dressing up with my friend

dressing up with my friendever since i was young iv always had a fetish for womens lengerie.when i turned 14 i used to love going into my sisters bedroom and jerk off with her bras.then about a year later i met a friend at school and we started hanging out every weekend and sometimes he would sleep over and we would watch porn and jerk off on the couch together and if my family was not home we would go into my sisters room and go through her bras and panties and jerk off with them. at the time she was 17 so she had a pretty good selection of sexy lingerie.one night my parents and sister were out and we stole some of my parents booze,got drunk and started jerking off with my sisters bras while we watched a porn. i guess that night we were both really horny and my kıbrıs escort friend started so say how he would love to get a handjob. at the time we were both virgins. iv never even had a girl touch my cock before. after a few more minutes went buy he said that he would jerk me off if i jerked him off after. i thought it was a little weird but i was really horny and wanted to feel what it was like for some to play with my dick. so i agreed and he came and sat beside me on the couch and wrapped his hand around my cock and started stroking it. it was the best feeling iv ever had i ended up cumming right away. after that he said it was his turn so i started and he blow his load right away. after that we passed out. the next morning when we woke up it was kind escort kıbrıs of wierd but he went home and we didnt really talk about it till the next weekend. but all week all i could think about was getting my dick jerked off again. so on friday i told him my parents were away for the weekend and he came over. when he came over we started to talk about i could tell he was really horny. so we went into the basement and he started to rub my cock through my jeans but i stopped him and said i have an idea. i said what if we went into my sisters bedroom and we both dressed up in her cloths it would be like a girl was jerking us off. i knew he would like the idea because he loves jerking off with my sisters bras. so we went upstairs and picked out some sexy bras kıbrıs escort bayan and panties and a little skirt. once we were dressed up he dimmed the lights in my sisters bedroom and came up to me and slid his hand up my skirt and started rubbing my cock through my sisters panties. my dick was so hard i couldnt stop staring at the sexy little pink bra he was wearing while he jerked me off. the next thing i know i was standing in my sisters bedroom and he goes down on his knees lifts up my skirt and put hi mouth around my cock. WOW i couldnt belive it im getting my dick sucked by somebody wearing my sisters bra and panties. after about a minute i ended up cumming and did not think to warn him and accidently shot some in his mouth. after a came i started to jerk him off i felt a little wierd about putting my mouth on his cock but i did and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be plus he was wearing my sisters panties and her panties always smell so good like a perfume so that made it much easeier.

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