Doctor Cockstar


I sat in my office, tucking away some paperwork and charts. I was getting ready to leave the office when I remembered that I actually had one more appointment for the evening. Just then my secretary buzzed my intercom to let me know she had arrived and was in the waiting room.

“Thanks Terry,” I responded. “Please send her in.”

The young woman opened the door and stepped inside. Wow, what a treat to have her as the last patient of the day. She was a gorgeous young girl, in her early 20’s I suspected, with short dark hair and what looked to be quite a nice body under her modest t-shirt and black jeans.

“Hello Ms… umm..”, I stammered, not remembering the name on my calendar.

“Mary,” she said. “You can just call me Mary, Dr. Cockstar.”

“Well, hello Mary, thanks for coming in,” I said. “This will just be a standard checkup and examination, now please hop up on the scale for me.”

I took down her weight and her height and then held my stethoscope on her chest to listen to her heart. I leaned in to get a better listen and breathed in the scent of her perfume on her neck.

“Ok Mary, everything looks good so far,” I said. “Now please remove your clothing so I may continue my examination.”

She pulled off her shirt to reveal her pert young breasts straining against her mostly see through sheer bra. I started to get a little stiff in my slacks. I noticed her little nipples had grown very hard in those few seconds and I wondered if somehow she was getting turned on as well. She took off her boots and socks and then unbuttoned her jeans, shimmied them over her hips and then pulled them off. She stood facing me now in just her transparent bra and skimpy little black lace panties.

“Mary please hold your arms up over your head,” I said. “I’m going to look your over to make sure there are no moles or anything we need to worry about.”

She did as I asked and I walked over to her and slowly inspected every inch of her beautiful body, touching and feeling her skin, her hips, her neck, her legs and feet.

“Ok,” I instructed. “Now please remove your bra so that I can examine your breasts.”

Her face blushed, partly from embarrassment canlı bahis and party from excitement as she unclasped her bra and dropped it to the ground. I stood behind her, close, and held her tits in my hands, softly squeezing them. I could feel her nipples, they were very hard and I rolled them in my fingers and then pinched them. Her breathing was getting very rapid and I know she could feel the head of my hard cock poking her ass through my pants.

“Very good Mary, now please get on the table over there on your hands and knees for me,” I told her. “It’s time to take your temperature.”

“Like this?” she said, with her ass facing me pointed up in the air.

“Perfect,” I said.

I pulled her panties down over her ass and stared at her immaculate little asshole and pussy lips. Her lips were puffy and I could see some moisture in between them, she was clearly becoming very aroused. I put some lubricant on my finger and spread it on her anus and then I slowly pushed my finger inside her asshole. I heard her moan ever so slightly. I then removed my finger and inserted the thermometer deep inside and she gasped out loud.

“Is everything ok?” I asked. “I need to keep it there for a few more seconds.”

“Yes it’s ok,” She replied. “It’s cold, but it actually feels kind of nice. Like really nice”

Just before the thermometer beeped I saw a drop of juice fall from her pussy onto the table. She read as a perfect 98.7 and I pulled the thermometer out of her.

“Ok great, now please flip over and scoot your bottom to edge, right in front of me,” I said. “I notice that you have no pubic hair, Mary, tell me, do you get your vagina waxed regularly?”

“Yes Doctor Cockstar I do,” she said. “I just really prefer the way that is looks, don’t you? And I love the way it feels.”

“The way it feels?” I asked. “Tell me Mary how often do you masturbate? I realize that may seem quite personal, but I need to know for my examination.”

“Well geez Doctor, I suppose I try to jerk off.. uh.. I mean masturbate, at least once a day,” she said.

“That’s good Mary,” I said. “That’s very healthy actually, and please feel free to use whatever terms bahis siteleri you want in here, I just want you to be comfortable. Do you mind showing me? I need to examine your vagina in it’s fully aroused state.”

“You want me to jerk off right here? Right now?” She asked. “Ok here goes.”

I watched intently as she started to play with herself, rubbing her clit with two fingertips. She pushed her fingers inside herself to get them wetter and then resumed her diddling. I could tell she was getting extremely turned on now, her eyes were clenched tight and she was biting her wrist while she was furiously jerking off on my table.

“Ok Mary just stop for a second now, I can tell you are incredibly wet,” I said. “Do you mind if I taste your pussy juice as part of my examination.”

“Yes please Doctor!,” she cried. “Lick me and tell me how I taste.”

I gently ran my tongue inside of her and licked up quite a bit of her cum. She tasted and smelled incredibly sweet and amazing, like honey.

“Well Mary, you definitely passed that part of the exam your taste is simply perfect,” I said. “Now I very much would like to examine your orgasm, would you like me to give you an oral release?”

“Yes Doctor Cockstar!,” she said. “Hurry up! Please go down on me! Lick my cunt!”

There was no need to tease now, I buried my face in her snatch and gave rapid soft licks to her hard little clit. I pushed two fingers inside of her dripping pussy and applied pressure directly to her g spot as I sucked on her button. I could feel her contracting against my fingers and I could taste the rush of juice flowing down her vagina. Her hips started to spasm and convulse and finally she screamed as her whole body vibrated to her orgasm.

“Holy shit Doctor!” she mumbled as she was recuperating. “Nobody’s made me cum like that in quite some time.”

“Well, I am a professional,” I chuckled. “Now please sit up for me, open your mouth and say ‘ahh’.”

She opened her mouth wide and let out a nice long, “ahhhhhh.”

“Ok, now I would like to examine your throat a little bit more,” I said. “We want to make sure that everything is normal with your tonsils, your gag bahis şirketleri reflex and your swallowing ability. Now my studies have shown that we will get the best results if I put my penis into your mouth and…”

“Doctor,” she said cutting me off. “You can dispense with the formality at this point. Why don’t you just pull down your pants and let me suck that big cock of yours.”

She unbuckled my leather belt and pulled it loose from my pants. She wrapped the belt around my neck and through the buckle. She gave it a little tug, looked up at me and said, “Now take your pants off I want to examine your cock.”

I did as I was told and my fully erect cock now stood at attention naked in front of her face. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it just a little bit. “Well Doctor,” she said. “I must tell you that your cock is just a bit longer than average and really quite thick. Will you please lift your balls so I can continue my examination?”

I felt a bit embarrassed but also completely aroused as she poked and tugged and prodded my cock and balls. She pulled it to one side and then let it go watching it spring back in to place. I guess she decided that she had teased me enough and she stuck her tongue out and ran it around the tip. She licked my cock and sack all over while she jerked me off at the same time. She took me into her warm wet mouth and pulled me all the way to the back of her throat. She held me there deep throated and massaged my shaft with her tongue. The she started sucking me in and out in long even strokes. I gently gripped her hair and held on as she fucked me with her mouth. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“I’m gonna cuuuum, I’m gonna cum so hard,” I said. “Swallow it, swallow my hot cum.”

She tugged hard on the belt, squeezing my throat just as my orgasm was bursting through me. I felt a flood of cum shoot out of me and watched as she swallowed it all down with my cock still fully in her mouth. She pulled it out and a little bit of cum was left on her lower lip. She licked it off clean with her tongue and swallowed that as well.

“Well Mary,” I said as I zipped up. “I believe this concludes our check up for the day. Please make arrangement with Terry outside for your next appointment. Perhaps we will have an even more thorough exam next time. Would you like that?”

“Yes Doctor,” she replied. “I will definitely be seeing you soon.”

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