Eighteen Ch. 03


Missy called me a half hour later. “Okay, where am I meeting you?”

“Victoria’s Secret.”

“Oh. Um. Okay.”

I grinned. “See you in a couple of minutes.”

I clicked off and resumed staring at the models on the massive poster displays in the front of the store. I knew they were fake. I knew they were airbrushed beyond belief. But that didn’t make them any less unbelievably hot. I stared at every curve, the curves down below and the tight, perky curves up top.

No real person had a body like that. Me and Missy, at eighteen, came close. But our tight, supple youth would fade away in a few years. Probably in less than a decade. And even at our best, I knew we’d never look as good as the supermodels that adorned the front of this and every other lingerie store in the world. Hell, I knew that the models themselves didn’t match up to this look in person. This was the product of makeup, perfect lighting and people who were way too good at Photoshop.

So they were fantasies. So what? That didn’t make staring them up and down any less pleasurable. Knowing the truth did nothing to chill the budding warmth growing in my stomach.

“What’s up, perv?” Missy sidled up next to me and joined me in staring at the posters.

“Not much. Just enjoying the view.”

“You know they don’t look—”

“Anything like that in person,” I finished. “I was just thinking about that. But so what? I’d still fuck’em.”

She giggled. “And now, you can.”

“And now I can. Come on. We’re going to make a few initial selections before Scott shows up.”

“Oh, boy,” she said reluctantly. “Are we doing what I think we’re doing?”

“If bursa escort you think we’re putting on a show for that poor, sweet boy who won’t know what hit him, then yes, you are totally correct,” I said. “We’re going to get him hornier than he’s ever been before in his life.”

“Pretty cruel to work him up like that and then not deliver.”

“Who says we aren’t going to deliver?”

Missy laughed, then stopped and looked at me. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I’m deadly serious,” I said, meeting her gaze fearlessly. “You, me and Scott. Tonight. That’s the birthday present I want.”

Her eyes widened another notch. “Wait…what…all three of us?” she finished lamely.

“You’re goddamn right,” I insisted. “I want you, and I know you’re no stranger to that. And I want Scott, and you definitely do, too. You won’t shut up about it.”

Her eyes flashed with hurt for a moment. “Wait…you like Scott?”

I shrugged. “Not the way you do. I just want this one, crazy experience with my two best friends for my first time. And then he’s all yours. Trust me. After the things I’m going to help you do to him tonight, he’ll be putty in your hands.”

She looked around, uncertain, but I caught a quickening in her breath. I would have bet that if I’d put my hand on her chest—something I was already itching to do—her heart would be going like a racehorse.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m even thinking about this,” she muttered.

“I want you to do more than think about it,” I said quietly. “I want you to picture it. Every outfit we try on, every show we put on for Scott, I want you to picture taking it one bursa escort bayan step further. Because if you’re on board, you know Scott will be down. And this is all I want for my birthday. Seriously. All. I. Want.”

She shook her head. “I don’t know, Angie.”

“Then let the rest of the day play out how it will. If I haven’t convinced you by the time we’re done with dinner, I’ll drop it.”

“You promise?” she asked, eyes narrowing.

“Yes,” I said with a sly smile. “But I’ll bet you the first orgasm of the night that you’ll be ready to go by the time we’re done here.”

She giggled. “Okay. If I do agree, then that’s a bet.”

By the time Scott showed up, we’d already selected a bunch of pieces. Skimpy, lacy thongs. Bras that covered the whole package, push-up bras that made the package look three times bigger, and thin, skimpy bras that were see-through and only about two steps up from dental floss. All of them in blue—because that was Scott’s favorite. I was glad. Blue’s always gone fantastic with my red hair, and it sat nicely with Missy’s dark, dark brown, too.

Scott, flabbergasted, was shoved into a chair outside the dressing rooms. Missy and I changed in the same room. I’d seen her naked plenty of times before, but the thoughts of what I wanted to do to her that night made me hotter than a firecracker. I kept stealing glances at her naked body, and I knew it wasn’t just my imagination that she was doing the same.

We emerged in our first “outfits,” parading them before Scott. He could only gape. I saw a slowly-growing bulge form in his pants. It looked impressive.

“Do you like them?” I asked.

He escort bursa nodded weakly.

I turned and clutched Missy’s hand, pulling her to me. I wrapped a hand around her waist, pulling her close. I could feel her rock-hard nipples pressed against mine through two layers of fabric. There was a heat between our hips that wasn’t all mine.

“Do they look better like this?” I breathed.

“Um…oh my fucking hell yes,” gulped Scott.

“Okay, keep them in mind,” I said. “We’ll bring out some more.”

This time in the dressing room, our thongs and bras disappeared in a flash. I had conveniently left my next set of underwear on the other side of the dressing room. I pressed up against Missy as I slid by her. Our tits slid across each other, our nipples teasing each other as they brushed by. My face was an inch from hers, and I felt her breath hot and heavy on my own lips.

With a jerk she pressed forward, wrapping her lips around mine. Her arm reached around to clutch my ass as her other hand leapt down to the gap between my legs.

I wrapped my tongue around hers, burying my hand in her hair and drawing us both deeper into the kiss. I moaned into her mouth as I felt her fingers brush against my opening.

Then I pushed her hand gently away, leaning back and stepping out of her reach.

“Not yet,” I said, ignoring my heaving chest that sent my tits bouncing up and down like I was jogging. “Not until it’s both of you. So does this mean you’re in?”

Missy growled in frustration. “Fuck it,” she moaned. “Fine. But only if you give me one more kiss right now.”

I grinned and pressed forward. As our mouths merged, I pressed my pussy into hers, grinding them together. I wanted to push it further, but I had to restrain myself. I backed up, once again out of her reach.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s give Scott another preview.”

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