Dinner Out Ch. 02


*all references to characters, locations and events are fictional. Any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental*

Walking back to their bedroom to get dressed, she feels a lingering weakness in her knees. What’s gotten into him tonight! She hadn’t been taken like that in a long time and feeling him both outside and in always left her wanting more. I wonder what else he has planned for tonight, she wonders as the sight on the bed brings a smile to her lips.

A black dress and heels are laid out on the bed, both unrecognizable from her wardrobe. How long had he been home before she arrived? And how long had he been planning the night ahead?? Moving to the bed and laying the black thong he had handed her to the side, she picks up the dress off the comforter and holds it up to the light. Made of a sleek material blend that seems to slip through her fingers, the dress has sheen to it and will hug her curves nicely. Tugging it over her head she slips it down her body, adjusting her ample top into the support it provides and latching the eye-hook enclosures in the back. Looking down her body she can’t stop herself from laughing at the sight her chest presents in the padded built-in bra. No wonder he picked out this dress! Her girls are practically falling out the front! The length ends shortly above her knees and reveals her smooth calves nicely. Moving back to the bed she enjoys the feel of the nylon blend moving across her skin.

Picking up the thong he bought her she turns it over in her hands giving it a quick inspection. Seeing it’s canlı bahis made of a heavier latex material she steps into it and pulls it up her legs, not giving it a second thought. Seating it between the globes of her round backside, she lets the dress fall back down her thighs. Taking up the high heels she steps into them, glad that he chose her favorite and most comfortable heels for the night’s activities. At least her feet won’t be too uncomfortable!

Grabbing her black clutch purse from the top of the bureau she heads back out into the living room, catching the tail end of his phone call to her favorite restaurant. So that’s where he’s taking her to dinner! Hanging up the phone and turning to her in the doorway, he smiles at the new outfit. She gives a playful little spin to show off the dress, matching his smile with one of her own.

“Look at you! Someone certainly has great taste!” he comments, grabbing his keys and heading to the front door.

“We don’t want to be late so get that sexy ass in gear” he jokes, giving her a playful smack on the ass as she walks past. Moving down the pathway arm in arm, she soon finds herself comfortably relaxed in the passenger seat as he drives them to dinner. Plugging his phone into the car’s sound system and putting the play list on random, he reaches over and takes her hand into his own.

“So I assume you enjoyed your welcome home?” she hears him ask playfully, sensing the smile on his face.

“Do you even have to ask?” she asks playfully, giving his hand a squeeze.

“Not really,” he replies. “But it never bahis siteleri hurts the ego to hear it!”

“Your ego, huh? Well rest assured your egOOOOOOO” her flirtation ending in a yelp, cut short by a strong vibration over her clitoris that steals her breath away. Her hand clamps down on his while her head snaps around, her eyes wide from the sudden tingle in her panties.

“What the fuck was that???” she gasps.

“Now, now. That’s no way for a lady to talk, is it?” And his smile grows wider as another strong pulse moves over her pussy, causing her breath to quicken and her chest to rise and fall. The full realization of her vibrating panty predicament is quickly replaced by a repeating rhythm up and down the crotch of her underwear. Moving to the beat of the music from his phone, the untiring device between her legs brings the tickle that she is so fond of to her snatch.

“You bastard” she pants out between heaving breaths.

“What did I say about that language? You won’t be able to talk that way in public you know” he says with a wink.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she squeals loudly, both hands squeezing tight as the quickening vibrations over her clit push her closer to an orgasm.

“I guess we’ll see about that won’t we? Now why don’t you just lay back and enjoy the ride” he suggests, pulling onto the highway and holding down the button to recline her seat back.

Closing her eyes and settling back into the chair, she quickly finds herself carried away by the pulsations between her legs and the music filling the car. As the tempo picks up and bahis şirketleri the vibrations increase, her free hand seems to move to her chest of its own accord. Feeling her nipples harden under the fabric her fingers are soon under the material and pinching them tenderly, eliciting a soft moan from between her lips. Releasing his grip, her other hand soon joins the first in massaging her heaving breasts, kneading them hard as the ecstasy reaches a climax. An orgasm overtakes her pussy and travels up her spine, leaving her scalp tingling and her cheeks flushed. When the song ends and the vibrations cease she looks over to see him staring back at her.

“You better keep your eyes on the road mister” she manages to gasp out, still playfully groping her own breasts as another song comes over the speakers and the vibrations continue. Unable to resist the urges coming from between her legs, she reaches one hand down to the panties and feels the latex pressed into her wetness. Strumming her fingers over the material the light caress quickly turns more firm as she presses the thong harder against her own clit. Her moans fill the car as the infernal pulsating panties push her throbbing pussy over the edge a second time. The vibrations soon grow faint when the volume is turned down and she notices that the car has come to a stop in the parking lot of the restaurant. Looking over to him she is greeted by the sight of a noticeable bulge in his slacks. Reaching over to grab him through his pants she gives it a squeeze.

“Looks like someone enjoyed that almost as much as I did” she jokes, rubbing him through the thin material.

“I doubt that. We’ll have to see if I enjoy the next show better” he hints, getting out of the car to walk around and open the door for her.

The ‘next show’ she wonders….

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