Episode 75: Jessica’s Wedding Part 2

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Episode 75: Jessica’s Wedding Part 2This is Part 2 of my story ‘Jessica’s Wedding’ – if you haven’t already read Episode 74, my author David provides the following precis:I was always a complete slut at school, and by college age had found my kink in submission.I was pretty enough to get picked up by most girls, or boys, or often both at once.If any couple needed an extra pussy on her knees for a hot threesome, I was their girl.Then Alexis installed me in her East London flat; all cock forbidden – so when SexBots became easily available, I jumped into their arms.Last night I scored two identical raven-haired sexy robots – we danced and fucked into the small hours.Whenever their tongues met another they extended into a small fat penis or pressing the small buttons at the top of the thighs reversed their sex.Their clits turned into long smooth cocks for deep penetration.Back at the 53rd floor flat, they bathed me and carried on the vigorous DP.I was still in bed when my Domme Alexis returned after my visit to the GirlZ Nightclub.”Jess” she screamed “what the fuck are these two half-naked blue SexBots doing cleaning my kitchen”?Oh Shit – it was all coming back – a quick check down the bed – no apparent bruises on my thighs. Perhaps they hadn’t been all that rough – oh yes, now I remember – long and thorough cuntal and anal poundings, then soothing away the pain with those magic magnetic fingers.My lips had never felt so luxuriously smooth and pumped up, even my tight butt-hole had loved their attention.The ropes had all been tidied away and my dirtiest underwear washed and lovingly folded on the shelf.What about all those dildos we used last night? Alexis banned them months ago – where are they now?Slowly the memory of the new toy cupboard, locked with my safeword ‘Bunnies’, surfaced – all safely locked away for now.Alexis strode into the bedroom, towering over my naked body. The two SexBots named Ami now sitting primly at the foot of the bed.”What the fuck have you two been doing to my Sub – she looks absolutely fucked ragged”.I tried closing my legs against the pull of the magnetic anklets, pinning them down to the bed. The bracelets stopping me removing the biting nipple clamps.Then Alexis spotted my slowly pulsing clit ring, monitoring the 10 minute countdown to the next double penetration.The two Amis slid up the bed – one on each side; long fat dark blue cocks pushing aside the soft fabric of their blue shorts.”What the fuck are those – is that what you’ve been putting inside her – my poor baby”.”It’s OK, they exude lubricant and pain relief – we’re not allowed to harm a human, remember”.Anklets released, I was soon crouched over one cock, the other Ami pulled out my butt plug and replaced it with her rigid erection. “NO – STOP – get those cocks out of her – I want her back as a real lesbian. TURN HER BACK IMMEADIATELY. You absolutely cannot fuck my baby girl. She has to give up the cocks.”The two Amis pulled out of my cunt and arse – their long slippery cocks slowly sliding back inside their shorts. They touched hands – palms flat together – exchanging something, mirrored in their eyes.”OK, we have removed her internal stimulants – that should stop most of her cravings for cock and increased her nipple and g-spot sensitivity.You should now be able to satisfy her with just your fingers – go on give her a try – we won’t watch.” Alexis kissed me quite gently to start, down the neck, around the eyes and mouth, then harder as I responded to her probing tongue. I could feel several hands massaging my breasts and tweaking the nipples – a warm glow spread downwards.Alexis was telling the SexBots how I loved a gentle stroking between the thighs – she demonstrated by inserting just two fingers.They were pressing against my newly sensitive g-spot – before I needed hard fucking to get even close to this level of satisfaction.My cunt felt deliciously slippery – all naturally lubricated from the gentle stimulation.A thumb brushed against my clit – who needs cock?Then Alexis was feeding the tiny steel butt plug up where it belonged – just to widen the opening for her fun.Someone lowered their cunt onto my face, my tongue naturally sought out their clit. It was an Ami, but her sex stayed stubbornly female – there was no elongation into a cock to swallow.I had to make do with enjoying her mouth-watering taste, coaxing the natural juices out to coat my tongue and teeth.There was still a slight muskiness from the earlier cock flavour, but I was learning to appreciate the no-cocks regime.Alexis was stroking the insides of my thighs, then suddenly flipped me over to be laying face down – my mouth and nose now buried in Ami backside.Her round butt tasted sort of metallic – I was just thinking perhaps they were only designed for fucking.Then the paddle came down sharply on my butt – I tried not to flinch as Alexis rained down blows.Then a pause, while soft hands caressed my tingling pussy lips from behind, then another tirade of beating – I did scream.Ami removed my bracelets, allowing me to pull her butt cheeks apart and sink my teeth into bahis firmaları her soft flesh around the opening.I squirmed with each paddle thwack, like a perfect sub – taking out my anger on this beautifully succulent blue SexBot Ami.Now I could control the pain, the pleasure started to flow from my cunt, down my thighs to be lapped up by the other Ami.She had somehow wriggled her head under my tummy – lifting my butt off the bed, allowing Alexis complete access to my sensitive inner thighs.Each time the paddle got closer to my cuntal lips, Ami would cover them with her mouth, gulping down the juice and sweat, then dodge out of the way.Of course she didn’t even care when Alexis missed my arse altogether and hit her head – still smiling, holding my hips from underneath.One of us was going to have to cum first – I was learning to love the intoxicating taste of SexBot anal glands – clearly far too good to be wasted as a mere lubricant.Would Alexis permit me to cum yet? I turned, giving her my most pleading look.Kneeling up, we kissed – her hands gripping and twisting the nipple clamps.Oh Shit – I had forgotten they were still attached – one dropped off – she carefully replaced it firmly – gripping even more tit flesh.I was cumming for her – my thighs shook – that deeply erotic feeling spreading outwards, normally only achieved from a cock high in my womb.Alexis held me close – one hand cupping my sex, the other toying with the short butt plug – this was now enough to orgasm – perhaps I didn’t need cocks after all.Then she grabbed one ankle and mashed her cunt into mine – one leg tipped over her shoulder, we were tribbing like never before.She was so aggressive, pounding our pussies together, thighs locked and slippery – the butt plug ejected onto the bed.One Ami squeezed my tits together as another climax shook my entire lower half – even Alexis was sweating now.The other Ami daring to join in, rather than just watching and masturbating; gently stroking Alexis lower back.Fingers sliding between her cheeks, hoping not to offend as our mutual cuntal onslaught brought her closer to climax.”OK you robotic bitch – fuck my arse – two fingers – that’s it – go deeper – can you fist me?”Alexis stopped moving and swearing, luxuriating in the sensation of a perfectly lubricated fist in her guts.The second Ami tentatively latched onto Alexis left nipple, offering her own body for intimate inspection.Not being rejected, Ami asked, “Can I lick your vagina Mistress – Jessica finds my long tongue very satisfactory”.”The only things that enter my body are fingers and tongues – show me – stick your tongue out”Ami restricted her tongue to a normal length – only extending it to a penis once safely inside Alexis cunt.”Oh that is rather good, baby – just ease it in and out smoothly – nice and slow – no need to hurry”.Alexis relaxed down onto her Ami’s face – I took that that as a sign I could do the same onto the other Ami.Her tongue flashed across my clit, before reaching inwards and upwards to fill my aching pussy.Alexis and I kissed passionately, gripping our Ami’s head like Sybians; twisting their nipples to increase the vibration speed.I couldn’t believe that Alexis would accept their cock-tongues currently probing our cunts, but her eyes were closed – a huge grin across her face, pumping her thighs, close to orgasm.She came, flooding her Ami’s mouth – the intense squirt coating her thighs and stomach.I happily licked it all off – perhaps I would still be allowed the occasional cock, provided it came from Ami.Alexis and I knelt side by side, tits swaying, an Ami penetrating my arse.”Wait a minute – show me that fuckin’ clit – how are you fucking my bitch with it?”My Ami timidly lifted her crotch to Alexis face – her tumescent cock head only just larger than a regular engorged clitoris.Her Ami stroked around the pussy lips, taking a little juice onto her finger to rub across the sensitive cock head.It reacted like any real penis by growing into her hand – Alexis leant forward, baring her teeth, taking it into her mouth.”They do taste really good” I offered – “lovely and slippery – what do you think Mistress – it’s not like a strap-on – do you want to fuck it?”Alexis sucked hard – it became rigid and darker blue in her mouth.The first bites were just exploratory – front teeth for nipping, then back teeth for grinding.My Ami looked very nervous – nobody had ever chewed right through a SexBot cock – should she pull out and offend my Mistress?Her nipples rose – the piercings chain clanked – Alexis grabbed the chain and pulled – the cock grew in length and girth, filling Alexis mouth.Almost without thinking, Ami let out a tiny dollop of pre-cum onto Alexis tongue.”Holy Fuck – that tastes gorgeous – yes of course you can fuck her arse, but only if you cum my mouth afterwards”.I pulled apart my butt cheeks, Ami slid her lubricated clit/cock deep into my arse, pumping it gently to start.I panted as she upped the pace, slamming into the back of my thighs.The first whack of the paddle against her buttocks took my Ami by surprise, pitching her forward, kaçak iddaa her cock going limp to avoid damaging my insides.She recovered, bracing herself against my thighs for the following tirade of blows from Alexis; checking I was OK and gently easing her cock back to the previous depth.She held my breasts from behind as a comfort; I could also feel someone kissing my neck – probably Alexis as she punished Ami mercilessly.I desperately needed something or someone up my cunt to take the pressure off my arse – my Ami pushed in two extra-long fingers, curling around to stroke the g-spot.I gripped her wrist, trying to find the magnetic vibration switch for a certain orgasm.She easily guessed what I needed, bringing a much-overdue cuntal climax as Alexis continued to pound her Ami’s backside and thighs with the paddle.CollaringIt was time to get me prepared for the collaring ceremony – the two Amis screened off a corner of the bedroom, so Alexis shouldn’t see her sub too early.The collar itself was a simple tight-fitting black leather affair, which extends high under the chin, stopping my head turning.My Ami re-threaded the nipple clamp chains up through the D rings, so that my breasts could still move independently.The magnetic bracelets held my arms tightly behind my back as she squatted at my feet preparing my pussy.I felt, but couldn’t see, a thong of some sort sliding up my thighs and then the row of beads from front to back settling between my lips.They felt so cool and strangely tingly – each time Ami breathed on my clit, a gorgeous thrill spread straight up to my nipples.I was now fully wired for pleasure – could I satisfy Alexis like this? Meanwhile Alexis had ordered her Ami to remove the slight sag on her Double-D-cup breasts – nothing obvious, just a bit firmer, so she didn’t need a sports bra ever again.Ami re-sculpted her inner thighs and hips so Alexis looked more like my lover and less like my Aunty.BabyBut it was the inner changes that brought the greatest benefit to our sex life. Alexis cunt had been returned to its pristine, almost-virginal state, from years before giving birth to Annie and Pete’s baby. Annie, Pete and Alexis were inseparable at school – playing in the gym, fucking in the swimming pool; the threesome always at the centre of any sex party. So it was no surprise years later when Alexis was invited to be their bridesmaid and fucked legless at their nude wedding. Despite the hourly sex, Annie failed to get pregnant and they asked Alexis to be their surrogate. She moved in, trying not to laugh watching Pete masturbate daily into a cup and hold her legs apart while Annie injected the sperm with a turkey baister. When that didn’t seem to work, they went for the direct Natural Insemination method – Pete fucking Alexis from behind while she ate out her best friend Annie. Three months later, Alexis was clearly pregnant but Pete insisted on still fucking her every morning before college. He had a theory that you could almost guarantee a boy in the womb if you bathed it in sperm every day until birth.Annie threw him out before her gorgeous baby girl was born and she lived happily with Alexis as a lesbian couple for several years until Alexis moved to London.Today The SexBots had smoothed away all the internal damage and stretching from the difficult birth, making Alexis cunt (and arse) like new again.I peeked around the curtain to see Alexis now looking stunning in skin-tight red leather shorts and spiked open-fronted bra top.Somehow, Ami had persuaded her to give the monster strap-on dildo another go – on shit, that was going to hurt.The two Amis brought me submissively to my magnificent Domme Alexis.On my knees, I willingly agreed to never fuck a man or any other woman unless explicitly instructed to by Alexis.She pulled me upwards to a half-standing position by the nipple clamps – I had forgotten how much the cold metal dug in.She held me by the collar with my face at her breast height, forcing the spikes into my mouth.I suppressed my initial reaction to playfully bite the excess soft flesh under her nipples.Where had it gone – her tits were now as firm as mine – no droop at all.Her nipples were rock hard, upward facing and looking magnificent – I just had to suckle them.I thought Alexis was going to smack me away, but she put up with my fawning obedience for several minutes – probably getting a bit wet.The strap-on touched against my bare tummy – Alexis hips were driving it forward.I looked down – it was fuckin’ huge – how did she mean to take me with it?One Ami standing behind lifted me clean off the floor, opening my legs, pushing aside the beads and lowering my open cunt onto the monster.Surely it would never fit – it nudged against my pussy lips, nestling a short way in.Then suddenly I was taking it all – it felt up to the navel – my belly actually bulged as she repeatedly slammed the b**st into my hungry cunt.Ami was still behind, holding my buttocks to support my weight – remember my hands were still bound.Alexis took full advantage of my helpless position – fucking deeper and higher than either kaçak bahis of us could imagine – the beads rubbing my clit into a frenzy.I came as she unleashed a jet of fake sperm into my sopping wet cunt – my first thought – could she really make me pregnant?Alexis smiled for the first time as she instructed the two Amis to lick each other out, while she positioned us on the bed to do exactly the same.She undid my bound hands allowing me to remove her strap-on dildo – the centre seam on her shorts just parted at a touch, revealing her newly tightened pussy lips.My tongue went wild between her thighs as she calmly sucked me to another mind-bending orgasm.I slid my mouth and fingers through the gap in her shorts into fresh succulent pussy – she tasted divine, trembling slightly as I circled the hardening clitoris.I even managed a little nip before she angrily bit into my clit – just to remind me who is the sub in this relationship.Perhaps she would let me make her cum – the two Amis hadn’t managed it.Taking a firm grip on the waistband of her shorts, I held her close – riding her face now I was on top.Everything about her cuntal area was tighter – no excess flesh around her thighs or buttocks – just muscle gripping the sides of my head.Her cunt walls tasted slick from SexBot lubricant – perhaps her Ami had been successful – I swallowed it all down, leaving her panting.I grabbed hold of the slippery strap-on cock, squeezing hard – her cunt juices flowed freely – perhaps Ami had installed a connection?By now the two Amis had joined us on the bed – hands everywhere – one pulling apart my buttocks to insert her extra-long fingers.The other replacing a nipple clamp by her equally-sharp teeth – Oh shit, I was cumming again – I must be far too easy.I could feel that Alexis was pretty close too – how to take her over the edge?Dare I ask an Ami to fuck her – is that completely wrong for a sub?I pulled her legs up, inviting an Ami to unleash her extensible clit/cock – it slipped in easily.My face was still very close – I could hear the sound of robotic sex – Ami was working very hard to bring Alexis to satisfaction.The cock plunged in, rotated and expanded then pulled out – Alexis pussy lips reacted to each thrust – juice flowed down between her buttocks, soaking into the bedding.Ami was definitely risking damage – Alexis was whacking her about the head: “Harder bitch – fuck me harder – make me cum”Ami moved her grip from Alexis ankles down passed her thighs towards the cock pounding into her, then underneath the slippery buttocks.”No” I tried to shout, “don’t touch her there” – but my mouth was still full of Ami tit flesh.I pushed her away and made a lunge for Alexis, but too late – her arse was filled with SexBot fingers.She reacted badly, batting her Ami across the bed: “Bitch – how dare you – you can fuck her” pointing at me “up the arse if you like, but not mine”.”You’d better kiss it better – but keep your fingers out” I warned.Ami sucked Alexis arse without extending her tongue into a prick until Alexis noticed that my Ami was doing exactly that.”What the fuck is that?” pulling my Ami out, her sticky tongue/cock slithering down my thighs before it retracted into her mouth.Finale”OK you intelligent dildos, I need you to cure my bitch of her cock hunger. I want you to retrain her body to only cum when I let her and absolutely no cocks until Saturday. Understood?””Yes Mistress – just look away for a moment while we fix Jessica’s body – don’t worry she won’t feel a thing”.I was pinned to the floor before I had any chance to scream – one Ami sitting on my face, not in a sexual way but just to block the view, and the other pulling my legs apart.I felt something cold and hard entering cuntally – a sharp pain and then it was gone having done something to clitoral nerve endings.They carried me limply over to a chair, upside-down – my legs folded over the back, completely exposed to their mouths front and back.Never had their short tongues and teeth felt so luxurious, licking, sucking and chewing on my super-sensitive pussy lips.Alexis was watching my arousal level on the orgasmometer displayed above the bed: “Don’t let her cum yet – remember no higher than 98%”.The desire to climax was unbearable – they kept taking me to the very edge of orgasm and then backing off, watching and waiting for Alexis command.This must have gone on for nearly an hour – I lost count of the false arousal peaks, just this continuous feeling of pure sex flowing into my body.I opened my eyes only to see Alexis cunt just inches from my face -she was masturbating hard – her engorged clit dark and shiny.Both Amis had stopped sucking and moved away – it was now just Alexis fingers between my sticky lips, building me closer and closer.”Now” she screamed, spewing her orgasm into my mouth – I came like a rocket – all that pent up energy suddenly released into a crashing climax.My legs shook, my cunt spasmed – even my tits felt like they were exploding.We slumped to the floor, laughing in each others embrace – sex between us had never been so good.We watched the identical twin SexBots tribbing – perhaps they could actually fuck each other with their extensible clits – was that even permitted – did we care?Alexis loved me; I was collared and no longer craved cock (except on Saturdays).

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