Dreamy Encounters


Her husband had just left for the grocery store. She knew she had about an hour at best. Her fingers rapidly texted me: “R u free?” I knew what that meant.

I dropped what I was doing and rushed to her apartment, my heart pumping more and more quickly, sending blood elsewhere in my body. I could feel my pants getting tighter.

Before I could knock, she opened the door. She had been watching for me through the peep hole. My mouth opened wide as she stood there before me, gloriously unclothed. Her creamy white skin glowed under the fluorescent lighting, and my eyes tried to take in every curvy inch of her body.

She jumped up onto me, tearing off my shirt as I carried her to the nearest surface I could find- the kitchen counter. I sat her bare butt on the granite, and she leaned back. I inhaled the sweet aroma of her womanhood, and I kissed her pussy delicately, at least at first. She began moaning, and the more she did, the more my tongue swirled over her swelling clitoris.

I squeezed her breasts while licking up her juices as they ran down her lips onto the ataşehir escort counter. I stopped only for a moment to unzip my pants, as the pressure was unbearable. I then continued to devour her.

Her body shook as she succumbed to her highest pleasure. She said, “That hasn’t happened in sooo long.” I was about to please her with my erect, dripping penis, but we heard someone whistling, coming down the hall.

“Hide!” I grabbed my shirt from the floor and stepped into the coat closet. She put on her robe and opened the door for her husband, as he came in with a load of bagged groceries. “Set them in the kitchen, please. I’m just about to get in the shower.”

He obliged and immediately walked to the living area away from the door. She let me out as soon as he was out of sight. I kissed her cheek and scurried out. I couldn’t wait until she texted again…

Later that night, across town, it was time for another woman to have a little fun…

She was dreaming of unicorns. He was dreaming of something else…

He watched avcılar escort as she slept. It was late when he had returned home from work; he could tell that she had tried to wait on him, as the lamp from her nightstand still cast a warm glow on her face. She hadn’t even removed her bathrobe before falling asleep on the large bed.

He admired her delicate features. His hand caressed the bottom of her leg, slowly sliding up it, displacing her cotton robe covering. She stirred slightly but did not awake. His fingers continued upward, over her hip and to her neck, completely revealing her nakedness.

In her dream, she was in the forest, being nuzzled by a huge white unicorn. She desperately wanted to ride this creature.

He removed his suit and mounted her. She must have been so tired, because she barely moaned in acknowledgement. He hadn’t been around to treat her like she deserved lately. He hoped that she would enjoy waking to his loving.

Gently, he wrapped his mouth around her left nipple and began flicking it with the tip of avrupa yakası escort his tongue. It immediately hardened. While he continued to flick and suck, he glided his penis back and forth over the folds of her outer lips. They responded with a glistening wetness that he could feel slickening his manhood. He entered a few moments later, thrusting deeply. She squealed in delight, though her eyes remained close.

She dreamed she was on the unicorn, bareback. It was sauntering to start, but now, it was galloping full force. She could feel her pussy rubbing against it, and she was becoming more and more excited. She wished she could ride forever! The unicorn flew through the air. She, too, was soaring- to new heights of pleasure.

He continued to thrust and could feel her body tensing. She was breathing heavily; each breath quivered with intensity. He knew she would be coming soon, whether she awoke or not. He knew he would then as well.

“Yes, yes!” she screamed as she awoke from her dream. The unicorn had just flown her high into the heavens. As her eyes opened, she realized she was experiencing ecstasy in real life. Her body was contracting as wave after wave of incredible orgasm washed over her. Her vagina closed around his penis, and he delivered his full load deep inside her. She smiled as she fully awoke, and he laid beside her. Wet dreams are the best.

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