Doug’s Fantasy Ch. 04


Author’s Note: This story involves a lot of toy play, MF sex and some anal play. It is a fantasy, not realism. Enjoy!


Doug was very pleased with himself when he returned to the house… his bag was full of goodies for him to play with. And all of them would be a surprise to the sweet innocent in his care… his cock ached as he thought about the way he’d be using her today. Constantly playing with her, teasing her, keeping her on edge. It was a power rush that made him even more horny, knowing the way that he’d be manipulating her body.

She squealed when he walked into the house, running up and jumping on him… which, since she was naked, was extremely enjoyable. As they kissed deeply Doug dropped the bags, letting his hands run up and down her body; her legs were wrapped around his waist and he was getting hard again… well nothing wrong with a quickie before teasing.

Carrying her into the living room, Doug put her down and then bent her over the couch; Mary moaned and wiggled her ass at him.

“Horny are we?” he asked, grinning as he unzipped. She didn’t have a chance to really respond, except with as a groan as he forced his cock into her tight pussy from behind. Doug pounded away at her, reaching underneath and squeezing her breasts as he thrust hard and fast.

Writhing, Mary could feel her orgasm building despite the fact that Doug was paying attention to nothing but his own pleasure… unfortunately for her, he didn’t really want her to get off, and as her tight pussy gripped him he lunged and began filling her with his cum. Mary whimpered in disappointment as she rubbed herself against him, trying to get just a little bit more stimulation to her clit so that she could cum; but to no avail. With a last squeeze of her breasts, Doug pulled out.

Then he turned her around and pushed her to her knees, shoving his slimy cock in her face.

“Clean me,” he said, his eyes bright with anticipation. Somewhat reluctantly, since she didn’t really like the taste of herself, Mary opened her mouth and began licking their juices from his dick. She was still very horny, but when she started to slide her hand between her legs, Doug reached down and grabbed each of her arms, holding her wrists above her head as she cleaned him.

When she was done he put her back over the couch in the same position she’d been in, telling her, “Don’t move.”

Mary wriggled as she heard him go back into the hall, she was enjoying learning new things from him so much! But she definitely wasn’t enjoying this denial of her orgasm. She felt so hot and raw… and without realizing it she’d put her hand in her pussy and was moaning softly as she stroked the soft folds.


Her body arched and she shrieked as Doug’s hand slapped her ass, leaving a red handprint on her creamy cheek. Tears sparked in her eyes as he brought his hand down on her other cheek to give her an identical imprint on that side.


“Did I tell kaynarca escort you not to move?” he asked.

Mary whimpered but didn’t answer as she removed her hand from her pussy.


“YES!” she cried out, a tear rolling down her cheek now.

“And did you listen?” Doug asked.

“No,” Mary said softly.

Then she moaned as something pushed into her pussy.

“I was going to get you off with this,” Doug said, “But now I think it’s just going to tease you for awhile as punishment.”

Mary moaned as he pumped the thick rubber in and out of her, making her push back against whatever toy he had just inserted into her. Then he buried it in her pussy and left it there.

“Don’t move.” he said again. She could hear him opening some things, but she didn’t know what, and some movement… and then something cold and slimy was pushing at her asshole.

Gasping, she tried to move forward and away, but the couch she was bent over stopped her from being able to move out of the way. Mary whimpered as the buttplug was worked into her ass, wriggling a little as it made her insides cramp.

“It’s ok,” Doug said, “It’s the smallest size, you’ll be fine.”

Smallest size? It was incredibly uncomfortable inside her tight virgin ass, she flexed around it as it popped all the way in, a ridge keeping her from being able to push it out. Mary moaned, her ass twitching at this strange and uncomfortable invasion. Then she felt Doug strapping leather around her hips, one strap coming up through the center of her legs and keeping the dildo and buttplug snug inside of her. No chance of either of them slipping out now.

Doug locked her into it with a small padlock, before allowing her to stand up. Looking down at herself, Mary was completely aghast… she’d never seen such a thing in her life!

As she was staring at this new contraption, Doug smiled and hit the button on the remote in his pocket. Mary shrieked and her hands flew out to catch the couch as her pussy and ass came to life, vibrating madly and making her knees weak. Her head fell back as he upped the intensity, her legs spread as though inviting him between them… but she was already filled with the vibrating toys.

Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped. Mary stood leaning on the couch, gasping for breath as she looked at Doug with wonder and awe, and also a heavy amount of lust since she still hadn’t cum.

“Did you like it?” he asked.

“Yes…” Mary’s eyes were wide and pleading, “Please…. more, let me cum.”

“Not yet,” Doug’s grin got wider, “But you can start cleaning the house.”

Mary moaned, but obediently got up and headed into the kitchen.

Smiling happily, Doug pressed the button on the remote. His cock jerked as he heard her shriek of surprise and lust… obviously she didn’t realize the kind of range the remote had.


By the end of the afternoon, Mary was sweating with her need for orgasm, orhanlı escort Doug had kept her on edge the entire time by turning the vibrators on and off at random times. He rarely gave her any warning either, since he was often in a different room.

“Mary…” his voice called, “Come here please.”

Mary trotted eagerly into the bedroom, hoping that she was finally going to find some relief. She moaned as he bent her over the bed and undid the straps on the belt, the dildo slid easily from her pussy because she was so wet. When he pulled out the butt-plug she winced a little, her ass had finally gotten used to having something in it, but it hurt as her poor little hole had to stretch over the widest part again.

She groaned as he began pushing something new into her ass, it wasn’t as wide but it went deeper and deeper… slim, probing… and he twisted it inside of her as he pushed it deeper.

“Oh God….” she groaned, “What are you doing?”

“It’s an anal probe,” he informed her, “I want to see how much your ass can take.”

Despite its slender girth, the probe was very long and she whimpered, her ass cramping as he delved deeper and deeper with it. Finally the movement stopped.

“That’s all of it,” he whispered, and she sighed with relief… until he started moving it in and out of her ass as though he was fucking her with it. Its erotic sliding back and forth in her tight virgin hole made her twist on the bed, shuddering and moaning as her ass was probed. She was very grateful that it wasn’t even as thick as the butt-plug that had been residing her ass all afternoon.

Doug turned her over, with the probe buried deep in her ass, and started kissing her. Mary kissed back, shuddering as he twisted the probe inside of her, his dick nuzzling up against her pussy. Even though her ass felt very full and somewhat uncomfortable, she was still as horny as ever, and having his hard body pressed up against hers just made her even more so.

His dick pressed against her tender pussy and began to push in, they both moaned as he twisted the probe while stretching open her other tight hole. Mary whimpered as he pulled the probe from her ass, reaching to the side he picked up something else she couldn’t see… and with his cock in her pussy, he reached underneath her. Something small popped into her ass, making her wriggle… and then another, another… and she realized that each one was getting just a little bit bigger.

Popping the growing beads into her ass, Doug moved in and out of her tight pussy, enjoying the feel of the beads filling her other hole. Mary gasped, her back arching as the last few beads were very large, she felt like she’d eaten too much her ass was so full.

When the last bead was inside of her tight ass, Doug leaned forward and began kissing her again, steadily pumping his dick in and out of her wetness. Mary kissed back, her body feeling utterly confused… the things in her ass were so uncomfortable with so many of tepeören escort them in there, but his cock felt so good moving in and out of her.

Suddenly Doug pulled out, and Mary lay there panting with only the beads in her ass, as he pulled out a new toy. A small ring that he fitted over the length of his cock, it had some kind of bump on the top of it. Grinning, he twisted the control on the tiny vibrator that would press up against her clit every time he pushed home… he could even feel the vibrations through his dick, which was pulsing against the tightness of the cock-ring.

Sliding his hands up her body to her breasts, Doug squeezed them as he pushed back in… and Mary groaned as the vibrator on the cock ring came in contact with her clit. Her body was starting to feel completely overwhelmed by all these new sensations, all these things today that she’d never even imagined were possible.

The tightness of the ring and her pussy combined, not to mention her erotic moans, flared Doug’s passion… he started fucking her with abandon, making her shriek as he ravaged her body. Mary twisted and writhed beneath him, her hands clawing at his back as he pressed all the way into her and ground against her body, the vibrator pressing hard against her clit.

“OooooooOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD DOOOOOOUUUUG!” she screamed as she started to cum, her entire body writhing…

Feeling her tight pussy rippling around him felt fantastic, but the cock ring’s snug grip around his shaft made it so that he couldn’t cum quite yet… Doug kept pounding away at her pussy as Mary thrashed in exquisite orgasm. Her nails clawed as his shoulders, her face screwing up as her orgasm just got more and more intense as he continued fucking her, on each side of his pumping body her legs were kicking.

Soon her hands were on his chest, almost pushing at him as she sobbed with the ecstatic overload of sensation, tears trickling down her face as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably. Finally Doug slammed home and began to pulse inside of her, his jizz forcing its way through the tight cock-ring and into her shuddering pussy.

Mary shrieked and her entire body almost levitated, because the vibrator was pressing directly against her over sensitive clit now, and Doug had to hold her down to keep her from moving. As he did so, he pulled the string on anal beads from her ass and Mary screamed as the beads popped through the sensitive ring of her ass… she’d gotten so used to having a full bottom that she hadn’t even remembered they were there, and as her hole suddenly emptied she almost fainted with the strange and erotic stimulation. She continued twitching beneath him until he pulled away and out, turning off the vibrator as he pulled off the cock ring.

Doug smiled as she lay there gasping, her entire body flushed and sweaty, both of her holes pink looking… her ass was gaping slightly now that the beads were out of it. Part of him wanted to explore that new territory some more, but he could tell that she was well overdone. She whimpered as he gathered her in his arms and tucked her into bed, curling up around her body protectively as she fell asleep.

Holding her close, he thought of all the other things he still wanted to do to her.

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