Double penetrated wife


Double penetrated wifeThis story is 100% factual and happened just as I’m telling it. My wife fucks outside of our marriage. She has several regular guys that either come to our house or she will go to their place for sex. She always does this while I’m at work and I only get to hear about it afterwards.One Saturday she and I where setting out by our pool having a few adult beverages when Eric ( one of her regulars ) came by. He and I talked very little but he and my wife talked quietly about something that wife apparently liked. And after several more drinks they became more open to what they where talking about. Eric had been trying to get my wife to leave with him to go have sex but she told him she promised to spend time with me. He was very persistent in trying to get her to take a ride. He even came out and right in front of me said, “we will only be gone long enough to fuck”. I see on my wife’s face that she really wanted to go but she was keeping her promise.I was just about to tell her to just go ahead and go when Eric said lets all ride up to the top of the mountain. There is a small mountain a couple of miles from our house and there is a four wheel drive trail to the top. After packing a small cooler the three of us loaded up in Eric’s 4X4 and started toward the mountain. My wife had changed into a denim mini skirt and her tanned legs where looking great. At five foot four and a hundred pounds she has a body built to fuck. Eric put his hand on her legs a pushed the short skirt up so her could openly rub the crotch of her panties. This kadıköy escort made her feel naughty and she pulled her tank top off over her head. In broad daylight she was riding between us completely topless. Her thirty four B tits are topped with beautiful nipples that when hard are a full half inch long and as big around as my little finger. I jokingly asked if she where cold as I pointed to her erect nipples. She glanced down and said no, Eric rubbing my pussy has me horny.When we turned off the road onto the trail Eric said sorry babe but I need both hands to drive. He said why don’t you rub your own pussy to keep it revved up. My wife did as he asked and started rubbing her hairless pussy through the thin nylon panties. It took about twenty minutes to reach the top. There was remains of a camp fire and a few beer cans laying around but other than that it was fantastic. You could see a long way and it was dead quiet up there. I let the tailgate down and sat the cooler on it, I sat the bar is open. We walked around looking at how beautiful it was up there , my wife still topless. I told her she should go ahead and take off that skirt too. She took my advice and soon she was wearing only thong panties and tennis shoes. Eric had spread out a blanket he had brought along and invited my wife to join him on it. I sat on the tailgate facing away from them to give them a little privacy . They begain kissing and fooling around. I heard my wife making little grunts and moans so I looked their way. My beylikdüzü escort wife was setting on Eric’s hard cock and was slowly rocking her hips. She was facing away from me and Eric couldn’t see me so I openly stared at them. My wife leaned down so he could suck her nipples. Eric grabbed my wife’s ass cheeks and spread them wide, I could see white foam around the base of his cock , my wife’s pussy gets wetter than any girl I’ve ever known. Eric called my name, he said come fuck your wife’s asshole while I stretch her cunt. My wife’s hips rocked side to side when he said that. I walked over and sat I need lube to wet her butthole. Eric said here get some of this, he then raised her off his cock and told me to plunge my dick in her sloppy pussy. I pushed my throbbing dick into her loose vagina and when I pulled it out it was wet. She crammed his cock back into her pussy and said stick your dick in my ass. I put the head of my hardon to her little brown opening. I pushed against it and like magic she relaxed her sphincter and I slowly pushed my dick in untill my nuts where touching her ass. She tightened her ass around my dick. I stayed still and just enjoyed the feeling of Eric cock moving in and out on just the other side of a thin membrane. My wife said are you going to fuck me or just set there? I begain my stroking in and out she was like a wild woman. She begain cursing and talking nasty. She said fuck my cunt to big cock motherfucker. She said I need a cock to suck, next time I want three dicks . taksim escort I came quickly from her nasty talk and emptied my nuts into her bowels. When I was soft I pulled out of her and checked my cock for traces of poop. I was clean so I pulled up my pants and went back to the tailgate to watch them finish up. Eric rolled my wife over onto her back and begain fucking her cunt like he was trying to get his whole body in there. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she helped push him in. His ass cheeks tighten and I could tell he was cumming in her. He stood up and pulled up his pants. He looked down and my wife laying there with her legs spread open and cum running from her well used pussy. He shook his head and said what a slut.Then I offered him a cold beer. He and I sat on the tailgate and talked all the while my wife laid on her back with her legs still spread wide open. I said sweetheart are you alive? She said yes, why don’t you come over here and clean my pussy for me. I jumped down and eased over to her. I got on my knees and leaned down and touched her swollen clit with my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into the wet smelly mess of her pussy. I slopped around sucking her pussy lips into my mouth and I even gave her erect clit a little head. When she had enough she pushed me away and stood up on wobbly legs and pulled her panties up. She rubbed the front of them pushing the thin nylon in-between her pussy lips. She said I’m going to ride home just like this. She stayed in only her panties as we sat around a relaxed after that wide fuck session. She did in fact ride home in only her panties and when we got home I opened the gate and he pulled him truck in the back yard so she could get out without the nosey neighbors seeing. Eric thanked my wife for the sex said he had to go. Afterwards my wife and I played by the pool and cuddled.

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