Everyday Screw: The Coffee Girl


The lights of the interstate at night were mesmerizing; tail lights, head lights, marker lights on trucks, and even reflective paint on signs were all doing their damnedest to try and lull me to sleep. I needed caffeine and I needed it now. The last sign I passed said the next town was just a couple miles ahead and I could already see the glow from the lights that were still on in the God-early hours of the morning.

I managed to make the truck stop with little or no major problems. I did wake up to find myself drifting from lane to lane twice, but the emptiness of the road didn’t make that a huge problem.

The truck stop itself was a tomb. There were only two cars outside, and at least one of those had to belong to an employee, maybe both of them did. Right then, the only thing I cared about was getting some coffee; hot, black coffee. I hated the shit, but nothing wakes me up faster. Between burning myself from the heat, trying to swallow the taste, and the life-granting caffeination contained in its abyssal blackness, it works perfect.

I walked in, zombie-like, and I found the coffee/cappuccino section and realized how bad I was getting. My focus was throbbing with my heart beat, my hands were shaking. How long had I been up? 40 hours? 45? I leaned against the counter for support for a moment, breathing deeply and forcing my body to work properly. When I opened them, everything was in better focus and I didn’t feel like I needed to fall down. Until I saw her.

Beside me was a skinny redhead, probably in her early 30’s. She didn’t have much in the chest department, but the small handfuls of tit flesh on her were firm; I didn’t see any bra lines under her thin, low cut t-shirt. The shirt itself was a grey Sturgis shirt from 2004, and she had removed the sleeves and the neck hem, cutting the fabric to right between her tits, probably straight between her nipples. The little cleavage she did have was on display proudly. Her shirt was cut off so her belly button was proudly on display, a small belly button ring and jewel skewered her creamy flesh.

Her pants were hip-huggers and they were hanging low. If she was wearing underwear, they had to be low-cut; her pelvic ridges were showing over the top of her modified khakis and there was a mouth watering expanse of her pale flesh between her belly button ring and the concealment of her cargo pants.

Her legs were long and lean, flowing from the soft curve of her hips down to what I could only dream were toned legs, matching the set of abs she was proudly displaying. The cargo pants ended and she was wearing sandals, her toenails painted a deep burgundy, providing a bridge in color from the leather of the sandals to the soft tones of her skin.

My eyes drifted slowly back up her body, loving the exploration of all that I had seen and then I focused on her freckle-covered cheeks and nose, her green, sparkling eyes, and the frown that was etched into her face. Her hair was about shoulder length, hanging about her head in loose, thick curls. She cleared her throat and I stopped staring at her.

“Anything I can help you with, Sir,” she said, her voice flat.

“Just need some coffee,” I said after a second.

“It’s…right there,” she said, gesturing and turned to walk off. I watched her ass swing in those cargo pants and realized at that second, that was the luckiest pair of pants on earth. Watching that rounded ass move was like watching poetry in motion.

“Thank you,” I said, both for the show and for the ‘help’ she’d just given me. She nodded and kept walking, disappearing in the back somewhere.

The coffee steamed as it poured into the cup. I didn’t even realize I had started pouring some until I felt the heat hit my hand. There was no way in Hell I was going to make the rest of the 3 hour trip; not without seriously endangering myself and other drivers.

I put a lid on the coffee and wandered around for a minute, letting my body try to wake up with the movement, and wandering to see if I found anything to eat. The only thing I kept seeing was that redhead, looking in my direction every 30 seconds or so, probably making sure that another asshole customer didn’t try to steal anything. After probably 2 minutes of wandering, I went up to the counter and bought my coffee.

“Anything else for you tonight?” she said mechanically. I forced myself to look at her face this time, no matter how tempting it was to take in her beautiful body again.

“Not that lucky,” I murmured. I wouldn’t have said it if I was actually awake.

“What was that?” she said, stopping and staring at me.

“Nothing. Hey, is there a hotel near by?” I asked, my control of my eyes fading for a moment and they traveled down her thin neck to her collar bones, and then further south, trying to rip holes through her shirt to see her nipples. I did get a hell of a tit shot from the way she was standing and hunched kurtuluş escort over the cash register, but no nipple. My dick stirred in my pants and I was too tired to do anything about it.

“Hey man, I don’t know what kind of place you think…” she started, almost angrily. My laughter cut her off

“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean for that. I’ve been up since the weekend and I need to sleep. I don’t think I’m going to make it any farther down the road tonight,” I said. She blushed.

“I’m sorry,” she said meekly. “It’s just the type of people we usually have coming in after the bars close…” she said, her soft voice trailing off.

“Not drunk, just sleepy,” I said, my eyes going down into the shadowy depths of her shirt again. No bra; I could see clear to her shoulder the way she was standing. Her firm little tits were making my mouth water and my dick was damn near at full attention.

“Hey buddy,” she said, waving. That snapped me out of my daze. I rolled my eyes slowly up to her face. She looked like she was trying to suppress a laugh or a smile, and quite probably both.

“My eyes are up here,” she said pointing to her glittering emerald gems. “They are not down here,” she said, fondling her tits. I swear she gave them an extra rub as she lifted them and let them bounce back to place. I know I saw her finger tips rake across her stiffening nipples. I felt my tongue lick my lips and I shot my eyes back up toward her face.

“Sorry, it’s just that you’re…” I started.

“I sight for sore eyes?” she asked, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. “Do you know how many times…”

“The most erotically enchanting woman I’ve seen in a long time,” I said, cutting her off.

“Oh,” she said and blushed.

“About that hotel?” I asked after breaking the silence. I reached into my pocket and fished a dollar out for the coffee and she finished ringing it up.

“Yeah, how about that hotel,” she said, half under her breath. “First the coffee. It’s 89 cents.”

I thrust my hand out, knocking the coffee over and spilling it on the counter top. I swore, she swore, she laughed, I laughed.

“Tell you what, buddy. I’ve never done this before, but the next shift is already here. I’ll drive you into town to the hotel and make sure you get a room. Go on outside and wait by the red Buick and I’ll be out in a few minutes,” she said, mopping up the coffee with a rag she produced from under the counter. I set my dollar down and walked outside, forcing my eyes to stay open long enough to get to her car.

I leaned against the sedan and I was out. The next thing I felt was soft, small hands shaking my shoulder.

“Hey buddy, it’s time to go,” she said, almost giggling. I nodded and got in her passenger side. The second I sat down I was out like a light. I wasn’t even dreaming, the blackness of unconsciousness simply swallowed me.

Again that soft hand shaking me softly the car door was open and she was staring in at me, looking almost angelic in the pale yellow security lights of the Super 8 parking lot. “Come on, I’ll get you to the room,” she said and reached in, unbuckling my seat belt, rubbing her left tit across my chest as she bent over me. When she stood up, her nipple was hard as stone, but it quickly faded down to its non-excited state.

Standing up from that seat should have been one of the Herculean tasks. That incredible ass kept swaying in front of me, though, and that guided me to the room like a moth to a flame. It didn’t even register with my fogged brain that she came right in the room with me and shut the door behind her until I started kicking off my shoes. She walked through the room and cranked the air-conditioner to life. I took off my shirt and realized she was kicking off her sandals. I shot her a confused look as my t-shirt hit the floor and she smiled.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the warmth of another body beside me, the desk clerk wouldn’t let me check just you in, the bastard, and you’re too goddamn tired to do anything right now but sleep,” she said her hands on her bare hips.

“I sleep naked,” I said, watching her walk back across the room. I started unbuckling my pants and waited for a response.

“So do I,” she whispered as she came up next to me and clicked off the light. She walked back over to the other side of the bed and I had her in perfect silhouette as she stripped her top off, her perky tits maintaining their shape, her nipples sticking out like eraser tips from her tantalizing flesh. My pants hit the floor as I watched her standing sideways, her hands going to her cargo pants. She slowly popped the button and unzipped the fly, then she rolled the fabric slowly down her legs, bending at her waist and not stopping until her hands guided the pants into a pool of fabric at her feet. She stepped out with her left foot and kicked the khakis over to her levent escort shirt before standing, facing me in silence. Her thighs were naturally parted and I could see the furry patch of her sex, the light diffusing through it in a golden glow.

My pants had come off sometime while watching the show. My dick was rock hard and I was naked as I kept watching her. She lifted the corner of the blanket and slid under it. That shook me awake just enough to follow suit; I laid down on my side of the bed, cock up, back to the mattress. She slid next to me, draping an arm over my chest, pushing my arm between her two amazing tits, and she rubbed her right leg against mine, letting it settle so I could feel her soft pubic hair resting against my hip. Her soft thigh rested just below my raging cock and I don’t think I wanted to fuck someone so bad in my entire life at that point.

“My name’s Jen, by the way,” I heard her say from the shadowy land between sleep and consciousness.

“Bran,” I said and passed out.

My dreamless sleep ended some 12 hours later at 3 in the afternoon. My brain slowly unfolded the events of the previous night and I realized that I was alone. There was no incredible redhead next to me, no warm body, no soaking, steaming pussy for breakfast.

“Shit,” I said softly and rolled up to a sitting position, the bed squeaking under me. Then I heard it; the sink running in the bathroom. My head whipped around looking for any sign of Jen, and I saw it; her clothes, still piled in the corner where she left the last night after stripping. I heard the water shut off and my head turned to see Jen walk out of the bathroom, wearing a towel around her hair and nothing else.

The sight before me was incredible. Her body looked long and lean, her legs stopping at about her neck. They were interrupted here and there by some notable features, most prominently by her thick albeit nicely trimmed flame red bush and her taut tits, nipples pointing skyward. Her tooth brush was still in her mouth, and she was smiling.

“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t wake up again today,” she said, her eyes twinkling. She slowly moved the brush in her mouth, trying to not let the toothpaste foam drip through her lips.

“Again?” I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“Oh my God, you mean you weren’t awake before?” she said, pulling the toothbrush from her mouth, some of the foamy cleanser dripping down her chin and between her boobs.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I lied. I was getting the sneaking suspicion that I’d been fucked in myself, or at least blown; my cock had that just-been-fucked feeling and as it throbbed I could feel something sticky matting my pubes to my skin.

“Hold on,” she laughed. Jen ducked back into the bathroom and I heard her cleaning her mouth. She reappeared, sans towel, a second or two later and knelt on the bed, leaning toward me. The view of her spreading snatch was exquisite and all I had to do was reach out and touch…

“You must have been asleep the whole time?” she asked incredulously. I shrugged and laid back, soaking in the simple pleasure of her body. “Oh fuck, I must be loosing my touch,” she said under her breath. “Not even when you came?” she asked, still in disbelief.

“Nope. Sleeping the whole time,” I said, licking my lips. My cock bounced with need under the covers, a sight not lost on Jen.

“Well, let me tell it to you from the beginning,” she said, pulling the covers off my naked body. “First of all, you started petting my little pussy about four hours after you fell asleep. It felt good, so I just let you, and besides, it was only petting my bush, so I figured what the hell. The more you petted, the wetter I got,” Jen began, her hands slowly caressing my dick. My left hand went to her pussy, tickling the insides of her thighs before softly stroking her freshly cleaned downy fur. “Yeah, like that,” she purred. Her eyes closed and her hips started rocking very subtly against my fingers as I rubbed beside her cunt lips and back up to the top of her bush before returning in a slow pattern.

“Then I started getting really wet,” she said her half-lidded. She slowly stroked the length of my shaft and rubbed small circles around my cock’s head, using the pre-cum already leaking from my dick. “I think you felt the heat and wetness,” she said dreamily. I ran a finger down the soft ridge of her pussy lips and worked gently inside them to feel her soaking inferno already blazing at full heat. She shuddered a little, her thighs giving way and her body hunching each time I made contact with her clit, my fingers still working a slow circle through and around her inviting pussy.

“And then you slipped a finger slowly inside me,” she said, panting. My long index finger did find the entrance to Jen’s tight box and snaked inside, wiggling and teasing before pulling back maçka escort out, adding a second stroke of her clit and a quick slide in her juicing cunt to the circuit it was running. She gasped, her eyes closing again, her hands speeding up on my cock.

“Then…..I came…” she panted out, my finger speeding up. I felt her pussy flutter and heard her squeeze her cum out of her pussy, my hand getting soaked with her hot honey. Jen bit her lower lip and her whole body tensed as a second shot came out of her pussy just as my finger slid back up inside her.

“And…and…..and,” she tried to start again. “And when….I was…..oh God, oh so good,” she panted. I added a second finger to her stroking, teasing along her clit with each pass of each finger, pinching her little bud slightly between the sides of my finger tips. Her body rocked again and another orgasm hit her like an express train. Her hands stopped on my dick, her whole body shook, and her pussy heated up another degree or two while her cum started pumping out of her. I backed off to just playing with her lips, avoiding her clit all together, letting her catch her breath.

“Oh God,” Jen said when she could breathe again. “Then after that,” she panted, regaining control of herself for the moment. “After that I just had to taste this piece of meat,” she said and started wanking my cock quickly but softly. My dick throbbed heavily in her hand as she bent forward and placed a light, teasing kiss on the tip of my cock. Her tongue snaked out, her eyes cocked sideways and locked on to mine as I watched her slurp on my dick.

“And…I….figured…that…since…I…was…sucking…yours,” she said when my cock was freed from her lips and bobbing head. The sounds of the room were filled with the slurping sounds of her sloppy blow job and the popping of my dick coming loose. I felt her saliva coat my cock and she very gingerly put one knee beside my head and lowered her dripping pussy to my face.

Her taste was almost non-existent, but she did have a slight sweet tang to her, like a candy I remembered from my youth. I wasted no time in licking her pussy lips dry before moving into her pink core and sucking her clit, pussy flesh and tongue fucking her tight hole. Every drop of her juice I lapped up, two more appeared in its place and it wasn’t long until the fiery framed pussy was running like a faucet over my mouth and chin, coating my face in its honey.

“Oooh! So…good!” she moaned loudly, my dick popping from her mouth. I sucked hard on her clit before she got her mouth back around my throbbing pole and she let loose another low, almost guttural moan as a flood of her cream washed out of her pussy. My lips rapidly returned to their spot and tried to suck up the rest of her cum, my dick pulsating with anticipation and need to blow my load.

“That wasn’t all,” Jen said breathlessly, giving my dick a last lick from root to tip before speaking. She lifted her leg from beside me, and my lips locked on her clit for a final suck. Her body quivered and she almost fell over, but her quaking muscles pulled her around and she spun, straddling my thighs with my rod resting against her soaked twat. Our sexes were pulsating with our heartbeats and the feeling excited both of us, Jen taking the time to rub herself lightly against my iron shaft. She let her wet, silken folds ride against my cock, and I made sure to bob it against her aching wetness as the head neared her clit, our flesh slapping together lightly.

“After that,” she said, rising up slightly, looking me dead in the eyes. “We fucked,” she said, licking her lips, her eyes sparkling devilishly. Her body sank down, my dick sliding up to its root inside her sizzling sex pot in a single stroke. We both moaned loudly and twitched lightly as our sex became one throbbing, pulsating, stretching being. I couldn’t have held back my cum if I’d have had a gun to my head.

I felt it boil up my shaft, the fleshy pole expand slowly in her contracting cunt, and I felt the release of my spunk as it left my head and poured into her. A second shot came in slow motion, my balls tingling, my cock throbbing, the coffee girl moaning louder, and her pussy holding my spurting dick tighter. Another shot raced through my mind at the speed of a turtle, Jen’s breath caught in her throat and she sucked in as her orgasm hit her in full strength. The fourth shot issued forth from deep within me at the same time the exquisite pussy wrapped around me came, a flood of her juice pushing our cum out in a milky mix.

My body felt like it had been hit by electricity. My back arched off the bed, my toes curled, and my brain went fuzzy and numb. I remembered my eyes rolling back in my head and my abs twitching in the moment. The next thing I knew it was dark outside and there was no redhead in the bed or anywhere in the room. The only thing was me and a huge puddle of cum and sweat from our previous engagement.

A note on the alarm clock said that she’d gotten the room taken care of through the night and that she’d gone to work. There was no good bye, no promises of what might happen after her shift, but I was hard in a flash just thinking of her delicious, hot little cunt.

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