It was a night like most, illuminated by the full moon, however that night it appeared to be larger in the sky. The coast was calm but slowly got more intense as the waves continued to crash onto the sea shore as high tide was imminent.

The sight of the moon’s reflection as it shimmered off the ocean simply mesmerised, even a person with the coldest of hearts can’t help but be in awe. The noise of the ocean was loud, clear, and unmistakeable.

The large mansion was nestled on the cliff, cemented in the rock cliff face as its grey walls rose from the earth as though they were carved from it. The highest point was a balcony on top of tall cliff of which the house was a part off and it offered on of the best views on that entire coastline. It was a box shape with a floor, ceiling, but only three walls as the view was what adorned the space were the fourth wall might be, it had no railing only a deathly drop. However, it was seldom used, and as such it lay bare, only on special occasions would it be populated.

Tonight might have been that night. Despite the moon appearing large in the sky, in the distance one could see thunder clouds rolling in from far off shore. The lights of the house remained off as the moonlight was the only thing lighting up anything in the distance. Nobody was in this structure but later two beings would be inside it and each other.

The house had little around it, one solitary road ran toward the house and connected to it was a long winding drive way, surrounded by trees as though it were one of Paris’ grand boulevards albeit narrower. A few sporadic street lights illuminated the coast road however, they did not reach this far out as that house was situated at the end of the road.

Several kilometres away a solitary pair of headlights pierced through the moonlight darkness and the sound of its engine pierced the silence of the night. The moonlight softly shone on the car, finished in silver and adorned with two blue strips. A subtle fixed carbon fibre rear wing kept the potent vehicle stable at speed of which it was doing quite a bit, thanks to the empty roads.

The roof panel was stowed in the boot and as such the night sky was on display above and the ears of the driver were available to noise erupting from the exhaust pipe. The Koenigsegg Agera R was the car Bill was driving. He carved up the road taking corners with finesse and immense skill. His destination was closing in on him, he had just past the last street light on the road and now just the beams of his headlights illuminated the road ahead.

He made it to the end of the road and slowed the car and turned off the road and parked in front of the mansion’s gate. He pressed the button on his remote and the gate swung up and lifted itself up in a scissor fashion similar to the doors of the car he was seated in. Bill passed through and closed the gate behind him.

Rows of lights on either side of the driveway illuminated the driveway as Bill drove up. The drive way ended and Bill made his way around the fountain in the middle of the courtyard and stopped in front of the garage.

He pressed the button and the garage opened. He drove in and parked his car alongside a white Lamborghini Aventador, another car he enjoyed the sight of. He closed the garage and made his way to the door leading into house. He punched in the alarm code and picked up the note that was stuck on the door.

“Hey Bill, I’ll be in a little later, make yourself at home, you know where the bar is, xxx Valerie,” the note read.

The light in the garage switched off as he finished reading the note. He unlocked the door and then grasped the handle of the glass door, twisted it and walked inside.

He then placed his hand on the wall to his left and flicked the switch illuminating the kitchen and dining room. Bill placed his keys into a bowl alongside the kitchen counter and made his way to the lounge. Through the kitchen he walked and flicked on the light to illuminate the lounge.

It had a semi-circle of leather couches and a projector protruded from the ceiling and faced the wall which the couches were aimed. Along the far wall was the bar within dark brown wood and dark granite.

He perused what was in the bar and came across a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and decided upon that. After he got ice, he slowly kurtuluş escort poured the whisky into the glass and watched as it caused the ice to crackle a little. He picked up the glass and swirled it around and inhaled the aroma and paused, savoured the smell and then took a sip.

“It’s great when something, lives up to the hype,” Bill thought about the whiskey and in hindsight the evening ahead.

He glanced at his watch and noticed it was only 8 pm. He took a seat in the lounge and enjoyed his whiskey sipping it slowly. He looked out the window and noticed the sea a little rougher and the trees swaying in the wind a little bit more than usual. Rain was coming, especially judging by the beautiful sunset he noticed as he left his apartment earlier.

He eventually finished his whiskey and headed toward the bathroom, he walked up half a flight of stairs and opened the door and entered the bathroom. He pulled out his cock and began to piss, evacuating himself and preparing for later when Valerie arrived. As he finished and was washing his hands, he looked out the window and spotted a single light heading toward the house.

It was motorbike and it was Valerie.

Bill finished washing his hands and headed down the stairs to greet her. Soon she had parked in the garage and was entering the house. She pulled off her helmet as she stepped inside and then shook her long and raven coloured hair and placed her keys in the bowl and her helmet on the kitchen counter.

She looked toward him with her piercing blue eyes and her light coloured skin, as he made his way toward her.


“Bill,” she responded as they embraced.

On her heels she was about level with Bill’s 6ft. She was the only woman he knew that could ride a BMW motorcycle, and the most powerful one they make, in heels. Valerie then pulled off her gloves and placed them alongside her helmet and followed Bill into the lounge.

Bill sat himself down as Valerie took off her black leather jacket and placed it on the far end of the couch; she had a simple white vest on and no bra underneath as was evidenced by her nipple protruding slightly through her vest as it covered her ample breasts. Her black jeans fitted her slim figure well and accentuated her gorgeous legs, all of which Bill looked upon as Valerie sat down. The leather couch cosseted her as she was seated and they began to chat.

“So Val, how have you been?”

“Great, Bill, even better now that you’re here.”

“Well I could say the same about you.”

“Of course, the vibrations from that motorcycle had my pussy tingling all the way home.”

“Well I had my foot to the floor to get over here.”

“I’m sure you did with that car of yours Bill.”

“It’s amazing, though not quite as amazing as you.”

“Why thank you Bill, umm you hungry?”

“Yes, but not for food,” Bill replied giving her a sly wink.

“We’ll get there but first some drinks; I assume you’d like another . . .?”

“The Blue Label, is excellent,”

“You always had taste in liquor.”


Valerie finished pouring the drinks and made her way back to Bill. She walked gracefully toward the couch as though she was a seasoned runway model, although she had never done anything of the sort. She handed Bill his whiskey and then sat back down.

“Cheers,” Valerie said to Bill as they touched glasses.

“To life,” Bill uttered before taking a sip of the whiskey.

Just then a flash of lighting was visible in the distance from the window, which was then followed by a rapturous spike of thunder. It seemed the heavens were about to open.

“Come one Bill, let’s go up to the balcony,” Valerie said to Bill.

Bill followed her as she led him to the balcony. The passed through a door and a gate and began to walk up two flights of stairs, ascending the cement block tower. The railings were simply panes of glass protruding upwards from the solid stairs with gaps between them.

They then reached the top and then stopped as they looked out upon the stormy ocean and the turbulent seas as streaks of lightning would strike followed by loud claps of thunder. Bill then took another sip of his whiskey and watched as the pantomime that was a thunderstorm started to play out right in front of him.

Valerie levent escort had finished her whiskey and then turned to Bill and said,”I almost always never come up here without tossing something off.”

“Or someone?” Bill replied cheekily.

“Occasionally,” Valerie responded with a straight face, before succumbing to laughter.

Her response brought laughter from Bill as well as she knew full well what he had implied. After her laughter had subsided she looked out on the ocean and then tossed her empty whiskey glass onto the rocks below. Bill then finished the last of his whiskey and followed suit and tossed his empty glass off the balcony.

Valerie stood to Bill’s left and turned to face him as he did to face her. Bill’s back was facing the left hand side wall and Valerie looked toward him and smiled. She then put both hands onto his chest and began to walk him towards the wall behind him. With his back was against the wall she got onto her knees and began to unbuckle his pants. She pulled down his jeans and began to tug down his boxers.

His cock sprung to attention as another clap of thunder struck the ocean in the distance the rain had finally come slow but steady, no doubt there was more to come. Valerie had the same thought, admiring Bill’s shaft before getting a grip and beginning to stroke slowly but surely whilst running the tips of her manicured fingers running along my balls with her free hand. All the while keeping her eyes fixed skyward to meet Bill’s.

She look up at him intently as she released her hand from his cock and placed her mouth in front of it and then put her mouth over the tip and licked it tenderly with her tongue before trying to take as much in her mouth as she could, but she had talent and eventually got all of it into her mouth and let out a gag as it made contact with the back of her throat. Her head moved along the shaft coating it in her saliva and getting to ready for her awaiting pussy.

Her fellatio and prostate manipulation impressive and was driving Bill wild and made him yearn to slide his cock deep inside her pussy. The rain was falling considerably more at that point, as sporadic splashing of rain would hit them both, whilst Valerie was on her knees and with his cock ramming the back of her throat. Bill placed his hand on her head and guided her as his cock had become a steam train as it went in and out of her mouth.

It seemed the thunder had awakened sexual beasts deep inside them both; they loved to fuck and knew how to please the person they happened to be with at that time. Bill then motioned Valerie to stand and she did, he then got down and sat on the floor and she obliged knowing exactly what he wanted to do to her. Valerie turned away from him and got onto her hands and knees and slowly backed up toward Bill so that she could enjoy some cunnilingus, an area in which she knew Bill had talent.

Bill took the index fingers of his hands began to run them both along the sensitive bits of flesh that was the hood of her clitoris. His light touch made Valerie squirm just a little as he then moved in with his tongue licked slowly on the hood of her clitoris.

Bill slowly slipped his tongue in between the folds of her clit and began swirl and contort his tongue inside her vagina. Valerie tilted her head back and with her mouth wide opened moaned in approval at what Bill was doing to her pussy with his tongue. She loved it, and wanted more, and Bill most certainly gave it to her.

“Now put that pink pussy on my cock,” Bill instructed.

“I love it when you talk like that,” Valerie responded, as from Bill’s mouth she then lowered her pussy to Bill’s cock and hovered for a moment before slowly sliding onto it. It felt big in her mouth but even bigger in her pussy. She was no virgin, but her pussy was still quite tight. The cock made its way through like a tunnel boring machine through solid rock.

It could not be stopped and that was how Valerie wanted it. The rain had begun falling far heavier and the sound of crashing waves had intensified as the ocean became rougher, the lightning and thunder flashed and banged respectively. However, despite all that noise and chaos, Valerie made her lustful moans clearly heard as Bill proceeded to fuck her harder as her moans got louder. The rain drenched maçka escort wind splashed them more regularly, despite the fact they were still quite a bit away from the balcony’s edge.

They felt no chill from the cold cement floor as the heat from their bodies and their lust had got them quite hot and bothered. That was something Bill was seeing too as he continued to grasp Valerie’s hips and slam her body down onto his cock. Her heels were planted on the floor as her body pivoted on her knees as she went up and down upon his cock.

Bill then lifted Valerie off his cock and said to her, “Let’s go to the edge,” as he pointed toward the edge of the balcony. Valerie simply nodded in agreement and stood up alongside Bill as he made his way to the edge and sat himself down and dangled his legs over the edge. The rain began to drench him immediately as he positioned himself and motioned Valerie over to him. Bill laid back and Valerie grabbed his shoulders and lowered herself delicately onto his awaiting cock facing him.

Once she was secure Bill sat up and grabbed her ass as she now began to gyrate while the rain drenched them both; the thrill of the rain, the adrenaline from the position she was fucking and the sensations resulting from riding Bill’s cock all came together and she couldn’t contain herself any longer and let an orgasm rip through her. She gripped herself around Bill as she came and the pussy juices rushed down Bill’s cock and leaked out of her cock filled pussy. Bill lifted her up and more juice shot out of her pussy and over the edge of the balcony and onto the rocks below.

Bill lay back once more and Valerie proceeded to crawl over him and then Bill moved away from the edge of the balcony. Valerie had gripped the pane of glass that made up the railing for the stair case and was bent over ready for more fucking as she turned to Bill and told him to firmly to fuck her. Bill did not have to be told twice and made his way over to her and slide his cock into her pussy and began to pound away, their dripping bodies made for quite the sight, as sound emanated each time their bodies slapped together.

The rain and thunder still continued, it seemed like El Nino, and the rain was rather intense as well. While the rain still fell Bill continued to fuck Valerie and then brought her to yet another orgasm as she was now feeling weak at the knees as it ripped through her and the pussy juices shot out. Bill held her steady as her legs felt weak while he pulled his cock out to witness her squirting her pussy juices yet again.

Bill then stood her up and then laid himself onto the floor and Valerie followed suite and got down onto his cock facing him. Bill then grabbed her ass and once more began to fuck her and fuck her hard. His pace quickened as he pounded her like a pneumatic jack hammer ripping up tarmac.

Sound was filling the atmosphere around them as their bodies rapidly slapped together and the rain was still falling, and Valerie was screaming vocalising her pleasure at the top of her lungs. Bill’s fucking had not let up; he was going at it hard, like he did on the drive over. He was going to fuck her until he exploded.

Valerie’s endurance was impressive as she wanted him to explode inside her as well and was slamming down on to his cock as hard as his hands were on her ass bringing her down onto his cock with sheer force. As they both fucked hard to get to an unforgettable climax which had just arrived for Valerie.

“OOOOOHHHHHH FUCK,” she screamed as the third orgasm for the night began to tear through her body.

However, Bill did not pause this time as he wanted to fire his cum deep inside as she had waited long enough. If anything his pace quickened and he headed toward an imminent orgasm. He eventually let go and erupted inside Valerie and shot copious quantities of cum deep inside her now ravaged pussy. It seemed there was no end, as shot after shot of cum left Bill’s cock and entered Valerie’s pussy.

It was intense for the both of them, as Valerie eventually climbed off Bill, after he had stopped cumming. Valerie then climbed off him as she noticed Bill’s cum leaking out of her vagina. As she sat down next to him, they then both put their backs to the glass railing facing the sea view.

They looked out and finally noticed that the rain since ceased and the moon at that point became visible through the clouds. Time seemed to have stood still but they both knew a considerable amount had passed during their explosive fuck session.

The turned to each other and both smiled and started to laugh, perfectly contented with their encounter.

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