Does My Ass Look Big In This?


“Does my ass look big in this?”

When my wife asks this question, I may be the only man lucky enough to be able to answer yes and have her accept my verdict with a smile. In the years we’ve been together, I’ve been able to convince her that I love her big, feminine curves, and she’s been able to reject the social pressure to feel that this wonderful part of her anatomy is anything less than beautiful. She’s beautiful from head to toe, with curly brown hair, amazing breasts and long legs. Sometimes I have to remind myself to tear my eyes away from her ass to take an admiring look at the rest of her. She’s noticed my fixation and more than appreciates it. Now, when she buys lingerie, she’s sure to pick out things that show off her wonderful ass. Today we’re in the midst of a post-shopping fashion show.

She’s standing with her back to me flaunting the way her new garter-belt and stocking combination frames her ample rear. I’m so enamored with the sight, I’ve forgotten to answer her, and she turns her head to look over her shoulder and smile. “So, it looks that good, eh?”

“Oh, it does indeed, darling,” I’m finally able to reply. I tear my eyes away and stare up into her deep brown eyes. “Why don’t you come over here and let me get an even better look?”

She laughs and does a slow little moon-walk, backing her ass towards my face as I sit on the bed. I love that we can laugh and have fun during sex … almost as much as I love the little jiggle each cheek of her ass makes as she closes the distance between us. Once she’s just an inch or two away, I close my arms around the front of her legs and push my face between her cheeks. Knowing my predilections, she’s always scrupulously clean, but, even so, her musky smell immediately assaults my nostrils and inflames my desire even further. As I begin to inch my tongue out, carefully licking around her petit asshole, she bends forward slightly, moaning at the intrusion as I start to force my tongue past her tightness. “Oh, that feels good baby. Worship my ass.”

Turned on, I moan a little, hoping she can feel the vibration as it travels along my tongue and into her anus. I reach around and graze her clit with one of my fingers. I’m rewarded with a muscle quiver that makes her hole tighten even more around my squirming tongue. I pull out to tell her, “God, your ass is so fucking sexy. Bend over and let me get in there even further.”

As she follows my instructions and I inch my tongue inside her, she reaches around and grabs some lube from beside me on the bed. Squirting some onto my dick and rubbing it onto me, she tells me, “You’re getting bigger and harder just thinking about fucking my ass. You’re going to feel so huge inside me, I can’t wait.”

She’s getting me so hot with all of her talk that I know I won’t be able to last much longer, even with just her hands massaging me. So I pull my mouth reluctantly away and maneuver us both onto the bed, her on her back and me over her. I like to be able to look in her eyes as I fuck her ass, and this position bursa escort also leaves her well-placed to strum her clit to orgasm.

She knows what’s coming, and, in anticipation, she begins to idly play with her pussy as she watches me carefully and thoroughly lube up my dick. I stare at her as I do so and sigh as a tiny drop of pre-cum spurts out. Emitting a low grown of hunger and impatience, she uses her free hand to grab me, pulling me closer and guiding my cock toward her waiting ass.

Comfortable, we kiss passionately as I ease the head of my well-lubed cock into her ass. “Fuuuck,” she cries out, already enjoying the feeling. “It feels soooo good in there, honey.”

I’m slow and careful, still easing only part of myself into her even though I can tell she’s already adjusted to my presence. When we do this, I want it to last forever, and I prolong it as much as I can.

Her eyes are closed now, and she’s biting her lower lip as she moves her hand from behind her knee and starts to play with her pussy. Carefully building up a rhythm, moving slowly in and out of her ass, I watch her play with herself. Avoiding her clit at first, she slides her middle finger into herself, feeling the movements of my dick in her ass through the walls of her pussy. She’s feeling good now, and she’s rubbing her smooth stocking-clad legs up and down across my thighs as I thrust in and out of her. Her chest flush with excitement, she starts to play with her clit. I start to quicken my pace, knowing it won’t take her long and wanting to cum with her.

She cries out, tightening her legs around mine as she begins her orgasm. I hold nothing back, thrusting forcefully into her, spurting my juices deep inside her. It feels amazing—the world seems to stop—and afterwards I collapse on top of her, sweating.

“Thank you,” I tell her, almost breathless. “No, thank you,” she purrs into my ear.

I don’t care for ‘cuddling’ after sex. Nobody’s perfect, I guess. So, after regaining my senses and giving my lover one last, lingering kiss, I head off to the bathroom to quickly shower off and clean up. Returning refreshed, I’m surprised to find my wife still dressed lingerie and idly fingering herself. “Ready for round two,” she asks.

“Sure,” I reply, even more surprised.

“Good,” she says, grabbing some massage oil, “it’s your turn. Get yourself situated, and I’ll give you a massage.”

Once I am face down on the bed, she begins to work her hands over my back, my legs, all the time avoiding my ass, where we both knew she was headed. She was teasing me, so I decided to tease right back: “Boy, your shopping trip sure got you revved up.”

“Oh, you have no idea, honey,” she replies, choosing this moment to inch one of her slick fingers into my ass. “There was a new girl working at the store—very pretty with an ass to die for, huge and perfect. When I walked in and began browsing, she came right up to me and asked if she could help me pick something out. I told her that I needed something that would really accentuate bursa escort bayan my … assets. She got a little twinkle in her eye, and I could tell she knew exactly what I meant. ‘Us girls with assets have got to stick together,’ she told me, ‘and from what I can see your assets don’t need any accentuating to be amazing.’ I told her that you shared her opinion, and she told me I was lucky to have a man with your tastes. ‘He’d love you,’ I told her, and she shocked me by telling me she wouldn’t mind meeting you and spending some time with the two of us.”

As she finishes her last sentence, she eases a second finger into my ass, stretching my hole and doubling my pleasure. “I know we’ve done anything like that before, but she was soooo sexy … Honey, she gave me her number and I want to call her. Her name’s Susana and I want to fuck her. What do you think?”

“Don’t I always listen to you,” I tell her.

“Mmmm, one of the many things I love about you. Roll over and think about how much fun we’re going to have when Susana comes over.”

I carefully roll onto my back, her fingers working in and out of my hole. Once she’s got me where she wants me, she engulfs my dick in her mouth and milks my prostate to a messy and very satisfying orgasm as I imagine our new friend.


It’s nearly a week before we can arrange a date with Susana. We suggested going out first to give us a chance to get to know one another better, but Susana told us she just wanted to come over our place and skip ahead to the real fun. A girl after my own heart, I thought.

When she arrives, my wife and I are dressed comfortably. Susana, however, is a step ahead of us. She walks through the door wearing a black trench coat that’s struggling to contain her curves. As soon as she crosses the threshold and the door is closed behind her, she doffs her coat revealing that she has nothing on underneath. She’s beautiful: short, with curly blond hair and large breasts with disproportionately large aureole. Her ass is her best feature; it’s gigantic and as soon as I see it I begin to literally salivate. The fact that she’s almost half our age only adds to my excitement. She could be our daughter.

“Mind if I take my shoes off, too?” she asks, giggling. My wife and I are speechless, totally unable to answer this ravishing and adventurous young woman. My wife finally answers her nonverbally: she crosses the distance that separates them, wraps her arms around her new friend and kisses her passionately on the lips.

My cock springs to attention, leaving me eager to get started myself, and, as they stop to take a breath, I suggest retiring to the bedroom. I make sure to let the ladies mount the stairs first, giving me a chance to ogle their swaying rears as we climb to the bedroom. By the time we get there, my dick is totally ready for action.

“Strip,” she tells us as we arrive at the bedroom, and in our eagerness we opt for haste. It can’t have taken more than five seconds for the three of us to escort bursa be standing there staring at one another’s naked bodies with lust.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day,” she says, “and, as the guest, I think I should get the say in what we do.” My wife and I smile at her forwardness, and she continues, looking at me, “Lie on the bed and let me sit on your face so you can eat my ass. I hear that’s what you like, and that’s sure as hell what I want.” Turning to my wife, she adds, “Fuck yourself on his ass and eat my pussy. I want both of your tongues inside me.”

What an amazing list of instructions, I think. Succinct and lewd.

I clamber into the bed, and she wastes no time climbing on top of me. Her legs straddling my head, she slowly lowers her heavy ass onto my face. Buried—almost crushed—beneath her ass cheeks, I can barely breathe. Grasping her hips with hands, I work my tongue into her asshole and am rewarded with a gasp from her. Not that I can see, of course, but my wife is meanwhile lubing my throbbing dick with her hand. The sensation of being stroked more than compensates for the lack of visibility. It doesn’t take her long to mount me, and my dick feels even better than usual pushing its way into her ass.

“Oh, fuck that looks good,” our guest says. “Lick my cunt bitch!” she howls. “Get your tongues inside of me, sluts!”

I can barely hear her: my whole world is her ass as she presses herself onto my face. When I feel her body begin to quiver, I know my wife has found the spot and I wonder who’s going to come first as I furiously tongue Susana’s ass.

As I lick away, my wife must be doing an amazing job exploring her first cunt: I can feel Susana’s juices dripping all over my neck and chest. Excited, I worm my tongue even further into her other whole.

“EEEEEEEEeeeeee!” A scream pierces the air, and it takes me a few seconds to figure out it’s our guest. She grinds her ass onto my tongue, prolonging her massive, shuddering orgasm.

With her mission accomplished and our guest momentarily satisfied, my wife begins to bounce up and down on my dick, pushing my organ deep into her ass.

I feel like my whole body leaps off the bed as I come inside her, and I spank Susana’s hips to have something to do with hands.

“Oooh, that was hot,” I hear Susana say as she climbs off of my face. “And dirty. I think you better clean all of that nasty come out of your wife’s ass,” she tells me.

I’ve never done that before, and it seems so filthy, even to me. As soon my wife has climbed off of me, I situate her on all fours and dive in, swirling my tongue around her abused asshole and tasting the flavor of her ass mixed with my come. I can’t believe how turned on I am.

It must be having the same effect on my wife: as my tongue works in and out of her, she reaches down and begins frigging her clit. It can’t take more than 30 seconds before she comes.

Overcome, she slumps to the bed. I lean back trying to loosen my sore jaw and revive my tired tongue. Susana is already reclining, staring at us both through heavy-lidded eyes. “Wow,” is all she can say. I laugh in agreement and begin plotting, just in case it falls to man of the house to tell everyone what to do for round two.

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