Dream Sequence


What a dream I had, while taking a nap today…

We stood face-to-face in the kitchen. I think we were having an argument, raised voices but I can’t remember what was being said. Suddenly you were spinning me around, twisting my arms up behind me. I struggled to regain my balance, to get free, but you had the strength advantage. You forced me over to the counter, pushed me up against it, held me there with the weight of your body. With one hand, you grasped my wrists, making sure they remained trapped between our bodies, then reached up with the other one to grab my ponytail and yank my head to the side. I trembled beneath you as you nuzzled into the crook of my neck.

“No more fighting,” you murmured against my exposed skin, your tongue tracing along the vein throbbing there. I wriggled desperately, trying to free myself, but you had me well and truly pinned. I tried pushing you back with one foot, but you just laughed, entangling my legs with your own.

“Let me go,” I ground out, still angry about the fight. You just laughed.

“I don’t think so, can’t let you think it’s okay to fight with me. I make the rules here.” You bared your teeth, dragging them up the length of my neck before dropping to just above my shoulder and biting hard, leaving twin red crescents that swiftly expanded across the edges with purple bruises. I gasped with the flash of pain. You ground your erection against me, holding me tight as I tried to pull myself up, away, across the counter top.

“Don’t you dare…” my voice trailed off, quavery with fear, and perhaps a touch of… anticipation?

“Don’t dare illegal bahis what?” you licked my neck again, this time letting your tongue wander up to my jaw line, then brought your mouth to my ear, nibbling on the lobe. I gasped.

“Please stop… I don’t wanna do this right now.” There was less conviction in my voice now, though. My resolve was wavering, and I was forgetting what the fight was about in the first place.

You bit my neck again, in the same place, but harder. Blood welled up slowly and trickled out of the punctures. Carefully you ran your tongue over the wound, your arousal building with every coppery drop. You dropped your free hand to trail down my side, cupping my breast momentarily before trailing lightly across the dampened crotch of my jeans. Under the fear I was trying to hide, and the protestations I was clinging to like a shield, there was the rich evidence of my own arousal, growing stronger with every lick of your tongue.

“Turning you on am I?”

I let out a frustrated squeal, wondering when I had let you get the upper hand in this situation. I was supposed to be mad at you, not leaning into you and moaning lightly. Almost against my will I found my hips twitching, lightly grinding my ass against the impressive bulge in your jeans. You released my arms, and they fell bonelessly to my sides. You reached around to undo my jeans, then slipped your thumbs in the waistband, pulling them down to my knees. I put up one final protest, struggling weakly as you unzipped your own pants.

“No, please…”

You stopped for a moment, but I still hadn’t called you by name, illegal bahis siteleri which meant I was into it. Sure there was the possibility that I was just too angry to remember how to put a stop to things when I really wasn’t into it, but you doubted that highly. You pushed your pants down and then grabbed my hips, rubbing your swollen cock down the crevice of my ass and brought it to rest at the dripping centre of my desire. You brought your hand back down and slid a finger into me as you used another to tease my clit. I moaned, a deep sound of pleasure. You slipped your other arm around my waist, pulling me against you, and slid a hand under my shirt to cup one pert breast, tweaking the nipple while you kept up your assault on my clit. You felt me growing even wetter, my breathing more rapid, your hands bringing me to a new plateau of arousal.

“Good girl,” you murmured into my neck before nipping at my earlobe again. “You’re gonna like this.”

You leaned me back over the counter, grabbed my hips and angled me just right – then plunged fully into me in one swift thrust. I screamed, my eyes nearly crossing at the sensation. He could have come on the spot, but he grit his teeth and held back. You groaned, reveling in the feel of me. You reached around to flick my clit once more, eliciting a shudder. You leaned in close to whisper in my ear.

“Oh, yeah, that’s good, eh baby?” you taunted me, starting a slow and steady rhythm. You nipped at my neck again, sucking and licking in time with your thrusts. You could feel the pressure building — you weren’t going to last much longer in my wet canlı bahis siteleri heat, and you were bound and determined to make me come before you did.

You pulled away and then flipped me on my back. I lay before you, pale, shaking, sweaty – utterly delicious. You pushed my knees back, realized the jeans were in the way, and stripped them off me. Once again I tried to scramble free, but you just crawled on top of me, grinning at my struggles. You grabbed my wrists, pinning them above my head and used your free hand to rip my shirt open, buttons popping everywhere. Another yank had my bra off, exposing me fully to you. I squirmed and thrashed, trying to worm away from the pleasure. You leaned in and captured one nipple in your mouth, flicking over it with your tongue, sucking hard as you slid your other hand back between my legs, fingers delving into my slick centre. I sobbed out a passionate moan, as my body responded to your ministrations. You kept it up, and my hips rose to meet your thrusting fingers. You brought your fingers up to my mouth, made me lick them clean, then positioned yourself between my legs and pushed into me slowly. After taking a moment to steady yourself, you picked up the rhythm, driving into me at a furious pace. You were on the brink, could tell I was too, and you viciously bit into my neck again. I let out a low wail, internal muscles clenching around you, as you felt yourself going over the edge as well. You came hard, moving slower to draw out the orgasm, expanding it to mind-bending proportions.

“So, we were fighting about?” You remained poised above me, testing the waters. I gave you a glassy eyed, confused stare, blinking a bit. Letting out your breath slowly, laying across my body for a moment, head resting between my breasts, you grin. I reach down to run my fingers lightly through your hair.

“Fine, you win.”

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