Dr. Murphy’s Neighborhood

Dr. Murphy’s NeighborhoodDoctor Murphy stood over her latest victim Sam. Sam Maxwell was once a very rough and strong white male.muscular and handsome a very hard kind of man. Although his penis was very average. This was a very typical problem in suburbia these days. Small dick white boys running everything. Bossing around their wives. Bossing around their families. This asshole like all the others she had broken, needed to understand that a man can’t boss people around if they have no dick. Sam was always talking tough barking and bitting. Sometimes hitting his wife and their 18 year old twins without reason. His wife Kathy was sick of it. She talked to Max and Jessica’s school counselor Mrs. Stein. Who comforted Kathy and asked her a lot of questions. Then Mrs. Stein asked Kathy about her and her husbands sex life. Sam was not fucking her at all. Kathy admitted. Mrs. Stein asked if when they did have sex if it was any good. Of course the answer was no. Kathy Admitted she only had Orgasm’s alone. With that Mrs. Stein realized this was a serious problem. Especially with the hitting.Which is always a sign of Male inferiority complex. So she gave Kathy Dr. Murphy’s card, and Kathy told Sam if he didn’t go, she was leaving him. Of course when Sam started talking to the doctor about his marriage, he never Imagined the coffee he was drinking had been d**gged. Sam started to feel very interesting then he hit the floor. When he woke up, he was Uncomfortable. He had been tied up. Really tied up. It hurt, his arms were tied behind his back. The palms of his hands facing up wrapped around his waste tightly. He was forced into a downward dog with rope. Then very meticulously attached by more ropes to the Doctors desk. He struggled but the ropes were strong. He had been tied up by a bondage expert.His ass pointing up in the air. His head tied down by the back of his neck. His face in a forced up position. Showing off an o ring in his mouth forcing it opened. Sam was struggling and spitting up his own saliva. Trying to turn his head without luck to help him spit the saliva out that seemed like it was drowning him. As Sam went into a panic with his struggling, Doctor Murphy started hitting Sam’s ass with a small cane. The kind you tie a plant to. A little nasty bamboo stick that hurt really bad, and left sexy red stripes. That kind of stripes made the good doctor very wet. “Stop Struggling whore” The sexy doctor asserted “ The more you fuss the harder I hit. Get it” Sam did and stopped immediately. Letting the doctor know this bitch would be easy. “ Good boy “ the buxom brunette petting the hot red marks she made with the cane. Almost immediately Sam started wiggling his ass. He was going to be very easy to brake thought the Doctor. “Stop wiggling” Doctor Murphy ordered following up with some more caning. Sam stopped with the wiggling but now he instinctively started struggling again. Doctor Murphy switched to bare bottom spanking bursa escort now. She was having fun with Sam’s hot round red ass that had obviously never been used to it’s potential. That was all going to change.Doctor Murphy began petting again. This man may have had a penis that was useless to a women, but his ass was a useful commodity. A real potential money maker she thought. “You can wiggle you took that spanking well slave” she told him, as she admired her new prize and rubbed the hurt away. “ aren’t you a little whore ,are you cooing?” The Doctor asked. He was, Sam realized as the saliva was now like a river running from mouth making him look pathetic and weak. The Doctor noticed and collected his saliva with her right fingers. Then she returned to his ass, She used his Saliva as lube and started fingering Sams defenseless hole. Popping a finger in pulling her finger out. Popping a two fingers in, popping two fingers out. Sam struggled for a moment, and Doctor Murphy spanked him for it.”You can wiggle and coo but no fussing. I don’t like fussy bitches” the Doctor ordered. Then she came back to that leaky faucet of a mouth and popped those fingers In Sam’s Suck hole. There was nothing Sam could do to stop it. The Doctor massaging the sweaty taste of asshole all inside his mouth. “Mmmm, doesn’t it taste yummy, go on taste The yummy man ass.” She teased as she wiped the remaining ass juice On Sam’s face and up his nose. “Smell my fingers slut” she demanded. Smacking him across the face until he made a sniffing sound with his nose. Then sticking her fingers up his nose while he did it. At that point she knew he would maybe be her easiest slave. No man had ever responded so quickly to the treatment. It was time to move forward.Doctor Murphy pressed the button on her intercom. Which was in front of Sam on the desk. “Margret please send in the family” The Doctor asked her assistant. Sam started struggling again. “I said no fussing” The Doctor was spanking him again. Just as Sam’s Wife and twins came in. He was crying now feeling completely humiliated in his bondage. Concern came over the entire family when they saw what the doctor was doing. Doctor Murphy Saw the concern and immediately reassured them. “ I know this treatment seems excessive, believe me it isn’t.” She explained Then the doctor turned her attention to the c***dren who had never seen bondage before. “ Your father has been sick for a very long time. He is a violent man but after our first session I think I can easily change this bad behavior.” The Doctor told them. The Doctor could tell they were all scared because they thought their father would not stay tied up for long and may retaliate with even more v******e when he was freed. “Jessica honey” the doctor said “I know You think your daddy’s scary but he’s really not, now I know he’s done things to you. But your daddy is sad for doing those things now. He needs you to forgive him. Do you know how escort bursa you can make it all right Jess and make your home a happy one?” The Doctor asked her. “ By being firm with daddy and letting him know he can’t do that anymore?” It was the answer she was given but she didn’t really believe it. “That’s right Jessica and how are bad c***dren punished when they are bad?” The Doctor asked Jessica as her father Sam was really getting nervous that this day may never end. “ You have to spank them” Jessica answered “ You have to spank them because you love them and you don’t want them to be bad” Jessica continued “ and what happens if you let bad behavior go unchecked Jessica?” The doctor asked her “ It gets worse” Jessica said as she started crying. Thinking of all the times her father got drunk and acted mean. “What do you have to do to your father Jessica we have been talking about it in our sessions a lot lately”The doctor asked her. “ I need to punish him for being bad” she answered. Kathy was so proud watching her daughter finally finding her voice and standing up to her tyrant husband. Kathy was not looking at Sam as a victim in bondage anymore. She could see him for what he was. A captured bully who looked like a pathetic little boy with his ass in the air. An ass she had never really ever enjoyed before, although It’s one of the reasons she married the creep. Now Kathy was really enjoying Sam’s ass for the first time. She was grateful to Doctor Murphy for teaching her that if she couldn’t get an orgasm off her husbands cock. She could get one from using his ass like this. Maybe even fuck that ass with a strap on. She could probably cum just thrusting into that asshole of his. Kathy imagined tapping her clit against the flat end of the strap on, while Sam gets the business end of it.The end with a big hard Cock on it. The thought of that mixed with the sight of her daughter now spanking Sam’s ass was cracking her up. She started giggling as Jessica now had worked up the courage to really give it to her daddy. “Your a bad daddy” Jessica was saying.”and Bad daddy’s get punished, and really mean daddy’s have to always be punished” Jessica went on and on unaware she was touching herself with whichever hand Wasn’t doing the spanking. All the others noticed and it cracked them up,but Jessica just thought they were laughing at daddy.So she just kept doing it until she obviously had an orgasm. Her very first one. Now she knew why the were all laughing so hard, and she started blushing.“That was very good Jessica” the doctor reassured the girl. “ We all just learned a lot I think” joked the doctor.”Now was their something you wanted to tell your father Max? “ The Doctor asked. Now it was Max who approached his father. He pulled down his pants and his underpants and showed his father his penis. Stuck it right in front of Sam’s face. It was much larger than his fathers. It was really good dick. Maybe eight inches. “Dad”Max bursa escort bayan said “ see my cock” Sam was crying hard he didn’t know what Max would say next. “ It’s much bigger than yours right?” Max asked Sam mustered up a “Ah huh” “ Well doctor Murphy said even though I’m gay. That’s right Gay! That even though I like men and want to fuck them dad. I’m still the alpha male because of this” As Max finished his confession he was now slapping that big cock all over his fathers face. This really got the room hysterical. Everybody taking pictures with their cell phones to mark the occasion. This was going to be a first for Max as well, as he couldn’t help himself from sticking that hard cock of his right down his daddy’s pretty little bondage mouth.”Who’s the faggot now daddy,I think it’s you” he said as he started pumping his fathers throat hard. The river of saliva now becoming an ocean of puke as the horny frustrated young man found a groove to his skull fucking. Fighting his daddy’s gag reflex trying to pump out the vomit to make some room for his cum. Almost choking his father to death as his sons cum bursted out of his mouth hole like a volcano. A room full of laughter and picture taking. Pictures going into the new family album. As Max finished shaking from his first gay sex act. He was the most satisfied he had ever been in his life. “ I forgive you daddy.” Max said as he kissed his own cum and The rivers of fluid coming from his dads mouth. Then he thanked the doctor. “Well this is an excellent beginning everybody”the doctor proclaimed. She pressed down on the intercom. “Margret send in Titus” the doctor ordered. Titus opened the door and came into the room. The Doctor ran over to the very large muscular black man. This is Titus. He is going to be your social worker. He is expensive, but he is well worth it. He’s going to take your husband home to you tied up for now. But he will stay at your house and make sure my therapy takes. He will keep your husband humbled while taking care of the family’s needs. If you can’t afford Titus no worries, he is not only a terrific academic and licensed Sex ther****t. He’s very talented at pimping too. So even if your husband can’t go back to the office right away. He won’t stop working. I think the combination of regular sessions with me, and close relationship with Titus. Will not only make your home life livable. It will be fun. Titus show this nice family your penis” said doctor Murphy Titus unzipped and pulled out a twelve inch penis. “ I don’t think you have to worry about good sex anymore Mrs Maxwell.” The doctor mentioned “And it will be great for your son to experience a real alpha man stretching out all your family holes.” She continued “The last thing I want to do today is have Titus punish Sam for all those racial slurs you told me about” Then Titus walked over to Sam. He spit in his huge black hand. Rubbed it on his dick. And blasted Sam’s ass till he was a puddle of tears.” Who’s the nigger now bitch” he said as he enjoyed that big fat ass. Everybody liked watching and masturbated. There was no doubt that Sam Maxwell’s asshole was going to be popular.To be continued………

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