Emma Cums to London Ch. 03


It is worth reading the first two parts of this story before reading this one. Constructive feedback is welcome.


Emma and Ellie sat in the internet café. There was a problem with their plane and they were unlikely to be leaving for another four hours at least. Both girls had thought Adam was being paranoid when he said, “Email me if there is any problem with the flight and if I have already left home I can pick it up at Heathrow.

Fortunately he had not left home and was just doing his last minute check of the email before jumping onto the underground. Adam had arranged to hire a car at Heathrow which was going going to go on the girls’ expenses.


Hi Emma and Ellie,

Thanks for letting me know. Do you want to stay there and chat till you know more? Can you use Yahoo chat from the café? I use Linux on my computer so I don’t do MSN. You could let me know what you are wearing so I can spot you quicker at the airport.

I don’t have any pictures of you in clothes other than your gym stuff.


Adam felt that talking to both of them he had to be a little more formal. He knew that Emma had kept their long distance relationship secret from Ellie. He did smile however at the reference to pictures which he was sure Emma would pick up on.

He finished off the email and a couple of minutes later found out that while Emma did not have a yahoo account Ellie did. He added her as a friend which would allow his chat client to accept PM’s. and a short while after that they started to chat.

Adam was not sure if they were teasing him or not with some of what they posted.


Ellie is wearing shorts that are so short she will probably get arrested but then she would probably find a way to enjoy that! She also has a crop top on that almost covers her tits but that is about all. Oh and no bra!

I am wearing a long green skirt and matching top that make it very clear that I am the sensible one here.

Oh and you don’t really need to worry about what we are wearing. We practised this the other day. Ellie will be standing on my shoulders carrying the two suitcases. There probably won’t be anyone else doing that!


A bit later Adam knew that at least some of what he was reading was intended to wind him up. Ellie was now at the keyboard and Adam wondered if maybe she had guessed at their relationship.


The other thing you should know that will help you spot us is that Emma is going commando. She has gone off to try and find out if anything is happening yet. Did you know that we both shaved before the big competition? Her pussy looks really nice. I don’t normally go for women but I was tempted or would have been if there had been time that day.

Emma just hit me lol.

She has managed to get us swapped to another flight and paid a bit extra to upgrade us to first class. I think she wants to lie back and let her skirt ride up to show her pussy.


Emma must have wrestled the keyboard back.


I can’t believe Ellie said that! Maybe I will drop her in the competition. Otherwise I will have to find another way of getting my own back.

We güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri have to go through to the boarding area now. You have got the new flight no. See you soon.



Emma and Ellie watched the pre-flight safety film with almost as little interest as the regular business flyers that made up most of those in their section of the plane. Once they had reached cruising hight and the noise was a little less Ellie started probing.

“As we are going to be staying with him, tell me a bit more about Adam.”

Emma wasn’t going to give everything away in one go and she certainly didn’t want Ellie moving in on her territory.

“Well he is about five years older than us, works as a psychiatric nurse and does circus skills as a hobby, both acrobatic balancing and catching for the flying trapeze.”

This much Ellie already knew and she became impatient.

“I know that but does he have a nice body? Does he have a big prick?”

This was entirely too close to what Emma didn’t want to say.

“He is fit, probably not as fit as we are, because he only does it as a hobby. And the photographs and videos of his circus stuff don’t show any close ups of his crotch and even if they did he is wearing clothes in all of them.”

They were interrupted by a steward offering them the free drinks that went with first class. Emma stuck by the advice she had read and asked for a fruit juice. Ellie on the other hand asked for a large white wine and then proceeded to flirt outrageously with the steward.

Emma rolled her eyes though secretly she was glad that Ellie was distracted.

After the in flight meal and another glass of wine Ellie slept. Emma on the other hand found sleep elusive. The movie that was playing held no interest for her so she pulled out the book that she had taken with her and tried to read.

Emma found concentration difficult. Ellie’s talking about Adam’s prick had turned her on. She imagined his engorged member pressing against her, rubbing up and down the length of her wet snatch. Unable to bear it any longer Emma made her way to the toilet and despite the restricted space available even to first class passengers quickly brought herself to orgasm.

Paranoid that the smell of her sex would let Ellie guess what she had been doing should she wake, Emma took out the lemon scented wet cloth she hadn’t used after the meal and washed her cunt.

Returning to her seat Emma tilted it back as far as it would go and finally slept, dreaming of Adam’s hands exploring the curves of her body.


Adam arrived at Heathrow Airport about the same time the Airbus A300 touched down. That meant a lengthy wait till the two Canadians would appear through customs. Eventually Emma walked out of the restricted area Adam was unable to enter. Thirty seconds later Adam saw Ellie’s head appear, high above the crowd. She held a small case in each hand and seemed to have no trouble keeping her balance as Emma deftly negotiated the crowd. Adam noted a sizeable proportion of the male half of the crowd were enjoying the view afforded by Ellie’s short skirt.

Adam led them clear güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of the crowd, towards the car park. As soon as possible without causing an obstruction to the throng of humanity making their way out of the airport Adam hugged Emma whose lips locked on his, turning the hug into a serious snog.

Ellie took this opportunity to roll her own eyes, though this fact was completely lost on Emma and Adam. Eventually she coughed.

“Didn’t you say that we needed to hurry so that we can miss the rush hour?”

Remembering the number of times that Ellie’s flirting or dalliances had delayed her in the past didn’t hurry. When she did come up for air she laughed.

“Now you know what I felt like all those times you kept me waiting. Still we need to get to Adam’s, then after we have eaten we can get some rest before we start training tomorrow.”

It had been a long day for all of them, as well as hot and muggy. After they had eaten, Ellie bagged the shower first and true to form made her way to the bedroom she had chosen of the two offered with the large bath towel which could easily have completely preserved her modesty just wrapped around her middle. She made a point of entering the living room where Adam and Emma were snuggled up together to say goodnight to them.

Emma struggled with a variety of thoughts and emotions. Ellie was a real friend as well as a partner for their sports acrobatics. Was she seriously trying to muscle in on her territory? Was she just teasing? She did that with lots of people she had no intention of ever sleeping with. Her hand accidntally brushed Adam’s cock through his shorts. It was rock hard. Was that from being with her or seeing Ellie?

With a boldness she didn’t really feel Emma made her move.

“Why don’t you join me in the shower and you can compare Ellie’s tits with mine?”

Three minutes later Adam was soaping, stroking and massaging virtually every square inch of Emma’s body. Emma for her part revised her estimate of Adam’s size in an upwards direction. Despite her reading she wondered whether it would fit and how much it would hurt, momentarily forgetting that her gymnastics had torn her hymen years ago.

From the attention they were getting there was little doubt that Adam liked her breasts. Either that or he was giving them a very thorough examination to see if he liked them better than Ellie’s. His examination of her breasts was now being carried out by his tongue and lips while Adam’s right hand squeezed a buttock and his left was going where no man’s hand had been before, even through clothes.

Emma’s breathing grew more rapid as Adam’s fingers gently traced circles around her labia. The onslaught of sensation was almost too much for her and Emma’s mouth started to emit sounds of pleasure. Two fingers pushed deeper inside her well lubricated cunt as Adam’s thumb made small circles around her clit. Without realising she was doing it her hips started to move as she fucked his fingers.

Ellie was just drifting off to sleep when she heard Emma’s scream.

“Fucking Jesus! That’s Cold!”

They had been in the shower so long the hot water had run güvenilir bahis şirketleri out. Ellie had not been able to make out Emma’s words but had reacted to the scream and wearing just the towel she had worn earlier entered the bathroom to find Adam, rampant, tenderly drying Emma with a towel and clearly enjoying it.

Shaking her head in disbelief she returned to her room. What had happened to sweet innocent Emma?

Ten minutes later, Emma lay on Adam’s bed, legs spread wide, his tongue having now replaced his thumb but two fingers working their way in and out of Emma’s love tunnel. Her hips pushed her wet vagina up into Adam’s face burying the full length of his fingers inside her. Soon she felt the crescendo of the first orgasm produced by a man as her vaginal muscles clamped hard on Adam’s fingers. Another scream filled the house and Ellie did her best to ignore it.


Adam lay on his side, his legs atop the inside of Emma’s right thigh, her left leg being bent up over Adam’s hip. Emma was gently brushing her lips with the large purple head of his penis, spreading the pre-cum that was oozing out around and mixing it with Emma’s own lubrication.

Her clitoris was still too sensitive for direct contact but between her tits and ass she still had more than enough erogenous zones to keep Adam’s tongue and hands occupied.

“Fuck me Adam! I don’t want to be a virgin any more!”

She placed the angry looking mushroom head centrally over her ready opening and Adam pushed his hips gently forwards. Knowing she was a virgin he was slow, allowing her time to get used to his girth each time before withdrawing and then pushing back in, only getting a little deeper every third or fourth stroke.

By the time he was fully inside her he was touching her cervix each time he pushed into her. Emma was only the third person he had had sex with and it had never been like this. Adam took his eyes away from Emma’s to look at her slit as his cock entered her depths yet again. His pubic hair rubbed against her sensitive button and seeing his member between those beautiful lips made him swell a little more.

Emma pulled her bottom hand out from under Adam’s body and with an urgency she had not felt before started frigging furiously on her clit. Sensing her need Adam speeded up his thrusts, extending them so that each time he withdrew he just left the tip of his manhood touching her labia before plunging back into her welcoming darkness.

When she came Adam was unable to hold back any longer, not that he wanted to and his own orgasm brought with it his own shouts to join with Emma’s screams of pleasure. Where had that come or cum from? He had never been vocal in sex before.

The next morning, despite Emma feeling a little sore they explored some other positions before getting out of bed. Ellie who was making coffee shouted out in mock exasperation.

“Didn’t you two get enough last night?”

A week later Emma and Ellie came second in the Sports Acrobatics Championship. They were disappointed but not overly so. They didn’t make any mistakes but on the day the flair that led to the perfect display back in Canada was not quite there. Still there would be more competitions.

Adam did base the two of them much to the delight of the audience that always gathers round an exceptional display of talent at the circus school and they still had a week and a half before returning to Canada. And Ellie had yet to get herself laid on the trip…

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