Emmy’s First MMF and More

Emmy’s First MMF and MoreEmmy’s first MMF and MoreMy flight had just arrive from Georgia, and Emmy was there to pick me up. She was dressed to kill. Hair and makeup done, tight black dress, stockings, and stilettos. It was Valentine’s day and I had made reservations at a four star restaurant in Indy. I had been gone since Christmas so needless to say it had been awhile. I got in the driver’s seat and before we were out of the lane she had my cock out, seconds later she was coating it is spit, forcing it all the way down her throat. While she was sucking me I pulled her little dress up to play with her pussy to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties, and that she had a jeweled plug in her ass. She was on her knees in the passenger’s seat and anybody passing us on the road could see her wet little cunt and tight ass on display. My cock muffled the sounds of her screaming “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Her juices were all over her legs and down her stockings. Soon after I blew my first load of the night down her throat.The rest of the ride she spent fixing her hair and makeup. She didn’t even bother to wipe her juices from her legs and stockings. I continued playing with her until we got to the restaurant. When we get there she drags me into the back of her SUV lays me down pulls my pants down to my knees and climbs on top. She’s so wet my cock slides right in. She pulls her dress up so I can see her cum dripping down my rigid cock. The plug in her ass makes her already tight pussy unbearable. Emmy pulls the top of her dress off exposing perky b cup tits with surprising me with her nipples pierced. She starts screaming, “I’m cumming! Cum with me baby! Fill my pussy up, I want to feel you explode inside me!” Just then I see a couple out in the parking lot watching us, the guy is rubbing himself through his pants and his lads is clearly aroused by the expression on her face. I instantly blow my load deep in her pussy. Emmy stays fully impaled on my cock for a minute enjoying the feeling of my throbbing cock buried deep in her and the cum starting to slide out around it.Emmy finally gets off of me and gets out of the car followed by me. Right in front of this couple I pull my cock back in and she casino siteleri pulls her dress up over her pierce tits, and down covering her leaked pussy. We just smile as we walk by towards our restaurant. As we walk in I notice there is a lot of my cum rolling down her leg. I’m not the only one to notice as I see the waiter staring between her legs as he seats us. Our waiter, Stephan, is a 6’3” black man about 230 lbs, only a couple years younger than me. From his vantage point he could see Emmys shaved, well used cunt, and all the cum leaking down it. Emmy notices him staring and shyly bites her lower lip and winks at him.The dinner is amazing, and the service was the best ever, probably because every time Stephan came to our table Emmy gave him a view of her pussy with even cum pooling on her chair. She even gives him a quick flash of her tits when nobody else was looking. When the dinner was over I left him a huge tip and a note with my number on it. I tell Stephan to call when he gets off for the night. When he finally calls I tell him what dance club we are at, and invite him to come meet us.Stephan got there around 12:30 and spends the first hour catching up on drinks, talking with me, and flirting with Emmy. Around 1:30 Emmy gets the urge to dance. She gives me a deep passionate kiss, then grabs Stephan by is big arm and drags him into the middle of the floor. Emmy being a good foot shorter than this stocky black man seems even more petite than normal. She starts grinding on him and rubbing her hands all over his muscular body. Stephan on the other hand has his hands all over her ass. First on the outside of her tight black dress then finally I see his had disappear underneath. I know he’s playing with the plug she still has in and her pussy by the way she’s biting her lip, and letting her eyes roll to the back of her head. He pulls his hand out from underneath her dress, and Emmy grabs it shoving the fingers covered in her juice in to her mouth. This gets Stephan, this giant black bull of a man, going. He grabs her by her hair pulls her head back and kisses her. They stay out on the dance floor rubbing each other over and under their clothes while making out for at least an canlı casino hour. Around 2:30 they come off the floor hot and horny as can be. We drink and do shots while Emmy and Stephan continue to flirt, kiss, and play with each other. Every now and then she’ll give me the look I know to mean she wants my cock deep inside her. Then her full attention returns to her black bull.The club closes around 3:30 and they finally force Emmy and Stephan to leave. I lead the way to SUV. When we get there I get in to drive, Stephan gets in the back seat, and I thought Emmy was getting in the front, but when I turn around is see her crawling into the back next to Stephan. She immediately pulls is 9” thick black cock out and starts sucking it. While driving I’m hard as a rock. I can’t see her in the rear view, but I can hear her gagging, and see Stephan’s head laying back in pleasure. Only about 5 minutes from our house the gagging stops. I look in the mirror again and see my tiny fiancé lowering herself down onto the Stephan’s thick 9” cock. Emmy continues riding her bull all the way to the house. Once we get there they stay in the back seat fucking until I unlock the door. Once the door is unlocked, I see Stephan get out of the back seat, carrying Emmy. Her legs are wrapped around his waist and his cock is buried deep in her little pussy. As she’s sitting on his cock they are kissing passionately while he carries her into the house and follows me to the bedroom.Once we get to the bedroom Stephan lays backwards onto the bed and continues his hard fucking of my tiny little Emmy. I sit back and watch for a while. I’m impressed with his stamina, and how his massive member is stretching out her pussy, a pussy that is tight around my 7” cock. I enjoy the view of her pumping her wet little cunt while she still has her plug in her ass. When I finally can’t take it anymore I go pull her plug out and shove it into her willing mouth. I lick her ass and spit in it to get it lubed. After rubbing the head of my cock around her gaping pussy I slowly start pumping it into her little tight little hole. Emmy is not only in the middle of her first threesome, but also her first DP. She’s already cum several times from kaçak casino Stephan’s massive cock, now that mine is filling her ass it is one orgasm after another. She’s begging her bull to blow is massive load deep into her unprotected uterus. Hearing this I shoot my third load of the night deep into her ass. Almost simultaneously Stephan buries his cock to the hilt in her and unleashes all he’s got. There’s so much that its already coming out the sides and down her legs. Emmy being the dirty little slut she is, and knowing how I’ll do anything she asks during sex instructs me to clean Stephan’s cock. I lick and suck it clean until she pulls me off of it and proceeds to sit on my face. First she has me clean his massive load from her legs, then pussy. After another orgasm she has me clean her ass. When I’m done she instructs me to sleep on the couch and leave our bed to her and Stephan.I wake up a few hours later to hear the shower going and her moaning. I peak in to see Stephan bending her over and stretching her pussy again. Just as I’m about to go back to bed is see him pull out, and start to work his head into her tight little ass. Now Emmy has never been keen on anal, but she knew how much I enjoyed it, so like to surprise me with a plug in or asking me to fuck her ass every so often. While watching her and Stephan I see that she’s actually forcing herself back on in trying to take then entire thing. I proceed to start stroking myself and soon blow my load into my hand. I clean up and go back to the couch. Half an hour later I wake up to Stephan giving Emmy a long deep good bye kiss. After he left Emmy once again lowered her ass onto my face and had me clean her, and there was every bit as much in her as the first time as I cleaned her.That was Emmy’s first MMF threesome, DP, and BBC. It was also first time she cuckolded me. For the next 9 months until we moved I would regularly come home from work to see Stephan having his way with my petit slut of a fiancé. Every now and then he’d bring another BBC and make me watch. I always had to clean both of them up afterward, and one time she demanded his use my ass. While he used my ass she sucked my cock then backed her ass onto it. She rode me until I blew my load deep into her ass, and Stephan did the same in mine. I still had to clean him and her up. I also had to eat his load that Emmy coerced out of my ass. Thanks to Stephan Emmy is now a BBC loving anal slut.

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