Early Sunday morning


Early Sunday morningI had finally finished my period on the Friday night. My husband, daughter and myself had a rather busy Saturday as we had friends over for a late afternoon lunch. After the late lunch around 5pm our friends had left, my hubby was a bit drunk from the number of drinks he had and went upstairs to shower and soon was past out. I bathed our daughter and then first watched some tv with her, before she fell asleep. I carried her to her bed and then went to have a shower and hopped into bed as well, falling asleep soon afterwards. I woke up to my husband playing with my pussy. He started to make me real horny as I slowly widen my legs for him as he fingered me. Soon my body was tensed and I was moaning as he brought me to orgasm with his finger in me rubbing in my G spot at 2am in the morning. bahis firmaları I turned to him to give him a kiss. Soon I was on top of him and entering his hard cock into my wet pussy. I started riding him back and forth and he soon neared to cum, when he pulled his cock out of me and rolled me onto my back. He spread my legs and went down on me. Licking my pussy and clit as I moaned from the pleasure. He soon moved up kissing my belly till arriving at my hard erect nipples and sucking on them. His hard cock soon entered my wet pussy again and my husband started fucking me hard. My legs were spread upwards wrapping around his waist as he fucked me with hard passion making me scream from pleasure. His cum soon shot into my pussy as he moaned till he had finished orgasmning. Out of breath he laid kaçak iddaa down on top of me. And I rubbed his back. His cock soon left my pussy as he rolled onto his back. We struggled to fall asleep again, so we laid watching tv. I moved to lay in his arm and placed my hand on his soft dick. I slowly started massaging his dick and balls and he slowly started to grow hard again. While jerking him off, I started kissing him passionately soon he pulled me to be on top of him again. I guided his cock into my pussy while our mouths were lock and tongues exchanging saliva. I sat up and started riding him back and forth while he placed his hands on my boobs and massaged them and pinched my nipples as I road him. I started running out of breathe when my husband said to me “kneel like bitch”. I got on all 4s kaçak bahis and he entered his cock into me and started thrusting away. He fucked me roughly in doggy style making me scream once more from pleasure of a hard rough fuck. And he soon as well ran out of breath before managing to cum. He pulled out of me and fell down to his back. I laid over his body and started to suck his cock. He stretch to my reach to my bum, squeezing it before finding his way to my pussy. While I sucked his cock he fingered me soon making me to moan while having his cock deep in my mouth. While deepthroating my husband he started shooting his cum down my throat as he moaned from enjoyment. Once he had finished his load I went to spit it out what cun i had left in my mouth into the basin. I rinsed my mouth out  Before climbing back into bed and giving him a kiss while drifting back to sleep.It was an early morning wake up call which was sure worth it. A good lay and a good last few hours of sleep before waking up in the morning again.

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