Encounter With Brother-In-Law


Encounter With Brother-In-LawdeletedMy name is Swetha(Name Changed). Well I am here for the first time and I am writing my sex experience with my brother-in-law(my younger sister’s husband).I am writing this for him as he is an avid reader of indiansexstories.net. He wanted me share my sex experience with him over indiansexstories.net so that he canread this.About MyselfOK. Here we go. My name swetha(name changed) and I am 33 years old and basically from Secunderabad. I am married.Well its a love marrage(Yes even it was a love marriage,we had sex only after marriage). My husband and I are college mates.We both are of same age and we got married in 2010 at the age of 27 and we are working in bangalore.(I am not writing our love story here as it is not about me and my husband,infact its abt me and my lovely BIL).Obviously parents did not like our marrage and are not in talking terms with me. My sister got married in 2011 I attended my sisters marriage though my parents were not talking to me and life moved on. After two year Aayyan(my k**) came to our life and things sorted out. My parents started talking to me.Well I was a typical Indian girl. like a pati-vrata type(not now 🙂 ) I loved my husband lot. I never ever had seen any blue films,never read any sex stories,never masturbated. All these started after my BIL first touch. My sex life with my husband was OK(may be my internal feelings, my mind,my body wasnt happy).we used to have sex 2-3 a month. some times only 1 time in month.But I never craved for sex. I was happy with my life and husband and k**.How it startedLast year in 2015.My father got retired from his work. So my sister and I wanted to throw a surprise party for him. As I was in banglore, it was all my sister who was arranging and I was just giving some guidance/suggestion and we decided that what ever is the cost we will split in half.My parents lived in Secunderabad and my sister and BIL lived in hyderabad.We wanted to throw a party in hyderabad as my father worked in hyderabad and many of his collegues and our relatives lived in hyderabad. My sister and her husband had argument over lunch menu for the party. She told her husband to talk to me.So I and my BIL had a long discussion for abt 2 hours over the phone. This is the first time we had such a long disucssion(We had met before many times in hyderabad over family occasions and all but never I think we had a talk or discussion more than 5-10 minutes). Over these 2 long hours of discussion we came to an agreement for the lunch menu items and also we talked abt our work, family etc. Me and my husband went a day before the function. We stayed in my sister’s house.Next day the function went well. My parents went to Secunderabad house directly from the function hall.My In-laws also lives in secunderabad. My husband and k** went along with them. I went to my sisters house as the house was messy as some of our far relatives stayed there and we decided to clean it up and also wanted to spend some time with my sister. Relatives left the house like by 6PM. We started cleaning it soon after and finished our work by like 7 PM.We three(my sister,BIL and me) went outside to have a dinner. during dinner we discussed about the party and some other stuff. I told that I will leave next day morning and will go to In-laws house, stay there for 2 days and then will go to parents house stay there for 2 days and then back to bangalore.They said OK. My sister said she will join me in my parents house after 2 days. We came back to house from dinner like around 10PM.The Night of Emotions================After coming back from dinner.I packaged my luggage. It was aound 11PM and I was about to close the door of the bed room, I saw my BIL was passing by. Probably he was going to his room next to my bed room(I mean guest room in which I was staying) .He saw me and stopped. I was at the door. He came near to the door and said everything went good today. I said Yes. Thank you, you helped a lot, He said aah common thats OK and then he said you did a good anchoring today during the party.By saying congratulations, he extended his hand for a handshake, I too extended my hand for a handhake.After like a casual handhake which generally is less than a second, he did not let me go, he holded my hand in his both hands and said why dont you stay here for couple of days. Oh I was shocked. There was some kind of current went through all over my body. I was not in my senses for 3-4 seconds. I pulled my hand from his and said no sorry cant stay and will leave tomorrow and Please excuse me I am tired with the journey and the function and cleaning and all. I want to take rest. He said OK. I closed the door and just dropped myself on to the bed. Tried to sleep but couldn’t. I was thinking what was that. why he holded my hand.Was it casual, was it lust. what is it..And after some time I started thinking Hey why was I not angry on him.Did i like his touch. what kind of feeling was that when he touched me.Never had this kind of feeling when my husband touched me. Its strange. It was like the touch of my life. I was getting mad and I tried hard to sleep with all these toughts.After some time I slept. some time later I heard the sound of the door. I woke up with fear. I saw my BIL coming inside the room.I was watching him I wanted to ask him why you are here, but I didn’t. He came close to the bed.I wanted to say Please go but I did not say a word. He came close to me now. My heart is beating faster than ever.He came close … very close … gently holded my face in his hands and kissed me on the forehead. I did not say anything. I was allowing him. waht is happening to me.He was about to kiss my lips and I wokeup. It was a dream. My heartbeat is still fast.I am also swetting. Oh GOD. Oh GOD. Whats is it. Why I am behaving like this. I never had any dreams of sex. this is the first time and that too with my BIL. I saw the time. It was like 5’0clock in the morning and started worrying more now. As many say that the morning dreams will become true. I prayed that this should become true. I will be strong. I love my husband thats it. Its just a fling and will pass on. I went to washroom to get ready. brushed my teeth and then started to bath with warm water from the shower.I always bathed naked(I think my figure is decent 36-26-34).I started feeling him again.I felt like my hands are not mine instead they are my BIL hands, caressing my lips,shoulders,navel,thighs–my naked body all over. holding my boobs. Oh no.. not again. Why the hell am thinking of him. I just could not able to stop thinking abt him. I stopped the shower. dried my body with the towel. dressed up.called for a cab till my in-laws house. I was around 7AM in the morning. I was sitting in the hall. My sister brought me the break-fast.My BIL was also ready to go office. He was sitting diagonally opposite to me. I tried my best not to see towards him. Tried my best to lower my gaze and finish off my break-fast and leave as early as possible. but who listens me.Niether my mind, nor my heart was in control of me. My eyes wanted to see him. They are watching him from the corner of the eye and my lips are automatically is giving a smile. Dont know what my eyes and lips are happy about.I finished my break-fast. Same time my cab driver called as he is waiting downstairs. My BIL carried the luggage for me. I knew once my BIL keeps the luggage in the car he will say me good bye by an hand-shake.I told myself that I will not do handshake. And again what the fuck.He extended his hand for a hand-shake and my hand just automatically went towards hime gave him the hand-shake and again my body got electrified with his touch running through my entire body starting from each corner of the body and converged right there.Yes right there into my pussy.The parts of my body are not in my control.Oh GOD. They are not listening to me … I dont know what is happening. I Boarded the car and started my journy towards my In-Laws house.Whatspp chat===========I called my husband and told him that I have started from my maltepe escort sisters house and will reach there in about an hour.He said OK. I wanted to talk to him more fearing that my idle mind during the journey could think of my BIL. I asked my husband. “Wat-else” expecting that he will talk/say something and we can have some talking together. He said ah … nothing.. nothing else. Anyways you are coming here right. common on. my sisters are waiting for you. I said OK and disconnected the call. I was thinking to call to my friend in office to discuss something about work so that I keep the thoughts of my BIL away from me,but then I saw a message in watsapp. It was from my BIL.BIL– Hey How are you.— Sorry!!! Did you feel bad?(I wanted to say yes,but again emotions took over me)Me — I dont knowBIL– What you mean by dont know.Me — I dont knowBIL– OK. I think you liked my touch. I think you like my hand holding yoursMe — I dont knowBIL– Hey Common. Just close your eyes. think of that moment and reply me and tell me the truth(I did exactly what he told,Closed my eyes and again thought of that moment. Well I see a smile on face.)Me– I think I liked it(I did not get any reply back from him. no reply. time is passing by.I was looking at my watch. it just 1 minute after I replied.Waiting for his reply. 1 min was like a hell. Still no reply.I am thinking what is he upto. I was getting restless. I waited for 5 more mintues. could not stop myself and and typed)Me– You there ?(Well still no reply. What is he doing. why he is not replying. is he playing with me … testing me … what ???. )(almost 15minutes now, no reply, I was looking at my watch and the watsapp window all these times and then my eyes lit up. I saw that he is typing something,smile was back on my face)BIL–Ah. Was held with a call from office. Sorry.BIL–Wow. You liked my touch. Thank god. I thought you are angry and will never talk to me again.BIL–I am relived now.Me–Why?What if I dont talk to you.What will happenBIL–Well, I am attracted towards you.BIL–I like watching you,Like talking to you..BIL–There is some kind of adrelnalin that rushes through my blood, a sweet kind of feeling when I see you.BIL–I feel like I am not in my control when I see you, I like to touch you..BIL–So I took some courage and held your hand.(I did not reply for some time. Somehow I was feeling good.That he likes me, that he is dying to touch me. I was smiling)BIL–Hello.. You there ? Why are u not replying.say something!!!Me–Yes I am here. What should I say.BIL-About your feeling, when I touched you. Ofcourse you liked it but want to hear your experince.Me– Yes, I liked the touch. It was like nothing before. It stimulated my womenness. I think I felt like I am alive.BIL–Oh Swetha.You made my day.BIL–Would you like me touch again ???(I instantly replied)Me-I think Yes.BIL– Thats great. ThanksBIL– (sent me an image of boy and girl hugging) How about this ?Me–Oh,I got mad for one touch of yours.If you hug me. I think gonna die in your arms.BIL–so sweet.You gonna enjoy my hug.Me-Ok I gotta go. reached my in-laws house. talk later.byeI reached my in-laws house. saw my in-laws are waiting for me. The did a grand welcome as I was coming there after almost 2 years. felt happy. Lots of smile on face. I think I was smiling more becuase of the watsapp discussion with my BIL. I think my confusion is gone now. I think I wanted him to feel my body or may be I wanted to feel his body or may be I am desperate for sex, whatever it is . It was great new feeling within. My sexual feelings are aroused when I think of him. My body gets hot.my pussy starts to ooze. thats was kind of impact he had on me becuae of his touch.Masturbating for the first time.=============That night, I had a strong urge for sex.I wanted have sex with my husband, but as everyone are there and as it is small house, my sister-in-laws k**s were sleeping along with us in our room.Cannot have sex. Oh my urge for sex is increasing. What to do!!!. Mastubate. Wait I have never ever masturbated. I thought to have a watsapp chat again with my BIL. Oh No. there is no wifi here and as i am in roaming and signal is week in the house internet is not working.I sadly kept my phone aside and started thinking again whether to masturbate or not and suddenly I realized that my right hand is on my right boobs and tickling the nipple gently over the nighty which I wore.I closed my eyes. pulled the blanket such that it completely covers my body from top to bottiom. slowly lifted my nighty till my neck, removed my red bra and gently placed my hands on the boobs and started pressing it. I was thinking of BIL that our faces are close to each other.Watching right into each others eyes and he pulled my nighty till my neck,removed my bra and gently fondling my boobs. oh that feeling was just wow.Feeling his hands on my boobs,gave me some unlimited happiness. Now I was slowly taking my hands towards my pussy,but in my thougts it was my BIL who is moving his hand towards my pussy. Ahhhh … ..I left a long breath. He pushed his hand inside my red panty and gently kept his hand on my pussy. Ohhh … … . mmm … Ah … . what a feeling of having my BIL hand only pussy. I am loving it. now he slowly pushed his middle finger inside my pussy. Oh … . GOD. Oh .. GOD. mmmm … Ah … ye … .he is thrusting his middle finger inside my pussy in and out,touching deep inside my vagina.. ahhhhh … lovely..all this time I was holding his face and we are wacthing each other right in each other eyes.. oh lovely. I pulled him towards me.. towards my boobs and gently whispered in his ears, suck my boobs.He obliged, opened his mouth and I pushed my boob in his mouth. Oh … ..he is sucking my right boob, pressing nipple of my left boob with his left hand and finguring my pussy with his right hand and doing all three actions at the same time … . ohhhh … I am in oblivion, heaven, a new world of exitement. I am about to cum.. my heart is beating at the speed of knots. the pressure of his finger in my vigina is increasing and then..aaah.. ah.. ah … aaaaah … aaaah.. I was moaning with pleasure all the way and ah … . I cummed … my cum is all over his hand.I looked at him again and smiled. Thanked him for the pleasure he gave me by gently kissing him on his lips and asked him to sleep on body hugging me with his face on my boobs. I hugged him tight.I opened my eyes. I masturbated for the first time in my life at the age of 33. It was like real. It was a great pleasure. I was wondering had I ever had such pleasure with my husband even for a real sex. dont know. may be not. my heart beat is slowing down. felt very relaxed.cleanup my pussy with the blanket and went to sleep.Well next day, we went to shopping with my in-laws. I watsapp-ed my BIL by just saying simple Hi.He replied saying he is busy at office and will reply late, and in night as usual no sex as k**s are there in my room. I again masturbated thinking of my BILDay of Real Sex===================After masturbating again for the second night my urge to have sex with my BIL has grown. Now I was dying for it. But I did not want to make a move.Masturbating was ok,but having sex in real.. this thought was scaring me. IAm I doing right? am I not wrong?. all these thoughts were in my head. Next day as planned I wanted to go to my parents house along with my husband. I was somehow sure that my BIL will also come there as my sister said that she will join me at my parents house. I thought if he comes, I will try to avoid him and will not make any move from myside. So the day arrived. Me, my k** and husband went to my parents house.We reached there by around 11:00AM. My sister still did not arrive. I called her and asked by what time she is coming. she told me that she will come by evening 4 pm.I said OK. we had lunch with our parents.Like around 2 PM, i was feeling hot again, my husband was busy talking to my dad I thought I will go to washroom and masturbate thinking of my BIL,but then my mom called me for help for small house hold works. I got busy in that didnt knew it was already 4.00 PM.I escort maltepe wondered why my sister still did not arrive. and again for whom I am waiting for, my sister or my BIL and said to myself I will not go anywhere near to him or give any such signals which can make him think of going furhter as this can lead to a relationship beyond boundaries. Masturbating is fine but real sex is something I did not want to do and thougt of stopping all this nonsense. And there you go.. bell rang.My sister arrived and with him my BIL. He gave a smile, I did not respond back with the smile. we all spent sometime together chatting,playing cards and during this time,I swear I made a sincere effor to not to talk to him so that he gets a signal that I am not interested on him. My parents house is of 3 floor. Ground floor is rented, 1st floor my parents live, it has hall,kitchen and 2 bedrooms and 2nd floor there are 2 guest bed rooms and a balcony. My sister took the bed room in the 1st floor and I have taken a guest room in the 2nd floor. Another guest room is free. It was around 9 PM we had dinner, we all sat togther for a while and we went to our rooms.I went to our bed room which is in the 2nd floor. I was feeling hot, even my husband wanted to have sex but our k** was still awake. he was playing, watching cartoons on the mobile. we talked for sometime and my husband slept in no time. my k** was awake and probably after half an hour he slept. it was midnight. I saw the watch. It was 0:15AM. I tried to wake up my husband. tried 3-4 times. he was in deep sleep. my urge for sex was high. thought of masterbating and sleep. I covered myself with the bedsheet from top to bottom. lifted my nighty and then I heard a beep sound on my mobile. I removed the blanket, took my phone and its my BIL who watsapp me.BIL- Hi. How r u ?Me- fine. u ?BIL-Your sister slept, I am not feeling sleepy, thinking of you,why u still awake ?. is your husband still awake.Me-He slept. Look we should stop this. I am sorry if I did anything that make you feel that I am intersted in you, We should stop this.BIL-How can I. I cannot stop my feelings for you? can you. tell me the truth. PleaseMe-We should stop this?BIL-Ok. I am coming upstairs and I will be in another room. You comd there and we will talk there.Me- No I wont come(I did not get any reply after that. After a minute, he replied)BIL-I am already in the room next to you. comeI did not type anything and decided to go to the room and tell him that we should stop this.I went to the room. the door was open and only dimlight was on which I can see from outside. I couldnt see him. I stepped inside, he was standing on the other side. I saw him and as I was about to say anything he just kept his index finger on my mouth and said ssh … . Calm down and then he tried to hug me.I quickly moved aside and started to go out. he again held my hand to stop.I forcely removed my hand from his and started to go.but dont know what happened again, I stopped at the door. He came again. held my hand,slowly dragged me (may be I follwed him) inside the room, closed the door behind.kissed my hand and hugged me. Oh … I liked it.My mind was saying go out of the room but my body is not responding to the commands of my brain. My body has given up I guess.he then slowly rubbed his cheek on mine. he was caressing my cheeks with his all over.I was standing like a statue.My body was not responding to him, but also not against him. he was holding my shoulders now. he broke his hug and started watching right into my eyes. (the same thought that I had while mastrubating and thiking of him. I was thinking how well our thoughts match). he then gently kissed on my left eye for about a minute and then my right eye.I was allowing him all this to do with me.He then kissed me on my forehead very gently,very softly, he did not break the contact of his lips after kissing my forehead,instead his lips travelled slowly in a straight line towards my nose. very gently and he kissed the tip of nose. Ah … I am starting to give up. my body is melting in his arms.I thought he will kiss me now on my lips, his lips travelled down further.there are very very close to my lips. I closed my eyes. I can feel that his lips are very close to mine and he will kiss me now. they are so close that only a air could pass through.I was waiting to be kissed.to be kissed on my lips by my BIL. the feeling was out of the world. But then to my surpirse he went a litter further down and kissed on my chin and then started kissing all over my neck.I was in a route to heaven already. the fragrance of his body was making me mad. I wanted my body to respond to him, but it is still waiting, waiting something to happen. I was still like a statue but enjoying his touch,his kisses on my body.He kissed me all over my neck and shoulders.He stopped for a while. now he held my face. I opened my eyes. we watched together for a second.he then again kissed my forehad. he took his tongue out and placed the tip of tongue on my forehead. Oh … . the wet toungue of his. touching my body. sending shivers through my vains.My body had enough posture of a statue. It broke all the boundaries that it was stopping it and hugged my BIL. tightly. very tightly. my BIL hugged me tightly too and then he travelled the tip of his toungue to the lenght of my face like he kissed it earlier. slowly his tongue was coming down. licked all the way my nose and I felt he will kiss my lips and push his tongue inside my my mouth.Again to my surprise he went further down and licked my chin. went furhter down and licked my neck. He was teaing me. Oh GOD I was loving this. my lips are wating for his. my body wants to get nude. my eyes are hungry to see him nude. but he is playing with me.He then again held my face in his hands.he asked me to open my eyes. I did. He then took his tongue out in full length like a dog and like a mad dog started licking me all over my face. earlier he was licking me with just the tip of his toungue but now he is licking with the full lenght of his tongue. Oh what wildness, he is licking my face,neck, shoulders all over, I was wet with his saliva.My husband never did this to me. Oh It was fun. lovely. ecstacy. seduction to the core. this man knows how to seduce.how to make a women crave for sex.He then whispered me in my ears. I want to lick your whole body like a dog. every inch of it.I said please do it. he asked to me open my eyes. I opened. he again held my face in his hands.We were again wathcing into each others eyes.He said you are women to be loved always.every day,every hour,every minute. Oh my god. There was magic in his words. I was feeling like a princess. He said close your eyes. I did. he lifted my face a little and kissed my gently on my lips. Ah … I was waiting for this.He first kissed on the top lip and then bottom lip and finally he kissed me on my both lips, I moaned.. ahhhh and opened my mouth so that he can slip off his tongue inside my mouth.he did our tongues touched each other,saliva was flowing from one mouth to other. we are now kissing each other madly.toungue are exploring each other mouths.He the lifted me and took me towards the bed, while the journey towards the bed, I was kissing him madly all over the face. now I was licking his face like he did to me. he gently placed me on the corner of the bed. He placed a pillow and then asked me to lean over it. I did. I can see his face. it was shining in the dim light becuase it was wet with my saliva. he the moved towards my leg. lifted my left leg. kissed my feet,licked my feet and then sucked my fingers.He opened his big tongue again and started licking my leg. and slowly lifted my nighty till my hips. my legs are completely nude. I was having a strange feeling inside of getting nude to my BIL.he placed his hands on my thighs. sepearted them. made some space between.enough space to bury his face in between.he lowered himself and dugged his face between my thighs and started kissing and licking my thighs all over. My body was shivering with pleasure.I was maltepe escort bayan taking deep long breaths. i can feel my thighs are wet with his saliva. he was licking every part of my leg like a mad dog and then he came further up. yes further up.ufff … … . right near my panty. I was watching him. It was great sexy sight to see my BIL face right near my pusy.The sight has sent shivers in my body. I was like in my mind please dont tease me. tear my panty.But then, he has his own way of loving a women. he was sniffing my panty with his nose so close that I can feel his nose on pussy. he was sniffing it like a dog. he then said. Darling the smell of your pussy is great. He then kissed on pussy with the panty on. started licking my pussy over the panty. Oh ahhhh ahhhh. I cannot able to take any more. I said him remove my panty and suck it darling.I was begging him to remove my panty and suck my pussy. He oblized. i lifted my hip a bit making him easier to remove the panty. he removed it. sniffed it again. and then spread my legs and the dugged his face on my pussy. Oh.. Oh … i am hot now.. ahhhh.. oh god. what please.. he is licking my pussy. my husband has licked my pussy ,but this was all new experience.better than before, pleaseurous than before. he is exploring my pussy deep inside. he is licking up and down,in and out, side-by side oh.. It was out of my control. who wants to be.I was pushing his head deep inside my pussy, Yes, Yes, My BIL yes go inside further, tear my pussy ah ah ah … … my body has now caught the rythm of his toungue movement. I was about to cum. I told him. he said go on cum on me. on my face. i want to taste every drip of your juises and oh his words made me crazy. I can feel my cum wants to rush out. he tried push his tongue more inside and speeding his licking process.. aaah aaah. aaaaaah.. i cummed.I had an orgasm of my life. the best of my life.He was slowly licking my juises.my body relaxed a bit. he then said to me. Your juices are more tastier than honey. I want this daily.can you give me.I said. anytime when we meet. He looked at me and smiled and said. I licked only half part of your body the lower part. upper part is still to loved.licked. I said yes my body is yours. do whatever you want.He then removed my nighty completely and removed my bra. he watched my boobs for a while. like he is watching the boobs for the first time. Yes he is looking at mine for the first time.He then pressed my boobs. my feelings for sex started again. he took my boobs in his mouth and started sucking. sucked my right boob first for minute and then my second boob for a minute and also parallely caressing my pussy. he was finger fucking me and kissing my boobs. and then he slowly started coming down towards my body. he licked my stomach and navel. Oh Dear BIL, who taught you the licking. he then turned me back.He can see my ass.Kissed my ass and ran this big tongue over my ass and bit my ass right ass hard. I pleaded him please bite my left ass too. Oh he did it and was liked the biting of my ass, and spreaded my legs and started kissing and licking my ass hole. The tongue in asshole.Well never thought of in my wildest of dreams, a new experience for me was liking every thing he is doing to my body.I wanted to have sex like there is no tomorrow.My mood is back to the core.I sat and I started kissing him madly and licking him and also I bit his nipple hard. I was totally nude, but he still had his clothes on. I said I want to see you nude. He told go ahead and remove his clothes.he was wearing a tshirt and a short.I removed his t-shirt. threw him on the bed. he is lying on the bed now wearing only shorts.I went near him and offered him my boobs to suck. he was sucking my boobs. I started caressing his body with my left hand and then moved my left hand near to his shorts, placed my hand on his penis.it was trying to come out of his shorts. I then moved down opened the buttorn of his short and pulled his short down. He wasnt wearing an underwear. I went near to his legs. started licking him the same way he licked my legs, thighs. I slowly came up towards his thights, licked it and then spread his legs and placed my face between his legs and started watching his dick.it was bigger than my husbands and thick.It was standing tall.I looked at his dick for a while and then I saw a fluid just started to come out of his dick. it was like a drop of water standing on the top of his dick and it was shining like a dimond becuase of the reflection of a dim light. I took my tongue out licked it and then placed his dick inside my mouth and simultaneoulsy was playing whith his balls with my hands. I am loving it, so he was. he said. Oh bitch suck harder and I obliged him and said Yes I am your bitch my master. and started sucking his dick faster, He told me that he wanted to do 69.I then moved my pussy towards him slept on him in 69 postion and I was sucking his cock and he was sucking my pussy. I sucked him for abt 15 minutes. we were loving each other to the core. It not sex. It love at the best. Love for each other. love for each others body. he was moarning .. ahhh … . ah … . bitch yes.. yes bitch … .. ah. ah …I was increasing my sucking speed with his every moarn also I was also abt cum again. now we both were moaning loud. both are on the verge of orgasm but he cummed first and I was licking all his cum and he still continued to give me please I was licking his cum and moarninig ah.. ah … . ah … and after a minute I cummed. cummed twice. never in my life I had cummed twice. he hugged in 69 positon for a minute or two. our body relaxed a bit.He is not done yet. He said I had only one orgasm. I want to fuck you now.I said yes Master fuck me hard. I am loving it. I am your daasi … I am yours.He smooched me for a while, kissed and sucked my boobs for a while. Well I was in mood again. Waht is today. an Orgasm day!!!. Oh my dear BIL. the best day of my life. best sex of my life. you are making me crazy for sex. I was never sex crave but you made me think abt sex all the time since your first touch. I had two orgasm today and still craving for sex and best part is my pussy is wating to be fucked by your dick. Oh My Man. My BIL dick was rock hard in no time. I wanted it inside me. he just placed his dick on my pussy. Oh. I am in heaven. he still did not insert it. Still what a feeling. just the touch of his dick on pussy is making me mad. he then said dear I dont have condoms. I said dont worry. fuck me, I will never ever ask you to use condoms. fuck me to the core.He then placed his hands below my hip lifted me and sucked my pussy for a while, he spitted on pussy and then slowly kept on bed again and here you go, brought his dick near to pussy rubbed for a while and then pushed inside me. I was like Oh … . it pained as it bigger and thicker. then slowly my BIL started fucking me. Oh yes I can feel his dick deep inside me the touch of his dick insde my pussy.aah … .BIL fuck me fucke me … yea yeah … .push harder … tear my pussy today. now we both the caught the rythm of the movement of his dick and I was enjoying his fuck. every push of his dick inside my pussy was getting faster and harder and the sound of his balls hitting my ass was also increasing oh … i liked that sound.that thumping sound..I holded him and pulled him towards my boobs. he started sucking my boobs and simultaneoulsy fucking my pussy harder. oh what pleasure is this … my good Good. my lovely BIL. yes harder harder … he speed was to the max and he is abt to cum … he is moaning harder ahah … and me to ah,,, ahh,, yes yes … the thumping sound of the balls.. oh my BIL.. ah ah ah ah … … … ahh … . we both reached the climax at the same time and he splucked all his sperms inside my pussy. .ufff … wat night.. wat night was this. a night to remember. a night to cherish. a night of life time … . 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