Dexter’s laboratory – Experimental


Dexter’s laboratory – ExperimentalDexter carefully put a single drop of yellow liquid into a large beaker of blue liquid. The formula instantly turned red and when it didn’t explode, a smile spread on his face. “I have done it, my greatest invention ever is finished.” He held the bottle up triumphantly for a minute and smiled.The bottle was snatched out of his hands and he stared around his lab in surprise. Dede was holding the bottle and stared at the liquid. “Pretty colour.” She said in her high pitched voice. “Dede, please be careful. That is my latest triumph. It is the consequence of forty eight hours of work and if you destroy it now I will introduce you to the working end of my plasma rifle.” Dede giggled and put the bottle down, but wouldn’t take her eyes off of it. “What does it do Dexter?” Deter sighed and moved the bottle out of her reach. “If you must know, you simpleton. It is a formula to avoid plastic surgery. Once imbibed, this liquid will alter a person’s genetic structure and purify it. It will rid a person of the genes that give them bad acne, or weight problems and transform them into, what in genetic terms could be considered, a perfect human. Plastic surgeons would pay me millions just to keep this formula off of the market. But I intend to sell it and make billions.” He laughed maniacally. Dede watched him make his speech with a bored expression on her face. “Uh-huh, does it work?” Dexter stopped laughing and stared at Dede angrily, trust her to find a way to spoil his celebration. “No, as of yet a test upon a human subject has not commenced. But such a test is being premeditated.” He began to move away, onto the next experiment. “Now, you obtuse woman, depart from this location and leave me in peace.” Dede ignored him and continued to stare at the liquid.Dexter activated his computer and began to type in a long equation. Next project, a working warp drive. He was going to show that it could be built and he would make millions selling the design to NASA, billions for a working prototype. It would be delicate work, his most challenging to date. But he felt he was up to the task. “Lets see, perhaps pendik escort generating a micro-black hole and manipulating the gravity field. Yes, that would work. Why bother pushing the ship through space, when you can just bend space and bring your destination to the ship.” He began to type away at an equation that would make both Einstein and Hawking turn and say ‘could you put that in simple terms?’ But to Dexter and his super computer, it made perfect sense.He could hear footsteps approaching, Dede was obviously still in the lab. He tired to ignore her and continue her calculations. He sensed her leaning over him, and could feel her eyes watching him work, it was very off putting. He turned to tell her to go away and his jaw dropped.Dede was radically different. She was nearly six feet tall, her blonde hair was long and silky and flowed down her back. With her growth spurt her clothes had torn, leaving only a few scraps hanging on her wrists, neck and ankles. Other than that she was naked. Her body curved in all the right places, tiny stomach, but wide hips. A tight backside that would give J-lo a run for her money. Dexter noticed her lips had a natural pout, perfect for blowjobs. Her tiny and tight looking cunt had only a tiny covering of blonde hair, and most noticeable, her tits were like a couple of balloons on her chest. A DD at least. She had turned into a goddess.Dexter felt himself growing hard in his midsection as he stared at his sister. “Dede, what happened?” But Dexter didn’t need telling, already his scientific mind was formulating a theory. She had taken some of his untested beauty formula. Obviously it worked, obviously too well. “I tried some of that soda. It tasted yucky, but I think I like what it does.” She giggled in a seductive way and looked down at his trousers. “Ooohh. Dexter, what’s that?” Before he could answer, she grabbed his trousers and pulled them open, pulling them off of his legs and tossing the clothing across the room. She stared at his six-inch, hard cock with wide, excited eyes and an open mouth. Dexter tried to hide his swollen cock, but Dede pulled kağıthane escort his small arms away. “Dede, what are you doing?” He demanded. Dede smiled at him and dropped to her knees. “I wanna try it.” Before he could stop her Dede opened her mouth and engulfed his entire length.A muffled gasp escaped Dexter’s lips as this new sensation raced through him. He felt his dick twitch madly as Dede swirled it inside of her mouth. Her long tongue wrapped completely around his now hard cock. Dexter no longer cared that this was his sister, nor did the fact she was under the influence of one of his experiments enter his mind; he just wanted her to continue.Dexter began to thrust himself into Dede’s mouth in order to increase the pleasure. Dede spat the cock out of her mouth and began to lick up and down the shaft, sending jolts of pleasure through his rigid cock. She kissed the throbbing purple head before she abandoned her exploration of his body and stood up. Dexter groaned angrily; he wanted her to continue. He jumped to his feet, standing on the chair, opening his mouth to complain, but Dede smiled and pushed him down again. “Stay there Dexter, it gets better, I promise.” Dede smiled seductively at him.She spread her legs and straddled Dexter and slowly lowered herself onto his erect prick. Dexter gasped as he felt the wet tightness surround his cock, sending bolt after bolt of ecstacy through his tiny body.Dede took his entire boyhood inside her, his small body looked ridiculous stuck between the legs of her own tall sex goddess form. A twinge of pain went through her virginal cunt, but she barely noticed as it was overthrown by the sensual pleasure.She squeezed her hips tightly and began to pump. Dexter grabbed Dede by her ass and squeezed her firm and juicy buns. He was grunting every time Dede brought herself down. The top of his head getting slapped by her tits every time. But he didn’t mind, in fact he was getting a thrill out of it.Dede was moaning Dexter’s name loudly now as she thrust her hips down on his dong again. She felt a pressure maltepe escort rising in her belly, his cock was twitching wildly, she knew he was near to orgasm.She squeezed her own tits, fanning the fire of her pleasure even more. “Hold on Dexter. I’m so close, make me cum. Please.”Dexter’s balls tightened so much that it hurt. He tried to focus him mind on equations, mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. Anything to make him last a little longer. he tried to focus on anything but the sweet wetness of Dede’s tight cunt, the smell of her body and the feeling of her massive tits slapping his head.Dede stiffened for a second, she turned a bright shade of red seemed unable to breath. Half a second later she threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as she reached climax. Her pussy walls clamped down tightly on Dexters prick. The sudden tightness was too much and sent Dexter over the endge, he felt his balls explode, sending a torrent of hot cum into Dede’s insides.They continued humping for a minute afterwards as the last traces of their orgasm finally washed out from them. A slight wave of exhaustion took them both, and Dexter leaned back into his seat. His entire field of vision was filled with the twin flesh mountains on Dede’s chest, the nipples were hard and practically begged to be licked and sucked.Dede sighed contentedly and climbed off Dexter’s slowly shrinking cock. She sat on the floor beside him and rubbed a single hand gently over his balls. “I like this new me. You play a lot more fun games.” She said, her voice still as high and innocent as ever. “Can we play again later?” she asked, looking up at the small scientist with wide c***dlike eyes.Dexter thought for a moment, a wide cunning smile spread on his face. He jumped down from his seat and staggered for a second, his legs were still unsteady. He walked off, not even bothering to place his pants back on, his limp cock bouncing between his legs as he walked. Dede climbed to her feet and followed, Dexter barely came up past her knee, but as he had just proved, size wasn’t everything.He toddled over to his desk and smiled widely as he saw that there was still half of his formula inside the bottle. If it had, had this effect on Dede, what would it do to him? He took the bottle and pulled away the stopper. “In one moment my dear. You will know some real pleasure.” He tilted his head back and swallowed the rest of the bottles contents on one large gulp.

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