heaven and the firm spanking that followed was well worth the initial; pain, she told me just how special it was to hear the sound of my bum responding to her slap and how she loved to watch it wobble so sexily .

“When it gets well initiated” she said, ” I want to try it with a paddle and a cane. You have a bum that şişli escort asks to be spanked and fucked too. Because I aim to do all those things.”

I wasn’t sure how she meant that but I was later soon to discover exactly what she meant and seeing her with that very impressive strap-on gear made my eyes water when I saw the size of it,

“Well it is not much different to yours Pate and it will give you a taste of how you feel inside me. I want that, I want us to share everything.”

She did too, after spanking and fucking me she had me sit on her face and she was like a dog into my ass. Sucking and licking all intently before she then wanted my fuck. She had me tied up and bound for that and neatly sat on me, guiding my cock into her with ease, then starting to rise up and down as she worked it fully inside of her.

I wondered just how long my wonderful affair with Denise would last, she was certainly having her fill if me and I wondered if she would get tired.

“Don’t be daft” she said when I asked her. It is like modern technology, when you think it can’t go any further there is always something comes up, now let me get you up again so I can actualise my latest fantasy.”

She wanted me to be Henry for her. Henry V111 that is. Cod piece and all. .Especially the cod piece, she loved that, how she loved to manipulate it into my crotch and mould my cock beneath, of course she was going to be all his six wives, and each had their own particular style of making love.

It was going to be a great adventure sure enough, old Henry certainly enjoyed his sex life to the full. Just like Denise aimed to have me to the full.

The only thing was, it was a bit awkward working in the same office with her, but then she was the very prim and proper boss again. But occasionally she liked her little thrill when. Pretending to come to my desk with a query, she slipped her hand into my pocket secretly and efficiently enjoyed her pocket billiards. So much so that invariably I had to make for the loo and finish myself off.

And she, the devil woman, knew it because later she said that she hoped I had saved some for tonight, or else!

There was never a dull moment with Denise and I loved it.

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