Disciples of Meridiana – excerpt #3

Disciples of Meridiana – excerpt #3…In which our hero finally finds the promised land, of a fashion. I noted it included sex, but didn’t say what kind and Bill Clinton would not agree that it does. But here it is: “So,” Diana croaked once her lungs were full of smoke, “what’s one of the fantasies you’ve never gotten to do? Something you always wanted?” She exhaled an impressive cloud as punctuation and handed me the pipe. After considering it through my own draw, and handing it back, I swigged a little Dew and said, “OK– This’s a simple one, but it’s also one of my fondest and probably inspires the most longing.” She sat forward, just holding the bowl, interested. “Well?” “Giving a girl a facial. Cumming on her face and in her mouth.””I said something you never got to do.” “Well– I only did it like once, and she didn’t like it, and that was that.” “What? Only one facial in your whole fucking life?” “Well I actually just shot it in her mouth while she was blowing me, not really on her face. But I guess I kind of, uh… come a lot, sometimes—you know, volume? And it kind of choked her, and she didn’t ever want to do it again.” “You shoot a lot, you say?” Those twinkling eyes widened ever so slightly. “Some of the time. Definitely tonight. Consider yourself warned.” “Mmm.” She was quiet for a minute, her face dreamy. “This was your wife?” “The mouth shot? Yeah, when we were dating, before we got married.” “So what about other girls?” “I don’t have really… uh… a ton of experience with other girls. I fucked one other girl when we broke up once and messed around with I guess several others but none of them were exactly wild about sucking dick or taking it in the face.” “You are bullshitting me.” She lit the lighter and started to draw. “I assure you I am not. My future wife was my first sex partner, then we broke up for a while and I fucked one other girl from where I worked and she fucked a few other guys from her work and then we got back together and that’s pretty much it. The other girls were, like, making out in high school and college, just kissing and handjobs and fingering and shit like that. That’s my sexual history in a nutshell.” “Two girls. Your whole life. No bullshit.” She was holding her hit while she said it. “No bullshit. Hell, I’m almost a virgin!” I laughed a little, but it was bravado. I kind of regretted admitting to that. I couldn’t imagine it was very sexy, inexperience, and she seemed to have the expectation that I had some kind of virility about me that I wasn’t at all confident I could live up to. This girl was a porn star, after all. I was… decidedly not. She exhaled and leaned over the console to me again. “You poor baby. How could they deprive you of that? What the fuck is wrong with the girls you know?” She was touching me softly with a free hand, caressing my upper arm and across my chest a little as she spoke, so softy and earnestly. “Cocks like yours are supposed to be worshipped. Served. Enjoyed. Hmmm.” She leaned in closer, her breath so warm, redolent of that purple kush, moving my hair a bit and tickling along my neck. My throat was closing again, my heartbeat threatening to drown out her words in my ears. “But you are in luck, baby, because I know just how to treat a cock and I… fucking love cum. I think about it when I beat my pussy up in the shower. I think about it when Sabrina eats me.” Her voice louder, bolder, taking in a few deep, ragged gulps of air as her filthy tirade picked up steam. “I think about it all the time and I want to see it, smell it, taste it, eat it, wear it on my skin, feel it pumped deep in me… I’ll take whatever I can get. I’ll take all the spunk you can give me, baby. I swear to God the first thing I am going to do as soon as we walk in that door is I am going to suck that beautiful cock off and you are going to just cover my fucking face in your cum. We are getting that out of the way the very first thing. You hear me? You will plaster me in that shit.” I had to struggle to keep my eyes from involuntarily closing again and I was shivering all over. This was oral sex of a different kind, but the things coming out of her mouth here were almost as arousing as if she had just started sucking me, I marveled. Her pornstar was definitely showing now. All my clothes felt too tight, and I was visibly sweating despite the chill in the cab. “Oh. Yeah, honey I hear and will obey. Keep talking nasty like that, though, and I might accidentally obey… a little too early.” The words game out as gasps. “There is no ‘too early’, baby,” she purred, back to touching my chest and belly with her hand. “The more, the better. I’ll just get you right back up, as many times as I want, in as many ways as I want. You are fucking mine tonight. And I will be yours.” Jesus, I’d never heard better words. A choir of angels wouldn’t have been out of place in the midst of all that anticipation and bliss. And now the streetlights lights were all but gone and even the edges of Atlanta faded entirely behind us. I started searching hard for motel signs along the dark highway. The last mile was the hardest of the whole trip. The deal sealed, so to speak, and free to be her, Diana had started actively masturbating in her seat, her hand jammed down in her pants, legs spread wide open, those nipples poking out through her heaving tank top. She had talked me into showing her my cock, but I still wasn’t letting her touch it for road safety purposes. But the sight of it, craning up out of my jeans, had put her into some kind of state, and her gaze had been locked on it when her eyes weren’t closed ever since. I was still just trembling all over, starting to grow afraid of what we were going to do to each other. I had never been with a girl anywhere close to this, a girl so experienced and comfortable with her desire, who I knew kind of wanted me to hurt her a little, who apparently liked to rough herself up, too– a girl who lacked any kind of inhibition and who craved sex in such a primal, forthright way. I was half afraid I would go too far, and half afraid I wouldn’t go far enough. The strong, musky scent of her pussy overwhelmed even the leftover smell of the pot in the cab, and it was affecting me more than the smoke had, too. In truth, I had all but forgotten about Sabrina until I saw her car pull up right next to ours outside the motel office. I couldn’t say how I had gotten in there without crashing into something. Diana was still working it really good, grunting and sighing as she explored herself even though the parking lot was well lit and the office door was only a few paces away. No one was around, I was glad to note. I sat fumbling with myself, trying to put my cock away, but it was just too hard to easily get back into my pants while sitting. Sabrina walked right up to my window to look in at us. It was the first really good look I had gotten at her. She was dressed in the plain blue sweatshirt and jeans I had seen earlier. She was slender enough to not have much of a visible shape in her loose clothes. Her slightly olive-colored skin and fine, exotic bone structure suggested that she wasn’t entirely Causasian, but her delicate features didn’t really indicate any other identifiable ethnicity, either. She had a somewhat long, narrow face, high cheekbones, and her jet black hair was tied in a loose ponytail in the back. Her light brown, unpainted lips were thick, but not very wide, almost pursed. Her eyes were lovely– limpid and dark and almond-shaped. I was drawn to her long, graceful neck and sharp, well-defined jawline right away. She motioned for me to open the window, which I did, still so fucking horny that I was only mildly embarrassed at sitting there with my dick hanging out. “Looks like you guys are in no shape to get this room,” she said, matter-of-factly looking from Diana’s urgent, gasping masturbation to the erection I had utterly failed in hiding, and now only half covered with my hand. “You need me to take care of this?” “Um I uh… Hi, by the way, I’m Mike and, uh… ” “And you’ve got the kind of hard-on that people would notice, I think. The room?” “I was gonna– I guess I need to put it on my credit card…” I said, trying once again to bend my cock enough to fit beneath my zipper, still as futile of an effort as before. “It’ll be about 80 bucks, I guess. You don’t have the cash?” I just handed her my wallet with trembling hands and she opened the billfold and pulled out all the bills inside, folded it away and said “I got this,” and reached her hand through the window to lay the wallet back on the console, then reached in a bit further to tweak Diana’s nipple hard, eliciting a gasp and a whining grunt in response, then dropping her hand across my lap casually as she withdrew, briefly pushing my jeans down until nearly the full length of my pulsing, veiny cock was exposed. “Well, now…” she said almost approvingly before withdrawing her hand and disappearing into the office. As soon as Sabrina opened the office door, things broke loose in the cab. Diana came at me fast, scrambling over the console to push her face into mine, kissing me deep and hungry as one hand pulled my head against hers and the other slid down between us to feel my length. She ground her pelvis against her arm and my stomach, her breathing very much like growling, her tongue finding mine and deeply probing the inside of my mouth. After a few seconds of delirious, a****l humping, she abruptly broke the kiss and pulled back just to look at me, panting deeply and heavily, her eyes panning fast around me, flickering back and forth, her bosom heaving. She touched my face with her free hand, rubbing her thumb across my slick lips, licking hers as she did so. Finally she brought her other hand up, the one that had been stroking her sex and my cock, showing me the glistening moisture on it. I rocked my hips desperately against her, feeling my cockhead push past the waistband of her pants and touch the feather-soft flesh of her tummy. I twitched and shuddered as if I had gotten a shock, and she smiled, pushed her cum-slick fingers right into my mouth, bringing her own mouth in right behind, both of us licking at one another and her musky fingers. The part of me that even dimly held on to reason was almost dismayed at how fethiye escort bayan close I was to blowing just from that; there was no way I was going to be able to really please this girl; she was just too hot. I was already feeling that feeling rising deep inside me; this was all gonna happen way too fast. I tried to push her off of me a little bit and she surprised me when she slinked so easily back into her seat– but then her head came right back, low around the console this time, slipping beneath the steering wheel to slide her mouth almost all the way down me in a smooth, practiced motion. “Oh, FUCK!” I exclaimed tightening all over. She didn’t stop, gave the impression she was never gonna stop, either– instead smoothly worked her mouth up and down, slowing after a few long strokes to twist her head to the side to look up at me, my face probably a mixture of shock and awe as I watched her swab what I realized was a very long tongue around the whole top third of my dark red penis. The whole world went away, and not for the last time that night. There was no parking lot, no truck, no motel, no Sabrina. There was Diana’s mouth, and there was my cock, and nothing else even rated the barest notice. In the sizzling acid bath of my hunger for her, I studied her every movement, her every fleeting expression, every sensation that screamed to my brain from the bulging thing that blazed hot between my thighs. It was a moment that could only be described as transcendent. Sabrina had to slap me lightly on the cheek to get me to notice she had returned. “Hey. Good news– it’s mostly empty. No neighbors. 115, there at the end.” she pitched a keycard in a little paper sleeve into my lap next to Diana’s still licking face. “Starving– gonna grab a bite right quick, let y’all get a little of… this out of the way first, but I’ll be back to see you guys in a few. Ok?” She moved to leave. “Hey,” I had the presence of mind to call to her as she turned away, struggling to tear my eyes away from the nearly unbearable show in my lap. She turned back, no particular expression on her face. “Hey, uh, oh shit… Uh, I wanted to say… ohhhh baby, stop, c’mon, …Ohh… fucking Christ– I wanted to say thanks, Sabrina. Really. Uh– You are a pretty special person to do this for your uh– girl. I mean it.” Diana licked me the entire time; it was so difficult to get the words out. My hands were pawing at her head and her shoulders of their own volition. She was grinning at my struggle– a very pretty smile, too, I noticed; she and Diana were two of a kind in that respect. “What can I say, I love the little slut. Treat her right. Here’s a tip: when she’s ready, do her doggie and do her hard and you will really see something.” Started to turn, pivoted right back. “Actually. Know what? Don’t do that– not until I get back, OK?” She favored me with another little smile. “You guys go be you.” And she was gone. My attention returned wholly to the action in my seat. drunk on her, inflamed, dizzy and raging, I grabbed a handful of Diana’s hair and forcibly pulled her up out of my lap. Her mouth was still open and saliva coated her lips and chin, and she still panted for the shiny, quivering thing jutting out of my jeans, eyes flashing from it to me and back. It felt a little like removing a rabid a****l from its nest or something– she was wild for it, fierce and defiant and even a little dangerous. She resisted me; I had to be pulling her hair hard enough to hurt, but I knew she would have gone right back down there in a heartbeat if I relaxed my grip even the tiniest bit. I somehow knew she wanted it to be like this, but her making me manhandle her was bringing out something dark, something buried deep inside me. I wanted her like that, too, now. I yanked her close to me and hissed almost angrily in her gasping face. “Listen here, little girl. Fuck. You nasty little bitch. You are going to get out of this fucking truck and walk to that room at the end there. I am going to open that door and we will walk inside and then you can suck this fucking dick until it spits all the fuck over you, which it‘s gonna do right quick now, because you’re a fucking dirty little cocksucker who’s nearly made me blow my fucking load right here in this fucking truck. You are going to do that because that is the first step towards getting your little pussy fucked so hard. You understand me? I am going to fucking pound you till I hit bottom and then I’m going to pound you some more, sweet baby, but not until we get into that room.” She definitely understood. She was already waiting by the door chewing that lip, fists clenching and relaxing when I finally hobbled up all disheveled, clutching my keys and a bottle of water and the card for the door, cock only partially hidden beneath my arm. She snatched the card away and opened the door, pushing it wide and strutting a couple of steps in, yanking off her jacket and tank top in one smooth motion as she entered, flinging them into the dark of the room and stopping only momentarily to shuck off her pants and panties too, right there in the doorway. No one was around, but I was sure she wouldn’t have cared either way. I didn’t dare really look at her, not yet, but instead charged on inside, stumbling deliciously against her soft, stark naked body in the dimness and pushing her on through with me, letting the door slam behind us. In the dim light from the bathroom in the back, I could see her take a couple of steps away from me and kick off her sneakers, the only things she still wore, and then fall to her knees. Her body– oh, God. Those tits. Oh Lord God. Thank you God, for all your creation, but especially this one. Especially this one. This one was… I still couldn’t take her all in yet, only fleeting glimpses so far, but they were… She was too… I knew I needed to see her completely, that had to happen now, there was nothing in the way of it anymore, so I fumbled at the lamp on the desk beside the door, dropping the rest of the shit I carried where I stood. By the time I switched it on, she had completed her crawl to me and closed her hand around the base of my jutting cock, squeezing it there as she looked up at me with her eyes blazing; she looked angry, really. “Get ‘em off,” she snapped. I snatched my belt open and ripped off the top button in my haste to tear my jeans off. She dragged them the rest of the way down my legs and pulled them off my feet along with my shoes one at a time and as I finished struggling off with my shirt I felt her mouth on me again, but not like in the truck. This was a silky, delicate, agonizing contrast to the ferocity she was bringing before. Finally unclothed, I pulled back the tangle of hair that covered my face to really see her totally naked for the first time. She was all drawn up against my legs, back straight, those heaving, creamy, pink-capped tits brushing against my knees and her thighs covering my ankles, one hand slipping behind me, caressing up my legs and moving higher, while the other pulled my erection slightly to the side, matching it to the attitude of her head, allowing her to softly, lovingly rub her slack, open mouth around the top third of it, pushing it into the pocket of her cheek occasionally– no real rhythm to her movements then, but her mouth was so wet– she was drooling all over it, leaving me all shiny with spit bubbles hanging in strings from the throbbing end when she pulled her mouth off of it to smile warmly up at me. I had gone from trembling to full-on shaking, spasms running up and down the length of my body, and the wall of pleasure falling on me was terrifying in its scale, and I reflexively tried to pull away from her, trying not to come so quick. I was in so much pleasure I didn’t think I would be able to tell when I was actually having an orgasm until I ejaculated. Losing coordination, I fell back against the wall, breathing in choking sobs, and so I was helpless to prevent her doing that same thing again, gently drooling and caressing the head and surrounding shaft with her soft mouth, stroking the underside skillfully and gently with her tongue. Those eyes burning holes in me. She was skilled and merciless. Somehow I leaned there, groaning, shaking, iron hard, feeling like I was just seconds from spraying it out– somehow she got me to stand there for what was probably minutes, instead of seconds as the buildup to my orgasms usually went. When the slightest move of her head would probably have ended it, she stayed still. When the moment threatened to wane even the tiniest bit, she slobbered and caressed again. I tried to talk to her, whether to beg for her to stop or to finish me I wasn’t really sure, but nothing came out except a****l grunts and words like “fuck”. I would reflect later that I might should have had a heart attack. I stayed in that near-orgasm state until finally it welled up in me with such violent, inevitable force that I reached out with a feeling so atavistic and powerful that felt almost identical to rage and grabbed another handful of her hair. I did it quite roughly, and her eyes widened and she made a little distressed sound, very quick, but I heard it. Immediately I let go, barely able to gasp out “I’m sorry” as I drew back my shaking hand but her eyes narrowed as she looked up at me, reached up to grab my retreating wrist, and put my hand right back on her head. She pulled back just enough to gasp out “fuck my goddamned mouth and cum on my fucking face like you fucking need to. Do it right now. I give you permission,” and then she opened her mouth even wider but brought her lips tighter in a little more and angled her head to match the shape of me better and so help me I grabbed up a fresh handful of her soft hair (which I now inexplicably noticed in the light from the lamp was unmistakably not black, but a very dark, metallic shade of purple) and I brutally fucked her mouth and throat just like she demanded. For ten whole seconds. The fourth time I plunged it into her throat and she crunched up again as she gagged, and it drew back out with strings of her thick saliva all over it, bubbly lather all over the dark purple head, her gasping, slimy mouth, still somehow turning up into a blissful smile, and her heaving, beautiful tits, escort fethiye rounded and pendulous without being saggy, stiff crinkled pink nipples pointing away from each other a little bit, that tableau was what brought it out. I knew it was happening from the sudden clenching deep down in my prostate. It felt like someone was pulling a string way in there and something was gonna pop out when it went back in. “Uhhh gonna uhhh” was all I could get out to let her know what was going on but she was ready, scooting right underneath me with her greedy little mouth wide open, tongue waggling gently in encouragement. I could see the genuine excitement for it sparkling in her eyes, and the urge to give her what we both wanted built to an overwhelming wave that frightened me again with its power. I grabbed her shoulder to try and push her back; I knew it was just going to launch over her head. She didn’t want to be that far, and we kind of struggled for a second until the first shot launched out just as expected, my cock suddenly twitching up straighter, bringing a deep, agonized, unfamiliar sound out of me that I briefly didn’t realize I was the one making, and a thick, silvery strand slung right out of me and over her head completely, probably traveling six feet or so behind her. “Oh fuck,” she gasped, eyes going wider, immediately dropping back to her elbows, mouth still wide open, legs now spreading wide too, inviting me to point it down at her that way. She was trembling now too, I could see. The second, third and fourth shots came right on top of each other, really more like one long, pulsating stream, striping her thickly and abruptly from her navel to her nose. I could hear it slapping wetly onto her skin. Her expression registered as shock, and as she brought one hand up from behind her to scoop some of it towards her mouth and dropped her shoulders to the floor as she brought the other around to dig between her wide legs, I fired another pair of ropes on her, these dr****g across her face and mouth and up into her hair, and her face became a mask of effort, darkening and choking out guttural sounds, and I now burned so white-hot that I started to lose myself, back arching and head pulling helplessly back, taking the beauty of her away from my eyes but not from my disintegrating mind. I could feel more surging out of me, still heard her alternately gasping and then holding her breath, then the anguished, prolonged grunt that signaled each powerful contraction of her orgasm. Her unbearable clenching and grunting continued for several seconds as I finally subsided and pretty much fell over sideways, trying to angle towards the nearest bed, crashed against it and wound up propped up on the floor beside in some kind of dazed, semi-conscious state. Either my vision wasn’t clear or I couldn’t open my eyes, so I couldn’t see anything, but I could still clearly hear the sounds of her diminishing orgasm– she whined softly to herself, breath hitching in little shuddering sobs every so often– over my own labored breathing and hammering pulse. I had never felt anything like that in my life. Nothing even came close, honestly. It occurred to me that I literally had never had a correct definition for “pleasure” before that moment. After a few minutes she murmured something that sounded like “motherfucker”. I just grunted in return. I eventually mustered enough wherewithal to see and enough strength returned to my rubber limbs to move around a bit; I discovered I had banged my elbow pretty good in the fall and gotten a little friction burn on my back from the side of the bed. She still lay in the same spot on the floor, legs wide, hand even now still slowly caressing and covering her pussy, her luscious pink body just drenched in my semen. It was slung all across her torso and smeared all over her breasts, it puddled in her belly button and in a little hollow on her neck and lay in thick stripes all across her face, covered most of one eye. Ropes of it shone in her hair, stretched past her body to glisten in strings on the carpet. It looked like 3 guys had come on her, like the end of a bukkake party. I shot a lot sometimes, but had never released that much before, couldn’t believe I had done it then, in fact. I admit to feeling no small measure of pride in that moment; she was well and truly plastered, just as she had demanded before. Her breathing had slowed, but she still seemed to be in a state of heightened arousal.”You made me so pretty.” She said quietly. Lots of it was still around her mouth where she had fed it to herself. “Oh my God, I sure did. And I thought there was no improving on you, sweet baby. I thought you were perfect. But now you are truly the most beautiful thing these eyes have ever seen.” I almost completely meant that– she was at least the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She looked so lovely bathed in the aftermath of my lust. Where my spending it on her had been a filthy, primal, obscene act, she had transformed it somehow– she wore it like a flushed, sweaty angel and made it something pure and beautiful. Another of those transcendent moments. “Will you please take a picture of me like this? So I can really see it?” she asked sweetly. “You don’t have to be in it for me to remember. I like having my picture taken like this.” I went to get her phone, and mine too. I was still a little wobbly in the legs. “I’ll rub off to this picture later. I’ll rub my pussy thinking about what you did to me.” My seemingly-spent, partially soft dick twitched at that, at the thought of her somewhere else, weeks or even months from now, itching and horny and pulling up a pic on her phone of her splattered in my semen and getting all dark-faced and grunting deep from her soul as she clutched out another one of those powerful orgasms thinking about me standing over her. That thought started me slowly growing again, already. She lay still for the first couple. “Make sure you get all of it in one shot.” “Now get close to my face, make sure you get my hair too” “I want to see what it looks like on my belly” and so forth. She was masturbating gently but increasingly urgently as she directed me, and she started scooping some more of it into her mouth again and swirling it around. “I bet I look so fucking hot. I wish I could see what I look like right now.” “Then stand up. There’s a big mirror right over the sink, there.” “I can’t. It feels too good right here now.” She whimpered it, like a mewling kitten. Her hips were moving with more rhythm and purpose. She opened her one unglazed eye and squinted it at me. “You’re still hard.” “You’re still hot. Film at 11.” She didn’t laugh. “My mouth,” she demanded. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I knelt beside her, spreading out my legs so I could lay the length of my penis along her mouth. The curve of it d****d all the way across her face. “Mmmah fuck…” she muttered, opening her mouth along the bottom of it, moving her head side to side a little in an attempt at stroking it. That nasty part within me took over, and a found myself instead rubbing my swollen length all over her pretty face, spreading the cum across her like I was buttering bread as she mouthed and stretched her tongue out to touch it when it passed that way. She was insistently tightening her body again in that now-familiar rhythm and I could see her face darkening beneath my veiny prick and the cum I smeared all over her. She was going to go, again, and this time I could really watch. Her climax started as a long, whining grunt, her abdomen clenching hard, then bobbing in time with her breaths until she sucked in a great whooping gasp, head coming off the floor and thighs abruptly snapping shut, pinning her hand between her legs as she tried to roll over and curl into a ball. Each powerful contraction brought another deep, strained grunt, until the last one, deeper and louder, longer-lasting, stretching out into a shuddering gasp as she gradually twitched her way to stillness again. It was so erotic I literally wanted to cry from watching it, simply the most raw, pure outpouring of pleasure I had ever witnessed, and I was still quite hard, but not as desperate or heated as I had been before, and so I raised up from her and tried to get her to sit up, but she was weak, a limp noodle still and asked me to let her lay there a while longer. So I lay down beside her instead, put one arm behind her head and laid the other across her slimy, fouled midsection to pull her against me and just enjoyed the feeling of being so close to her. My cock d****d across her hip, pointing at the door. The room reeked of our mingled musk. The moment was perfect, and it lasted just long enough. It could have lasted even longer if the door hadn’t swung open and Sabrina hadn’t breezed right in. She paused in the doorway and did a double take at us on the floor. “Jesus Christ. Is all that… sperm?” she asked. We didn’t really answer. “That’s a lot of.. wow. Damn. That’s… kind of gross, I’m sorry. How many times did you guys fuck already?” “Nonce,” I managed to mutter. “What was that?” Sabrina was putting some bags she had brought away in the corner, her back to us. “My maidenhead is intact, mother. He hath only defiled my mouth.” Diana managed to groan with a weak giggle. “All that from one blowjob? Is there another guy hiding in the bathroom or something?” “I told you this one was going to be special.” The way she said it made me want to kiss her. “Specially yuck. Sorry, er, Mike– no offense. You’re not yuck, dude, but all that shit is.” “You fucking cum-hating lesbian bitch, come lick this shit off my face.” Diana was grinning now. “In your fuckin’ dreams, bitch. Wash it off, then we can maybe get something going. Smells like your pussy in here… Got me fuckin’ itching, Di.” Diana groaned as she started to roll away to get up. “He made me cum twice with this load. Just take a taste. It won’t hurt you.” “How about no.” She had sat in a chair near the window. She frowned lightly and her legs were crossed tight. “Hey- ” I interjected. “This cum is like 15 minutes old. It’s cold and stale, Diana. Don’t you think she deserves a bit of the… fresh stuff? Isn’t she worth the extra quality?” I was smiling wryly as I spoke. Sabrina rolled her eyes and slowly shook her head, fethiye escort stuck her tongue out at me playfully. “It’s going to dry in my eyelashes and that is a fucking bitch I admit. You win this time, carpet muncher!” Diana suddenly rose nimbly to her feet and scampered to the vanity mirror without a trace of the torpor she had shown just moments before. “Oh my God! That is the biggest load ever!” She was startled all over again to really look at herself, and turned all the lights on back there and spent several seconds twisting around to admire herself from all angles. Then, she pranced into the next room, and I could hear the shower start up. I sat, bemused and nude and still quite erect in front of a pretty, semi-disapproving lesbian and all was right with the world. “Do you have any smokes?” I asked. “This is a non-smoking room.” “It’s probably a non-jizz-on-the-floor room too, but you see how that shit turned out.” She barked out a laugh that seemed to surprise her. “You still better go outside.” “I think the neighbors might object to my being out there like this. Or the patrons at the place across the street.””This is Georgia. They’ll just shoot you.” “Point taken.” I rose and started hunting for my pants. “Hey.” She said after watching me wobble around unsteadily for a bit. “Yeah?” She looked at the bathroom door. “Ask you something?” “Sure. Anything.” “What does it feel like?” “Which thing? Shooting a load? Orgasm?” “Yeah.” “Well if I asked you how yours feel, would you be able to adequately describe it to me?” “Well– No.” “Well then.” I considered for a moment. “But I can say that it’s kind of…Well, it’s like being on the edge of a this really high cliff, and you’re pretty sure you can fly, but you’re not, like, 100% sure. There’s this… anticipation of something amazing about to happen, but also apprehension or even fear, sometimes, at how big the feeling’s getting. You think this might be that one you just can’t handle, sometimes. Then the ejaculation starts, and depending on when the orgasm actually happens, you might get to watch it and you might not. Just depends.” “The orgasm and the… the cumshot.. aren’t, like… the same?” “Well they kind of are, they’re connected of course, but sometimes the peak, the actual climax or whatever, sometimes it happens right before the cum shoots out, sometimes it happens right together, but if you really get lucky or practice a lot, the best is when the peak comes after the squirting has already started.” “Why’s that the best?” “Because you get the pleasure of seeing, er, your partner getting uh… splattered, I guess, which is super hot all by itself, and you know it’s you that’s doing it, which is even more super hot, and that pushes that peak even higher when it happens. Honestly this was the first time I’ve ever done it myself, so I’m going mostly off theory, I guess. But that’s what happened with Diana just now. I thought for a second I was seriously going to have a heart attack and die. It was kinda scary how amazing that was.” “First time you’ve ever done what?” “A, uh, a facial. Well– it was supposed to just be a facial.” I chuckled. “Things got a little out of hand.” “Diana is the first girl you ever gave a facial to? Just now?” “That’s what I said.” “Well fuck. Was a giant load, dude. Um, congratulations, I guess?” “Yep, feels great. Now, I’m going to Disney World.” She laughed a little. “Um– Why is, uh, seeing your girl ‘get splattered’ so hot, though?” I sighed, stood up straight with my shirt in my hand and turned to face her. “I dunno, Sabrina. It’s kind of a lizard brain thing, I guess… Caveman shit. It’s like… OK. Follow me, here: there is this thing of great beauty, this thing you really want, and you get the chance to try and possess it. So you do, you take ownership of it. You take it and you possess it with this jealous, consuming, penetrating greed, you devour it completely if you can, and when you can’t go anymore, when you’re so hungry for it that you can’t stand it anymore, then you get to mark that beautiful thing as your conquest, it’s your territory now. And your mate, this beautiful thing you wanted to join yourself with so badly, she has submitted to you such a degree that she actually wants you to spend yourself on her, she doesn’t just endure you but she really wants just to wear your mark on her body, accept your lust as her tribute. It’s a badge that shows how badly she was wanted, what she could bring out of you in exchange for her submission.” She was quiet for a long while, her face inscrutable, and I resumed trying to find my shoes. “That’s… a pretty compelling explanation, actually.” She said, very softly. She was breathing kind of hard and her lips were parted a little bit now. “Thanks.” “Um, glad I could help.” My pants wouldn’t button– it was gone– and my belt had mysteriously disappeared. My penis still didn’t want to go back in those pants either. I was pretty sure by now it was because of Sabrina and all her innocently dirty questions. “I guess all this means that you really desired Diana then, huh? ‘Cause that was quite a ‘tribute’.” “You surprised? You know she’s some kind of fuckin’ miracle, right? I imagine you would know that even better than I.” She didn’t choose to answer. Considered me again, appraising, up and down me as I stood before her. Her eyes lingered on my still prominent sex organ. “Can I look at your…?” Nodded towards my crotch. “My what?” “You know.” I smiled a little at her. “I know I want you to say a filthy word that you don’t seem to want to.” She frowned at me, but I knew she wasn’t mad. She took a breath and started to cross her legs again, straightening up as if to say something more, but then she seemed to relent, put her foot back on the floor and kind of rubbed the outside of her thighs with her palms, as if to warm them. Another little sigh. “Can I look at your penis. Your… cock? Up close?” she was very quiet and deliberate. “Of course you can, swee-” I stopped short. “You probably don’t like stuff like that, do you. Sweetheart and honey and all.” “Just bring it here so I can look at it.” “Yes ma’am.” I took a few steps closer, stopped trying to hold my jeans up and they dropped to the floor. It waggled in the air about a foot from her face. “Is it fully… hard?” she asked, after examining it a moment. Those dark eyes were growing wider. “Nope. That usually requires a little more effort.” “It looks pretty fucking hard.” She was staring intently, lips parted a little again. “I just saw it jump.” “It does that when someone pays the right kind of attention.” “And what kind of attention is that? Just looking at it?” “Should have said when the right someone pays any kind of attention.” “Oh,” She was still staring, then her eyebrows shot up and she looked at my face. “Oh.” “Yeah.””Means you think I’m… pretty?” “Not always about ‘pretty’. In fact, not that often, really. But– I certainly do think you are, yeah. Beautiful, really. I can’t stop looking at your neck. So long and elegantly shaped. I bet you have a hard, graceful body under those clothes, don’t you?” She visibly flushed and looked back down at my cock, then down away from it, too. But it wasn’t long before she looked back up at it again. She looked like she was going to ask another question, but then stayed silent. The tip of her tongue peeked out of her mouth the tiniest bit. It was inflaming. My knob nodded again. “Do you want to touch it?” I asked, very softly. “I’m sure you want me to.” A little sudden indignance now, almost rehearsed, as if she had stored it up, been waiting for me to turn out to be a jerk. “Converting the lesbian is the ultimate score, right?” Not as much venom in the statement as she had wanted to muster, though, I didn’t think. But she was on the defensive. “Hey. Don’t paint me with that broad-ass brush. I just asked a simple question.” “Well I don’t think I do, no.” “That’s cool.” I started to turn away, paused while reaching down to get my pants up again. “So, you wanna see it from another angle or something, or have you had enough for one night?” “I want to see… something else.” She answered that one faster than I expected her to. I stood back up. “Well, this is the main attraction, hon– er, Sabrina. I’m wholly average otherwise, and you’re pretty much seeing all that anyway.” “Not average.” She said that quickly too. “You’re… Um. Look. I want to see you, uh… Stroke it. Masturbate.” There was the tiniest shudder in her voice. This was suddenly getting intensely erotic and the throbbing it elicited from me felt so very, very good. “Did you see it bob up and down when you asked me that?” “Yes.” So quiet. Her voice sounded strangled. She was blinking rapidly and the tendons in her neck were pulled taut. Her eyes were flickering all over my body now. “Do you like it when it responds to you like that?” “Yes.” It was barely a squeak. A long pause. “Oh, fuck,” she exhaled in a shudder. She looked up into my eyes then. Vulnerable and a little frightened but intensely focused, even longing. Oh, it hurt now, seeing her expression. I was losing the ability to think about anything besides the ways I could fill her. I had even somehow forgotten about Diana. “Oh, baby. You’re making it harder. See how it’s craning now. You are doing that to me. Ugh.” “Uh-huh. Yes.” She was definitely breathing harder now and her mouth was staying open even more. She wet her lips with her pointy little tongue. “I can feel your tension. It’s making me harder still. Fuck, I’m getting hot.” “Then rub it for me.” Almost pleading. “I want to see some of you first.” My breathing was getting a little ragged. “Rub it first. Please?” She bit her lip, met my eyes again. Her fingers were delicately moving around on her thighs. Looking for something to do. I wanted to feel them on my body. “Well I guess you win.” I said, starting to jerk it like I did when I was alone. I used my left hand, slowly rubbing down the length, back-handed; stopping every so often to display it to her, to squeeze the base tight so the veins stood out and the head bulged and darkened. “Oh.” It was something like a gasp. “Oh my God. It’s really… Ohhhh, God.” “Yeah.” I panted. “I like your watching me do this.” Her hand slid down between her legs, started tentatively rubbing at her mound while she fixated on my erection. What happens next? Find out later, or not– or whatever. There is a pretty good actual sex scene that I’m a little proud of in the next part. Made me hard to write it, hard to read it back again. Anyway.

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