Ellie And The Home Credit


Ellie And The Home CreditThis is a story about Bill Winter, Bill is a 61yo married man and just stumbled through life, he worked in the home credit industry and enjoyed his job and had a relatively happy life. He was fit and healthy and didn’t look his age.Today Bill had driven his wife to the airport as she was off for a week to visit family, Bill had to work and couldn’t go with her but this was a normal occurrence so nothing out of the ordinary.It was just before 9am on this warm Saturday morning and as Bill was driving back he had to put out of his mind that he would be without his wife for a week and focus on the day as he had an appointment with a customer who wanted further finance, his customer was Ellie who was a single mother of 40 who had a teenage daughter, Ellie was a regular customer who I had met a few times, very pleasant and if I am honest was quite hot for a 40yo, I had never met her daughter Sophie but from previous meetings I got the impression they were a close and happy family.It was warm and I didn’t think anything of the fact I was in a pair of shorts and button up shirt, the shorts were of the dress kind with button and zipper so was deemed acceptable dress code in the summer months. I pulled up in the driveway of Ellies house, she lived in a first floor flat which was the top floor of a semi detached house in a nice area, I had no concerns as I rang her bell, I waited a few minutes and then decided to call her, she answered “Oh fuck, Bill.. I am so sorry I overslept, give me a second” she said in a sleepy voice before hanging up.I giggled to myself because although Ellie was a nice lady she was a bit s**tty and it wasn’t long before the front door opened. “Sorry Bill” a sleepy eyed Ellie said as she stood there in a long nightdress that covered her slender body quite nicely, I could see she didn’t have a bra under it as the outline of her smallish boobs were clearly visible, she invited me in and then proceeded to walk back up the stairs to her flat, OMG I wasn’t expecting the sight that was before me as Ellie walked slowly up the stairs, it was difficult not to look up and see her sweet arse cheeks under her nightdress, she was wearing a pink and black thong and the string was tight up her crack and I could clearly see the bulge of her tight cotton clad pussy, I wasn’t expecting that.Ellie looked flustered, “Please, take a seat” she said pointing to the sofa in her front room, the kitchenette was at the back of the room, “Fancy a coffee?” she asked as I sat down as instructed. “Yes please Ellie, and calm down, I am in no rush” I said as she stood at the sink putting water in the coffee maker, her nightdress had caught in the crack of her arse as the light shone through the window.“Sorry Bill” she said as she frantically looked for her gown, I repeatedly told her not to worry and in the end she gave up and relaxed a little more, it’s wasn’t as if she was indecent after all.I sat there watching Ellie make the coffee, she was quite pretty for her age and she had long black hair and dark eyes and she looked quite fit, as she stood by the counter I could see she had a nice shapely rounded bubble butt, she looked a lot younger than 40 and I must confess I did get a little twinge in my loins while I sat there.She finished the coffee and came and sat down opposite me and as she sat down with a pile of papers in her hand I couldn’t help but take advantage of her sitting position, her pink and black panties could just be seen as she adjusted her position and then sat with the papers on her lap, knees together.She took a deep exhale of breath and composed herself, “Right Bill, I am ready” she said with a warm smile.I told her the process as we drank our halkalı escort coffee, that I needed to set her up on my system and then wait an hour before I could process it, I told her that this was my only call today and she suggested I could hang around for the hour, she even offered to knock up some breakfast, what a darling.I filled out the preliminaries and joked about her age, she even indicated that she thought we were about the same age and when I told her I was 61 she nearly choked especially as I commented that I was old enough to be her father which seemed to open a whole new conversation with her telling me that she hadn’t seen her father since she got pregnant with Sophie 15 years ago.I didn’t dig as she seemed upset by the events and just brushed it off and continued setting her up. As we spoke the mood seemed to be lighter and she kept giving me glimpses up her nightdress, I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or she was unaware but I certainly wasn’t complaining however the shorts that I was wearing was starting to show signs of my arousal, I wasn’t sure if Ellie had noticed but she didn’t make any comment. “More coffee and toast Bill?” she asked as she stood up getting my cup and walking back into the kitchen, this gave me an opportunity to adjust myself however seeing her moving around in the kitchen with the early morning sun shining through making her nightdress almost transparent didn’t help my cause.There was no pressure and I certainly didn’t think that Ellie was coming on to me, she knew I was happily married and by her own admission she had joked of her celibacy, we talked quite openly and probably too openly as first I joked about my lack of a sex life and then she joked that she hadn’t had sex since Sophie was born, even joking about her being slutty (her words) elaborating by saying how she dressed etc. we actually had a laugh about the youth of today.She came back and put the coffee and toast on the coffee table and as she sat back down she caught me looking up her dress and gave out a warm smile, “Bill?” she said softly as I averted my gaze, “Were you peeking up my nightdress?” she said as she clamped her knees together, Damn! She didn’t seem mad and it takes a big man to be honest so I admitted that I did sneak a peek, I could feel my face burning and it had nothing to do with the heat the sun was generating but Ellie soon squashed my embarrassment, “It’s ok Bill” she said smiling as I sat there like a little boy told off.“So, are you a panties man then Bill?” she asked and for some reason I felt relaxed as I answered her and again apologised for my lewd behaviour, Ellie relaxed her sitting position but not enough to allow me to continue looking, I actually made sure I kept eye contact at this point, “So, do you like brief type or thongs?” she asked, a quick glance at my watch told me we still had 45 minutes so I was keen to see where this conversation was going, “Oh definitely thongs” I said with a big smile knowing that is what she was wearing, “I love how the string fits snuggly between the arse cheeks” I said with an even bigger grin which did make Ellie giggle, “I see” she said softly, “So basically you like arse?” she said with a smile, I certainly won’t deny that.“You are a naughty man Bill” she said with a cheeky smile, I don’t think my perversions offended her and I got the impression she liked it. “So what is your underwear of choice Bill?” she asked acting like a inquisitive schoolgirl, I think the heat was getting to me as my face was burning again and I had to get control of the situation, I looked her straight in the eye which was difficult bearing in mind olgun escort her knees had parted again and the pink and black panties were again in view, “None usually Ellie” I said dead pan and I could see her gaze lower to my lap and just knew she had caught my arousal.“Oh I see” she said with a devilish smile on her face, I knew I wasn’t exposing myself as these shorts were tailored. I don’t know why I did what I did next but it turned out to be a good move but I just stood up and modelled them for her, her eyes widened as I stood in front of her and did a twirl, “See, you would never know” I said with a giggle knowing full well that she could see my boner underneath the fabric.“Wow Bill, they do fit well” she sighed looking directly at my groin and I must say my erection was clearly visible but as the shorts were made of an elasticated material it wasn’t as uncomfortable as it may have looked.“They fit well Bill, VERY well” she said as I sat back down, her knees were now at least a couple of inches apart and she didn’t seem to mind now and I had the perfect view, I could see the tightness around her crotch and a few stray black hairs poking out the sides, she knew I was looking. “Stand up Ellie, may I have a look at you then?” I asked more out of hope than anything else and was shocked when she replied, “I guess its only fair as you stood for me” and with that she stood up right in front of me with her legs slightly parted, she gave me that devilish grin again as she slowly lifted up her nightdress, inch by inch until it was around her waist and her pretty panties were now in full view less than a foot away from me, damn she was in touching distance but we hadn’t got that far yet.Her thong was tight and I could see her pubic hairs trying to escape from all directions, I could feel the warmth being generated and her pussy slit was visible as I stared, then she very slowly turned around and OMG I nearly creamed my shorts as her 40yo rounded bubble butt came into view, the string of her thong was tight between her cheeks and at first sight it looked like she was naked, never have I been more tempted to lean forward and kiss her cheeks but decided to see how it plays out. A quick glance down clearly showed a wet spot on my shorts where my precum had leaked out, one drawback of going commando.She seemed to like me looking at her arse as she held the position for what seemed like an eternity and then turned back to face me letting her dress fall back into place, “What do you think Bill, to your liking?” she asked and before I could answer she noticed the wet spot, “Oh dear Bill, looks like you have had an accident” she said with a giggle as the wet spot began to grow, she got down on her knees in front of me and pushed me back on the sofa, “Lets have a look and see what we can do” she said as she surveyed the offending spot, she reached out and touched the damp area and I felt her hand touch my cock, OMG it sent shockwaves through my body.“I think we need to undo these Bill so I can get a better look at it” she said softly and I wasn’t sure if she meant the wet spot or my cock but either way I was happy for her to proceed, she slowly started to unbutton my shirt from the bottom although I have no idea why but I just laid back enjoying it, as the last button came undone and my chest was exposed in all its glory she then ran her fingers softly down my belly to the button on my shorts, I had to breath in as she wrestled with it and when it popped open her fingers held the zipper and very carefully she lowered it and her eyes widened as my stiff rigid cock came şişli escort into view, “Mmm, WOW!” she sighed as she saw the throbbing member in front of her big dark eyes and she quickly put her hands into the waistband, “Lift up Bill” she said as she pulled my shorts right down and off me, Damn I had come here for business and was now damn near naked!She just looked at my full-on erection as if she was wondering what to do next, she said she had sworn to celibacy and probably hadn’t seen a cock in years and now she had a stiff 7 inches right in front of her face, maybe an exaggeration but 7 sounds good. As she kneeled there staring her hands started at my knees and gently ran up the inside of my thighs slowing down as she got to the top before cupping my swollen balls and base of my cock pulling my cock back so it stood like a tentpole. She looked up at me and no words were spoken as she slowly lowered her head until the tip of her tongue touched the swollen wet head, she licked around tasting my precum, “Mmm Bill, you taste so nice” she murmured as mu cock slowly disappeared inside her mouth.There was no rustiness, I guess sucking cock is like riding a bike, something you never forget as she spent the next minutes worshipping my cock as I laid back, she was so attentive and used her tongue well licking up and down the shaft then sucking on my balls before slowly taking the whole length in her mouth, I could feel the tightness of her throat as I went all the way in, she gagged a bit but got back onto it like a true professional.My sex life wasn’t great and I knew that when I explode it will be intense and I wasn’t wrong, as Ellie got to work like a sex crazed adolescent I could feel the tension rising and as my breathing increased I started to gently thrust slowly in Ellies mouth, she knew I was about to blow and braced herself, I let out an almighty groan as my cock started to pulsate and shoot my hot man seed deep into Ellies mouth, “Mmm” she sighed as she frantically started to swallow my hot ejaculate, I thought it would never end as months of built up frustration left my body.When it finally stopped Ellie lifted her head off of my softening cock and looked up at me, “Wow Bill, you certainly needed that” she said softly as she licked her lips while squeezing every last drop from me.“I had forgotten how good that stuff tasted” she said smiling as she gently massaged my cock, I looked down at her and could now clearly see her nipples poking through the cotton fabric of her dress, Mmm.She stood up with her back to me legs slightly apart and I reached forward and ran my fingertips down her back to the top of her rounded bubble butt, she sighed softly in anticipation as I pushed gently so that she bent over with her hands on the table, I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs taking her nightdress up to her waist and slipping it off over her head.The sight that was before me was exquisite, her rounded arse cheeks so close I could smell it so I gently caressed her cheeks pulling them apart exposing her puckered shaded arsehole and the thin black string of her thong sitting tight. Mmm it looked so sweet, the way her black hairs ran from between her legs thinning out and just a few hairs around her hole, very nice.She sighed softly as she felt my hot breath as my head got closer and jumped slightly as my tongue made contact and ran the full length of her crack down to the bulge between her legs, her thigh gap was perfect.I could feel her breathing increase as my tongue poked and prodded while I held her cheeks wide apart, my tongue flicking and pushing, “Damn Ellie, you have the best arse” I said as I feasted. I pulled her as close as I could as I felt my tongue push in her forbidden entrance, she gyrated slowly and could sense her enjoyment as she pushed back on my face, it was so frenzied that I thought I was trying to get my head up her arse, she shook and she spasmed and screamed out as she reached orgasm with my face firmly wedged between the cheeks of her arse.I didn’t hear the footsteps, “WTF Mum” came the voice from the doorway, we both froze!!To be Continued….

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