Emo girl comes out of her shell


Emo girl comes out of her shellI first noticed Sophie a couple of years ago when she started at college. She used to catch the same train as me in the morning and made the early starts a lot better! Sophie is a typical Emo k**, she comes across as shy in a really sexy way. Her hair is blonde, cut in a boyish style that flops onto her face on one side, and usually has coloured streaks in it, sometimes green, sometimes blue, but usually a light pink. Her face is best described as elf-like, big eyes and a cute little nose. Her mouth looks soft and very kissable. She has an amazing little arse, and her legs seemed fantastic, even under leggings or thick tights. We’d often chat to pass the time waiting for the train, but nothing more, until a few weeks ago.Sophie had not been on the train that morning, but I thought nothing of it. I was late leaving work and on one of the last trains back. At the station I noticed Sophie on the platform, looking a little the worse for wear but dressed more sexily than usual. She was wearing a little vest top under her light jacket, the top clinging to her pert little tits. She had on a skimpy pair of dark shorts that showed her arse off superbly, and black knee-high socks. I went up to her”Hi, didn’t see you this morning””Nah” Sophie replied “I’ve not been in college today. It’s my birthday so I’ve been out celebrating, hehe””Ah, in that case, happy birthday” I said, leaning in and giving Sophie a peck on the cheek.”Thanks” she said, throwing her arms round me and kissing me on the lips.We stood for a few minutes, Sophie holding onto me, me supporting her more than anything. Sophie then looked up at me, leaned in, and kissed me again, fethiye escort more than in a friendly way this time. Our mouths opened, and our tongues met, flicking in and out and round each others mouths. When we broke off, I leant back and said”Wow, that was unexpected””Yeah, but nice”When the train pulled in, we sat together and Sophie curled her head onto my shoulder. I put my arm round her protectively, wondering what would happen when we got back to town. As we were leaving the station, Sophie put her hand in mine and said”My housemate’s away and I’ve got the place to myself. Come on.”We walked to Sophie’s house, which was not far away. As the door closed behind us, Sophie threw herself against me and we again kissed passionately.”Upstairs, now” she breathed, taking my hand and leading me to the staircase. The sight of her bum in those tight shorts was too much, and I leant forward and kissed it. Sophie murmoured and pushed it back against my face. I continued kissing it and rubbed my face over it, getting so worked up I had to pull the shorts down. Sophie was wearing a tiny little thong, and I ran my hands over the bare flesh of her lovely bum. Sophie giggled and crawled the rest of the way upstairs. At the top she kicked the shorts off and skipped to her bedroom.Once we were in her room Sophie pushed me against the door and sank to her knees. She frantically pulled my trousers open and down to my knees, taking my boxers with them. She then took my rock hard cock in her mouth, sucking it like a woman possessed. This was no shy Emo k** anymore! Her sucking felt good, almost too good. I lifted her head and said”Carry on like that and I’ll cum too soon!””What’s escort fethiye up, worried you’ll not get hard again” Sophie replied, winking and smiling her cute smile. There was no danger of that so I sank back and let her take me into her mouth again. Reaching down I lifted off her vest. She was bra-less, and her pert little tits were topped by hard pink nipples. A few minutes wonderful sucking was all I could take, and I held Sophie’s head, warning her I was cumming. She kept going, which I took as a sign she was ready for me. I fired a heavy load into her gorgeous mouth, groaning loudly. Sophie took it all, swallowing every drop. When we were down she smiled up at me”My turn now”. I pulled my shirt off and led Sophie to the bed. She laid down and I lay next to her. We kissed again and I ran my hands all over her wonderful firm body. I moved my head down to her tits, taking each into my mouth in turn, kissing and licking the nipple as Sophie groaned appreciatively. I kept this up as I ran my hand down her firm, flat stomach, sliding it under the waistband of her thong. Kissing down her stomach, I then sat up and eased off her thong. Sophie was shaved apart from a little triangle of hair showing she was a natural blonde.I kissed over her cunt, before breathing in her wonderful scent and sinking my tongue into her. I licked her juices up, they tasted amazing. Moving up slightly I licked and sucked her swollen clit, making Sopie gasp out load. I kept licking, sucking and nibbling, eating her pussy for all I was worth. Sophie tensed and I could feel she was close. She thrust her hips forward to meet my tongue and ground her pussy against my face. As her orgasm fethiye escort bayan hit, a string of obscenities came from Sophie’s pretty mouth. She may look sweet and innocent, but her screams showed she knew what she liked in the bedroom.I lay beside Sophie, kissing her as she recovered. She reached down and slowly stroked my cock, which was now hard and ready again. “It’s been a great birthday so far” Sophie said “but now I really need cock””Ready when you are” I grinnedSophie smiled and straddled me, lowering herself onto my throbbing dick. Her pussy felt fantastic as I entered her warm and wet and tight. As more and more of me entered her, Sophie rolled her head back”Aaaahh, yesssss” she moaned “I love your fucking cock”. I thrust up to meet Sophie, the last couple of inches entering her. Sophie looked down at me, smiling, and ground her hips. I ran my hands up her legs, over her bare thighs and down her socks. Reaching round, I opened Sophie’s arse cheeks to get deeper inside her. As Sophie took control, I held onto her. She rode me hard, using my cock to pleasure herself.”Fuck me” Sophie shouted “I want your cock in me, fuck me hard”. I thrust into her as Sophie bounced on my cock. I couldn’t believe this hot girl was riding me, loving every minute. All too soon I could feel my balls tightening. Sophie was obviously close too, and shouted down at me to fill her cunt. I held her arse tight and thrust hard into her, faster and faster. Sophie’s orgasm hit just before mine, her body tense as she came, her screams loud enough to wake the street. Her juices ran down, soaking my cock and balls. With one final thrust I shot my load into her delicious cunt, our juices mixing. We collapsed onto the bed and I held Sophie close. She kissed me gently.”Thanks for a great present. Hopefully it’ll not be another year before I get it again”.We’ve not been able to yet, but I’m sure more will happen soon!

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