Erotic City (Part 1-5)


Erotic City (Part 1-5)23 July 2014EROTIC CITY (Part 1)The cab pulled up outside the London hotel. I paid the driver and stepped out into the glorious afternoon sunshine. Michael had asked me to meet him here; it was a surprise weekend away for us both, a break from the norm and a treat for our wedding anniversary.I walked up the steps and in through the revolving glass doors. The first thing that struck me was the vast entrance hall, all marble floors and high ornate ceilings. This hotel was not cheap, that was obvious. The receptionist smiled at me and I walked over to her.“We have a room booked for Mr & Mrs Baker”“Certainly madam, I’ll just check that for you”. She tapped away on her keyboard and then looked up. “Fine, I shall just get your keycard”. She turned away briefly and then handed me the card.“Has Mr Baker checked in yet?” I asked“Not yet madam, I believe he will be joining you later. Have a lovely stay and if there is anything you need then please let us know”.“Thank you very much”*My name is Anna Baker. I am 47 years old and have been married to Michael for 5 years now. I didn’t meet him until I was 40 and had spent 13 years in a deeply unsatisfying relationship. There was no sex. No passion. No intimacy. Nothing. I masturbated every morning and some evenings, or I would run a bath, lock the door, turn on the Jacuzzi setting and then lie back and let the bubbles massage my clit until I came. It felt good at the time but I wanted more. I wanted a guy to ravish me, fuck me. I longed for a cock inside me, not just fingers and fumbling around. My partner didn’t and couldn’t provide that and so I lived my life through fantasy…until I met Michael.The moment I met him I got that feeling; you know the one; chemistry, butterflies in the tummy and wet knickers. That’s the effect he had on me. But we didn’t get together for 2 ½ years and so I spent my time imagining what it would be like to feel him inside me until the day he invited me to his house one lunchtime, where he fucked me on the dining table, his cock filing me in a way that I had desired for so long. Our lust for each other was primal and it felt fucking amazing. *The lift took me to the top floor and I stepped out onto the plush carpet, my spiked heels almost buried in the pile. Our room was the furthest away at the end of the corridor. Swiping the card, the door opened with a click and I walked in not knowing what to expect. I felt my jaw drop as I took in the sheer size of the suite. It oozed decadence and with it’s décor of black, red and gold, it hinted of something more than just a quick weekend break. The bed was enormous; sumptuous bedding and cushions almost beckoned you in and tempted you into debauchery. Above the bed hung the biggest crystal chandelier I had ever seen and the walls were decorated with huge erotic prints to set your mind wandering.Across the room were French doors and I walked over and opened them, letting in the warm summer evening breeze. White voiles added privacy and there was a balustrade with iron railings leading out into the open air. I stepped out; leaning on the railings I looked around me. I could see down into the city below, people scurrying around hurridly as they do in London. Looking left to right I could see no other windows to the hotel; we appeared to be secluded. I imagined how this would look in the moonlight, Michael and I standing outside sipping wine, silhouetted against the background and for a moment I lost myself in that romantic vision.On the table in the far corner was a bottle of wine chilling in a cooling bucket. Walking across I noticed there was a note Welcome to paradise baby. Help yourself to a glass of wine, relax and unwind and I will be there in a couple of hours. I have arranged for a masseuse to come to the room, he should be there around 6:30. Enjoy the experience; I have an even bigger surprise for you later. I Love you, Michael xxxI looked at my watch, it was 6:15 already. I poured myself a glass of wine and stood out on the balustrade watching the world go by until I heard the knock.On opening the door I was greeted by an extremely handsome man. Fairly tall, jet black hair, brown eyes and a smile that would have fitted in in Hollywood. “Hi, my name is Rico; I believe Mr Baker has arranged a special massage for you this evening”I opened the door a little wider to let him in, his aftershave wafting on the air as he passed meRico placed his metal case on the floor and looked over at me. “Why don’t you go into the bathroom and undress, Mrs Baker. If you would prefer to wear a robe then that is fine, but there is no need to be shy”Something about his tone aroused my senses and as I closed the bathroom door behind me, I caught him spraying some scented oil into the air. The bathroom was huge and luxurious. A Jacuzzi bath big enough for 3 people dominated the room but there was also a walk in shower with two shower heads. There were mirrors on all walls that weren’t tiled and as I undressed I could see my body from pretty much every angle. Something stirred between my thighs and as I removed my bra I let my fingertips brush over my nipples and down between my legs. My knickers were damp already and I was tempted to dip my finger inside me but resisted the urge. As I let my knickers fall to the floor, I ran my fingers through my hair and opened the bathroom door.Rico had laid a large towel on the bed, the bottles of oil were arranged on the bedside cabinet and tealights flickered seductively on all the surfaces. The French doors were still open but he had closed the voiles although they captured the breeze and ballooned in and out. The ambience was perfect.“Please, Mrs Baker, lay down on the bed, on your front” I did as I was told, sliding my body seductively down onto the towel; it felt wonderful laying there naked. “Now, just relax, please, close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of my hands on your body”.I was expecting him to massage my shoulders but instead, he picked up one of my feet and rubbed the oil in, kneeding deep into the soles with his thumb. I loved to have my feet rubbed; it was deeply relaxing and I was enjoying the way he touched me, every nerve ending suddenly became super-sensitive as I sunk deeper into my relaxed state. And then he touched that place, that pressure point in my foot that sent little messages to my pussy and I knew that he knew the affect it had on me. He must have noticed me wriggle a little and did I deliberately part my legs slightly? As if to acknowledge, he took his hands and slid them up my ankle and over my calf, with each stroke just going a little higher, teasing me until he was caressing the inside of my thigh. God I wanted him to touch me. Was he going too far or was this what he had been paid to do?And then he stopped, I was aware of him pouring more oil into his hands before he turned his attention to the other leg, sliding his glistening hands over my soft body which right now was aching for some attention. “You have lovely skin Mrs Baker and a beautiful body, if you don’t mind me saying”. As he said the words he moved my leg over a little, spreading them a little wider before continuing with his massage. Every time his fingers got close to my pussy my arousal got stronger. The sensual aromas in the air ignited my senses and I instinctively raised my bottom off the bed a little, inviting and tempting him to touch me. Would Michael mind? Oh god, what am I doing, this is so wrong and yet feels so good?Rico’s hands were massaging my bottom now but he ran his thumbs down the inside of my thighs. I could feel him gently pulling the cheeks of my bottom apart, teasing me, running his finger up and down the crack and down to my aching pussy. What did I have to do to get this guy to touch me? And then he did, just lightly brushing over it, his fingertip touching my clit briefly before taking it away again. Oh fuck. He carried on massaging me; he had climbed on the bed now and was straddling me, running his hands over my back and shoulders, relieving any tension I may have had, but not the tension between my legs. “Are you feeling nice and relaxed Mrs Baker” he said softly“Oh yes Rico, it feels wonderful, you have an amazing talent”He chuckled “Good, I have strict instructions from Mr Baker so I am pleased you are enjoying it so far. I am going to climb off you now but I need you to turn over”I did as I was told, still keeping my eyes closed I felt Rico behind my head and a soft velvet blindfold placed over my eyes. Oh fuck, I wasn’t expecting this.Silence. Nothing. What was going to happen now? And then I felt Rico’s hands on my legs again, starting at my ankles but moving swiftly but sensually up the inside of my thighs again, almost close enough to touch my pussy but teasing it expertly, parting my legs a little more. I could feel the breeze from the French doors, it had cooled a little by now and it chilled my nipples although they were already erect.“I can see you are excited Mrs Baker, I think you are ready for Mr Baker’s next instruction. Please touch yourself. Tease your pussy, you need to be nice and wet for me. Show me what a bad girl you are and play with yourself”Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this, with him watching. But I am so horny I don’t care and I plunge my fingers between my thighs, rubbing gently but firmly, wanting to bring myself off so desperately that I open my legs wider and slide two fingers inside me.“Oh yes, that looks good, you are a bad girl. But you are not allowed to cum, that is the agreement”What? I’m lying here aching to be fucked and I’m not even allowed to bring myself off?I felt Rico’s hand on mine, taking it off my pussy which by now was soaking wet. He laid it by my side and then touched me softly, running his fingers over my clit and then down deeper, sliding his finger inside me. God it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop.“Now relax, please and don’t worry about anything, ok”I laid back, my breasts heaving with arousal and then I felt something being inserted inside me, deep, really deep and as he removed his fingers, he once again brushed them over my clit. I was so turned on I felt like I was going to explode.“Now, that is my work done Mrs Baker. I hope you have enjoyed your experience. Mr Baker has given me strict instructions that you are not allowed to touch yourself once I am gone. Therefore, I am going to tie your hands to the bed so that you cannot be tempted.He took each hand and placed a velvet cuff around my wrists and then lifting my arms above my head, he tied them to the bed.“Mr Baker should be here very soon, goodnight Mrs Baker and have a wonderful evening”I heard him pack his bottles away and with a click of the door, he was gone….EROTIC CITY (Part 2)My name is Michael Baker. I am 47 years old and have been married to Anna for 5 years. I can remember the time she came to my house at lunchtime. I only invited her for coffee and a sandwich but we fucked each other senseless, even though we didn’t have much time before she had to go back to work. My relationship at the time was boring. She was OK when I first met her but then she started putting on weight. We moved into our house and that’s when I met Anna; she lived a few doors away. There was chemistry there, definitely and I could tell she wanted me by the way she looked at me. The day she sucked my cock in my shed was amazing and unexpected. We just wanted each other, to fulful our deepest desires. We were perfect together.The door clicked and I heard someone walk in. It had to be Michael; he was the only one I knew who wore that aftershave. It was Kenzo, masculine and sexy, just like him. I remember when I met him he had this motorbike, a big, sexy thing and when he sat astride it with his jeans stretched tight, god, I just wanted to put my hand inside my knickers and touch myself. He’s got this gorgeous little arse, you see, tight and peachy perfect. Mmmm, just thinking about it excites me. His voice bought me out of my daydream.“Hi Anna, did you enjoy your time with Rico, it certainly looks as if you did?”“Michael, it was amazing. I am so horny right now”“Really? Well, maybe we should play a little longer then”. With that, I felt vibrations inside me, low rumbling, then escalating and pulsing. He tweeked my nipples, squeezing them, sending me even further into arousal and then trailed one finger down my tummy and down over my clit. He rubbed it gently, circling his finger, teasing me the only way he knows how.“Oh yes, Michael please. I need to cum, please, don’t make me wait any longer”Michael chuckled.“I don’t think I can let you Anna. I need you nice and aroused, NO, horny as fuck, for what I have planned tonight. I have bought you something to wear so don’t worry about that. We are going to have a VERY exciting evening”.I felt him untie my hands and release my wrists from their restraints. Taking my hand, he pulled me up from the bed. My legs were shaking and he took me in his arms and kissed me softly. “I think you need a glass of wine Anna”I went to untie the blindfold but Michael stopped me.“No, that stays on until I say you can take it off, ok” he handed me a glass and I took a sip, the chilled wine soothing my dry throat. “We could do with some fresh air, don’t you agree?” he said, taking my hand and leading me over to the other side of the room.“But I’m naked Michael, I can’t stand outside”“Oh, I think you can, Anna. I want everyone to see how sexy you look when you are horny as fuck”He guided me to the balustrade, placing my free hand on the railings. I couldn’t tell whether they could see me or not, I hadn’t even given it a thought when I stood out here earlier, fully clothed. But now, with the breeze caressing my naked body and the pulsing inside me teasing me to distraction, I wondered whether I was the newest London exhibit. It felt strangely erotic and exciting to be standing there exposed.Michael took my glass and placed it down on the table inside the room. Taking my now free hand, he rubbed it over the front of his trousers and I felt the bulge inside.“Unzip me Anna”“Are you sure, don’t you think this is a bit risky?”“Unzip me and get my cock out you slut”Undoing his trousers I ran my hand over his pants. His cock was hot and hard and I found myself tearing at his clothes. “Can they see us Michael? Are they watching the show?”“They might be Anna, but you won’t know and I’m not going to tell you. You can just imagine”I plunged his cock into my mouth as deep as it would go. I wanted every inch, the thought of having an audience just turned me on more and I licked and sucked like a hungry a****l.“Oh yeah, that feels fucking good baby. Suck it hard, take it deep, as deep as you can”It was as if his cock was my last meal. I savoured every inch, licking the pre-cum and devouring every drop. I wanted him, my pussy was aching and I needed release, but I knew I wasn’t going to get it yet.“Oh fuck, Anna. You are such a slut. Some people are looking up now, watching you, pointing at you. How do you feel about that?”I didn’t know if it was true but I loved the thought of it. I started rubbing at my clit but Michael pulled me up, bent me over the railing and spanked me. I was shocked at first, but the feelings washing over me were amazing.“I told you not to touch yourself. That is the deal, Anna, you are NOT allowed to cum. Do you understand me?”“Yes Michael, I understand”“Right, well I think we ought to get ready to go out, but first, I need to cum. Kneel down, it won’t take long, my balls are ready to explode”.I dropped to my knees and heard the familiar sound of Michael wanking. “Oh yeah, squeeze those nipples baby, I wanna cum all over them”He was wanking harder now and I could tell he was very close.“Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Stick those tits out and let me shoot my spunk all over them”I felt it almost instantly, warm and wet, sliding down my breasts and I rubbed it in slowly, teasing as I heard Michael squeezing the last few drops out. I heard him panting, his breathing gradually starting to slow down after his release.“Ok, I’m going to get a shower Anna. No touching ok. Fuck that felt good?”An hour later and he was showered and ready to go out, but there had been no mention of me.“Anna, I will have to dress you. What I have chosen for you is a surprise but a good one, I hope”I was stood in front of him and I heard him rummaging around in a bag. What had he bought? Something sensual and sexy, perhaps in red, nice and tight to show off my curves? Or did he go for black, the safe option?As I stood there wondering I felt a slap on my bottom but it wasn’t his hand. And again. It stung, the pain sending tingles running through my body. I felt something touch my nose and breathing in I could smell the scent of leather.“Thought you might like that Anna, a nice leather paddle across the cheeks of your bum”. His hand ran softly over my bum, soothing the stinging sensation. It felt good. “So I thought you might like to wear something a little revealing to show off that nice pink glow you now have”.I heard him rustling around again and then the feel of material against my skin. Not satin or any normal clothing fabric, no, this was different, like plastic.He held the skirt against me and wrapped it around my back. I heard him secure a buckle behind me at my waist. Then he moved behind me and he took the hem of the skirt, another strap with a buckle which came just below the cheeks of my bum. Oh my god, the skirt had no back. The last strap laid a little higher than the middle, meaning my bum was practically exposed. I felt his hand caress me, up and over the straps, making sure I was aware how little the skirt covered me. It was certainly very short and I was hoping that he would allow me some dignity by letting me wear a thong, at the very least.“Very nice Anna, your arse looks amazing; I only wish you could see what I see right now”.Rustling again in the bag. Michael lifted each arm in turn, placing them through loops and then sliding the whole thing up onto my shoulders. Again, he secured it at the back with a buckle. It felt like some kind of bra and in the same fabric as the skirt. Coming bursa escort around to face me again, he adjusted the straps which laid across my breasts and when he was satisfied, he took my hands and placed them softly on my body. “Feel, Anna. Run your hands over yourself and try and imagine what you look like”. I did so, taking time to let my fingers explore the straps and buckles securing my breasts. At least my nipples weren’t exposed. And then down over my skirt and behind me, feeling the straps at the back. Being completely blindfolded I suddenly realized how sexy I probably looked and I longed to see myself through someone elses eyes.Michael took my hand and led me over to the bed.“Sit down on the edge Anna”Michael took my left foot in his hand, gently caressing it before placing it inside the boot. I knew these boots; they were my favourites. Long, thigh length PVC fetish boots with killer heels and platforms. A full length zip ran from my ankle to my thigh, black ribbons tied at the front and buckles secured them; one at my thigh, another just above my knee and the last at the ankle. I loved them, they made me feel like a slut.Once the boots were on, Michael took my hand and helped me up. “You look amazing baby, I can’t wait to show you off tonight”“Wait…we’re going out with me dressed like this? It’s the middle of summer, I can’t wear a coat, I’d look ridiculous!”“No need to worry about a coat baby, like I said, tonight I am going to show you off to the world”.I felt a surge of panic. Surely he was joking?“Ready then Anna, it’s time we left? Oh, I forgot one thing”Less than a minute later Michael was securing a collar around my neck. I had two of them; one had chains at the front, the other just said SLUT in grey metal letters. I felt my neck. No chains. Oh fuck, was I really going out with SLUT written on me. And then I felt the vibrations inside me again. I’d almost forgotten it was there…“Perfect” he chuckled. “Now, take my hand and don’t worry. I will guide you all the way but do NOT even be tempted to remove the blindfold”On shaking legs I followed, led expertly by Michael, down to the lift. I heard it ping as it arrived at our floor and the doors slide open almost silently. Was anyone in it? I didn’t hear any gasps or voices so assumed that we were alone. Michael guided me in and the doors closed behind us. I was dreading people’s reaction when we reached the ground floor and walked out into reception. Surely we’d get thrown out, we’d never get away with me walking around dressed like this in such an upmarket hotel. Michael played with remote control as the lift descended, teasing me with the different pulsing sensations until he reached one that he knew I’d enjoy the most. Would anyone be able to hear it?The lift stopped and the doors opened again. Voices, lots of bustling around, cases being wheeled across the marble floor. We were in reception. My legs were trembling as Michael led me out and my heels clicked as I walked. I was aware of being on display, my bum on show for everyone and anyone to see. How many people were looking at me now, staring, pointing? What were they thinking? Whatever, Michael obviously didn’t seem to worry as he guided me towards the front doors and out into the London street.I heard a cab pull up as we stood on the pavement. Michael left me for a moment and said something quietly to the driver before opening the door. Taking my hand and placing one hand on my head, he helped me in. I breathed a sigh of relief that I at least had some privacy for a moment. Michael jumped in beside me and the driver pulled away. I had no idea where we were going. Michael held my hand, ran his thumb over mine, soothing me a little. My heart was pounding but I couldn’t work out whether it was panic or excitement. Maybe a little of both. Michael put his hand on my knee and parted my legs. “Where are we going Michael?”“I’m not telling you baby…now open your legs wider for me”My lips were trembling as I did so. One of the windows must have been open as I could feel the breeze on my body and on my pussy. I was so wet now, all the teasing and massaging had aroused me to the point where I would probably have done anything just to be able to cum.I heard a feint buzzing noise beside my ear and then felt the sensation on my neck, slowly running down my shoulder, over my breasts and down my tummy.And then it disappeared. I could still hear it but couldn’t feel anything except the pulsing inside me. And then I felt Michael’s hand, soft on my inner thigh and the vibrations on the lips of my pussy.“I want you to cum now Anna and I’m gonna make you explode right in front of the driver” he whispered. With that, he touched my clit lightly with the vibrator and I nearly went into orbit. He teased me, first circling around and then pressing a little harder so I could feel the sensations deep inside. I was breathing hard, rubbing my clit against the smooth plastic of the vibrator, wanting that orgasm more than anything in the world. I didn’t care if the driver could hear me panting or if he could see me in his mirror.“Oh yeah, Michael, oh fuck I’m cumming”I pushed my body forward and pressed my hand down over Michaels, I didn’t want him to take it away now and not allow me that pleasure. And then it washed over me in waves, my pussy clenching hard, the spasms taking over my body like nothing I’d ever felt before as I came hard and I almost screamed out, the relief bringing tears to my eyes as my body convulsed….“Good girl, does that feel better? Now, I don’t think we’ll be needing this anymore tonight” and with that he pulled the bullet vibrator from inside me. He ran his fingers up and down my pussy, spreading my juices all over my thighs. I could smell the musky aroma and it aroused my senses again almost immediately. “Now, you have my cum on your tits and yours all over your thighs, you smell like a bitch on heat and you are going to get the fucking of your life tonight baby”EROTIC CITY (Part 3)The journey seemed to go on forever. I knew that we were driving out of the City as it became quieter and the cab didn’t need to stop so often for traffic lights. I had no idea where we were going but the fact I was still blindfolded made it an exciting and exhilarating experience.The cab slowed down and I heard the sound of tyres on gravel before it came to a hault. I heard Michael thank the driver and pay him before getting out. I heard him walk across the gravel, around the back of the cab and opening my door, he helped me out, assisting me to walk over the uneven surface in my heels. We stood there for a moment and the cab drove off. It was quiet, I could hear trees rustling in the evening breeze which seemed to caress the cheeks of my exposed bottom. Where the hell were we?“Anna, I’m going to take off your blindfold now but please keep your eyes closed, ok”It felt strange after all those hours to have the blindfold removed but it was soon replaced by another mask; a different kind. Michael fitted it over my eyes and tied it at the back of my head, nice and tight so it wouldn’t fall off. “Ok, you can open your eyes now”As I did so, I saw Michael for the first time that evening but only a glimpse through the eye slits of the mask. I put my hands up to my face and tried to imagine what it looked like, trying to make out the shape using only my sense of touch. It felt quite elaborate and sexy.“You look fucking amazing Anna. Come on, let’s go in”I turned around to see a magnificent manor house, imposing and slightly intimidating. Ivy clung to the walls and every window was concealed by curtains. We walked towards the solid wood front door and rang the bell. It was answered immediately by a very tall woman dressed in a black latex catsuit, her curves perfectly accentuated by the clinging fabric. She, too was wearing a mask, a beautiful cat-like design which complimented her outfit and her jet black hair was scooped away from her face in a high ponytail. I could just make out her eyes through the mask and her beautiful full lips moved seductively as she spoke.“Good evening sir, madam and welcome to the party. Are you on our guest list this evening?”Michael replied that we were and gave our names. She checked her clipboard and satisfied that we were invited, she allowed us to enter the hallway. The house was exquisite, a sweeping staircase beckoned you upstairs and music could be heard from the rooms adjoining the hallway. Beautiful antique furniture adourned the hallway with wine and champagne glasses elegantly arranged on a black tablecloth to our left. Another gorgeous lady appeared carrying a tray with two champagne glasses. She, too, wore an elaborate mask, her ruby red lips the only part of her face visible. Her body looked amazing clad in a gorgeous lace bodystocking which clearly revealed her pert breasts and shapely bottom. A thong underneath barely covered her. She wore thigh length leather boots tied at the back with laces, the sky high heels clicking on the parquet floor as she walked slowly towards us.“Would you like a glass of champagne madam?” she looked at me through her mask, her eyes smokey black and seductive.“Thank you, I’d love one”. Placing the tray on the sideboard she poured me a glass and handed it to me and then looked at Michael.“Sir?”“Yes, thank you” Michael answered, clearly mesmerized by the vision of beauty and sexuality standing before us. I smiled nervously, a slight feeling of jealousy creeping through me. Her perfume was deliciously sexy and as she turned to pick up the tray I almost wanted to reach out and touch her body.“Please, follow me. I shall take you through to the lounge”She strutted sexily knowing full well that Michael’s eye’s would be fixated on her, but so were mine. She was probably the sexiest woman I had ever been in close contact with and I was surprised at my body’s reaction at the sight of her near naked body. I had never been sexually attracted to a woman before but there was something mysterious and alluring about her that aroused my curiosity.She led us into the main lounge, a vast, magnificent room filled with huge, sumptuous settees and armchairs big enough for two people. Heavy velvet curtains hung at the windows and candles flickered from holders on the walls. It had a gothic, erotic ambience which was enhanced by the other guests. I looked around. All the ladies were wearing masks and dressed in fetishwear – leather, PVC and latex; the scent of the shiny rubber quite dominant in the room. Suddenly I realized that I would not look out of place in my spanking skirt and strapped top, which helped me to relax a little. The men just dressed smartly in black trousers and shirts and it occurred to me that people didn’t make the effort to dress up anymore. I took a sip of my champagne as I scanned the room for the third time.“Would you like me to show you around?” A male voice behind me and the smooth touch of a hand sweeping across my bottom took me by surprise.Michael and I accepted his offer and he beckoned us through a door at the back of the room. “My name is Jacob, I hope you enjoy the party. Remember, everything that goes on within these walls stays within these walls. Everyone is free to carry out their fantasies with whoever they wish and however they wish and I can assure you that once the champagne is flowing, nobody wants to leave” We walked through to another large room, in the centre of which was a long dining table laid out for dinner. Candelabras adourned the centre with plates of exotic fruits arranged elegantly around them. I noticed that the men sat on one side of the table and the women on the other but there were no places available for Michael and I to sit opposite each other. Jaoob obviously noticed the puzzled look on my face and smiled.“Darling, no couples sit opposite each other at this table but I cannot divulge why. Please take a seat and enjoy the company of those around you”.Nervously we took places some distance apart. I was sat in between two women both dressed in PVC; one wearing a dress which barely contained her breasts, the other more modestly clad in tight trousers and a zip up shirt. Opposite me was a man, probably in his 30’s with short cropped hair and a goatee beard. He was good looking in a rugged sort of way and I caught his eyes almost undressing me as we looked at one another. More people entered the room, taking their places until the table was full. Jacob stood at the bottom end of the table, silencing everyone so he could speak. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to the party. As well as our usual crowd we also have some new guests this evening, so please, make them feel nice and relaxed” A mischievous grin swept over his face. “Shall we make a toast? Raise your glasses please…..To debauchery, sex, fucking and pure indulgence!”. I chinked glasses with the ladies either side of me and we all took a sip.Suddenly, double doors opened at the other end of the room near the top of the table. Looking around I could see the kitchen area and lots of people bustling around. Waiters appeared carrying silver plates with domed covers which were placed in front of us. I noticed that separate waiters served the men to the women and once everyone’s plate was served, Jacob spoke again.“Tonight we have something special on the menu, something to share, something that will excite you, tempt you and satisfy your appetite. You will find it different, delicious and like nothing you have ever tasted before. Now please, if you would like to remove the lids from your plates”.Everyone did so. On the plates were velvet bags in red or black and we all fumbled to untie them and take out the contents. Mine was a butt plug with a battery controller and a bottle of lube. I slid the button to the “on” position and the toy sprang to life, pulsing in my hand and I looked up to see the guy opposite smiling at me. Did he know something I didn’t? The ladies either side of me had removed their gifts; one had a blindfold the other a huge realistic dildo. She, too, was enjoying the vibrating sensation in her hand but then parted her legs and allowed herself to enjoy that same pleasure on her covered pussy. I watched in amazement but she then looked around at me and pointed it towards my mouth. Instinctively I slid my lips around it and closed my eyes. I heard her laugh as she slid it in and out slowly, my saliva making it nice and slippery. I felt her hand on my right thigh, gently parting my legs and then, without warning, she placed the head of the dildo on my clit. My skirt was so short it hardly covered me anyway, so she had perfect access. I squirmed in my chair, the combination of the vibrations and the fact that everyone was watching was the most exciting experience I had had so far and I couldn’t believe that I was letting a woman do it to me. She was rubbing the dildo up and down my pussy, I was so wet, so horny and I felt as if I could do anything as long as it was dirty.She took the dildo away and whispered in my ear to stand up. I did so and she slowly bent me over the table, the metal plate feeling cold against the exposed parts of my body.“Now, just relax darling” she almost purred at me and I felt myself gushing between my legs. I felt her soft fingers teasing my clit and softly touching my pussy, spreading my juices up and around my most private orifice. I felt lube running down my bottom and then the tip of the butt plug being slowly and gently inserted. I breathed deeply, relaxing into the sensation and allowing it to invade and penetrate me intimately until I felt the base against my skin and knew it would go no further. God it felt good…and then vibrations, deep and pulsing. I had never tried one before but at that moment I knew that I had to treat myself to this most sensual gift.I was left laying across the table like a slut as the lady sat back down and then I heard Jacob’s voice.“I see our guests have been made especially welcome already!” laughs from the guests followed. “Now, would the men at the table please escort the lady sitting opposite to the room which they feel would be most appropriate”.The men rose from their chairs and walked around the table. The rugged guy with the goatee helped me stand then took my hand and one by one, the couples filed out of the room. He slid his arm around my waist but let his hand drop to my bottom, giving the plug a little wriggle for extra pleasure before spanking me lightly on the cheeks. Smiling at me he said “there is only one room that I plan on taking you this evening, sorry, what was your name?”“Anna; and yours?”“Daryl. I am extremely pleased to meet you Anna; you have the most amazing body”I felt myself blush as we walked across the carpet, through another door and down some stairs to what appeared to be the basement.We stopped outside a solid black door. Daryl turned the key and pushed it open. I gasped. It wasn’t a huge room and what dominated it was the spanking bench in the middle, a beautifully polished piece of equipment with padding on the knee rests and across the top for comfort as you bent over.I walked towards it, sliding my hands over it as if I was caressing it. My heart pounded as I looked up at the array of paddles, whips and floggers that hung around the walls. There was no window and a seductive red glow just about managed to give the room a seedy feel.“Why don’t you get up on the bench Anna, I would like to see you displayed to me”. Nervously I approached the bench and lifted each knee, making myself comfortable on the padding. My legs were spread wide, I was aware of my pussy gaping open and I closed my eyes to indulge myself in the filthy feelings I was experiencing.Then I felt my ankles being tied to the bench and I remembered seeing the bondage kit on Daryl’s plate at the table. Once I had been secured he walked slowly around the room, gazing at the wall as if to carefully selecting his instrument of torture. He took a leather paddle, slapped it against the palm of his hand and then took his place behind me. I braced myself for the sting, but it never came and instead, I felt his hand slap me, sending the vibrations bursa escort bayan from the plug deeper and pleasure washed over me. Fingers in my pussy, probing deeply and then sliding out slowly, teasing before I felt his hand slap me again, a little harder this time making me yell out. It felt like heaven and hell all at once, a confusion of feelings both pleasurable and painful, the combination intoxicating.“I think you are ready Anna. You are a filthy, dirty little slut” and with that he spanked me hard with the paddle. Tears filled my eyes and I winced with the pain he inflicted. His hand rubbed over the soreness, soothing and warm, his fingers sliding down and exploring my pussy again. Pleasure took over from the pain and I stuck my bottom out further, urging him to continue. He took his fingers away, I heard him unzip his trousers, the metal clasp of the belt falling to the floor and the heat from his body close against my skin behind me. The feel of his cock against me was enough to make me want to cum right then but he teased me with it, rubbing it up and down making me wetter and wetter until he plunged it deep inside me.I felt so full, his cock was huge and with the plug inside me as well, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. He turned the vibration to a different setting and the pulsing became harder and faster and I could tell that he was enjoying the sensation as well as he fucked me deep, keeping his cock inside me so that he could feel the vibrations as well.The door opened and I turned, slightly startled. It was the lady in the lace bodystocking and she was leading someone by a collar and lead. Her victim followed, blindfolded. She said nothing but looked at me and smiled. Placing her hands on his shoulders she made him kneel on the floor in front of her before undoing some poppers at the crutch of her outfit. She stood sideways to me and the red glow illuminated her body, the outline of her breasts and tawt nipples clearly visible and tantalizing. Daryl was still fucking me slowly as she put one heeled foot up on a bench to her left and then stuck her pussy in the face of her victim who began lapping at her hungrily. It was so horny to watch; this gorgeous woman with a man at her feet, totally in control and he was like putty in her hands, as I was with Daryl.She grabbed her victim’s head and urged him to lick harder and I saw his tongue glistening with her juices, eager to taste her and bring her to climax so that he could get a mouthful of her sweet nectar. She flung her head back in ecstasy and ran her hands over her breasts, twisting her nipples and gyrating her hips.I was so close, just watching the show was enough to make me cum and Daryl starting pounding harder as he moved closer and closer to his release.In front of me, she was panting, breathing harder, nearing her orgasm as she begged him to lick her harder and stick his fingers inside her. Screaming out she finally reached her climax, her body convulsing in spasms as she held his head firmly against her pussy, savouring every moment.That was enough for me and as Daryl plunged hard and fast into me I felt my climax rush through me and my body shuddered as his cock throbbed, releasing his cum deep inside me.The four of us were silent for a moment with the exception of heavy breathing in the aftermath of our erotic experience, slowly recovering and absorbing the reality of what had just taken place.The lady looked at us and, adjusting the crutch of her body stocking, she led her victim away and out of the door. It suddenly occured to me that the only person in the room who hadn’t been pleasured was him and I felt a little sorry that he had missed out.*I was back in the lounge a little later, walking around searching frantically for Michael, a glass of champagne in my hand, a welcome refreshment after my experience with Daryl, the girl and her victim. I spotted him at the bar, chatting to another guy and his partner, another stunning lady dressed in a very short red latex dress and matching fetish shoes. As I walked over to him he smiled, looking relieved to see me as I was him. He took me in his arms and kissed me and apologising to his new acquaintances, he took my hand and we walked away.“I missed you baby, have you had fun? I had no idea what was going to happen when we sat down at that table, but fucking hell, what a party!”“I tell you what, there’s a sauna here, why don’t we take advantage and spend a little time in there together and we can talk about it” I suggested.“Perfect, let’s get a fresh glass of champagne and go straight there”*Thankfully we were alone in the sauna, everyone else was still enjoying the party and I was grateful to finally take off my clothes and allow the steam to warm and cleanse my body. We sat together in silence for a while on the bench; it was me who spoke first.“I had the most amazing experience in the spanking room. At first that guy was fucking me but then this couple came in; it was that woman we saw when we first came in, the one in the bodystocking. God she looked amazing in that. But she had this guy on a lead, he was blindfolded and she just had him on his knees licking her. Fuck it was so horny, I came so quick watching while that guy was fucking me. It was the most erotic experience of my life, unbelievable”.Michael went quiet.“Are you ok baby?” I asked, slightly concerned that he was ok with what I just told him.“Yes, yes I’m fine. That guy, the one with the blindfold”“Yes?”“It was me. She was sat opposite me at the table. I got the blindfold and she got the collar and lead. Jesus, Anna, I didn’t know you were watching me lick her”“Did she taste good hunni? It’s ok, I don’t mind if you enjoyed it”“She tasted beautiful, not as good as you, but I think the blindfold just heightened my senses”“She is hot, baby. Even I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she has an amazing body”I put my hand on his cock and it was rock hard.“You thinking about her?” I teased“I’m thinking I need a good fuck, I haven’t cum yet and I’m horny as hell”I got up and straddled him, the wooden bench was a little uncomfortable so I grabbed a couple of towels and placed them under my knees. Sliding down on his cock felt amazing; it seemed like it had never felt to big and hard. Daryl had removed the butt plug before we left the spanking room and for a second I wished it was still inside me so that Michael could experience that sensation and I could be filled completely again.We fucked hard, and passionately, holding each other tightly, our bodies so in-tune with each other after so many years together that they just seemed to fit. Sweat ran off our bodies, fuelled by the steam inside the sauna. We were insatiable. Michael lifted me off and I knelt on the bottom bench with my right foot on the floor. Michael was behind me in an instant, his cock filling me again, pumping hard and fast, desperate for release. Someone appeared outside the glass door; a man, he was stood still just wanking as he watched us.“Let’s invite him in Michael, you can watch me suck his cock while you fuck me”Michael made no hesitation in signaling for the guy to join us and after closing the door he slid his cock into my mouth and I sucked on him greedily. Both him and Michael were fairly close to cumming, I could tell by the grunts and primal sounds emanating from them. The guy was the first, shooting his cum all over my face as he yelled “fuck yeah” into the air. I licked my lips as he rubbed the tip of his cock over them, Michael fucking me hard now as he quickly slipped his cock out and came all over my bottom. He used the tip of his cock to smear the cum around while the other guy was still teasing my lips with his. It was so slutty, dirty and erotic and nothing like I expected for our night out together.*As the taxi drove us back to our hotel in the early hours I was overcome with feelings I had never experienced before; I felt liberated, newly discovered erotic encounters had awakened desires in me that I never realized were there and I was eager to explore each and every one of them. After a night like tonight, anything was possible……EROTIC CITY (Part 4)AnnaThe meeting had gone on too long and I was desperate to get some lunch. 2pm and the only refreshments provided were coffee and water. Grabbing my coat from my office, I practically ran down through reception, only to be stopped by the receptionist before I reached the door.“Anna, sorry to have to stop you but I have an envelope here for you; someone dropped it in earlier while you were in the meeting”. She handed me the white envelope ; Michael’s handwriting was on the outside. Ripping it open I read the short note:Anna, remember the hotel we stayed at for our anniversary weekend? Meet me there tonight. I’ve booked the same room. Sorry I haven’t had time to pack much for you so why don’t you treat yourself to something sexy – surprise me. See you tonight baby, I love you. Michael xxxInside the envelope was another one, sealed and folded and when I tore that open, inside were ten crisp £50 notes.I looked up and Lucy was smiling at me and I blushed before rushing out onto the London streets.It was November and somewhat chillier than our July evening at the hotel. It was beautiful though, the leaves falling softly, coating the pavements in their golden carpet. I wrapped my coat further around me and headed for the shops.*The hotel room opened with a click. It was a strange feeling walking into the room again, it seemed familiar and almost homely. Michael hadn’t arrived yet; he worked across the other side of the City so it took him a little longer to get there. Of course, being November, it was dark outside this time and walking out through the French doors and onto the balcony, the City lights twinkled back at me romantically as I took in the fresh air. It was very beautiful.It was 6.15pm and I guessed that I probably had about 1 ½ – 2 hours before Michael arrived. Closing the French doors I undressed and decided to indulge in a long hot shower.As the water cascaded down over my body I closed my eyes and took in the aroma of the sensual shower gel provided by the hotel. They were exquisitely expensive and luxurious, covering my body in it’s beautiful creamy lather. I couldn’t help but run my hands over my breasts, squeezing them, teasing my nipples causing juices to rush down through my body into my pussy which was now aching. I had been pre-occupied all afternoon, wondering what Michael had in store for me tonight; I could hardly concentrate on the report I was meant to be writing; it was as much as I could do to stop myself from sliding my fingers into my knickers under the desk. As I stood there in the shower, imagining myself being so brazen at work, it just excited me more; the thought of being caught by my boss or his beautiful secretary…..My nipples were rock hard as I slid my hand down over my tummy and between my thighs, touching my hot pussy l plunged my fingers inside, the juices covering my fingers instantly. Slowly I withdrew them and let my fingers caress my clit, teasing softly and then harder as I felt my orgasm rising. I opened my eyes and watched myself in the glass tiles; they were slightly misted up now but I could still make out my reflection. I imagined my boss there, watching and his secretary looking at me lustfully as she ran her hands over her blouse caressing her voluptuous breasts….My legs trembled under me as I came hard, my fingers rubbing frantically as my orgasm shook through my body and as my breathing became normal, I let my head fall back and the water run over my face.I had never fantasised about a woman before, well, not until Michael and I had gone to the party but I found it strangely erotic. I had never actually told Michael about my feelings that night, except to admit that she was stunning in her body-stocking; I found it hard to accept that I was possibly sexually attracted to a female…..7pm. Freshly showered and my hair washed, I was able to take my time applying my make-up and body cream. The cream was the same range of the shower gel and contained sensual oils to arouse the senses, so it wasn’t surprising that massaging it into my body caused that familiar sense of desire that had been engulfing me all afternoon.I removed my new outfit from the bag, along with a new pair of boots which I had selected especially to go with it, both in beautiful supple black leather. The boots had a 5” stiletto steel heel and no platform – I knew Michael would love them. My outfit consisted of just straps around my body – nothing else – secured with buckles; leaving my breasts and pussy exposed. Together, the effect was amazing. I had pulled my hair back into a ponytail and really accentuated my eyes with thick black eyeliner and when I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, I was far cry from the office Operations Manager that had walked in just a while ago. And then the door opened……MichaelIt was Anna’s birthday treat. Since that night at the party something in her had awoken and I saw something in her that I had never seen before. I could tell she was curious about exploring new avenues in our already amazing sex life but would I be taking it a little far tonight?I walked down the corridor to the door of our room, sliding the entry card softly and letting the door click open. I hardly recognized Anna as she turned and looked at me; my cock was rock hard in seconds as I took her in. I had spent all afternoon wondering what she might buy with the money I left at her office and I had bought a few new surprises as well, but she looked so hot, I just wanted to fuck her right there.But I didn’t; I wanted to savour the moment, not spoil my surprise.She was looking at me and I could tell she was hoping for my approval. Closing the door behind me I walked over and ran my hands over her body. Her skin was silky smooth and she smelt delicious. I kissed her softly and whispered “are you ready for this evening baby?”“Yes” she replied “so what do you think of my new sexy number, is it what you expected?”“Even better than I thought, it’s perfect” I slid my fingers over her pussy to make sure that she wasn’t bluffing. She was so wet and I let her juices soak my fingers for a moment. She sighed, pushing herself harder against me but I took my fingers away and sucked them deep into my mouth, tasting her sweet nectar.“Baby, I thought we could stay here tonight; it’s lovely and warm and the room is perfect – are you ok with that?”“Sure, if that’s what you want. We have everything we need here”.Michael had opened a bottle of red and was pouring a glass each. He handed me one and we made a toast to each other.“Anna, I’m just going to take a quick shower; I won’t be long ok”.AnnaMichael emerged from the bathroom half an hour later, by which time I had almost finished my glass of wine and was feeling relaxed. I watched as he let the towel drop from around his waist onto the floor, his beautiful cock semi-hard; I guessed he’d been giving it a little attention in the shower and I blushed as I recalled my own fantasy in the shower earlier.Pulling on a pair of jeans and a loose fitting shirt, he came over and sat with me on the bed. He smelt gorgeous, his aftershave wafting around me as he got closer. Pulling me back on the bed, he ran his hands over me again, feeling the buckles and breathing in the aroma of the leather. Teasing one nipple with his tongue he gently eased my legs apart and ran his fingers over my clit and down into my pussy before licking his fingers again.“Fuck me Michael, please”“No Anna, not yet” and with that he straddled me, one knee either side of my waist as he reached into his back pocket from which he produced a soft velvet blindfold.“This is de ja vu” I laughedHe smiled at me “not quite baby; close your eyes”The blindfold was secured and I was left to my erotic thoughts again. I could hear him moving around the room and then he was back behind me, lifting my hands and bending them so that I was almost holding my own wrists behind my head. Wrist cuffs were placed on each arm and then tied together before he disappeared again. Now he was at my feet, parting my legs wider. Although I was wearing leather boots, I was aware that my ankles were being tied as well but when I tried to move them when he’d finished, I was constrained by a metal bar. There was no way my legs were moving.“How does that feel hunni, are you comfortable?”“Would it be weird to say that it’s extremely exciting?”“It’s meant to Anna, it’s the unexpected that is so exciting..don’t you agree?”“Yes Michael”“There’s just one last thing…” The next thing I felt was something being attached to my right nipple and a gentle squeeze at Michael tightened it. The feeling was exquisite.“Tell me when it’s tight enough baby”I felt the squeezing increase, it pinched hard and I let out a soft yelp; but the pain didn’t hurt, it was immensely pleasurable. He did the same with the left nipple until the sensation I felt was like someone gently biting on each nipple. That feeling, along with being constrained, was over-powering and my arousal was almost too much to bear.While I was lost in my thoughts, Michael had put on some music; something soft and seductive to add to the ambience. Apart from that, there was silence. He didn’t speak to me again except..“Anna, you must say nothing now ok. Just relax, lose yourself in fantasy and let me do the rest”I nodded in agreement, my breathing deep, my body heavy with lust and longing, as I had the last time we were here. I seemed to have been laying there forever when I felt his lips on mine, gently parting them with his tongue, covering my mouth with his, his tongue exploring my mouth deeply as he gently flicked the nipple clamps sending the sensations deeper. I felt like I could cum without even being touched…and he knew it.He stopped kissing me for a moment and took the pillow from under my head, letting my head fall back slightly over the edge of the bed. As it did so, I felt the soft tip of his cock on my lips and I opened my mouth to welcome it. He plunged it deep, deep down into my throat and I gagged a little, escort bursa wriggling to make it a little easier. Closing my lips around it he fucked my mouth slowly, obviously wanting to savour the moment. And then he withdrew and I teased the head with my tongue, flicking the tip softly before he slid it inside again, my mouth so wet with saliva that the movement was effortless.“Oh yeah Anna, suck my cock you slut. Slide it deep into your throat, I want to see you gag on it”He fucked my mouth harder, his cock was rock hard and felt so big it filled my mouth completely. I sucked it greedily, eager to satisfy him. Saliva was dripping down my face, all around my mouth as he thrust in and out.He slowed down a little, I could hear him breathing hard, that familiar sound of a****listic lust, desire and desperation for release…….A tongue, soft, warm, gentle, teasing my pussy, licking me expertly, teasing my clit, plunging inside me. Hands on my thighs, pulling my pussy lips further apart to explore deeper and more intimately. Fuck it felt good. It didn’t feel like Michael, whoever it was had soft, smooth skin, no stubble. The stranger between my thighs knew exactly how to hit the right spot, exactly how to tease me into a frenzy. As their tongue circled over my clit, something was pushed inside me – a vibrator – something so big it almost made me gasp. I wanted to part my legs even wider, but the bar would not allow me to. I writhed with pleasure and the licking became faster and the pressure on my clit increased. I was close, so close, breathing hard, panting, my mouth wide open. Michael plunged his cock inside my mouth again, thrusting deep and grunting as he got close to his climax. The vibrator was pumping in and out of me, fucking me hard and I almost cried out as I came violently, my release irresistible and yet too soon.Michael took his cock from my mouth and I heard him yell out as he came, the hot fluid spurting all over my breasts, dripping down my body as we both recovered from our climaxes.The vibrator had stopped and had obviously been put aside and I laid there calm, relaxing and slowly tuning back into reality. I felt a tongue on my breasts and I realized it was licking Michael’s cum from my body; every last drop devoured hungrily before being placed inside my own mouth to taste. The lips were soft and I could now smell perfume. It was obviously a woman and for a moment my body froze but then I remembered how good it felt as she explored my body.She kissed me deeply and I responded, her hands softly caressing my body and sucking each nipple attentively.Michael had untied my hands and he helped me to sit up, swinging my legs, which were still bound, over and placing them on the floor at the foot of the bed. I was still blindfolded as the woman placed one erect nipple in my mouth and I sucked and licked dutifully. Her skin tasted wonderful and I instinctively raised my hand to caress her other breast. They felt large and full and yet still pert. She urged me to lick the other nipple and I found myself immersed in her body, wanting to explore her as he had me.“Kneel on the floor Anna” it was a command from Michael and I obeyed, sliding from the bed and onto my knees. I could smell her immediately, her sweet musky scent close to my face.“Lick that pussy” another commandMy tongue was exploring her in seconds, the taste of her juice intoxicating and like nothing I had ever experienced. She spread her legs wider allowing me to slide my tongue deeper and I lapped away like a kitten. She was breathing hard, close to climax I could tell and remembering how good she made me feel, I returned the favour, licking her enthusiastically. Michael placed something in my hand – it was the vibrator – and after pushing my fingers inside her, I inserted the toy deep, the vibrations sending her wild as she pushed her pussy into my face.Her orgasm was intense and her body buckled as the tremor went through her body as she screamed out her pleasure. I slid the vibe out and gently kissed her pussy as her breathing slowly returned to normal.Nothing more was said for a few minutes. I heard the tap running in the bathroom and a few moments after that, the hotel door open and close.Michael kissed me and removed the blindfold. Handing me a glass of wine we sat looking at each other for a moment, the reality of what had just taken place slowly sinking in.“Please don’t get changed Anna…the evening is not over yet”He hadn’t said anything, hadn’t asked me how I felt, if I’d enjoyed it, nothing. It was as if words were not needed.*We’d ordered room service which had been lovely; it was nice to relax with our meal in the room. With all the plates taken away, we were relaxing together on the bed when the TV sprang into life.“Oh Michael, we don’t have to watch that thing do we, we’re having an amazing night, let’s not spoil it”“Anna, trust me, ok” and with that, he pressed the remote.My jaw dropped as I watched the events of the past hour or so; me lying on the bed, bound and blindfolded, Michael fucking my mouth like an a****l, the expression on his face was incredible and between my legs, licking my pussy, was the girl from the party. She was wearing the same body-stocking but this time, no mask. She was even more beautiful than I remembered and as the camera panned around to capture a different angle, she looked straight at it, her dark eyes gleaming and captivating. I continued watching in awe as she fucked me with the vibrator, playing with her nipples while Michael watched over, obviously enjoying the show.All the time I was captivated by what was going on, I hadn’t noticed Michael was playing with his cock. It was so hard and he wanked it more enthusiastically as he watched me lick the girls pussy.“Anna, get up and walk out onto the balcony” his voice was stern“But it’s cold Michael”“Do as you’re told slut”I obeyed, the chilly air of the November evening sent goose bumps over my mostly exposed body.He was behind me now; I was facing away. His hands were on mine forcefully, tying each wrist to the top of the railing.“Now, bend over and let me fuck you”I did so, my hands grabbing the railings, my face pressed up against them as if I was in a cage. His hands were all over me, smearing me with cold liquid. There were a couple of patio chairs on the balcony and he dragged one over and lifted my left leg, the heel of my boot making my leg even higher than normal. I felt so exposed.The Michael whispered in my ear “relax baby ok”I felt my body succumb to him and a plug being inserted into my butt. I had always wanted one since my experience at the party, but we had never got around to getting one. This one was huge and I winced as he inserted it slowly into me but once it was in, it felt amazing.And then he was fucking me, his cock thrusting deep inside as my body was forced against the metal of the railing. The lights in the City flickered and shone as I watched on, oblivious to anyone watching, immersed in every perverted pleasure of the moment – being watched, my arse filled with a plug, being fucked, dressed like a sub and all outside for the world to see…if they wanted to.The thought was enough to send my climax ripping through me and feeling that sensation, Michael pumped hard, filling me with his cum, pounding hard as every last drop was released inside me….*A little later as we sipped our wine, laying quietly listening to the music, a thought crossed my mind….“Michael, who was filming us tonight…?EROTIC CITY (Part 5)AnnaI walked into my office, aware that I had turned a few heads this morning. It was unusual for me to wear such a tight fitting suit and a skirt that revealed far more than my usual ones, but Michael had asked me to wear it as I had a meeting that morning with a rep from an air conditioning supplier who was coming to see me. Bending over to switch on my PC, I was aware of how the skirt rode up the back of my thighs, revealing possibly a little too much; perhaps the tops of my stockings and a glimpse of my knickers. Smiling to myself I sat down at my desk and prepared myself for the day ahead, sipping coffee as I read through my emails. The meeting wasn’t for another hour so I had a little time to relax and catch up from the day before. I was interrupted by my mobile…“Hi Michael, are you ok?” “Yes honey I’m fine. Listen, what time is your guy coming in for the meeting?”“He should be here in an hour, the meeting’s at 10, why?”“Are you at your desk?”“Yes”“Open your legs and play with yourself, make yourself nice and wet”“Michael” I blushed “I can’t do that, someone might see”“Do it baby, I want your knickers to be nice and sticky because you’re going to give them to him”“MICHAEL, you have got to be k**ding”“I’m not. I’ve got the biggest hard-on just thinking about it and I’m in the gents now with my cock in my hand imaging how he would feel taking your knickers home”I sat stunned as I absorbed what Michael was saying, not realizing that I was slowly fingering my pussy beneath my desk.“Michael, this is so naughty, I’m not sure I can do it”“Yes you can baby..oh fuck, my cock is so hard now. I’m sitting here wanking it and I’m ready to explode”I rubbed my pussy faster thinking about Michael sitting there, cock in his hand, wanking furiously. I could hear his breathing getting heavier and faster as he got close to climax.“Anna, are your knickers all wet?”“Yes baby” I whispered“Good, take ‘em off”“What?”“Take your knickers off baby, oh god, quick, please, I’m gonna cum. Tell me when you’ve taken them off”Putting the phone down on the desk for a moment I stood up“I’m sliding them down now baby” I bent over and spoke into the phone “all the way down, over my bum and I’m letting them fall to my ankles…they’re on the floor now and I’m stepping out of them..”I sat back down, trembling slightly with the excitement of the moment and picked up the phone.“Michael, are you still there?”“Oh fuck, baby you are such a slut, oh yeah, oh god I’m cumming” I heard Michael as he came hard, imagining him sitting there wanking as I teased my pussy a little longer.“Michael, are you ok?”“Fucking hell Anna, that felt so good. I’ve been thinking about you teasing that guy all night and it turned me on so much. Please be a naughty girl today baby, tease him for me and make sure he goes home with your knickers ok”“OK” I whispered “Listen baby, I’ve gotta go now and get on, he’ll be here soon so I’d better prepare myself”“Sure honey, I’ll see you later ok, enjoy your day”“You too, love you”I bent down to pick up my knickers and stuffed them up the sleeve of my jacket. I knew they’d be safe but I needed them easily accessible.*My desk phone rang interrupting my thoughts..“Anna, Mr Roberts is here to see you, he’s in reception” it was Lucy, our receptionist.“Thank you Lucy, I’ll come down to meet him, please tell him I’ll be with him in a couple of minutes”I got up, smoothed my skirt over my thighs, aware of the feeling of nakedness underneath and how short my skirt was. I deliberately didn’t use the lift and my legs trembled as I walked down the stairs to reception. Apart from Lucy there was no-one else there so I walked straight over to him and introduced myself, offering my hand as he reached out to shake it.“Mr Roberts, it’s good to meet you. I’m Anna Baker, the Operations Manager here. Please come up to my office. Lucy, please could you arrange for some coffee for us”“Certainly, I’ll have some brought up for you”“Thank you” I smiled and turned to Mr Roberts “My office is on the first floor; are you ok taking the stairs, the lift has been a little problematic lately?” I lied.“That’s fine Anna, please, call me Steve”I walked ahead of him towards the stairs and then took each step slowly, my stilettos clicking on the hard surface. He was a couple or so steps behind me and I hoped that I was rewarding him a glimpse of thigh, or maybe more as I climbed the stairs seductively. Reaching my office I opened the door and invited him in before me; the look on his face told me he was a little flustered, or was it slightly embarrassed?“Steve, please can I take your coat?”“Thank you” he gave me a lopsided smile as he handed it to me and, placing it on the coat stand behind him, I took my knickers from up my sleeve and slid them into one of the pockets. The thrill that went through me was electric.“Please sit down Steve, coffee should be here any minute but we can get started and then I can show you around, we’ll need units in just about every office so hopefully we can secure a mutually acceptable deal”. As I sat down behind my desk I deliberately crossed my legs, exaggerating the movement for maximum effect. It was working, I could tell as Steve shifted uncomfortably in his chair on the opposite side.*Preliminary discussions over, I was showing Steve around the building, walking in and out of the different offices and giving him instructions on what and where we would like the units installed as he scribbled notes on his pad.“This is a spare office” I explained as I opened the door into a small, fairly cosy area. “It’s not used at the moment but we are interviewing for a new member of staff and this will be their office, but it’s on the South facing side of the building and gets extremely hot, as you can tell”. The air in the room was fairly stifling and as he made notes, I took off my jacket, not just because I was hot but to tease him a little more, but the temperature in the room was a perfect excuse. I saw him look up in surprise; the blouse I had chosen was white and quite sheer and as I stood by the window and pointed up to where the unit was to be installed, I knew that he would get a perfect outline of my breasts created by the light coming through. My bra was of the sheerest white lace and half cut so that my breasts spilled over the top almost exposing my nipples. I was enjoying his attention and he was clearly excited as the bulge in his trousers suggested, but he said nothing. Steve was youngish, about mid 30’s I’d say, quite good looking, slightly boyish in that rep kind of way. Normally they would be quite confident and a little cocky but he seemed to be rendered speechless by my approach to him. Was he intimidated? Is this how dominatrix’s felt when a man was groveling on the floor to them, worshipping them? If it was, then I was enjoying it immensely.“Anna, where are the plug sockets in the room please” he asked, trying to compose himself “we’ll obviously need one to connect the unit too?”“Um, I think they are behind this filing cabinet, I’ll have a quick look; it’s empty so it’ll be easy to move”.As I turned to slide the cabinet around I bent over and looked around the back to have a look. I knew my skirt was sliding higher up and I moved one leg to support me as I deliberately bent further over. “He must be able to see my pussy” I thought, staying in position a little longer than necessary. As I stood up again, I noticed that he’d stuffed his phone into his trouser pocket rather quickly…did he take a photo? He was very flustered now and, glancing down, I noticed his hard-on was protruding magnificently through his trousers. I let my eyes focus on it for a while so that he knew I was aware.“I think we’d better move on, don’t you Steve?” I said walking towards the door. He followed me around the rest of the building, making notes and diagrams, putting forward suggestions and recommendations for each room before returning to my office to discuss the finer details and sign the contract.“Well, I think that’s all we need to do for today Steve, if you could possibly email me to let me know when you can start the work then we can make all the arrangements. Obviously we’ll need it completed fairly quickly because, as you have found, it can get very, um, HOT in here”.“Certainly Anna, I’ll go back to my office now and get onto that and I’ll drop you an email later this afternoon to let you know how we plan to proceed”.“That’s perfect, thank you so much for coming in and I look forward to hearing from you later today”.I got up and handed him his coat.“I’ll show you to reception ok, we’ll take the lift this time, I’m sure it’ll be fine”We shook hands before he left the building and waiting for the lift doors to close behind me, I felt between my legs, the wetness spreading over my thighs from my aching pussy.*My desk phone rang later that afternoon.“Hello Anna” it was Lucy “I have Mr Roberts on the phone for you, shall I put him through?”I smiled to myself “Yes please Lucy, thank you” the phone went dead briefly as the call was connected.“Anna, it’s Steve, we met this morning” he sounded a little embarrassed“Steve, that was quick work, what can I do for you?”“Well, it’s a little sensitive actually but, well, after I left your office this morning I reached into my pocket and found…um, this is embarrassing…”“What Steve?”“Well, there was a pair of silky red knickers in my pocket and I wasn’t sure where they came from as they weren’t there this morning”“What are you saying Steve, do you think they are mine?”“Well, I did wonder, you know….when you bent around the filing cabinet earlier I couldn’t help but notice that you weren’t wearing any”. I blushed furiously at the memory.“Do you have them there with you now?” I asked“Yes, I do, would you like them back?”“No Steve, I was hoping that you would…um…enjoy them”“Anna, can I tell you something, I promise it won’t have any bearing on our deal this morning?”“Sure, what is it?”“Well, I’m in the gents at the moment – at the office – with your knickers wrapped around my cock wanking.”My eyes were wide at his confession and I felt excitement burn through me. For the second time today, a guy had been wanking in the toilets at work as I spoke to them.“Anna, promise me you won’t say anything, but fuck me, you looked so hot this morning…your breasts showing through your blouse and your pussy looked so wet…oh yeah” he was getting off on the memory of me teasing him and I was loving it.“Wank that cock Steve, think of my dripping wet pussy, I bet you would have loved to have tasted me, wouldn’t you or better still, ram that rock hard cock inside me as I was bent over?”I heard him gasp out loud “FUCKING HELL, I wanna fuck you Anna, you’re such a fucking hot milf” he came hard and I imagined his spunk soaking the silky fabric of my knickers as I rubbed my clit and tried to disguise the raging orgasm that swept through my body….

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