Exhibitionist wife – Lay by car show.


Exhibitionist wife – Lay by car show.Toward the end of last summer we were on a weekend away in a country hotel. The place was quite close to a little market town which seemed very quiet with a couple of pubs and plenty of countryside but not much else. On the first evening i was hanging around in the hotel reception talking to the young lad behind the desk waiting for Mrs O to come down and was asking what the locals did for fun. He went through the usual tourist stuff, Churches, walking tours etc. and then he started laughing and told me that the area was also quite well known for “another reason” that you won’t find in any tourist guide. I pushed him on this and he leant closer and told me that there was a well known dogging area about a mile and a half down the road. This was more what i wanted to hear and i managed to get a bit more information before Mrs O appeared and we made our way to dinner.During the course of the evening i brought this up with Mrs O and she seemed genuinely excited and quite keen go go for a look so we decided to give it a visit the next night.The next evening we had dinner and went to the bar for a few drinks.Around ten o’clock yüreğir escort we went back to the room and Mrs O changed into something more daring, knee high boots, white lace panties and bra and a silky wrap around dress that tied up at one side. She looked at me and said “Will this do?” i just looked her up and down and nodded.We made our way to the car and drove off in the direction of the lay by. We had already agreed that this time i would take the lead and she would happily follow and she seemed to get her very aroused at the thought of not being in control, so much so that she already had her hand inside her panties as soon as the car puled away. As we approached the lay by i could just work out through the darkness that there were a couple of cars already there and a two or three men milling around. I slowly drove the car into the open and stopped on the opposite side to the cars that were already there. We were both nervous and unsure of what to do next when one of the men who was milling around came toward us. He came right up to the car and put his face against the passenger window peering inside. adıyaman escort I asked Mrs O if she was still up for it and she looked at me and nodded. I told her to recline the seat and put her foot up on the dash which she did. I leaned across and pulled the tie at the side of her dress and slowly opened it revealing her white underwear.Without prompting she started to run her hands over her breasts and down her body,along the inside of her thighs and over the crotch of her panties. I saw the guy outside motion to the other men to come over and within seconds there were three men looking in. This spurred us on and i told her to take off the bra which she did and then to lay back and put her hand inside her panties. She was clearly having the time of her life when i suggested that she remove the panties and turn around on her knees with her ass in the air. She quickly adjusted and was on her knees when i slipped a finger inside her, she was amazingly wet and moaning quite loudly as i removed the finger from her pussy and slipped it into her arsehole. She started to push back against me when one of the guys asked me to open afyon escort the window. I did as he asked and he reached in and started to run his hand over her arse cheeks. She pulled away and turned onto her back opening her legs as wide as the confined space allowed and guided the strangers hand between her legs. He began to finger fuck her with his left hand whilst wanking with his right, his cock visible through the open window. By this time i had my cock in Mrs O’s hand and she was pumping me. I told her to reach out for the other guys cock which she did. She looked so sexy and dirty as she lay there with a cock in each hand and a strangers fingers inside her, wriggling around and moaning like a porn star. I could make out at least two other men wanking outside the car pushing their hard cocks toward the open window. She let go of my cock and used both hands to touch all the cocks at the window, even trying to put one into her mouth at one point before throwing her head back and coming loudly and slumping back into the seat. As she lay back recovering i noticed that there was come on her forehead and face and also down her right arm and over her shoulder and breasts, this was too much for me so I climbed across and fucked her until i too came, this time inside her soaking pussy. We took a little time to get ourselves back to together before driving back to the hotel. That was our first dogging experience. I hope it isn’t the last!

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