Devilish Grins and Heavenly Teases


The kids tucked safely in bed, getting ready to turn off the television, I hear him say, “I’ll turn everything off in here, you go get naked and wait on me. “I can see that little devilish grin tugging at the corners of his mouth, I giggle a little and while getting up from the couch, come back with “Yeah right, it’s too late for that.” He just keeps the same little grin on his face. I had been planning on spending some ‘quality time’ with him anyway, lol. Now is as good a time as any! From the corner of my eye, I see the Christmas tree lights go out, and I know he still has to go turn off the outside decorations, so I still have a little time. I make my way to the bedroom and slide the straps of my pink, silk, chemise, over my shoulders…down my body, and let it puddle on the floor.

I lie down on top of the covers, one leg bent at the knee, my head resting on the pillows. I hear his footsteps through the house. He appears in the doorway, and cocks one of his eyebrows up, jokingly I say, “Be gentle.” Not a word comes from him, he just turns and shuts the door behind him. I hear the bağdat caddesi escort lock, can’t be too careful with the little ones.

He only has sleep pants on, and in one second, he’s undressed. Slowly he walks to the end of the bed, and begins making his way up my body, with tiny, gentle kisses, which tickle, just a little. I can’t help but giggle. I look down at him and meet his eyes and I see the little lines around them, which have slowly appeared over the years, from all of the smiles and laughs we have shared. Who knew that after all of these years, I would still desire him as much as I did so many years ago? His smile fades as he gives sweet, tender kisses at just the right spot. Needless to say, I’m no longer ticklish. Continuing, he slowly travels the rest of the way up and touches his soft lips to mine, and I do mean soft…my God the way they feel.

I run my fingers lightly down his back, as he presses his body next to mine. We get lost in a deep passionate kiss. As our need for each other grows, our hips begin to rise and fall, bahçelievler escort our breath coming more rapidly. As my wetness increases, he slowly slides himself into me, my body conforming to his…our dance just beginning.

My legs encircle him, as he gently slides his fingers into the back of my hair. More soft kisses on my lips, down to my neck…soft licks with his tongue. He begins to slowly increase the intensity of our lovemaking, going a little faster, being a little rougher. Going off of my lead, my sounds and words as to how gentle or not so gentle to be. After all of these years, he can read me like a book, a definite advantage, just makes it that much better. He continues his fine art, bringing me right to the edge, my body craving release, and then…he stops…withdrawing from me, teasing me. Oh God, how I hate and love that at the same time! He can see and hear my frustration; he knows what he’s doing. After I have calmed down some, he begins again. Touching, kissing, licking, building me up yet again. I feel my body being brought bahçeşehir escort to the edge, once more, the waves making their way throughout my entire being. Just as I begin to fall, he stops again. I begin to almost whimper, needing so badly to let myself go. That little grin, once more on his face.

By this time, to further his little torture, he has pinned my hands over my head, not being able to touch him, or move my arms at all drives me insane…God how I love his games! Over and over again, I’m brought right there, finally I’m to the point of begging him, breathlessly “Oh, God, please, that’s enough, please!” He begins again. I’m almost afraid of letting myself get back into it, almost dreading to see if I’ll be able to let myself go. I can’t help it, my body needs it…my mind needs it. Slowly I feel myself building again. I can tell, this time, he needs it also. I fight his grip on my wrists, he lets go and we wrap our arms around each other, mine around his back, one of his, once again, into my hair, knowing I love that. His other circles my waist and our intensity builds. Hard, deep kisses… wave after wave of electricity running through my body. Finally there, we both fall over the edge, riding the wind as long and as far as we can.

Nearing the end, our breath returning to normal, I say, “Damn, that was good!” He just gets that same look on his face…oh, how I love that little grin…

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