Enjoy Your Stay In Atlanta Ch. 01

Double Penetration

I woke up early to make the hour and a half drive to the airport to fly back home. It was an early flight and so I had to wake up yet again before the sun had risen. I easily found the rental car return drive and walked into the airport to check in. There weren’t too many people around, thank goodness, as I had a crowded airport.

Finally it was time to board the plane and as usual I would be looking at all the stewardesses, just to check them out. It seems that there aren’t too many young ones interested in doing that job anymore. Either they’re older, or they’re quite large. Fortunately for me, there were a few cuties on this flight. I like the larger planes as they have more flight attendants pacing the aisles to make sure that everyone is comfortable.

The first one was pretty unremarkable, plain, a brunette, but appeared very nice and friendly with a great big smile as if she was ecstatic to be there that early in the morning. I passed her and crossed over to the next aisle before making my way down the plane to find my seat. As I walked across, I saw another woman standing there. She was asian, but I’m not sure of her actual descent. She had her straight black hair tied back in a small, neat ponytail and the rest of it hung down a few inches below her shoulders. She was plain also, as some asians go, but in a very classic looking way. There was not much makeup applied to her face, but enough to accent her natural beauty. A small smile was touched upon her lips and her head was cocked a little to the side. She looked at me quietly and welcomed me softly. It was easy to see that she had a meek personality common among sarıyer escort asian women that are often seen in the service industry. A look that was very attentive to the customer’s needs. She was dressed in a one-piece stewardess uniform dress that hung down to just above the level of her knees. It covered her obviously slim body well. I’m going to enjoy watching her during the flight, I thought.

I walked back to the far back compartment of the plane that was separated from the other sections by a wall disrupted only by the doorways of the aisles. I sat at the window seat like I always do and settled in for the flight. As I was falling asleep, I saw another flight attendant’s head from above the seats in front of me. She had her back to the dividing wall facing the passengers. She was kind of pretty; blonde hair, sharp features, and smiling. It didn’t take long for me to doze off, leaning against the window with a pillow before the plane even took off.

Next thing I know, I’m being shaken awake. The pretty, blonde stewardess is shaking my left arm to see if I would like “a refreshing beverage”. Half taken aback by this beauty and half my mind just waking up, it took me a second to tell her I wanted a Diet Sprite. She kind of grinned and served me gladly. As she was getting the drink ready, I took her in: tall, very thin, small breasts and slender legs, reasonably short skirt for a stewardess (1/2 way between her skinny ass and her knees), long blonde hair that was very light on the outside and darker underneath pulled up into a ponytail. She appeared to be a little on the older side of what silivri escort I preferred. Maybe mid-30s. I kind of grinned to myself as I appreciated her looks. I love long hair and I love blonde women. The blonder and lighter, the better. And her hair was very light. It made me think some naughty thoughts about her. Hmmm…nice.

She continued on and I enjoyed my drink. At least now I had some decent eye candy for the rest of the trip. Well, I would’ve, anyway, if I had been able to stay awake for it. I was shaken awake again when we landed, and I kept staring at the beautiful, thin woman facing me. She caught me looking at her more than a few times and it seemed that she was flattered as well as flustered at the same time. Regardless, she could tell that I was appreciating her.

It took some time for us in the back of the plane to start moving as everyone in front of us had to leave first. As I approached her, I listened to her slightly high-pitched voice thanking everyone for choosing the airline and hoping they had a good stay in Atlanta. As I slowly walked up to her, following the crowd down the aisle, I asked her. “Do you know any fun things to do here in Atlanta?”

“Sure,” she replied. “If you just wait here, I’ll get you some information when everyone leaves.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

So I moved around her so that she continued to lean against the front-most chair behind the divider facing the aisle saying good-bye to the patrons while I sat in the seat next to her. This put her body right at eye level to me. I had a great close up of her stocking-clad legs and ass şirinevler escort shifting under that little skirt. I couldn’t resist. I ever so lightly placed my fingertips on the upper swell of her backside and gently ran them down the curve. I saw and felt her stiffen, knowing what I was doing. My fingers did the same movement and touch to her other ass cheek and it was thrilling knowing that I was touching this stranger while she kept her demeanor stoic in front of the customers.

“Bye, thanks for flying with us. Have a good time…”

Since I didn’t meet any resistance to my touching her, I got a little braver and repeated the motion, only continuing down her stockinged thighs. She perceptibly took a little step out so that her legs were a little more spread and a little less demure. The palm of my hand then felt the whole back of her thigh and moved upwards towards the curve of her buttock under her skirt. I knew this sexy woman had to be wearing stockings as I touched her bare flesh for the first time just below her ass. I cupped her right cheek and stroked it softly with my thumb and squeezed it with my fingers. As I continued with that motion, my left hand began copying the same movements starting from her left leg and up to her other skinny buttock. I sighed out loud and I think she may have actually done the same. She was actually pushing her ass back into my hands as I was massaging this stranger’s tight, bare ass.

It was so taboo, openly fondling a stranger in a public place while she worked. And that was why it was so exciting. But I wanted more. There weren’t too many people left on the plane, and I was glad. I was fondling this woman, but I wanted to touch and feel more of her. And there was a certain part of me that wanted to do that touching and feeling. It was getting uncomfortable in my pants, but that’s only because I knew what was going to happen here soon…

Part II to come…

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