Dream Becomes Reality Ch. 03


Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Sex became a part of our everyday routine. We had sex at every place in our apartment. She sucked me off during her periods. My life was like a dream came true. I went to the university during day time while she went to high school. I’d go to the hardware store in the evening and come home to Emily’s arms. She always helped me in my studies. I needed mathematics for engineering and she was very helpful since she was a mathematics teacher herself. Yes, they were advanced than in high school. But she helped me in every way she could. We went out on dates and most of our holidays were spent having sex on the bed or otherwise.

I rarely went home to see my parents. Probably 2 or 3 times during the whole first year. But I called them once in a week. Then I decided to visit them for a few days after my first year end exams. I wanted Emily to know my parents. It was easy for us since high school vacation was also during my university vacations. She had met them during parents’ meetings in high schools. But this was going to be the first time she’ll be meeting them personally. She was excited to meet them and part of her was scared of the possible rejection from my family.

But I reassured her that nothing would happen. I called my parents to let them know that I was coming home for few days. They were really happy to hear it, specially my mother who was the closer to me from my parents. She told me that she’d tell my brother to visit us. My brother, Rick, was a mechanic and he was damn good at it. He was 3 years older than me.

We packed our luggage and started the long drive. We reached home by lunch. I saw dads and my brother’s cars were in the driveway. So I parked my car at the roadside and asked Emily to wait in the car until I talked to my parents.

Mom was preparing lunch while my dad was reading a newspaper. Brother had fallen asleep on the couch. Dad was the first to see me. He greeted me and called mom and Rick to come. They were so happy to see me after a long time. I talked with them for a few minutes and said that I had someone they wanted to meet.

I went out and brought her into the house. “Mom, Dad, Rick, meet Emily,” I introduced her to my family.

“Congratulations little brother, you finally found someone,” Said my brother.

Mom and dad also were happy that they had the chance to meet her. Mom told us to sit for lunch after refreshing ourselves. We showered and changed our dresses. Emily wore more conservatively than at her home. My parents asked me about me at first and then mom asked, “So, are you studying in same university?”

We had decided to tell them the truth without hiding anything. Emily said, “No, Mrs. Mathews. I’m a teacher. I teach mathematics at free town high school.”

I saw the look on mom’s face change. “So, how did you meet?” That was my dad.

I knew I had to tell them from the beginning. “Mom, Dad, doesn’t she look familiar to either one of you?” I asked thinking that maybe they had recognized her.

“Of course you look familiar,” Mom said looking at Emily. “But I can’t exactly tell from where.”

I looked at Emily and asked mom, “Can you remember my math teacher in senior year?”

“Mrs. Anderson, wasn’t she? I can remember that you told me once you had a crush on her.” Mom was embarrassing me. “But I didn’t mind it since you did your studies well. I think I met her once at a parents meeting. Why did you ask?”

“Are you her daughter or something?” Asked my brother. He hadn’t seen her before since he went to a different high school.

I heard Emily laugh as I looked at him angrily. “No dude. This is her,” I said.

Those words took everyone by surprise. “Really?” My dad was the one to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Yes Mr. Mathews. I was his math teacher in senior year,” Emily said removing her specs.

“You really are her. I couldn’t recognize you with the specs,” Said mom who went to the parents’ meetings all the time.

We had our lunch silently for some time. “So Jason, tell me,” That was my brother. “Is this how you scored highest marks for mathematics? By scoring with your teacher first?” There was a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Oh my god no. Jason is one of the best students I’ve met. Our relationship developed only after he moved to Free Town,” Emily defended me.

Then we told our story starting with her divorce and moving to Free Town. My parents listened to every detail and they didn’t seem much offended about me dating a 30 year old divorcee.

Thankfully they understood us and didn’t object for us being together. But my brother didn’t look pleased, but I didn’t care.

We spent that day in our home resting after a long drive. Emily became very friendly with my parents and I noticed Rick ogling quite a few times at Emily. Then he went to his apartment in after the dinner. We moved to my room. On Sunday, we went for sight-seeing. Yes, both of us had visited those places. But this time, canlı bahis we visited as a couple. She knew quite a lot of details about all those places and she told me everything she knew. We were like a high school couple on our first trip. Emily looked really happy and we made out in public 2 or 3 times. I met some of my friends who were still in town and guys from our class recognized her. They were happy for me. But I knew most of them were jealous that I was banging the hottest teacher in town.

The week days went quietly. I helped dad in mowing the yard and all the repair works while Emily helped mom in household work. Our sex life was limited to our bedroom only at night. But we very much enjoyed our little visit to our home town.

It had been in my mind for several weeks to propose Emily. With my parents being okay, I wanted to rush things up. Tuesday morning I went to buy her a ring. I had saved money for some time now. It wasn’t very expensive, but it was the best one I could buy with my money. We had our dinner which had been prepared by Emily. I excused everyone before anyone got up from the table after the meal. “Emily, I have to ask you something,” I said.

“What’s that baby?” She asked curiously.

I quickly kneeled beside her taking the ring to my hand. “I know we’ve had our ups and downs. But deep down inside me I know that you are the woman for me. Emily Anderson, will you make me the happiest man in the whole universe?” I asked showing her the ring.

She was looking at me surprised. It took few moments for her to come back to the senses. “Oh my god Jason, yes, yes, yes. I will marry you,” She was on the verge of crying with happiness. I put the ring on her ring finger and then we kissed right there in front of my parents. Tears were rolling along her cheeks as we kissed.

“I hope you are not offended,” I said to my parents after breaking our kiss.

“No Jason. We are so happy for you. Congratulations from both of us,” Said mom.

Then I excused and carried Emily to our bedroom. We made love until both of us were worn out and exhausted. I can’t remember the number of orgasms she had. I ejaculated until there was nothing I could give. We rested a bit when we wore out and went at it again. I think it was early morning when we slept after we were sated with sexual pleasure. I didn’t care if my parents heard us or not. Both of us had many love bites on our bodies as the night ended. Finally we cuddled together with our weak arms wrapped around each other as we fell asleep.

I opened my eyes next morning after a satisfying sleep. Emily was right next to me propped on her elbow. “Good morning sleepyhead,” She greeted me.

“Good morning babe, what time is it?” I asked.

“Almost 11. I didn’t wake you up. You were great last night,” She said. “It’s the best night I’ve ever had,” She whispered my ear and kissed me.

“You better have shower. You smell like you had sex last night,” She giggled. “And then you can enjoy your breakfast,” She told me pointing at the breakfast on the night stand.

She smelled so nice and I guessed she’d had a shower before I woke up. So I went to the bathroom for the morning chores and had a shower. Then she fed me like a baby. The day went on slowly. I heard Emily talking to some of her friends through phone and she told me that they were having a girls’ night out that day. I was glad that she was meeting her people other than mine.

She looked gorgeous as she went out in the evening. I knew that she’d have a good time with her friends. She was meeting them after a long time. She had called for a taxi. “I guess you plan on having one hell of a night,” I said.

She laughed. “It’s been more than a year since I met anyone of my friends. So that calls for a party.”

I watched from the driveway as she got in the taxi. I watched a movie and caught up with my parents about the neighborhood and the town since I was visiting there after a few months. Previous days I didn’t have much time with them since I was busy with Emily and I let Emily to get to know them better.

I was going to stay awake until she returned. So I turned on the TV when my parents went to sleep. I watched the highlights of previous cricket matches I missed. It was almost 11 o’clock when my phone rang. It was Emily. I thought that she might be needing me to drive her home. “Hi babe, need a pick up?” I answered the phone.

“Mmm.. Yes. I can call for a taxi, you know. But I just want to show off my handsome young fiancé to the girls,” She sounded drunk. She wasn’t into alcohol much. But I think it being the girls’ night, she might have given up on her inhibitions.

“I’ll pick you up,” I said. “Where are you now?”

“We are at the Joe’s and we’ll be done in a moment,” She said.

“I’ll be there,” I said. I hopped onto the driving seat of her car in no time and drove towards the town. I reached the Joe’s in about 20 minutes and parked the car. But there was no sign of her outside. So I went in.

The bahis siteleri club was still quite crowded. I looked around for Emily and I saw her with 5 or 6 of her friends at a table. I slowly walked towards them, but I stopped as I saw my aunt Melissa with Emily. As I had told before, Emily is a good friend of my aunt Melissa. I hadn’t told her before that I was dating one of her friends. I thought I might well tell her and walked all the way towards them. 2 girls in their group saw me coming to them, but they ignored. Then Emily saw me. “Jason,” She cried out. Then she stood up and kissed me. I could smell the alcohol in her breath as we kissed.

“Looks like you’ve had quite a good time,” I said looking at her eyes.

All her friends were looking at us. “Sorry, we had quite a lot of catching up. And is it okay with you that I had some drinks?” Emily asked innocently.

“It’s okay, love. I won’t mind,” I said.

She smiled and pecked my lips. “I love you so much.” Then she proudly turned to the girls. “Ladies, this is my fiancé, Jason”

That’s when everyone got to see me clearly. I didn’t know anyone except Aunt Melissa. She was looking at me dumbfounded. I smiled at her and she returned a weird smile to me. Emily saw this and she let me go to her. “Jason,” She said with disbelief. “I almost didn’t recognize you. You’ve changed quite a bit,” She said.

“You haven’t changed a bit, Melissa. You are the same gorgeous woman I remember,” I said and hugged her. Aunt Melissa was like an elder sister to me more than an aunt. She being only 11 years older than me, made her closer to me and my brother a lot. But she hung out with me a lot rather than with my brother. So we got much closer. She didn’t like me calling her aunt as she thought that made her sound old. So, she was just Melissa to me.

We hugged for a while. “Why I don’t know that you are home?” She asked.

“It’s only been a couple of days. I thought mom had told you about me coming home and you might be busy. And I wanted to tell you about us,” I said. “I was going to call you. Since now you are here, how about you visit our home tomorrow after your work? I’ll tell you everything. It’s quite a long story.”

“Of course I will,” She looked happy. “Why wouldn’t I come home when my favorite nephew is in town?”

“That’s my girl,” I said and shared a high five with her.

I turned to Emily who was explaining the situation of her dating Melissa’s nephew. “This is what I hate about being so younger than my sisters. My nephew is going to marry my friend,” Said my aunt looking at her. Then she looked at me again, “Hey, don’t ever think that I don’t like you two being together. I really like that. But it’s just that the situation is quite awkward.”

“I get it Melissa. I’m glad that you are with us,” I said hugging her again.

“Hey, how about you join us for the last round?” Melissa asked me.

I rarely had any alcohol. Also Emily won’t allow me to drink until I turned 21. “I don’t know. I’m in. But you must ask from the authority,” I said showing Emily.

“I’ll take care of that,” She said and ordered a round of martinis for everyone. But I ordered a beer since I had to drive.

Emily protested about me having a beer. But Melissa convinced her that it was only a beer to celebrate. She had to agree with Melissa. I quickly gulped my beer and I saw Emily also finished her Martini real quick. I think that last shot was too much for her. She stood up and asked, “Girls, you want a show?”

I knew that was trouble right away as the girls cheered, including Melissa. Emily straddled my lap with a wicked grin. I protested, but they were like music to the deaf ears. She mashed her lips on mine holding my head with her hands. She was grinding her crotch over mine as we made out. I was trying my best not to respond, but it was hard for me with her sexy moans and movements. All the girls were cheering for us. I gave up my resistance and began to respond. My hands roamed all over her back while hers were holding my face. I sneaked my hands under the hem of her top. She was moaning more and more into my mouth.

Emily, the beautiful, conservative teacher was gone and on my lap was Emily, the sexual creature. Emily broke the kiss herself after about ten minutes. If she had continued that for another 5 minutes I might’ve cum in my pants as well. “We’ll finish this in our bed,” She winked at me.

All the girls wished us and everybody went home. Most of them called for taxis and Melissa called her husband.

I drove Emily home and we took off from where we left at the club. She was all over me even before I closed the front door. We were stumbling on our way to my room and by the time were on the bed, all our clothes were on the floor. There was no foreplay since we were hot from the make out session from the club. My hard cock was all the way in her in one swift motion. She wrapped her legs around my hips and I started to fuck with animalistic instinct. She screamed and came all over bahis şirketleri my cock in a record time. As for me, I didn’t try to hold my orgasm either. I too let it go as she came.

We were catching our breaths when she suddenly jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom. I also ran behind her. She was kneeling by the toilet seat and threw everything up. She threw up almost all the food and drinks. I took her to the bed after she finished. Then I let her sleep and I also drifted to sleep after she slept.


Emily woke up next day with a hangover. She took a couple of paracetamol tablets and laid on the bed whole morning. It got better by the afternoon. I got a call from Melissa telling me that she won’t be able to meet us since she was busy with a project at the office. But she promised me that she’d visit us during the weekend.

We went to the beach on Thursday and spent the whole morning there. Emily looked so hot in the new red color bikini she bought. My cock was rock hard the whole time seeing my woman walking around with a bikini. She looked a bit slutty with her tattoos.

She laid on her towel and handed me the sunscreen lotion. I applied it over her exposed areas slowly while enjoying myself. Then she applied it on me. Then we laid back on our towels enjoying the warm rays of sun. She looked so relaxed and I was nowhere close to being relaxed. I was checking her from time to time. “Jason, I think it’s time I filled the other side of the cross,” She said out of nowhere.

“Sorry, what cross?” I didn’t get what she said.

She pointed at her left ribs. “This cross. I think it’s time that I get ‘J.M’ tattooed on the other side,” She said looking at me.

Wow! She was ready to have my initials on her body. It was like I was over the moon. I quickly leaned and kissed her. “Thank you my love. It’s an honor,” I said.

“I’ll get it done as soon as we go back,” She said.


We went out again on Friday night. I was the one to suggest it. She looked beautiful in the tank top, jacket and a pair of denim shorts which hugged her buttocks. I put on a t-shirt and jeans. We were out in the city walking like the previous day. Emily left her Jacket in the car because it was quite warm outside. Then we hit a nightclub. It was quite crowded being a Friday night. We too joined the dance floor. We danced for about half an hour before I wanted something to drink. But Emily refused and told me to have a drink and come. I took that time to take a leak and have a lemonade. It might’ve taken about 10 minutes for the whole thing.

I was looking for Emily as I joined the dance floor again. And there she was, the guy magnet. She was dancing with 3 boys who seemed to be like college students. She was teasing them with her moves and she was occasionally rubbing her body on one of theirs. I let her tease them and enjoyed the show, but still I stayed close to them incase anything went south. She saw me and I winked, signaling her to carry on the teasing. By that time I could see their hard-ons which were making a noticeable tent on their jeans. I saw them tell her something after sometime. Then they walked towards a corner of the bar. I also followed them just having a feeling that where this would lead.

The boys ordered something and Emily ordered a juice. I think the boys were disappointed that she didn’t have any alcohol. Then it looked like they were suggesting her to go out and she was refusing the offer. I had to interfere before things got out of hand. So I went to the bar where they were having the drinks. Emily saw me coming and took a couple of steps towards me. “Hey babe,” I hugged her and kissed her fully on the lips. “I’m sorry for being late,” I apologized.

“No honey, it’s okay. I had the pleasure of the company of these young men,” She said with a naughty smile. “Guys,” She said turning towards the boys. “This is Jason. My young, handsome and smart fiancé.”

“And honey, this is Josh, Dave and Bob,” She said. There was a sense of discomfort on their faces and they quickly disappeared after saying good bye.

She laughed out loud as soon as the boys disappeared and put her arms around my neck getting closer to me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her closer. We were looking into each other’s eyes for a split second and then her face was closing in on my face. I got the cue and met her lips with mine as we engaged in a hot French kiss for several seconds. “Jesus Christ Emily, how the hell you attract so many boys everywhere you go?” I asked.

She laughed once again, “I don’t know love. May be, I have some kind of charm in me,” She smiled. “Wait, wait. Does my fiancé feel jealous about that?” She asked me with a wicked smile.

“In fact, it’s the other way around. I’m really turned on,” I said holding her tight so that she could feel my hard cock.

Emily’s eyes widened in surprise. “You really are turned on.”

“Why would I feel jealous when I already have what others can only dream? Why would I feel jealous when I can shoot my cum deep inside your pussy while others can only jerk off their cocks thinking about fucking you? I think I’m the envy of the men when I’m with you babe,” I whispered her.

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