Early to Rise


It was a sunny morning and Nicole was in the garden. She had let me sleep in. I was still smiling from the kiss she left me on the forehead before getting out of bed. I watched her hot ass all the way out the door before rolling over to sleep for another hour.

She preferred to do the gardening first thing in the morning so it didnt come in the way of any plans she had during the day. I had just woken up and I was thinking of her. Replaying her hot ass walking across the bedroom floor earlier in the morning. A pair of hot pink panties, with no bra or top. Thats not how she was gardening though. She must have crept in as I slept silently to get changed into some older clothes.

Either way, I was going to fuck her. I could just imagine that hot ass bouncing about as I pounded her with my rock hard cock. She was so hot and such a turn on I was already aroused. I quickly jumped out of bed and made my way to the back door.

I peered through the window and saw her. In her gardening gear. A pair of oldish trackies, an old t-shirt, socks, shoes and gloves. Despite it not being her best outfit she still looked gorgeous. So hot and so sexy. Her blonde hair glistened in the sun as she rocked back and forth pulling out weeds. She was sitting on her shins with her legs slightly spread and her ass between her heels. She would wrap her hand around a group of weeds with a nice firm grip. She would then give it a pull and they would pop out of the ground.

I was wearing boxers and an old t-shirt that I wore to bed. The boxers were in celebration of the 2006 football world cup. I knew where the playing field that I most wanted to score was. A warm sexy pussy nestled in a pair of hot pink panites sitting mere meters away from me.

I liked creeping up to Nicole and suprising her with a tight hug. I slowly opened the door and began to make my way out. I treaded through the grass like a cat on the prowl for a bird (although on two legs). Softly, carefully, not upsetting the grass or making a sound. This seemed to be working because Nicole was still focusing on her weeding.

I beşiktaş anal yapan escort was within a meter of Nicole and started to extend my arms slowly. Suddenly I felt a clump of grass hit my face, followed by the sound of uncontrolable giggling. Not only had Nicole been eying me but she had also planned to be the one to surprise the other. The next clump of grass hit my crotch.

That was all I needed to pounce on her and roll her onto her back. I started kissing her passionately all over the mouth, cheeks, chin, neck and ears. Basically where ever I could press my lips while trying to hold her down and prevent her from rubbing dirt or grass in my hair as she laughed uncontrollably.

My crutch was pressed hard against hers and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She stopped being cheeky and started to passionately kiss me. I started to debate whether or not to be the naughty one but her sweet tasting lips were too much to resist. Between long pashes I would suck her tongue and run mine around her mouth.

She started rubbing her hands around my ass, varying between tight grips and massages. My attention was on her perky firm breasts. Her hands felt good rubbing my ass. She would occasionally press hard and I could feel my cock rubbing hard against her pelvis. I took off her top and stared at her breasts. I licked my lips obviously and she smiled. I then dived head first into her breasts.

They were soft and tasted very nice. I hardened her nipples between my lips, moving from one to the other. I was pleasuring all parts of her breasts with a variation of licks, nibbles, sucks, and using my whole mouth to massage them. Nicole began to moan with pleasure. I could sense she was getting really horny.

“Can you wait for a bit? I need to get comfortable.” she said.

I stood up expecting her to wiggle onto a more comfortable part of grass but instead she pushed me backwards and pounced on me. She took my top off and threw it away. She started to kiss me all over my chest. I was stroking her hair and beşiktaş bdsm escort the sides of her face before massaging her hot sexy ass. I got an instant image of the ass that I was eying earlier. It felt so nice. I began to playfully run my fingers down her tail bone. She kissed down my stomach and ripped my boxers off.

The precum gripping to my boxers broke off and she quickly licked it up. She stood up kicking away her shoes. She then slowly took off her trackies. Normally she would take her trackies and panties off separately but this time she took them both off in one go. Very slowly revealing her pelvis, then her hot pussy, then her thighs, knees, and finally shins.

Nicole kicked off her trackies and panties and stood in front of me wearing only a pair of socks.

She then walked up to me until her pussy was very close to my face. The aroma was very inviting. I layed down on my back and smiled. She turned around and shook her ass in a sexy and teasing manner. She gradually sat down on my face. it wasnt long before her pussy had met my lips. I instantly licked up all of the juices that were waiting for me and started work on all parts of her pussy.

Nicole leant forward and started to lick the tip of my cock with her tongue. She ran her tongue all around the head, and up and down the slit of it, taking in all the precum. It felt so sexy and I instantly inserted my tongue into her pussy. Nicole gently thrusted against my tongue letting me do most of the work and guide the pace and length.

As I did this she wrapped her mouth around my cock. I could visualise it disappearing as she bobbed down lower and lower until her mouth was pressed against my balls, and then back up again. She let out a little gag and took a breath of air before going down again. She did it a couple of times before getting into a comfortable rhythm of only bobbing up and down half way. As she sucked my cock she ran her tongue all around it. Down the sides as she went down, and in circles around the tip as she reached the top.

My tongue beşiktaş elit escort was making its way up and down her slit. I worked up to her clit and teased it with the tip of my tongue, then went back down to lick up the juices she was releasing. It tasted so nice and I knew Nicole was enjoying it immensly. I made sure all parts of her pussy was being pleasured, massaging her ass with my hands as I did.

I rubbed nicole on the back and told her that I wanted to fuck her now. She slowly got up and teased me with her ass once again. She placed down our clothes to make an area for her to lay on. She was on all fours making sure it was comfortable. Thats where I decided I was going to give it to her. I got behind her and pressed my cock hard against her.

Instinctively Nicole thrusted her ass in the air. I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. Teasingly I rubbed it up and down her pussy. Nicole began to moan as I pressed it in gently. I pushed it deeper and deeper before I found myself in a nice fucking rhythm.

My balls were bouncing about underneath her as I slammed my pelvis into her ass cheeks time and time again. Her pussy was very warm and extremely moist. I reached underneath and started rubbing her clit with my finger. Nicole reached down and gently massaged my balls. She was excited at the juices that were brewing up inside, waiting to be exploded into her pussy.

I began to pick up the pace and we were making sloshing sounds. The moans and squeals that Nicole made was such a turn on. I ran one hand up to her bouncing boobies and started to play with her nipples. She reached her hand up to guide it across her breasts before returning it to the ground for support.

I picked up pace faster and faster because I knew I was going to cum. I could feel Nicole clenching tight like she was holding onto her inevitable explosion. I ran my fingers down her tailbone and shot jet after jet of warm thick cum deep inside her pussy. She climaxed all over my cock.

We were both panting like mad and I invited her to lay on my chest. She kissed it gently as I stroked her hair.

I kissed her gently and she began to smile. First lovingly, then cheekily.

“Do you know what?” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“You can finish the weeding,” she laughed and threw the gloves at my chest.

She jumped up and ran inside laughing uncontrollably. I chased her into the shower.

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