Ebony TVCD Turned Out


Ebony TVCD Turned OutPurge, purge, purge, hotter, hotter, hotter, how it is, true story, more forthcoming. Over the years, I have gone out walking very early mornings, to prance and strut, usually wearing shorts or short-shorts, with tennis shoes or flip flops, sometimes bringing dresses and high heels along if the environment right. It was mostly for my own experiences to test how I truly felt and later became for my own pleasures, although simultaneously sorta expecting and/or looking for another hard dick to please, sure enough, inevitably. To my surprise, straight appearing men got at me almost immediately, unrelentingly, on a very consistent basis for a number of years, which I was only prancing and bouncing in short-shorts and flip flops during this time, still men were consistently with stiff hard cocks positioning themselves around me, it never failed, can’t remember a time it ever did.One early morning, some crazy talking older men actually circled me, giggling, laughing out loud and gesturing repeatedly in my direction while I exercised or pretended to, but really was getting aroused by being out like that, being stalked, sometimes seriously.Definitely, I was seeing a number of very hard dicks getting at me, this was both interesting and confusing, something I wanted to pursue more to get a much better assessment of my reality.Previously, it was only some repressed thoughts bahis firmaları or fantasies, nothing more, hadn’t looked directly at men cocks, certainly not any sustained looks.Despite the fact, years earlier my very long-term (many years) “gg” girlfriend and I while at a Swinger’s Club, experienced a man groping her from behind and summoning me forward whereby he placed a historic deep kiss on me and grabbed and palmed my booty, saying he was going to fuck me too.Of course, this did not happen, however, both of us got in my girlfriend’s ass, “what goes around, comes around”, betcha.So, I completely shaved my legs, started only wearing flip-flops when going out very early mornings, true enough, surprisingly more and more hard cocks came at me, totally unexpected.On many occasions, over some years, I would be outside like this and actually was a nervous wreck and dizzy as well, from fear and excite, both.Later, I started oiling my legs with a mild sweet scented oil, got the adrenaline spiked even further, apparently some of the men took notice, when once a man walked past me and whispered “damn you smell good bitch”, went on about his way, or, so I thought, then I look up and see a big strong powerful white cock in his hands, him gesturing to me to keep on doing my my thing and sure enough he busted a nut, called me a derogatory name and immediately took off.That stiff kaçak iddaa hard dick was with me for a long time, still is…finish true story later. A few weeks later, while I was out, the same guy passed me and whispered in my ear, “you don’t recognize me but I recognize you, a friend of mine is the man who ‘TURNED YOU OUT’ years ago. Damn, I thought, should have known living in this small town was going to be a problem, never fails. Of course, I had to do what i had to do, just outright asked him if he wanted to FACE FUCK ME and bust a nut in my mouth. He said yes, but I want some of the ass too bitch, something I wasn’t expecting at all, made me kinda scared, so my reply was what about later, maybe next time, mutually agreed. I was still talking, apparently too much so, when he slapped the shit out of me and screamed like a lunatic, on your knees whore, which I did, again, apparently not fast enough, when he put me in cold blooded choke-hold, had me fucked me-although it was erotic to some degree or so it seemed, couldn’t completely decipher the difference really.Next thing I know, this Nut had me in LOCKED DOWN FULL-NELSON, myself couldn’t move a lick, hard dick was between my butt cheeks, thought to myself this MotherFucker got me now, I knew it too.I actually passed out (since I had already consented to his aggression and had told him so days before, we both knew, just didn’t kaçak bahis know how I would react), not sure if due to fear, excitement, or both or lack of oxygen, do know I woke up with a face full of cum.Later I also discovered Nut case had video taped everything, how don’t know but I later watched him on his phone (jacking off in my face) so it was real.At that point, it was kinda obvious only a matter of time before he got up in my black ass, truth is he had repeatedly made it completely clear it was inevitable.Just didn’t have a clue he would Punk me the way he did, definitely had me and was nothing I could do about it, knew it, cause deep inside we both knew I was and am a true slut…For about two or three times a week for the next several months, I would see him drive past my house, every time, he would park his SUV, get out, open the side door and shine one of those super beam flashlight at different items, each time, different style lady dresses, lingerie, garters, spandex, bras, panties, even some high heels, then would point at my window and drive off.Quietly to myself, I was thinking what does he think or know or even myself for that matter, for during those times it wasn’t really clear to me either, basically was only swinging booty in short-shorts here and there over the years, nothing more ever.My thoughts and feelings were peaked all those months, never-ever did I outright resist nor gesture for him to stop it, could only look at him wide-eyed and confused, seeing him sorta grin every single time, laughter followed.Not a story, it happened, and there is a helluva lot more soon…

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